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#28 Zeger-Jan van de Weg - All time
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Hash Date Message
30b4ce9 2018-10-10 Remove Git circuit breaker
129a60e 2018-10-08 Render log artifact files in GitLab
6e5d18e 2018-09-25 Update doc/user/project/repository/
3aedccb 2018-09-07 Port cleanup tasks to use Gitaly
caaadb8 2018-08-16 Remove feature gates for Repository Languages
295e582 2018-08-16 Remove feature flags for UserUpdateBranch
3174977 2018-08-16 Remove feature flag for FindAllRemoteBranches
e113671 2018-08-15 Add Acceptance testing issue template
5ddc9ad 2018-08-14 Remove feature gate for ListNewCommits
6e03a0f 2018-08-02 Update query simplification
c7bf366 2018-08-02 Set default timeout for deleting many refs
79a5d76 2018-08-01 Add repository languages for projects
d7afed3 2018-07-31 Remove feature flags from lib/backup
4600265 2018-07-31 Remove gitlab:user:check_repos task
4702c9f 2018-07-31 Bump Gitaly version
f1f7bfc 2018-07-31 Remove git rake tasks
e3953c1 2018-07-29 Remove references to FS Shard check from the docs
e77f46d 2018-07-24 Remove timeouts for long running requests
ad73953 2018-07-24 Make repository cleanup mandatory
a53a4a4 2018-07-19 Remove direct disk access in RemoveDotGitFromUsernames
80c6163 2018-07-19 Remove refs cleanup job
cfbb256 2018-07-19 MigrateProcessCommitWorkerJobs to use Gitaly
9348efc 2018-07-18 Client implementation for Repository#new_commits
9946328 2018-07-17 Remove sanitize_repo_path
ec78d29 2018-06-28 FindAllCommits mandatory
f369da0 2018-06-28 Commits between in Gitaly only
6584059 2018-06-27 Gitaly metrics check for read/writeability
29b4d65 2018-06-25 Moves another RPC to mandatory
8354ae3 2018-06-25 Update remote happens through Gitaly only
0855478 2018-06-25 Write Config is mandatory
5182684 2018-06-25 Exclude Geo DB Yaml on CE too
af20d78 2018-06-25 Remove feature gate
e91b2b5 2018-06-25 Gitaly tree entry is mandatory
9d438ed 2018-06-25 Anchestor check is Gitaly only now
417a21a 2018-06-22 Raw diffs are served from Gitaly
4e9491f 2018-06-22 Repository size is Gitaly only
21c4ffe 2018-06-22 FindRefName RPC now mandatory
3247f47 2018-06-22 Git ls files is Gitaly only now
2ac6722 2018-06-21 Raw changes calculation is Gitaly only now
46b56b1 2018-06-20 Move mergablility check to Gitaly
64cda77 2018-06-19 LFS changes are detected by Gitaly
c2cdefd 2018-06-19 Force push is handled by Gitaly now
1dc0332 2018-06-19 Move forking to Gitaly
c24e39a 2018-06-19 Counting commits is done by Gitaly
012948b 2018-06-19 Move info attributes to mandatory
5053dc8 2018-06-19 Rebase and Squash in progress are Gitaly only
da8419a 2018-06-19 License detection happens soley through Gitaly now
9ae8b57 2018-06-19 Move language detection to mandatory
6e25935 2018-06-19 Move count commit to mandatory
15f0cef 2018-06-14 Local branches go through Gitaly
3ed4a1b 2018-06-14 HasLocalBranches check is done by Gitaly only
89ab32c 2018-06-14 Branches are fully migrated to Gitaly
143a632 2018-06-14 Tags are migrated to Gitaly
36d75be 2018-06-14 Move TagNames to mandatory through Gitaly
8909553 2018-06-14 Tag names returned through Gitaly
4fc4600 2018-06-14 Default branch detection happens through Gitaly
f195a74 2018-06-13 RawBlame only called through Gitaly
0e25772 2018-06-13 Move GC RPCs to mandatory
e4a9b07 2018-06-13 ListCommitByOid isn't called with an empty batch
d65db55 2018-06-12 Migrate compare_source_branch to use only Gitaly
f131757 2018-06-06 Set Gitaly Server feature flags from Rails
18a8eb9 2018-05-18 Calculating repository checksums executed by Gitaly
a33d591 2018-05-17 Don't pass the repository path to Gitlab Shell
94b209b 2018-05-17 Move git archives downloading to Gitaly
dfdd881 2018-05-16 Workhorse to send raw diff and patch for commits
7fc185a 2018-05-14 Ref contains oid check done by Gitaly
aad2e06 2018-05-14 More verbose logging for deprecated path access
e012485 2018-05-14 Move Gitlab::Git::Repository#add_branch to mandatory
cc7931c 2018-05-11 Remove Gitlab::RepoPath.strip_storage_path
4cf3a60 2018-05-11 Wiki Find Page to opt_out
b788863 2018-05-11 Remove method call to deprecated method
4f15460 2018-05-08 Remove rugged call in blame controller
713c7fa 2018-05-07 Client implementation GetRawChanges
40655a4 2018-05-07 Bump Gitaly Proto to v0.99
92482e0 2018-05-07 Bump Gitaly to 0.98.0
2bbfa4c 2018-05-02 Forking repositories is handled by Gitaly by default
12be728 2018-05-02 Remove old GitLab Shell implementation
5e75d37 2018-05-01 Use Ruby methods, not Rails' String#first
27d2f40 2018-04-30 Compute repository checksum by default
7d23a2b 2018-04-30 Remove legacy storage path call
f1314c5 2018-04-26 Document compatibility process for the HTTP API
5cd57cf 2018-04-25 Repository#exists? can only be queried with Gitaly
ec44236 2018-04-25 Gitlab::Shell works on shard name, not path
807b7a1 2018-04-23 Flowdock uses Gitaly, not Grit
bbccd31 2018-04-19 Check Gitaly when running `rake dev:setup`
e02f127 2018-04-17 Return nil on empty path
a752c56 2018-04-12 Deprecate legacy disk paths
5173bc8 2018-04-12 Move Gitaly RefExists check to OPT_OUT
c830b8e 2018-04-11 Client implementation for InfoAttributes
bbbe40e 2018-04-11 Tag with a commit detection defaults to Gitaly
4d3f099 2018-04-11 Branch with a commit detection defaults to Gitaly
43b0ddd 2018-04-10 Fix enviroments seeding on certain branch names
4ca00b5 2018-04-06 Move FindLicense RPC to OPT OUT status
39cc4a9 2018-04-04 Bulk deleting refs is handled by Gitaly by default
2ba0118 2018-04-04 Move ListCommitsByOid to OPT_OUT
695684c 2018-04-04 Revert changelog entry for removed feature
16ea331 2018-04-04 Revert "Allow CI/CD Jobs being grouped on version strings"
caca8f3 2018-04-03 Allow feature gate removal through the API
001a5fc 2018-04-03 Upgrade Gitaly server verion
a951b96 2018-03-30 Update charlock_holmes to 0.76
11a4836 2018-03-27 Test if remote repository exists before cloning
7d02292 2018-03-14 Set Gitlab::Shell#create_repository as OPT_OUT
77f0906 2018-03-14 Change Gitlab::Shell#add_namespace to #create_namespace
a76ce8d 2018-03-07 Fix tests not completely disabling Gitaly
0136bbb 2018-03-07 Move OperationService#UserRemoveBranch
790d514 2018-03-07 Move OperationService#UserCreateBranch
113d9d6 2018-03-07 Move CommitService#Languages to OPT_OUT
e0931b3 2018-03-07 Move RefService#CreateBranch to OPT_OUT
4604e2c 2018-03-07 Move RefService#DeleteBranch to OPT_OUT
1985300 2018-03-07 Move OperationService#UserRevert to OPT_OUT
7180117 2018-03-07 Move OperationService#UserAddTag to OPT_OUT
635d5bf 2018-03-07 Move CommitService::CommitPatch to OPT_OUT
2cdbfef 2018-03-07 Move Repository#HasLocalBranches to OPT_OUT
1e08d00 2018-03-06 Lazy fetch parent commits for a commit
cf34f33 2018-03-06 Lock gRPC gem to 1.8
91e6a67 2018-03-02 Update docs on grouping CI jobs
34fbade 2018-03-01 Client implementation for Licensee#key
4f2cdb5 2018-03-01 Allow CI/CD Jobs being grouped on version strings
c12b18c 2018-03-01 Encode revision for gitattributes ref
e70fe78 2018-02-21 Handle branch and tag names which are commit ids
185f567 2018-02-20 Revert "Merge branch 'zj-n-1-root-show' into 'master'"
f42bf66 2018-02-20 Add unit tests for Gitaly types
73e78c4 2018-02-07 Don't use rugged in Repository#refs_hash
73bc9d4 2018-02-07 Don't allow N +1 calls from Root#show
5dd8c05 2018-02-07 Let CI catch N + 1 calls
9f15263 2018-02-06 Downgrade google-protobuf
fd46d6c 2018-02-01 Remove intermediate methods on Branch and Tag classes
73bd48d 2018-02-01 Fix encoding issues when name is not UTF-8
0a47d19 2018-02-01 Client changes for Tag,BranchNamesContainingCommit
9318f4a 2018-01-31 Ignore Flay failures
830700e 2018-01-31 Upgrade Flay to have fewer parsing errors
a248e7a 2018-01-31 Fix flay not detecting identical code
94a3dbc 2018-01-31 Gitaly Server info for admin panel
a29f0c2 2018-01-22 Allow pagination for WikiVersions on Gitaly request
bd96f2d 2018-01-22 Upgrade Gitaly versions
1c0437d 2018-01-22 Client implementation for WikiPageVerion
58e17bf 2018-01-09 Migrate GitlabProject (re)move project endpoints
6b15784 2018-01-05 Fix typos in a code comment
59e50e3 2018-01-02 Reroute batch blobs to single blob RPC
338f1ea 2017-12-20 Migrate to Project#empty_repo?
c6edae3 2017-12-19 Load commit in batches for pipelines#index
8ad4125 2017-12-14 Clear caches before updating MR diffs
b6bd77f 2017-12-13 Enable the performance bar in dev environments
b35110d 2017-12-13 Move Namespace to Gitaly using OPT-OUT
428c38a 2017-12-12 Fix rubocop offence
3ab026b 2017-12-12 Use memoization for commits on diffs
03ac8d5 2017-12-07 Remove Rugged::Repository#empty?
592e087 2017-12-03 Add unique index on job_id and file_type
2a620e7 2017-12-03 Remove hook set by carrierwave too
f5d3b92 2017-12-03 Remove Ci::Build#artifacts_file?
bf6126b 2017-12-03 Add coverage on legacy artifacts for Ci::Build
e35f160 2017-12-03 Test new artifacts for pages deploy
e2242cd 2017-12-03 Last test fixes multiple artifacts
ba5697f 2017-12-03 Fix legacy migration test
1756604 2017-12-03 JobArtifactsUploader does not inherrit from ArtifactsUpl...
c7d9457 2017-12-03 Fix most test failures
61864a5 2017-12-03 Rename Artifact to JobArtifact, split metadata out
25df666 2017-12-03 Create Ci::Artifacts
8ac7f29 2017-12-03 Create ci_artifacts table
636376d 2017-12-03 WIP
020a848 2017-12-01 Use commit finder instead of rev parse
60056d6 2017-11-30 Add link to gitaly converation
60ac7e0 2017-11-28 Add controller#action metrics on Gitaly
f9565e3 2017-11-21 Batchload blobs for diff generation
90d74ce 2017-11-09 Repository Exists check is OPT_OUT for Gitaly
212d007 2017-11-01 Pull tags from true origin
9936ae2 2017-11-01 Measure Gitaly migration sites against original
a782986 2017-10-31 Be able to bundle gems with newer rubies
2994de7 2017-10-31 Upgrade Ruby to 2.3.5
8275e34 2017-10-30 Ci::Build tag is a trait instead of an own factory
3411fef 2017-10-27 Cache commits on the repository model
5e2a748 2017-10-23 Add Gitaly data to the Peek performance bar
e545001 2017-10-17 Update
211e78d 2017-10-17 Update documentation
61f4d08 2017-10-16 Allow testing on Gitaly call count
2622a6d 2017-10-13 Add Performance category to the changelog
d1dd115 2017-10-05 Update test to use the new API
f879c58 2017-10-05 Fix namespace deletion tests
4656283 2017-10-05 Gitaly namespace service enabled for GitLab
e4d07f1 2017-10-05 Test against public projects
d548680 2017-10-04 Incorporate feedback
6a40c21 2017-10-03 Update tests for new implementation
dfd9185 2017-10-03 Merge branch '34102-online-view-of-artifacts-fe' of gitl...
8cbfe3a 2017-10-03 Redirect to pages daemon
ca0e390 2017-10-02 Backend for HTML serving with GitLab Pages
a02881d 2017-09-26 RepositoryExists is always called with #gitaly_migration
24768cb 2017-09-20 Remove depreceted and big projects
cf851ce 2017-09-18 Fix instance default option being true as value
65e5888 2017-09-15 Remove changelog entry
fb84bec 2017-09-15 Allow updating of project auto devops settings
69f7a12 2017-09-13 Fix extra space in YAML array
eeeea48 2017-09-13 AutoDevOps banner hidden on explicit CI config
b1d5186 2017-09-12 Allow all AutoDevOps banners to be disabled
74bf291 2017-09-12 Add auto devops enabled/disabled to usage ping
5c6f40a 2017-09-08 Add usage ping for Auto DevOps
f2958ce 2017-09-07 Update rails template to include postgres
62a5cc7 2017-09-07 Merge branch 'master' into zj-auto-devops-table
2c3652a 2017-09-07 Update project templates to new import version
492eaec 2017-09-07 Fix ordering of columns on new table
8189347 2017-09-06 Merge branch 'master' into zj-auto-devops-table
c288ca7 2017-09-06 Use hook for setting Pipeline config_source
003bfac 2017-09-06 Incorporate another round of feedback
63e308f 2017-09-04 Fix boolean logic with nil value
d8e40c2 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'zj-auto-devops-table' of
bcd70c4 2017-09-04 Incorporate review
a346dbf 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'zj-auto-devops-table' of
a315e60 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'master' into zj-auto-devops-table
78dad4c 2017-09-04 Fix tests
6c021a9 2017-08-31 Fix db/schema.rb not being up to date
35b9213 2017-08-31 Add config_source to ci_pipelines
770bcf7 2017-08-31 Form for setting project auto devops settings
6ed4904 2017-08-31 Implement the implied CI/CD config for AutoDevOps
ed8f7ed 2017-08-31 Sort templates when fetching them
04cd47d 2017-08-31 Don't show references to Pages when not available
a8efe4c 2017-08-24 Reword job to pipeline on the chart view
f67faf6 2017-08-23 Update templates to include header in the README
3611b66 2017-08-23 Fix blank button not resetting project template value
a99b2d8 2017-08-23 Expose CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE on CI jobs
539dee9 2017-08-22 Update form to properly set the path
f5b733e 2017-08-21 Fix broken links in documentation
1ffd0c8 2017-08-18 Remove CI API v1
1d8025f 2017-08-17 Document project templates and link to it
87f082d 2017-08-17 Frontend to send template name instead of on/off
dc8e167 2017-08-16 Upgrade grape to 1.0
6391406 2017-08-15 Add two more project templates
9026e3e 2017-08-14 Update rails tempalte to not contain gitlab-test
35147a7 2017-08-14 Update charlock_holmes
63ccb76 2017-08-10 Fix wrong method call on prometheus histogram
e641072 2017-08-10 Fix 404 on link path
036ee51 2017-08-07 Port form back to use form_tag
1b8fb79 2017-08-07 Fix HAML lint errors
db65499 2017-08-07 Fix last feature test for project templates
2e6aa4f 2017-08-07 After merge cleanup
3baf3dc 2017-08-01 Rename GitLabProjectImporterService and misc fixes
09974de 2017-08-01 Create rake task to create project templates
5f86347 2017-07-31 Add two more metrics for CI/CD
1d3815f 2017-07-28 Allow projects to be started from a template
d7062dd 2017-07-28 Remove Mattermost team with GitLab group
acf4a36 2017-07-26 Implement GRPC call to RepositoryService
0d3b8fa 2017-07-21 Port spinach tests to rspec feature specs
8877f2e 2017-07-21 Reword success to passing for pipeline badges
2086483 2017-07-21 Rename build to pipeline for status badges
c7661f0 2017-07-03 Strings ready for translation; Pipeline charts
4447006 2017-06-27 Split pipelines by origin on usage data
e7d12a7 2017-06-27 Add in_review_folder to usage ping
7ccc632 2017-06-26 Remove last references to job for pipeline charts
9b2ae90 2017-06-23 Remove references to build in pipeline charts
13d3997 2017-06-23 Improve performance for pipeline charts
5eb940d 2017-06-21 Replace invalid chars while seeding environments
93b555a 2017-06-13 Handle legacy jobs without name
3465546 2017-06-13 Fix merge conflicts on pipeline schedules
cd1a854 2017-06-12 Revert to passing the path when matching key to the router
f20949a 2017-06-12 Fix etag route misses
ff1bc17 2017-06-08 Add test for prom metric gathering
9157c30 2017-06-08 Regenerate po and js files
68f58e1 2017-06-08 Allow translation of Pipeline Schedules
4fa7158 2017-06-07 Add prometheus metrics on pipeline creation
9fcc3e5 2017-06-06 Fix test failures
0b81b5a 2017-06-05 Create read_registry scope with JWT auth
1709e5c 2017-06-04 retryable? is now available for CommitStatus
b246518 2017-06-02 Add user to BuildDetailsEntity
696b039 2017-06-01 Explicitly test etag cache invalidation
6c87239 2017-06-01 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into zj-job...
00b00f1 2017-06-01 Merge branch 'master' into zj-realtime-env-list
5fdb512 2017-06-01 Rename build to job
c4067ed 2017-06-01 Only remove FK if it exists
8a9a62e 2017-05-31 Incorporate review
6856958 2017-05-31 Create PipelineDetailsEntity
47a0276 2017-05-31 Initial implementation for real time job view
f4aa010 2017-05-31 Test etag cache key changing value
7ec8969 2017-05-25 Merge branch 'master' into zj-realtime-env-list
2f62af6 2017-05-24 Restore original comment [ci skip]
3be9820 2017-05-24 Test etag caching router and incorporate review
704af7c 2017-05-24 Use smaller image when triggering a build
b518cd8 2017-05-23 Add changelog entry for pipeline etag issue
5c83d3a 2017-05-23 Improve test wording
336635f 2017-05-22 Test the ExpireJobCacheWorker and related changes
33961ee 2017-05-22 Add Etag caching for Pipeline#Show action
f0cd6ff 2017-05-22 empty
1a98a07 2017-05-22 Remove commented code
ebede2b 2017-05-22 Use etag caching for environments JSON
59ff3af 2017-05-22 Update gitlab.yml with default setting
6f742a8 2017-05-20 Remove trigger docs job
2792695 2017-05-19 Make sorting difference clearer
bec0035 2017-05-18 Run the schedule worker once an hour by default
cf6ba75 2017-05-17 Fix data migration from trigger schedules
63da917 2017-05-17 Improve pipeline size for query limit test
0385f9e 2017-05-17 Sort environments folders when opening them
02e156c 2017-05-15 Add foreign key on pipeline_schedules.owner_id
9f93395 2017-05-15 Do not schedule pipelines if the user can't
4535d52 2017-05-12 Use etag caching for environments JSON
d922f54 2017-05-11 Remove rails dependent: :destroy statement
3eb8435 2017-05-11 Add a foreign key to ci_variables to projects
3838833 2017-05-11 Prevent NULL values on ci_variables columns
8df3997 2017-05-07 Add Pipeline Schedules that supersedes experimental Trig...
e0e52fe 2017-05-07 Fix test|
c17e6a6 2017-05-06 Real time pipeline show action
5d4183e 2017-05-04 Convert seconds to minutes and hours on chat notifations
d261f83 2017-05-01 Update Carrierwave and fog-core
aafe288 2017-05-01 Remove notify slack job
3155f5a 2017-04-28 Accept default branch param on notifaction services
df85a7c 2017-04-26 Submodule Dockerfile templates
6f5b579 2017-04-26 Use rspec-set to speed up examples
58b4cbb 2017-04-20 Update CI templates to include 9.1 templates
f5b4288 2017-04-14 Track Mattermost usage
00688e4 2017-04-12 Let uses hide verbose output by default
23fbbe0 2017-04-12 Return nil as coverage instead of a File object
e415ad3 2017-04-12 Fix API not accepting job_events for webhooks
962bf01 2017-04-11 Add foreign key on trigger requests
4e3e51f 2017-04-07 Bump migration paths version
e6ffb15 2017-04-04 Don't autofill kubernetes namespace
091c260 2017-03-23 Improve readability and add test
fed319b 2017-03-22 Allow chat notifications only for the default branch
2026105 2017-03-21 Clean cache after bundling
98c4d8a 2017-03-16 Fix Slack link when on notify
7a6925b 2017-03-16 Update templates with new CI variables
3ebd29b 2017-03-16 Futher rename the CI variables
548b607 2017-03-10 Update templates with new CI variables
993a1ed 2017-03-07 Rename REF to SHA
9c25404 2017-03-07 Rename BUILD to JOB in CI Variables
7fb2d94 2017-03-07 Namespace can have only one chat team
2199906 2017-03-06 Fix JS linting error
57847e6 2017-03-06 Clean up spec
3946783 2017-03-06 Fix no out element case
699e955 2017-03-06 Remove docs for removed endpoint
77d0de9 2017-03-06 Merge branch 'master' into 'zj-create-mattermost-team'
597639c 2017-03-06 Fix eslint
75123fa 2017-03-06 Incorporate review, drop old endpoint
1942234 2017-03-06 Rename build to job in the docs
e25bb81 2017-03-06 Add changelog entry
f44ab8e 2017-03-06 Pick API files from 8.16.6
0fb0227 2017-03-06 Keep entities the same for API v3
b5b93f8 2017-03-06 Update entities, rename from builds to jobs
111748e 2017-03-06 Rename Builds to Jobs in the API
3b89ebb 2017-03-06 Fix values being called at Array instead of Hash
449ecd6 2017-03-06 Merge branch 'master' into zj-create-mattermost-team
b3aae42 2017-03-06 Minor edits, incorporate review
28910ff 2017-03-03 Fix linter errors
ddfd09c 2017-03-02 Merge branch 'master' into zj-create-mattermost-team
52c4a78 2017-03-02 Improve UX
9f0e23d 2017-02-24 Fix tests
4535129 2017-02-24 Merge branch 'master' into zj-create-mattermost-team
8c430f0 2017-02-22 Merge branch 'zj-create-mattermost-team-lb' into 'zj-cre...
2707cfc 2017-02-21 Upgrade Rails to 4.2.8
63bd79f 2017-02-21 Chat slash commands show labels correctly
5be8f03 2017-02-20 Improve performance of User Agent Detail
479cdc2 2017-02-20 Fix bad merge [ci skip]
2b0e8b8 2017-02-20 Merge branch 'master' into zj-create-mattermost-team
444d71e 2017-02-20 Transactional mattermost team creation
549fc34 2017-02-20 Merge branch 'zj-create-mattermost-team' of
8ddbc43 2017-02-16 Improve DRYness of views
1a0e54b 2017-02-16 Add tests for Mattermost team creation
297dc70 2017-02-16 Create MM team for GitLab group
a254dcf 2017-02-15 Add count keys to response JSON
178b601 2017-02-14 Remove deprecated CI service
84b42ae 2017-02-14 Fix project link on issue creation
1efa8f2 2017-02-08 Rename issuable to IssueBase
128b1ea 2017-02-07 Update Rubocop to ruby 2.3
34cc2a8 2017-02-07 Improve DRYness of views
68db614 2017-02-06 Drop support for Ruby 2.1
6c873b1 2017-02-03 Add tests for Mattermost team creation
ae1aee2 2017-02-02 Create MM team for GitLab group
164eb3a 2017-01-31 Improve styling of the new issue message
d7f298c 2017-01-30 Incorporate feedback
9bd424a 2017-01-30 Improve performance of triggered chat commands
3df15b9 2017-01-30 Merge branch 'zj-format-chat-messages' of
b3de65b 2017-01-30 Update #list_teams to propagate errors
5ec214b 2017-01-30 Rename presenters for consitency
4ce1a17 2017-01-30 Incorporate feedback
72843e0 2017-01-30 Fix tests
53846da 2017-01-30 Add help command
746f472 2017-01-30 Revert removing of some files
dc6921b 2017-01-30 Chat Commands have presenters
79e1ed2 2017-01-26 Merge branch 'master' into 'zj-format-chat-messages'
dbda72a 2017-01-26 Rename presenters for consitency
85f0229 2017-01-24 Fix inconsistent return type
52ca0d2 2017-01-24 Incorporate feedback
f187cc5 2017-01-24 Small update to the Mattermost API
e4d4024 2017-01-24 Reject projects without namespace
5639c62 2017-01-24 Quote class name in case it gets destroyed
19b87fb 2017-01-24 Requeue projects pending deletion
e9d1638 2017-01-24 Fix tests
e96ddef 2017-01-24 Add help command
19c55a4 2017-01-24 Revert removing of some files
bc9c245 2017-01-24 Chat Commands have presenters
607b3c4 2017-01-20 Fix Slack/Mattermost notifaction services
26d109e 2017-01-20 Remove prefilled prefix
9c27408 2017-01-11 Fix broken link in docs
df99883 2017-01-06 Add tests for admin service templates
9db19ae 2017-01-05 Add changelog [ci skip]
6ef6f9f 2017-01-05 Do not check for valid url for .gitlab-ci.yml
b46ad4c 2017-01-03 Fix Slash command templates
dfca704 2017-01-03 Add API route slack slash commands
05228dd 2017-01-03 Rename logo, apply for Slack too
b066733 2017-01-03 Add logo in public files
269bc74 2016-12-27 Disable timeout while removing services
1955bca 2016-12-27 Revert specific URL
b7894a7 2016-12-23 Fix errorcode 500 on slash commands
4b20387 2016-12-22 List all commands
4213e8a 2016-12-22 Slack docs [ci skip]
4b7395e 2016-12-22 Fix format of Slack when result is nil
c724126 2016-12-22 Post username as property, not user_name
68e1c3c 2016-12-21 Docs on MM auto config
1812d52 2016-12-21 Remove unused services from the database
1d6c8ce 2016-12-21 Merge branch 'zj-mattermost-slash-config' of
1ac0639 2016-12-21 Add new tests
9214d68 2016-12-21 Add new tests
36eed72 2016-12-20 Add controller test
4a03fae 2016-12-20 Fix rspec tests due to different API
0bd8669 2016-12-20 Merge branch 'zj-mattermost-slash-config' of
2393d30 2016-12-20 Fix rubocop errors [ci skip]
921f411 2016-12-19 Last fixes
5c99afc 2016-12-19 Merge branch 'master' into zj-mattermost-slash-config
5d19723 2016-12-19 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/zj-mattermost-slash...
d215356 2016-12-19 Minor adjustments API Mattermost
6d14a66 2016-12-19 Minor adjustments API Mattermost
4213bd5 2016-12-19 Merge branch 'mattermost-configure-frontend' into 'zj-ma...
a9d9895 2016-12-18 Merge branch 'master' into 'zj-mattermost-slash-config'
9bcc4d4 2016-12-17 Ensure the session is destroyed
a31cdb2 2016-12-17 Improve session tests
f11caaf 2016-12-17 Setup mattermost session
f0889bd 2016-12-16 Incorporate review
0d3e243 2016-12-16 Create Slack Slash command service
7363a7d 2016-12-16 Add tests for auto configure slash commands
475a4dc 2016-12-16 Merge branch 'zj-mattermost-session' into zj-mattermost-...
0045996 2016-12-16 Add auto configure of commands
99d8d6f 2016-12-16 Add MattermostController
87d1606 2016-12-16 Base work for auto config MM slash commands
dd385c7 2016-12-16 Improve session tests
178638c 2016-12-16 Setup mattermost session
166ae89 2016-12-15 Ensure the session is destroyed
4b23764 2016-12-15 Improve session tests
429c922 2016-12-12 Setup mattermost session
b9b2ca4 2016-12-09 Update docs to reflect new defaults on omnibus
13858d6 2016-12-05 Accept `issue new` as command to create an issue
1096040 2016-12-04 Update effected tests
617f43c 2016-12-04 Guests can read builds if those are public
785a801 2016-12-03 Bump ruby version
752d72f 2016-11-25 Add docs for pipeline coverage
40e8185 2016-11-25 Expose coverage on GET pipelines/:id
6a08de7 2016-11-25 Add issue search slash command
d71ad49 2016-11-25 Accept a valid ref for issue show
0dc1085 2016-11-23 Remove tests which do not add value
42fe0ca 2016-11-23 Upgrade grape-entity to 0.6.0
2f8fa73 2016-11-23 Fix BASH usage in the .gitlab-ci.yml
3ff0575 2016-11-22 Issue creation now accepts trailing whitespace
b9f08c7 2016-11-21 Evalute time_ago method instead of printing it
0cc4c14 2016-11-21 Add screenshot in docs
55c2c6c 2016-11-21 Add framework for docs on Mattermost commands
67fde38 2016-11-21 Improve the mattermost help box
34d1d16 2016-11-21 Add framework for rendering partials
2282a3b 2016-11-21 Add changelog entry for grape-entity upgrade
f50fdac 2016-11-21 Upgrade grape-entity
1fe7774 2016-11-18 Notify broken master on #development
f20eadc 2016-11-18 Fix faulty deployment refs
c72c76f 2016-11-18 Fix typos
dd826a5 2016-11-18 Return a consistent not found message
f749fb7 2016-11-18 Improve style, add more tests
b860757 2016-11-18 Projects have chat services
0d04724 2016-11-18 More coverage on service level
778b5a5 2016-11-17 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into zj-sla...
166ee09 2016-11-17 More refactoring, push present to base command
1607efa 2016-11-17 Add tests for increased converage
6737ada 2016-11-17 Remove some commands for now
d4def9c 2016-11-17 Incorporate feedback, improve presenter class
1b4fdb9 2016-11-17 Rename from service, and move to lib/gitlab
8c8bc07 2016-11-17 Refactor and test Slash commands
106b1e3 2016-11-17 First steps on refactoring Mattermost Slash commands
4762198 2016-11-17 Remove duplication of implementations
242e291 2016-11-17 Add issue create subcommand
657838f 2016-11-17 fixup! issue and mergerequest slash command for mattermost
9d8ca60 2016-11-17 issue and mergerequest slash command for mattermost
40062fd 2016-11-12 Also test on dev.gitlab [ci skip]
647c54d 2016-11-12 Only run builds on master of CE or EE
9869c48 2016-11-12 Remove unneeded nil checks
64f4117 2016-11-04 Move shared params to a helper
7f32014 2016-11-04 GrapeDSL for project hooks
37f229c 2016-11-02 Update docs and test description
57fd233 2016-11-02 Update docs and unexpose token
a4827ee 2016-10-31 Be able to POST subscriptions for system hooks
7669001 2016-10-31 Expose more data on the SystemHooks API
a83d4d0 2016-10-31 GrapeDSL for branches endpoints
1cb7599 2016-10-20 Only create refs for new deployments
8979567 2016-10-20 Use deployment IID when saving refs
55365d3 2016-10-20 Only create refs for new deployments
c1212be 2016-10-20 Use deployment IID when saving refs
4de883b 2016-10-18 Use GrapeDSL for commits
cf15af3 2016-10-14 Add test, fix merge error
35e2315 2016-10-14 Minor style improvement
88b03bb 2016-10-14 Rename method in test
fa58068 2016-10-14 Refactor ci_status on MergeRequestController
8a1064d 2016-10-14 Fix indenting error in HAML
6a4f710 2016-10-14 Show what time ago a MR was deployed
3d6f18c 2016-10-13 GrapeDSL for variables
8fd9179 2016-10-04 Update method name
901c994 2016-10-04 deployment refs in own folder, new method for creating refs
7d46bd6 2016-10-04 Save a fetchable ref per deployement
d6e42e0 2016-10-04 GrapeDSL for Namespace endpoint
d291ea9 2016-10-03 GrapeDSL for Award Emoji endpoints
dd088d1 2016-10-01 GrapeDSL for Keys endpoint
29fa93b 2016-09-30 Move the images over to
a8383ec 2016-09-30 Update CI yaml and update CHANGELOG entry
b19dd19 2016-09-30 Set CHANGELOG item to right release
dad03a8 2016-09-30 remove unused cache from .gitlab-ci.yml
b36534d 2016-09-28 Reduce output to the build log
65ec54a 2016-09-27 Remove Sprockets deprecation warning
a3d3240 2016-09-23 Add link to broadcast messages docs
9573001 2016-09-21 Remove duplicate default_value_level entry
9747f3e 2016-09-21 Add default values for ProjectFeature
e41a391 2016-09-20 Remove duplicate route
86e7ae8 2016-09-19 Use routing concerns to DRY the routes
e8dd0d5 2016-09-19 Fix tests for Snippets toggling awards
412ff80 2016-09-19 Start Frontend work, fix routing problem
fe04339 2016-09-19 API docs for award emoji on Snippets
7475f9d 2016-09-19 API support for Award Emoji on Snippets
25004cb 2016-09-19 Snippets get award emoji! :thumbsup:
cf00fbe 2016-09-16 Fix API notes endpoint when posting only emoji
a9f5b88 2016-09-09 Minor update on CI docs examples
3152477 2016-09-07 Use PipelinesFinder in Pipelines API
f6f06ea 2016-09-06 Have CI test migration paths
083c0e2 2016-09-06 Support empty PG database too
5204911 2016-09-05 Don't fail on an empty database
e683eec 2016-09-05 Support MySQL too, when removing gitorious from import_s...
2246218 2016-09-05 Remove gitorious from import_sources on ApplicationSetti...
61fbe7e 2016-09-03 Add link on API docs index page
8ab659a 2016-09-02 Correct spelling of therefore [ci skip]
05c22ca 2016-09-02 Add documentation on template dropdowns
9a1974a 2016-09-02 Fix GitLab import button
9a10c0a 2016-09-01 Rubocop syntax 2.3
c4e00dc 2016-08-30 Add title to CI lint page
9c2d061 2016-08-26 Drop unused CI tables and files
4c8e9a8 2016-08-25 Remove gitorious
2038e03 2016-08-18 Do not expose projects on deployments
ba01e51 2016-08-18 Incorporate feedback
182e281 2016-08-18 Docs for API endpoints
39c71a1 2016-08-18 Expose project for environments
47d6f28 2016-08-18 Add deployment endpoints
fffe5c2 2016-08-18 Add Play endpoints on Builds
df5661b 2016-08-18 Add docs on API for pipelines, plus minor fixes
de7b8e5 2016-08-18 Add endpoints for pipelines
6397ecd 2016-08-12 Update ruby 2.3.1
07fc2f8 2016-08-12 Method names changed to #includes_commit?
03ea019 2016-08-11 CI build status not per environment
b497b0c 2016-08-11 Incorporate feedback
826862d 2016-08-11 Tests for release status heading on MR#show
49f72e7 2016-08-11 Show deployment status on a MR view
3b973d1 2016-08-11 Target 8.11 for CHANGELOG entry Ruby 2.3
100df6c 2016-08-11 Update gitlab ci tests to test ruby 2.1 now too
790dd89 2016-08-11 Default build tests ruby 2.3.1
ef46221 2016-08-10 Remove duplicate link_to statements
7e47a82 2016-08-08 Namespace EnableDeployKeyService under Projects
fda37b2 2016-08-08 Update templates
6907af2 2016-08-08 Use FA GitLab Icon for import project button
81e839f 2016-08-05 Fix styling on docs of Deploy Keys endpoints
554e18a 2016-08-05 Create service for enabling deploy keys
460065b 2016-08-04 Move deploy_key tests to deploy_key_spec.rb
2b6bd6a 2016-08-03 Use Grape DSL for deploy keys endpoints
54f6266 2016-08-03 Improve CI fixtures
da3d3ba 2016-08-03 Endpoints to enable and disable deploy keys
34c1c8a 2016-08-01 Minor fixes in the Env API endpoints
1b72256 2016-07-29 Use Grape DSL for environment endpoints
76e9b68 2016-07-29 Incorporate feedback
84cd212 2016-07-29 Add API support for environments
be9aa7f 2016-07-29 Add an URL field to Environments
20a9bc9 2016-07-28 Remove project which can't be pulled while seeding
cf4c9b4 2016-07-20 Use YAML inheritance to DRY the .gitlab-ci.yml
ae6edf1 2016-07-13 Update rubocop to 0.41.2
16d8251 2016-07-05 Add index on both Award Emoji user and name
422eca2 2016-06-30 Remove coveralls lines
7a2f25a 2016-06-30 Remove coveralls as its unused
a697b3c 2016-06-29 Speed improvement for builds without DB
db0a6c1 2016-06-28 Bump workhorse version
c31f876 2016-06-28 Workhorse to serve email diffs
abca19d 2016-06-27 Use HTTP matchers if possible
cf8a19b 2016-06-27 Test templates and GitLabCI parser againts each other
e7a2794 2016-06-23 Eager load award emoji on notes
14fdcc1 2016-06-23 Check if pipeline is nil before merging
bbfd62b 2016-06-20 fixup! override content method
483dc62 2016-06-20 Incorporate review
96ae609 2016-06-20 Run rake gitlab:update_templates
8039856 2016-06-20 Add changelog item, fix rubocop issue
620d014 2016-06-20 Implement backend gitlab ci dropdown
567f6a7 2016-06-20 Add first templates for gitlab-ci dropdown
27bf7ae 2016-06-20 Refactor Gitlab::Gitignores
e0bdcd2 2016-06-17 fixup! updated docs for api endpoint award emoji
05a4a58 2016-06-17 Add endpoints for award emoji on notes
3455831 2016-06-17 Sort API endpoints and implement feedback
3f88221 2016-06-17 Add endpoints for Award Emoji
17ad286 2016-06-15 Rename ci_commit to pipeline
3fe4a2f 2016-06-15 Fix race condition on auto merge
3194417 2016-06-15 Award Emoji can't be awarded on system notes backend
b2df118 2016-06-15 Random selection now also works for MySQL
7dc0803 2016-06-15 Near half of the Issues get Award Emoji when seeding
bd3324c 2016-06-15 Skip system notes from receiving award emoji
080cbca 2016-06-15 Seed Award Emoji while seeding the database
fc5b3a8 2016-06-14 Fix MySQL migration, obtain lock the right way
f8290c2 2016-06-14 Fix timing issues on convertion migration award emoji
7d3f8f5 2016-06-06 Update tests on wording
2f9c214 2016-06-06 Backend awardables on comments
d47218f 2016-06-03 Bump workhorse version to v0.7.5
01e1139 2016-06-03 Workhorse to serve raw diffs
77d4d5e 2016-06-03 :police_car:
9d49171 2016-06-03 Merge branch 'master' into awardables
7cc897d 2016-06-03 Let contributors know where to start
fab6954 2016-06-01 Move awardables too when issue is moved
91a7b93 2016-06-01 Incorportate feedback
cbd7801 2016-05-30 Merge branch 'master' into awardables
be613de 2016-05-28 Project#show on projects pending deletion will 404
f99b38c 2016-05-26 Remove tests specific for awards on notes
6523002 2016-05-25 Remove old tests, and use right factories
7ae5360 2016-05-25 Merge branch 'master' into awardables
6d19d6a 2016-05-21 minor js fixes
79620c5 2016-05-20 Update API and fetching task
fab9dbb 2016-05-20 First import of gitignores
e166a80 2016-05-20 Backend for a gitignores dropdown
4d6c51e 2016-05-19 Fix backend merge mistakes
e0cabb6 2016-05-18 Fix latests concerns
7a4e7ad 2016-05-12 Fix tests and wrong choices during merge
2bbe781 2016-05-11 revert front end changes
4558b5b 2016-05-11 Incorporate feedback
2f0d89e 2016-05-11 Merge branch 'master' into awardables
d8c27e4 2016-05-11 merge from another branch
7e6dcf9 2016-05-11 Merge branch 'master' into awardables
dccf8a9 2016-05-10 Add tests on Awardables and Award Emoji
3bdc57f 2016-05-06 Create table for award emoji
8278b76 2016-05-06 Auto annotate models on migration
47da013 2016-05-06 Annotate the models
ad99404 2016-04-28 Properly handle bigger files
33f8b06 2016-04-15 Merge branch 'master' into assign-to-issuable-opener
0385cd5 2016-04-14 Start with iid on branch creation
6dbcb88 2016-04-12 Allow a project member to leave the projected through th...
77a2496 2016-04-05 Add author id to the right selector
06e473e 2016-04-05 Merge branch 'master' into assign-to-issuable-opener
340f1fc 2016-03-31 Minor clean up on admin/users_controller_spec
1e7116b 2016-03-31 Exclude projects pending deletion from all results
2c62071 2016-03-31 Allow temp-oauth-email as notification email
4b1ad75 2016-03-30 minor cleanup in system_hook_spec
9e5a11f 2016-03-29 Target right release
3339513 2016-03-29 Merge branch 'master' into assign-to-issuable-opener
b231742 2016-03-29 Merge branch 'master' into add-ability-to-archive-a-proj...
e35cb5a 2016-03-28 Docs for the new branch button
473b261 2016-03-28 Back dating of issues when creating throught the API
aabe93c 2016-03-24 Merge branch 'master' into add-ability-to-archive-a-proj...
3549d7c 2016-03-24 PUT becomes POST on archiving endpoints
221c917 2016-03-24 Add tooltip to new branch button
2c5bcf2 2016-03-23 Add endpoints for archiving and unarchiving
d967b12 2016-03-23 Moving of issuables only when the record already exists
73a8088 2016-03-22 User has to confirm deletion of issuables
6e5461c 2016-03-21 Merge branch 'master' into 2489-soft-delete-issues
d28a587 2016-03-21 Fix typos and denting
3b088fc 2016-03-21 Minor improvements on IssuableActions
98fd60f 2016-03-19 Satisfy rubocop
1d77822 2016-03-19 minor improvements and fixed specs
7342a45 2016-03-19 Dry destroy action on issuables
67043ec 2016-03-19 Hide delete botton on edit page
212e83b 2016-03-19 Soft delete issuables
b959ae5 2016-03-18 Improve group visibility level feature
70ca337 2016-03-18 \#to_branch_name now uses the iid as postfix
9337406 2016-03-17 Fix specs
481e73f 2016-03-17 Merge branch 'master' into new-branch-button-issue
51300d9 2016-03-17 API support for setting External flag on existing users
29a4337 2016-03-15 Specs for the DeleteUserService
4827458 2016-03-15 Incorporate the review and update spec
8077a5f 2016-03-15 Clearify who deletes the user
a09323c 2016-03-15 Fix broken specs
4231cfe 2016-03-15 Target right release, rebase got it wrong
d249da1 2016-03-15 Specs on force deleting of a user
b221d11 2016-03-15 Add ability to delete a user with force
4bcc097 2016-03-15 A worker deletes a user, so the request doesn't time out
2b97c92 2016-03-15 Incorporate review
e831a3b 2016-03-15 Link in the note when started a new branch from an issue
ad97beb 2016-03-15 Enhance new branch button on an issue
228007d 2016-03-15 new-branch-button
59064ae 2016-03-15 Merge branch 'master' into 4009-external-users
aaf4434 2016-03-15 Doc external users feature
a7f74e0 2016-03-15 bundle:audit job only on master
5960e99 2016-03-14 Remove allowed to fail by ignoring RedCloth
ab418e2 2016-03-14 Improve external users feature
88f8d3a 2016-03-14 Merge branch 'master' into 4009-external-users
76eeb31 2016-03-13 Create an external users tab on Admin user list
fc8d64b 2016-03-13 Remove Project#publicish
42fcd38 2016-03-13 External Users
5352ec2 2016-03-13 Fix denting and spec
dfb96ed 2016-03-13 ContinueToParams -> ContinueParams
1cefb73 2016-03-13 Check redirect path in the continue_params
639cad7 2016-03-09 Ignore .byebug_history
9a2869a 2016-02-26 Branded login page also in CE
15a6633 2016-02-22 Revert authors ability to assign anyone
829830a 2016-02-22 Fix loading data when no author_id is passed
df27b3a 2016-02-22 Issuable can be assigned to author
aba1aa4 2016-02-19 Improve #set_award! on the Note model
11ed1cb 2016-02-19 Emoji reponses on diffs aren't award emoji
8dc8006 2016-02-19 Project limit is reached warning is hidden when the proj...
308c967 2016-02-08 Validate uniqueness of milestone title per project
5ffec2c 2016-02-05 Freeze the expression instead of the literal
be33998 2016-02-05 Minor refactoring on Gitlab::Git
c6e0228 2016-02-04 Hide remove source branch button when new commit is adde...
7eb961f 2016-02-02 Improve tooltips on admin menu
103d677 2016-01-26 Improve text on warning message
758177d 2016-01-26 Warn admin of granting admin rights during OAuth
c10296f 2016-01-26 Fix visibility level texts on application settings
8915488 2016-01-26 Save button on app settings now btn-save
182cc84 2016-01-17 Remove leading comma when user is the only one to award ...
be08490 2016-01-11 #can_unsubscribe? -> #?unsubscribable?
26cedc7 2016-01-09 Minor improvements, unsubscribe from email footer
36d858b 2016-01-09 Add #can_unsubscribe? to SentNotification
58867ef 2016-01-09 Unsubscribe from thread through link in email footer
1be406d 2015-12-30 Swap Author and Assignee Selectors on issuable index view
b982caf 2015-12-18 Remove duplicate entry in the changelog
ffa12a7 2015-12-18 Remove extra spaces after branchname
c36821d 2015-12-16 Api support for requesting starred projects for user
95c03f2 2015-12-16 Fix endpoint not setting needed @ci_commit
5983e9b 2015-12-11 Minor fix in flow 'Merge when build succeeds'
b1fc531 2015-12-10 Fix typo
a2798e8 2015-12-10 Target right release
82d2e5c 2015-12-10 Merge branch 'master' into copying-file-seen-as-licence
5fd280f 2015-12-10 Licence also accepted as license file
56f25c3 2015-12-08 Improve text indication visibility on snippets
e7969d6 2015-12-07 Satisfy Douwe Maan
3da32ef 2015-12-07 Merge branch 'master' into rake-tasks-git
4c8666e 2015-12-07 Fix commit message textarea position
9652022 2015-12-07 Prevent Firefox from remembering hidden field value
6eb75ed 2015-12-07 Fix specs
cfc95b8 2015-12-07 Fix schema
0e96d6e 2015-12-07 Merge branch 'master' into merge-if-green
46278ec 2015-12-07 Button fix
2462a96 2015-12-05 Incorporate feedback
25907eb 2015-12-02 Doc feature Merge When Build Succeeds
a7682f8 2015-12-02 Specs for 'Merge When Build Succeeds'
113325a 2015-11-30 Retarget release
2f127cb 2015-11-24 Merge branch 'master' into rake-tasks-git
8608c63 2015-11-23 Refactor MergeWhenBuildSucceedsService and incorporate f...
53b285c 2015-11-18 Merge branch 'master' into merge-if-green
2f048df 2015-11-18 API support, incorporated feedback
e189666 2015-11-11 Add CHANGELOG line to the right release
9f548df 2015-11-11 Merge branch 'master' into rake-tasks-git
a3f64b5 2015-11-11 Set changelog item to right release
7e4a7d9 2015-11-11 Merge branch 'master' into copying-file-seen-as-licence
63b2347 2015-11-02 MRs author can cancel automatic merge
77f8a1e 2015-11-02 Merge when build succeeds
be10eea 2015-10-16 Merge branch 'master' into cross-reference-mr-on-issues
9127ae5 2015-10-16 Improve performance of queries
ac44e38 2015-10-16 Add project scope to milestone search
b576210 2015-10-16 Minor refactoring in seeding
64504b6 2015-10-16 Add an index to milestones title and label title
94a788f 2015-10-16 Only accept open issues and merge requests
9f9f0c3 2015-10-16 Show merge requests which close current issue
3f08e4b 2015-10-15 Add specs on #license
8db063b 2015-10-14 Scalable way of requesting all repos
54e6c00 2015-10-14 Added three rake tasks for repository maintainance
7248566 2015-10-14 Add changelog line to right release
9ec32b1 2015-10-14 Prefer Licence over Copying
c5d97c7 2015-10-14 COPYING is now also accepted as licence file
d8bc642 2015-10-01 Remove email footer text
fe6ea91 2015-09-23 Fix styling conform the new style
3d177a8 2015-09-23 Add links to first and/or last page with kaminari
4ccd767 2015-08-04 Only publish ssh key-type and key
d70126c 2015-03-19 Update poltergeist to support phantomjs 2.0
67f55d9 2015-03-16 Let the server fix unconfigured git