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#235 Zevs - All time
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5fd2f71 2012-06-20 remove double negative
6507c10 2012-06-20 Revert "Handle Commit "show suppressed diff" link with a...
a9c7de8 2012-06-20 Revert "Handle MR "show all commits" link with a doc-rea...
581a822 2012-06-20 Revert "Invert "unless .empty?" to "if .present?"; unles...
d6ed992 2012-06-04 #888 prevent to remove source_branch
3b41b18 2012-06-04 ability to remove source branch after merge
11f7273 2012-06-04 actualize Gemfile.lock
3ffb9cb 2012-06-04 Task#879 Relocated gitolite repo and lock file
a0db028 2012-06-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'avakarev/remove-trailing-w...
f18339c 2012-04-29 Merge branch 'master' of
c937d06 2012-04-29 Task#755 auto-merge don`t work correctly.
85265b1 2011-10-18 #40 max key length