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#18 Yorick Peterse - All time
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21940d1 2018-10-11 Support pushing of feature flags to the frontend
c1ad8bc 2018-10-09 Merge branch 'docs/rs-feature-flag-check-by-default' int...
38b8ae6 2018-10-08 Clean up ActiveRecord code in TodoService
4c1dc31 2018-10-08 Clean up ActiveRecord code in TodosFinder
cfd2c31 2018-09-26 Merge branch 'mk/backport-fix-safe-request-store-test' i...
45b365b 2018-09-25 Merge branch 'osw-clean-up-phase-for-diff-files-removal'...
a1ee365 2018-09-25 Merge branch 'mk/improve-usage-of-request-store' into 'm...
cdff2c6 2018-09-25 Merge branch 'nik-doc-postgres-alignment' into 'master'
28086b2 2018-09-24 Merge branch 'dz-group-labels-finder' into 'master'
8e3eb91 2018-09-19 Relax the subject line requirements for commits
ec33016 2018-09-19 Include post migrations when loading the schema
8d2dfbe 2018-09-18 Merge branch '51546-rails5-milestone-groups' into 'master'
9393ff2 2018-09-18 Document the need for feature flags
4ef1dd0 2018-09-18 Improve Emoji detection in commit messages
831300b 2018-09-18 Enhance some performance guideline titles
8a72f5c 2018-09-17 Added FromUnion to easily select from a UNION
5e81b79 2018-09-14 Merge branch 'leipert-typo-danger' into 'master'
f0e7b5e 2018-09-14 Cleaned up CI runner administration code
42f90b5 2018-09-14 Relax Danger requirements about changed lines
e91a526 2018-09-13 Merge branch 'schema-update' into 'master'
b15d28b 2018-09-13 Document abstraction levels and code reuse
2039c82 2018-09-11 Disable existing offenses for the CodeReuse cops
91c4097 2018-09-11 Added RuboCop cops to enforce code reuse rules
28b56b7 2018-09-10 Added Danger file to lint commit messages
99f1a22 2018-09-07 Merge branch 'sh-remove-orphaned-label-links' into 'master'
4a3a749 2018-09-05 Merge branch 'fix_mysql_binary_index_patch' into 'master'
b5272bc 2018-09-04 Merge branch 'rails5-include-opclasses-in-schema-dump' i...
f7c1a5e 2018-09-04 Merge branch 'rails5-mysql-binary-column-index-length' i...
e951a15 2018-08-28 Remove feature flag from BackgroundMigrationWorker
68b84d8 2018-08-26 Merge branch 'sh-insert-git-data-in-separate-transaction...
452fd70 2018-08-24 Merge branch 'sh-simplify-github-importer-refactor' into...
6f3c490 2018-08-20 Refactor AutocompleteController
a58d0a0 2018-08-17 Merge branch 'ab-49754-gh-importer-internal-ids' into 'm...
3d46f31 2018-08-17 Add documentation about reading query plans
74eec89 2018-08-17 Merge branch 'repopulate_site_statistics' into 'master'
9606dbb 2018-08-16 Whitelist existing destroy_all offenses
96ce2da 2018-08-16 Blacklist the use of "destroy_all"
1053af1 2018-08-13 Merge branch 'ce-5666-optimize_querying_manageable_group...
6f21652 2018-08-08 Merge branch 'ci-builds-status-index' into 'master'
4ccecb8 2018-08-07 Merge branch 'ce-5666-backport' into 'master'
1e5192c 2018-08-06 Fix interval in NormalizeLdapExternUids spec
91b752d 2018-08-06 Respond to DB health in background migrations
6f2fc50 2018-08-03 Merge branch 'zj-update-repository-languages-rails5' int...
d4eeee2 2018-08-02 Merge branch 'sh-freeze-strings-docs' into 'master'
854eb4b 2018-07-30 Merge branch 'ab-49609-internal-ids-require-init' into '...
94ea835 2018-07-30 Merge branch 'sh-support-users-find-by-confirmed-emails'...
d202211 2018-07-27 Merge branch '4525-fix-project-indexes' into 'master'
7a233b3 2018-07-25 Remove code for dynamically generating routes
995588a 2018-07-25 Remove orphaned routes
f5b4551 2018-07-24 Merge branch 'osw-background-migrations-best-practice-do...
2ade035 2018-07-24 Backport various EE changes to Gitlab::Database
f915b5e 2018-07-23 Merge branch 'sh-remove-banzai-instrumentation' into 'ma...
d811890 2018-07-18 Merge branch '4525-fix-project-indexes' into 'master'
9c1a3bc 2018-07-17 Merge branch 'ab-docs-find-or-create' into 'master'
1b151f3 2018-07-16 Merge branch 'tweak-sql-buckets' into 'master'
9451c80 2018-07-13 Merge branch 'sh-fix-stderr-pipe-consumption' into 'master'
dbfe3fc 2018-07-12 Merge branch 'fix-performance-problem-of-tags-query' int...
5a55dd9 2018-07-12 Merge branch 'fix-performance-problem-of-tags-query' int...
23b0ba4 2018-07-11 Merge branch 'revert-todos-epic' into 'master'
9591fdb 2018-07-11 Merge branch 'revert-todos-epic' into 'master'
d975a29 2018-07-11 Merge branch 'add-back-mr-diff-deletion-migration' into ...
b851fe8 2018-07-11 Fix "Database Team" typo for Danger
ced15dd 2018-07-11 Tweak the Danger settings for DB changes
81d8ddf 2018-07-10 Add a 10 ms bucket for SQL timings
1f52607 2018-07-10 Merge branch 'rails5-mysql-rename-column' into 'master'
8dfa7a4 2018-07-09 Merge branch '48976-rails5-invalid-single-table-inherita...
b62825f 2018-07-06 Merge branch 'blackst0ne-rails5-activerecord-statementin...
f300890 2018-07-03 Fixed pagination of web hook logs
7531634 2018-07-02 Prune web hook logs older than 90 days
7e9f46d 2018-07-02 Merge branch 'dm-user-without-projects-performance' into...
2440b7b 2018-06-26 Merge branch 'add-rename-column-background-helper' into ...
3383937 2018-06-26 Merge branch 'add-missing-index-for-deployments' into 'm...
ce69663 2018-06-26 Merge branch 'rails5-fix-mysql-arel-from' into 'master'
7668c96 2018-06-25 Merge branch 'jprovazn-rails5-mysql-datetime' into 'master'
f855cbf 2018-06-22 Merge branch 'bjk/48176_ruby_gc' into 'master'
9e29408 2018-06-21 Don't expose project names in various counters
d527b46 2018-06-20 Remove remaining traces of the Allocations Gem
d73e68d 2018-06-20 Limit the action suffixes in transaction metrics
a7f32ae 2018-06-20 Merge branch 'clear-up-background-type-change-docs' into...
7849fd3 2018-06-18 Merge branch 'rails5-fix-db-check' into 'master'
88442e0 2018-06-18 Merge branch 'blackst0ne-rails5-invalid-single-table-inh...
3df1a73 2018-06-18 Merge branch 'rails5-fix-48012' into 'master'
4afdfe7 2018-06-15 Merge branch 'blackst0ne-rails5-fix-optimistic-lock-valu...
1ed954e 2018-06-15 Merge branch 'rails5-fix-47836' into 'master'
431c3f1 2018-06-14 Merge branch 'blackst0ne-rails5-fix-snippets-finder' int...
2850427 2018-06-13 Merge branch 'ab-document-migration-needs-changelog' int...
e4612df 2018-06-12 Ensure MR diffs always exist in the PR importer
450b9f6 2018-06-12 Merge branch 'da-port-cte-to-ce' into 'master'
61ae9c4 2018-06-11 Adjust SQL and transaction Prometheus buckets
a20d3ff 2018-06-11 Merge branch 'jprovazn-rails5-opclasses' into 'master'
c160c51 2018-06-08 Merge branch 'revert-rename-allow_collaboration-column' ...
0fd7704 2018-06-08 Merge branch 'revert-rename-allow_collaboration-column' ...
75ed8a0 2018-06-06 Merge branch 'blackst0ne-rails5-wrong-number-of-argument...
4083ea1 2018-06-06 Merge branch 'rails5-fix-47376' into 'master'
10125b7 2018-06-05 Merge branch 'rails5-fix-46236' into 'master'
71ed798 2018-06-04 Perform pull request IO work outside a transaction
848ecbc 2018-06-04 Merge branch 'rails5-fix-46281' into 'master'
e206e32 2018-06-01 Merge branch '46019-add-missing-migration' into 'master'
d148473 2018-05-31 Merge branch 'rails5-calendar' into 'master'
7f32b9d 2018-05-31 Merge branch 'rails5-exists-query' into 'master'
a30e6b8 2018-05-29 Merge branch 'ab-35364-throttle-updates-last-repository-...
b746790 2018-05-28 Merge branch 'ab-45389-remove-double-checked-internal-id...
50555a9 2018-05-28 Add GroupsController#show performance changelog
709dd23 2018-05-28 Added partial index for merge requests
77d4546 2018-05-28 Reduce queries in GroupProjectsFinder
954968c 2018-05-28 Eager load project routes for issue references
265b1fa 2018-05-28 Merge branch 'sh-fix-admin-page-counts-take-2' into 'mas...
45ec7d1 2018-05-22 Merge branch 'ab-46530-mediumtext-for-gpg-keys' into 'ma...
f4868ff 2018-05-22 Merge branch 'sh-fast-admin-counts' into 'master'
4d3b313 2018-05-22 Merge branch 'ab-42194-keyset-pagination' into 'master'
2c7095c 2018-05-22 Merge branch 'ab-43706-composite-primary-keys' into 'mas...
63c58a6 2018-05-17 Memoize Gitlab::Database.version
da7bbef 2018-05-17 Added changelog for pipelines page performance
878ca2e 2018-05-17 Exclude coverage data from the pipelines page
19428e8 2018-05-17 Preload pipeline data for project pipelines
70985aa 2018-05-17 Limit the number of pipelines to count
f3d60d7 2018-05-16 Merge branch 'sh-fast-admin-counts' into 'master'
33af33d 2018-05-16 Fix GPM content types for Doorkeeper
c003337 2018-05-15 Fix setting Gitlab metrics content types
8c48376 2018-05-15 Merge branch 'sh-enforce-unique-and-not-null-project-ids...
8b6e7e0 2018-04-20 Merge branch '45476-geo-statement-timeout-counting-local...
def7611 2018-04-20 Merge branch 'sh-fix-award-emoji-nplus-one-participants'...
56fb7aa 2018-04-20 Merge branch 'ab-45247-project-lookups-validation' into ...
ddbc6d8 2018-04-19 Merge branch '45476-geo-statement-timeout-counting-local...
a313aec 2018-04-19 Merge branch 'sh-fix-award-emoji-nplus-one-participants'...
9cc011f 2018-04-19 Merge branch 'blackst0ne-rails5-update-user-manageable-g...
1a2728d 2018-04-18 Removed goldiloader changelog file
6f292ea 2018-04-18 Revert the addition of goldiloader
365e45f 2018-04-17 Merge branch '45269-double-checked-internal-ids' into 'm...
4163609 2018-04-16 Merge branch 'rs-database-mr-template' into 'master'
ddd7a81 2018-04-16 Merge branch '45269-double-checked-internal-ids' into 'm...
392c411 2018-04-16 Introduce new ProjectCiCdSetting
4fcee58 2018-04-16 Merge branch 'ab-45247-project-lookups-validation' into ...
6593b2d 2018-04-11 Merge branch 'blackst0ne-rails5-update-event-subclass-fr...
daad714 2018-04-11 Support Markdown rendering using multiple projects
f0ee75f 2018-04-11 Merge branch 'ab-37125-assigned-issues-query' into 'master'
8420056 2018-04-11 Merge branch 'fix-n-plus-one-when-getting-notification-s...
23fb465 2018-04-10 Merge branch 'ab-37125-assigned-issues-query' into 'master'
db204e2 2018-04-09 Merge branch 'fix-n-plus-one-when-getting-notification-s...
20fdbbe 2018-04-09 Use Goldiloader for handling N+1 queries
f22df3e 2018-04-09 Merge branch '41981-allow-group-owner-to-enable-runners-...
9dc276d 2018-04-06 Merge branch 'ab-37462-cache-personal-projects-count' in...
132de98 2018-04-06 Merge branch 'ab-changelog-docs' into 'master'
047caa8 2018-04-03 Merge branch 'docs-add-qa-step-to-database-mr-template' ...
fbb727d 2018-03-27 Merge branch 'ab-44467-remove-index' into 'master'
545d52c 2018-03-26 Merge branch 'ab-43150-users-controller-show-query-limit...
0d48ad4 2018-03-23 Merge branch 'ab-44446-add-indexes-for-user-activity-que...
baaef4a 2018-03-21 Merge branch 'ab-44446-add-indexes-for-user-activity-que...
9b4a1db 2018-03-21 Merge branch 'ab-43887-concurrent-migration-helpers' int...
ae3553d 2018-03-19 Merge branch 'sh-cache-table-exists' into 'master'
4cfe768 2018-03-19 Merge branch 'sh-cache-column-exists' into 'master'
9a7fd87 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'ab-44205-user_interacted_projects-migratio...
fd4bb1e 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'sh-cache-table-exists' into 'master'
bfaf3d6 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'sh-cache-column-exists' into 'master'
c513045 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'ab-44205-user_interacted_projects-migratio...
bf95d27 2018-03-15 Merge branch 'sh-add-missing-acts-as-taggable-indices' i...
3641b68 2018-03-15 Merge branch 'sh-add-section-name-index' into 'master'
bd55105 2018-03-15 Merge branch 'ab-44205-user_interacted_projects-migratio...
e54d3a4 2018-03-13 Merge branch 'add-indexes-to-todos-for-heavy-users-like-...
6e782aa 2018-03-13 Merge branch '43802-ensure-foreign-keys-on-clusters-appl...
0528fe9 2018-03-13 Merge branch '40525-listing-user-activity-timeouts' into...
198495a 2018-03-12 Merge branch 'ab-44121-post-deploy-migrations-time-forma...
cd7b75d 2018-03-12 Merge branch 'add-indexes-to-todos-for-heavy-users-like-...
08fbbaa 2018-03-09 Merge branch 'sh-make-add-index-idempotent' into 'master'
f1b8563 2018-03-09 Merge branch 'sh-add-section-name-index' into 'master'
bc55aeb 2018-03-09 Merge branch 'sh-add-missing-acts-as-taggable-indices' i...
cd7fcfd 2018-03-09 Merge branch 'jprovazn-commits-count-reschedule' into 'm...
1221035 2018-03-09 Merge branch 'sh-make-add-index-idempotent' into 'master'
aec3e1d 2018-03-08 Merge branch '40525-listing-user-activity-timeouts' into...
f9dfe34 2018-03-08 Merge branch '43802-ensure-foreign-keys-on-clusters-appl...
a284400 2018-03-08 Merge branch 'sh-add-missing-acts-as-taggable-indices' i...
4eaa7dc 2018-03-08 Merge branch 'sh-add-section-name-index' into 'master'
0bae567 2018-03-07 Merge branch '43460-track-projects-a-user-contributed-to...
5cdc15b 2018-03-06 Merge branch '42877-fix-visibility-change-performance' i...
b8aa65d 2018-03-06 Merge branch 'remove-default-scope-from-todos' into 'mas...
0a2a4ed 2018-03-03 Merge branch 'docs/spring-db-migration-error' into 'master'
369d34c 2018-03-02 Merge branch '42877-fix-visibility-change-performance' i...
f09fe84 2018-03-02 Don't use ProjectsFinder in TodosFinder
82ec8ea 2018-03-02 Revert Project.public_or_visible_to_user changes
c37cbb3 2018-03-01 Merge branch 'dz-namespace-id-not-null' into 'master'
e47a2ca 2018-02-28 Remove use of any_instance_of in runner spec
6c40481 2018-02-27 Merge branch '43304-simplify-filtering-non-human-users' ...
bfe4c2c 2018-02-23 Merge branch '41461-project-members-slow-due-to-sql' int...
fba43f4 2018-02-23 Merge branch '42877-snippets-dashboard-slow' into 'master'
57719d3 2018-02-23 Expose ChatName objects to slash commands
090eeb5 2018-02-22 Added changelog for user search improvements
41bfe82 2018-02-22 Optimise searching for users using short queries
d2e43fb 2018-02-22 Removed pagination from AutocompleteUsersFinder
dd52915 2018-02-22 Don't pluck IDs in AutocompleteUsersFinder
6d2a5f0 2018-02-21 Merge branch '41461-project-members-slow-due-to-sql' int...
cc3a3fb 2018-02-21 Merge branch '42877-snippets-dashboard-slow' into 'master'
561e00b 2018-02-21 Merge branch 'query-counting-should-not-include-cached-q...
ef99a3c 2018-02-19 Increase feature flag cache TTL to one hour
2e8d366 2018-02-14 Merge branch '42800-change-usage-of-avatar_icon' into 'm...
48c505e 2018-02-14 Merge branch '38135-remove-ignore-column-from-events' in...
ed1c885 2018-02-13 Merge branch 'whitelisting' into 'master'
dd8f56e 2018-02-13 Merge branch 'whitelisting' into 'master'
e3bd674 2018-02-13 Remove Sentry reporting for query limiting
2350113 2018-02-12 Merge branch 'bvl-fix-concurrent-fork-network-migrations...
07e1bcc 2018-02-08 Merge branch 'bvl-fix-concurrent-fork-network-migrations...
4c47be3 2018-02-07 Merge branch '40755-snippets-author-n+1' into 'master'
4457cf9 2018-02-06 Merge branch 'dm-reset-event-pk-sequence' into 'master'
cf9e296 2018-02-05 Merge branch '32282-add-foreign-keys-to-todos' into 'mas...
e26d993 2018-02-05 Handle EE edge cases in issues.closed_at migration
f6699fb 2018-02-02 Merge branch '32283-trending-projects-unique-constraint2...
cca6198 2018-02-01 Track and act upon the number of executed queries
f01e9c1 2018-02-01 Finish any remaining jobs for issues.closed_at
a349a42 2018-01-24 Merge branch 'search-100' into 'master'
241cc25 2018-01-22 Merge branch 'fix-redirect-routes-schema' into 'master'
15b92e7 2018-01-22 Use has_table_privilege for TRIGGER on PostgreSQL
bf83980 2018-01-19 Merge branch 'sh-validate-path-project-import' into 'mas...
1b51018 2018-01-19 Merge branch 'fix-redirect-routes-schema' into 'master'
0054d38 2018-01-18 Reduce UPDATEs for background column type changes
a718f3e 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'disable-pages-on-jobs' into 'master'
140935f 2018-01-12 Merge branch 'disable-pages-on-jobs' into 'master'
7b030bc 2018-01-11 Merge branch '40418-migrate-existing-data-from-kubernete...
0a51eae 2018-01-11 Merge branch '38068-commits-count' into 'master'
e5c49b5 2018-01-10 Added tests for removing soft removed objects
d0b8f53 2018-01-08 Remove soft removals related code
4b92efd 2018-01-08 Merge branch '40418-migrate-existing-data-from-kubernete...
7f30bb9 2018-01-05 Run background migrations with a minimum interval
c460080 2018-01-05 Update redis-rack to 2.0.4
dac51ac 2018-01-04 Eager load event target authors whenever possible
51562aa 2018-01-04 Merge branch 'sh-validate-path-project-import' into 'mas...
78d22fb 2018-01-03 Use a background migration for issues.closed_at
299e04e 2017-12-22 Merge branch 'index-namespaces-lower-name' into 'master'
563a801 2017-12-21 Merge branch 'jprovazn-search' into 'master'
8aaf597 2017-12-14 Return the noteable in Note#touch_noteable
fb414e7 2017-12-14 Restore throttling of touch
0e4dab9 2017-12-13 Merge branch 'optimize-projects-for-imported-projects' i...
ced708d 2017-12-13 Merge branch 'sh-remove-allocation-tracking-influxdb' in...
d79e82c 2017-12-12 Return the noteable in Note#touch_noteable
49a9de1 2017-12-12 Merge branch 'optimize-projects-for-imported-projects' i...
d47bc70 2017-12-11 Fix migration that removes issues.branch_name
3daa733 2017-12-11 Merge branch 'sh-remove-allocation-tracking-influxdb' in...
e21ad54 2017-12-11 Merge branch 'remove_assignee_id' into 'master'
c52a36e 2017-12-08 Fix N+1 query when displaying events
856447c 2017-12-06 Throttle the number of UPDATEs triggered by touch
ff556e6 2017-12-05 Merge branch 'perform-sql-matching-of-tags' into 'master'
a0527ab 2017-11-29 Only load branch names for protected branch checks
124fa93 2017-11-29 Merge branch 'remove-mr-diff-serialised-columns' into 'm...
2081650 2017-11-28 Merge branch 'rs-fix-gemfile-lock' into 'master'
6318016 2017-11-28 Reuse authors when rendering event Atom feeds
97968f3 2017-11-28 Merge branch 'optimise-stuck-ci-jobs-worker' into 'master'
420cdc6 2017-11-27 Merge branch 'optimise-stuck-ci-jobs-worker' into 'master'
4beacdb 2017-11-24 Fix defaults for MR states and merge statuses
cd285a4 2017-11-23 Simplify the DB changes checklist
b3331cf 2017-11-23 Added Rubocop config for background migrations
beb132d 2017-11-23 Merge branch 'fix-ci-pipelines-index' into 'master'
5a5bece 2017-11-21 Merge branch 'fix-ci-pipelines-index' into 'master'
aafe5c1 2017-11-21 Update composite pipelines index to include "id"
54f1e40 2017-11-21 Use arrays in Pipeline#latest_builds_with_artifacts
17132b9 2017-11-20 Fix merge_requests.source_project_id migration
936e9e8 2017-11-20 Clean up schema of the "merge_requests" table
c07c6a5 2017-11-17 Merge branch 'mk-update-database-debugging' into 'master'
ab16a6f 2017-11-16 Optimise getting the pipeline status of commits
3e56173 2017-11-16 Cache the number of user SSH keys
a1ddfbf 2017-11-16 Merge branch 'docs/db-debugging' into 'master'
b3008a9 2017-11-15 Merge branch 'bvl-fork-network-memberships-for-deleted-s...
a4072db 2017-11-15 Merge branch 'dm-import-service-polymorphism' into 'master'
6138bb5 2017-11-14 Merge branch 'bvl-fork-network-memberships-for-deleted-s...
3730d89 2017-11-14 Merge branch 'bvl-fork-network-memberships-for-deleted-s...
29831be 2017-11-10 Merge branch 'fix-502-mrs-with-lots-of-versions' into 'm...
0517b9e 2017-11-10 Merge branch 'fix-502-mrs-with-lots-of-versions' into 'm...
d825c9c 2017-11-09 Clean up schema of the "issues" table
f37fe2e 2017-11-08 Support importing GH projects without rate limits
48cb1c5 2017-11-08 Restore GH enterprise support in the Rake task
ff082a0 2017-11-08 Fix the GH importer Rake task
2b886a7 2017-11-08 Restore Enterprise support in the GH importer
6e242e8 2017-11-07 Replace old GH importer with the parallel importer
4dfe26c 2017-11-07 Rewrite the GitHub importer from scratch
90be53c 2017-11-07 Cache feature names in RequestStore
bda3018 2017-11-07 Add returning IDs to Gitlab::Database.bulk_insert
44be82d 2017-11-07 Refactor User.find_by_any_email
60526a5 2017-11-06 Fix TRIGGER checks for MySQL
d210a5a 2017-11-03 Merge branch 'fix-inline-doc' into 'master'
e3b626d 2017-11-03 Ignore SQL CACHE hits in Sherlock
58058ce 2017-11-03 Fix SQL timings for the performance bar
52115b9 2017-11-02 Merge branch '37631-add-a-merge_request_diff_id-column-t...
1842b7f 2017-10-30 Merge branch '39054-activerecord-statementinvalid-pg-que...
c14697a 2017-10-30 Merge branch '39054-activerecord-statementinvalid-pg-que...
189b5c3 2017-10-23 Remove Sherlock usage from the performance bar
53bfe08 2017-10-18 Merge branch 'prevent-creating-multiple-application-sett...
65a1cbc 2017-10-17 Merge branch 'prevent-creating-multiple-application-sett...
f277fa1 2017-10-09 Merge branch 'bvl-fork-network-migrations' into 'master'
4299df0 2017-10-06 Merge branch 'add-1000-plus-counters-for-jobs-page' into...
bf9bd06 2017-10-05 Merge branch 'save-a-query-on-todos-with-no-filters' int...
ab968fd 2017-10-03 Merge branch 'add-labels-template-index' into 'master'
c16b99a 2017-10-02 Use a UNION ALL for getting merge request notes
abcfdd5 2017-09-28 Add index for merge_requests.merge_commit_sha
8787873 2017-09-26 Merge branch 'remove-temporary-ci-index' into 'master'
a884273 2017-09-26 Merge branch 'sh-fix-email-provider-take2' into 'master'
3689b9e 2017-09-26 Merge branch 'document-background-migration-stealing' in...
b83dcd3 2017-09-25 Merge branch 'sh-fix-email-provider-take2' into 'master'
9c320e8 2017-09-23 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-38246' into 'master'
b146415 2017-09-23 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-38246' into 'master'
fc2db53 2017-09-21 Merge branch 'sh-project-feature-eager-load' into 'master'
8c2f547 2017-09-21 Merge branch 'sh-optimize-discussion-json' into 'master'
b3566a0 2017-09-20 Stop using Sidekiq for updating Key#last_used_at
9a3e4b8 2017-09-20 Remove redundant WHERE from event queries
e1e486b 2017-09-19 Merge branch 'fix-rails-migrations-for-partial-indexes' ...
57b96eb 2017-09-19 Fix refreshing of issues/MR count caches
7e69f18 2017-09-19 Merge branch 'fix-rails-migrations-for-partial-indexes' ...
39dd773 2017-09-19 Merge branch 'sh-project-feature-eager-load' into 'master'
05a8f40 2017-09-18 Reorganize indexes for the "deployments" table
9b13753 2017-09-18 Merge branch 'sh-optimize-discussion-json' into 'master'
ac702af 2017-09-15 Fix setting share_with_group_lock
590ed2a 2017-09-14 Add missing index for getting recent push events
7219009 2017-09-14 Memoize the latest builds of a pipeline
3e99968 2017-09-14 Memoize pipelines for project download buttons
9230caa 2017-09-13 Disallow NULL values for environments.project_id
f04094a 2017-09-13 Constrain environment deployments to project IDs
615ba00 2017-09-11 Eager load namespace owners for project dashboards
1e1c075 2017-09-11 Reset primary keys after swapping events tables
1d4cc24 2017-09-11 Document how to swap database tables.
293cbdc 2017-09-07 Merge branch 'jk-update-schema' into 'master'
8335533 2017-09-07 Rework how recent push events are retrieved
e814e18 2017-09-07 Merge branch 'dz-rebuild-schema' into 'master'
235b105 2017-09-06 Finish migration to the new events setup
42062a4 2017-09-05 Re-use issue/MR counts for the pagination system
c158a22 2017-08-30 Only update the sidebar count caches when needed
8274e0f 2017-08-30 Merge branch 'improve-autocomplete-user-performance' int...
5eab624 2017-08-29 Improve migrations using triggers
b870ae1 2017-08-28 Eager load head pipeline projects for MRs index
922eb6d 2017-08-28 Merge branch 'jej/remove-dependent-destroy-from-protecte...
5af797d 2017-08-24 Re-allow appearances.description_html to be NULL
6ec53f5 2017-08-23 Cache the number of open issues and merge requests
b4aaced 2017-08-22 Fix display of push events for removed refs
e0b589f 2017-08-21 Fix caching of future broadcast messages
5eaf52d 2017-08-21 Merge branch 'sh-fix-protected-tags-delete' into 'master'
fbaae9f 2017-08-20 Merge branch 'sh-fix-protected-tags-delete' into 'master'
a4a8cae 2017-08-16 Document not using database hash indexes
6735e1d 2017-08-16 Document how to handle different DB (versions)
39c5be7 2017-08-16 State that comma separated data is serialised data
862da3c 2017-08-16 Add more database development related docs
b401b30 2017-08-15 Allow usage of any_projects? with an Array
aef9f1e 2017-08-14 Cache the number of forks of a project
c8997ae 2017-08-14 Remove invalid broadcast messages before migrating
c1f9403 2017-08-14 Use Prev/Next pagination for exploring projects
aefa8bd 2017-08-11 Merge branch 'mk-fix-deploy-key-deletion' into 'master'
f1ccff4 2017-08-11 Merge branch '36328-deserializemergerequestdiffsandcommi...
a5c8a52 2017-08-11 Better caching and indexing of broadcast messages
c62ae6c 2017-08-11 Merge branch '36328-deserializemergerequestdiffsandcommi...
aac1de4 2017-08-10 Use a specialized class for querying events
0395c47 2017-08-10 Migrate events into a new format
6636b6e 2017-08-10 Added a template for database changes
26bb504 2017-08-10 Cache Appearance instances in Redis
bd08fff 2017-08-07 Eager load project creators for project dashboards
ab73864 2017-08-07 Memoize a user's personal projects count
4a915c7 2017-08-07 Remove redundant query from User#recent_push
f77fda6 2017-08-07 Improve checking if projects would be returned
d5cb294 2017-08-04 Mention schema migrations and patch releases
9d3f27a 2017-08-04 Removed commit guidelines for migrations
ea2d0c4 2017-08-04 Update the update guides for background migrations
9b3f056 2017-08-03 Re-organise "issues" indexes for faster ordering
0693905 2017-08-02 Change project FK migration to skip existing FKs
db8e7ea 2017-08-01 Merge branch 'mk-fix-deploy-key-deletion' into 'master'
6ef87a2 2017-07-28 Merge issuable "reopened" state into "opened"
f981780 2017-07-27 Merge branch 'mk-add-lower-path-index-to-redirect-routes...
549d2cc 2017-07-26 Merge branch 'mk-add-lower-path-index-to-redirect-routes...
001dd56 2017-07-20 Merge branch 'backstage/gb/build-stage-id-ref-bg-migrati...
5c4f99a 2017-07-17 Merge branch 'fix/gb/process-scheduled-background-migrat...
d11a2dd 2017-07-14 Merge branch 'instrument-ability' into 'master'
970f20e 2017-07-14 Merge branch 'instrument-ability' into 'master'
a004f9e 2017-07-14 Added cop to blacklist the use of hash indexes
881ec08 2017-07-11 Merge branch 'sh-disabled-prepared-statements-in-test' i...
655219e 2017-07-11 Merge branch 'sh-disabled-prepared-statements-in-test' i...
ff78af1 2017-07-07 Added EachBatch for iterating tables in batches
87d90b5 2017-07-07 Merge branch 'fix-sha-attribute-no-table' into 'master'
5f9c845 2017-07-07 Added EachBatch for iterating tables in batches
e1a3bf3 2017-07-06 Rename ActiverecordSerialize cop
6f1e00e 2017-07-06 Update CI runner factories to not use invalid IDs
8fbbf41 2017-07-06 Added Cop to blacklist the use of `dependent:`
c63e322 2017-07-06 Add many foreign keys to the projects table
af1f684 2017-06-29 Added code for defining SHA attributes
a4c81b6 2017-06-23 Merge branch 'fix/gb/improve-updating-column-in-batches-...
ab22747 2017-06-22 Merge branch 'mk-add-datetime-with-timezone-table-defini...
3d5526a 2017-06-21 Merge branch 'add-index-for-head-pipeline-id' into 'master'
853d06b 2017-06-21 Merge branch 'add-index-for-head-pipeline-id' into 'master'
c9e277e 2017-06-19 Refactor GroupProjectsFinder#init_collection
d505a2b 2017-06-19 Reduce wait timings for Sidekiq jobs
9a3bea6 2017-06-19 Put an upper limit on update batches
73bf941 2017-06-16 Refactor Project.with_feature_available_for_user
d293472 2017-06-16 Refactor ProjectsFinder#init_collection
44b806d 2017-06-13 Merge branch '32054-rails-should-use-timestamptz-databas...
d83ee2b 2017-06-12 Add the ability to perform background migrations
92954a7 2017-06-08 Fixed authorized destroy service spec
f9e45ba 2017-06-08 Merge branch 'zj-drop-fk-if-exists' into 'master'
13bd4b0 2017-06-08 Split Project#reset_cache_and_import_attrs up
7110398 2017-06-08 Re-order some methods in Project
4ff1aae 2017-06-07 Document not using STI
5819ca1 2017-06-07 Added Cop to blacklist polymorphic associations
44d65c3 2017-06-07 Document not using polymorphic associations
4edb505 2017-06-02 Forbid Sidekiq scheduling in transactions
c72abce 2017-06-01 Merge branch 'fix-n-plus-one-queries-for-user-access' in...
358662a 2017-06-01 Merge branch 'zj-drop-fk-if-exists' into 'master'
cd74c14 2017-05-31 Added Cop to blacklist the use of serialize
3d16048 2017-05-31 Document not storing serialized data
bef4879 2017-05-29 Fix spec for Members::AuthorizedDestroyService
b229463 2017-05-22 Merge branch 'mr-11396-conflicts' into '9-2-stable'
d247107 2017-05-22 Merge branch 'mr-11396-conflicts' into '9-2-stable'
2f09740 2017-05-22 [ci skip] Conflicts while picking !11396 into 9-2-stable
f0caffe 2017-05-19 Merge branch 'get_rid_of_pluck' into 'master'
69e4b27 2017-05-18 Merge branch 'fix_set_null_false_migration' into 'master'
8f2bdeb 2017-05-18 Merge branch 'change_migration_style_guide' into 'master'
9e34c8d 2017-05-18 Merge branch 'fix_set_null_false_migration' into 'master'
cb4ee4b 2017-05-17 Check if OLD is set when migrating issue assignees
27d5f99 2017-05-17 Added CHANGELOG entry for nested groups changes
f8b3708 2017-05-17 Document nested groups not working on MySQL
91c971b 2017-05-17 Index project_group_links.group_id
53250d6 2017-05-17 Convert nested groups to regular ones for MySQL
3497425 2017-05-17 Hide nested group UI/API support for MySQL
daf9ec6 2017-05-17 Merge branch 'get_rid_of_pluck' into 'master'
ac382b5 2017-05-17 Use CTEs for nested groups and authorizations
c53d06c 2017-05-15 Merge branch 'dm-rename-column-concurrently-with-null' i...
3fc20c0 2017-05-12 Fix adding defaults for concurrent column renames
cab734a 2017-05-12 Link to a case where we can't support MySQL
455d4e2 2017-05-11 Merge branch 'zj-clean-up-ci-variables-table' into 'mast...
466564d 2017-05-11 Merge branch 'bvl-mysql-rename-concurrently' into 'master'
2ee35a3 2017-05-11 Update DB requirements in the documentation
b879079 2017-05-08 Add documentation about adding foreign keys
fc9f6c6 2017-04-28 Merge branch 'add_index_on_ci_runners_contacted_at' into...
f2d637f 2017-04-28 Merge branch 'add_index_on_ci_runners_contacted_at' into...
52bd4b8 2017-04-26 Merge branch 'blackst0ne/gitlab-ce-add_index_on_ci_build...
7d10817 2017-04-25 Merge branch '30306-transaction-while-moving-issues-to-g...
a759cff 2017-04-25 Merge branch 'add_index_on_ci_builds_updated_at' into 'm...
770b2f5 2017-04-24 Merge branch 'add_index_on_ci_builds_updated_at' into 'm...
c768026 2017-04-24 Merge branch '30306-transaction-while-moving-issues-to-g...
930e8c0 2017-04-19 Merge branch 'fix/orphan-notification-settings' into 'ma...
6bec04a 2017-04-19 Merge branch 'fix/orphan-notification-settings' into 'ma...
a9da374 2017-04-19 Merge branch 'fix/orphan-notification-settings' into 'ma...
0255f3f 2017-04-14 Merge branch 'clear-instructions' into 'master'
29e0b63 2017-04-13 Merge branch 'clear-instructions' into 'master'
223d8a3 2017-04-12 Prepare for zero downtime migrations
ae1372d 2017-04-11 Merge branch 'zj-fk-ci-triggers' into 'master'
568052b 2017-04-11 Merge branch 'zj-fk-ci-triggers' into 'master'
dc20dd1 2017-04-06 Merge branch 'add_remove_concurrent_index_to_database_he...
c5dae61 2017-04-04 Merge branch 'remove_index_for_users.current_sign_in_at'...
128ff62 2017-04-03 Merge branch 'todo-update-order' into 'master'
c809ef1 2017-04-03 Merge branch 'forked-subquery-order' into 'master'
f064a84 2017-04-03 Merge branch '30098-banzai-filter-mergerequestreferencef...
fee8dcd 2017-04-03 Merge branch 'todo-update-order' into 'master'
d2283f4 2017-03-31 Backport API changes needed to fix sticking in EE
53b21c1 2017-03-31 Merge branch 'forked-subquery-order' into 'master'
1bec2fb 2017-03-28 Merge branch '30098-banzai-filter-mergerequestreferencef...
87d66fa 2017-03-27 Merge branch 'labels-finder-optimize-project' into 'mast...
86e2b07 2017-03-27 Merge branch 'labels-finder-optimize-project' into 'mast...
6b0bc67 2017-03-24 Merge branch 'slow-search-changelog' into 'master'
48ddef8 2017-03-24 Merge branch '22145-slow-search' into 'master'
eee409e 2017-03-24 Merge branch 'slow-search-changelog' into 'master'
8cc4a39 2017-03-24 Merge branch '22145-slow-search' into 'master'
2d2a9e7 2017-03-21 Merge branch 'dz-improve-rename-projects-migration' into...
69af06d 2017-03-21 Add LIKE index for routes.path
2f0a2e9 2017-03-21 Merge branch 'dz-improve-rename-projects-migration' into...
9807ffa 2017-03-21 Merge branch 'routes-lower-case' into 'master'
cd3e410 2017-03-20 Merge branch 'routes-lower-case' into 'master'
9a20ff1 2017-03-17 Added Gitlab::Database.config
66e8ac8 2017-03-17 Merge branch '27376-cache-default-branch-pipeline-on-pro...
abb5f76 2017-03-16 Merge branch '27376-cache-default-branch-pipeline-on-pro...
1eb7df0 2017-03-16 Merge branch 'fix/gb/fix-timeouts-in-manual-actions-migr...
8c5a3ff 2017-03-16 Merge branch 'fix/gb/fix-timeouts-in-manual-actions-migr...
dbf414d 2017-03-13 Trigger refreshing of permissions in a migration
fb697e6 2017-03-07 Clear AR connections before starting Sidekiq
e714d56 2017-03-07 Merge branch 'dm-add-concurrent-index-cop' into 'master'
cf521c9 2017-02-22 Allow setting of a custom connection pool host
79696f5 2017-02-21 Hash concurrent foreign key names similar to Rails
7658311 2017-02-20 Merge branch 'change_queue_weight' into 'master'
5f3f6ee 2017-02-18 Merge branch 'change_queue_weight' into 'master'
8f142a7 2017-02-17 Merge branch 'snippets-search-performance' into 'master'
edecab2 2017-02-16 Merge branch 'snippets-search-performance' into 'master'
18a8ea5 2017-02-15 Merge branch 'sh-add-index-for-label-count' into 'master'
d9b2a3a 2017-02-14 Merge branch '27395-reduce-group-activity-sql-queries' i...
5002049 2017-02-14 Merge branch 'sh-add-labels-index' into 'master'
8c9eea0 2017-02-14 Merge branch 'sh-add-index-to-ci-trigger-requests' into ...
f802ad3 2017-02-14 Merge branch 'create-connection-pool' into 'master'
44406ae 2017-02-13 Merge branch '27395-reduce-group-activity-sql-queries' i...
2fcc1f7 2017-02-13 Merge branch 'sh-add-labels-index' into 'master'
581cfba 2017-02-13 Don't connect in Gitlab::Database.adapter_name
766060b 2017-02-10 Enforce use of add_concurrent_foreign_key
a97dcc0 2017-02-10 Add method for creating foreign keys concurrently
1ce973b 2017-02-10 Merge branch 'sh-add-index-to-ci-trigger-requests' into ...
ebae383 2017-02-07 Refresh authorizations when transferring projects
f116f87 2017-02-06 Don't use backup AR connections for Sidekiq
572fb0b 2017-02-05 Merge branch 'sh-add-index-for-label-count' into 'master'
91c07d1 2017-02-01 Fixed Rubocop deprecation warnings
e3be216 2017-01-31 Merge branch 'sh-add-project-id-index-project-authorizat...
061a070 2017-01-31 Merge branch 'zj-slow-service-fetch' into 'master'
adc0e41 2017-01-30 Merge branch 'sh-add-project-id-index-project-authorizat...
7f27a35 2017-01-30 Merge branch 'zj-slow-service-fetch' into 'master'
1fe80c2 2017-01-25 Merge branch 'backport-ee-1067-deal-with-repo-size-limit...
88e627c 2017-01-25 Fix race conditions for AuthorizedProjectsWorker
cd361af 2017-01-24 Merge branch 'add-metrics-initializer-spec' into 'master'
70a7170 2017-01-24 Merge branch 'zj-requeue-pending-delete' into 'master'
f42ee8c 2017-01-20 Merge branch 'record-used-ssh-keys-once-per-day' into 'm...
029b901 2017-01-20 Merge branch 'record-used-ssh-keys-once-per-day' into 'm...
6f88984 2017-01-16 Synchronize all project authorization refreshing
701a826 2017-01-16 Merge branch 'pmq20/gitlab-ce-psvr/head/cache' into 'mas...
bf8e174 2017-01-14 Merge branch '26587-metrics-middleware-endpoint-is-nil' ...
c3a2d57 2017-01-11 Fill missing authorized projects rows
63bd496 2017-01-11 Remove more orphans when removing stray namespaces
de321fb 2017-01-08 Remove the column
8683f58 2017-01-05 Merge branch '26126-cache-even-when-no-projects' into 'm...
10960d6 2017-01-03 Merge branch 'fix-gemfile-lock-update' into 'master'
1b7ffb7 2017-01-03 Fix Gemfile.lock for the octokit update
0d93016 2016-12-28 Merge branch '26126-cache-even-when-no-projects' into 'm...
642669c 2016-12-27 Merge branch 'changelog-mr8322' into 'master'
6a0bb6b 2016-12-27 Merge branch 'zj-disable-timeout-migration' into 'master'
47b35dd 2016-12-27 Merge branch 'changelog-mr8322' into 'master'
ab30273 2016-12-27 Added changelog for MR !8322
33e9c9c 2016-12-27 Merge branch 'zj-disable-timeout-migration' into 'master'
123bc1d 2016-12-27 Fix rename projects spec so it doesn't hang
2f93259 2016-12-24 Removed return from reserved project migration
dcea450 2016-12-24 Fix parallel renaming of reserved projects
89d3ef3 2016-12-23 Schedule at most 100 commits
1c82d99 2016-12-22 Merge branch 'cache-last-commit-sha-for-path' into 'mast...
a1aa0d7 2016-12-22 Merge branch 'cache-last-commit-sha-for-path' into 'mast...
2ba7ce9 2016-12-21 Merge branch 'zj-remove-unused-services' into 'master'
815e01c 2016-12-21 Merge branch 'zj-remove-unused-services' into 'master'
c2786c9 2016-12-21 Merge branch '25908-fix-grape-after-update' into 'master'
8bdecf8 2016-12-21 Merge branch '25908-fix-grape-after-update' into 'master'
c9fdf73 2016-12-21 Merge branch '25908-fix-grape-after-update' into 'master'
f73193c 2016-12-19 Smarter refreshing of authorized projects
43af4e5 2016-12-13 Encode when migrating ProcessCommitWorker jobs
9a3135a 2016-12-07 Merge branch 'update-gitlab-shell' into 'master'
e7b045e 2016-12-07 Merge branch 'fix-visible-content-spec-message' into 'ma...
2f4d021 2016-12-07 Merge branch 'update-gitlab-shell' into 'master'
dec384c 2016-12-07 Update outdated visible content spec descriptions
5eb12bd 2016-12-06 Remove caching of Repository#has_visible_content?
74a750d 2016-12-02 Merge branch '24669-merge-request-dashboard-page-takes-o...
8b25392 2016-12-01 Merge branch '24669-merge-request-dashboard-page-takes-o...
fd2a429 2016-12-01 Merge branch 'use-st-commits-where-possible' into 'master'
922a3c5 2016-12-01 Merge branch 'timeout-merge-request-for-binary-file' int...
6b4d335 2016-12-01 Pass commit data to ProcessCommitWorker
a7a3636 2016-11-29 Merge branch 'removing_unnecessary_indexes' into 'master'
746b6ec 2016-11-25 Merge branch 'timeout-merge-request-for-binary-file' int...
0ba03d7 2016-11-25 Removed data-user-is view code
92b2c74 2016-11-25 Refresh project authorizations using a Redis lease
838c1aa 2016-11-25 Merge branch '22373-reduce-queries-in-api-helpers-find_p...
5371da3 2016-11-23 Remove event caching code
5586ff5 2016-11-22 Handle orphans when removing soft deleted groups
289e433 2016-11-21 Added CHANGELOG entry for !7360
ffb9b3e 2016-11-21 Refactor cache refreshing/expiring
6f39387 2016-11-21 Use File.exist? to check if a repository exists
df5548e 2016-11-21 Unify detecting of special repository files
3739b45 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'optimize-mr-index' into 'master'
058287e 2016-11-18 Merge branch 'optimize-mr-index' into 'master'
ed70f29 2016-11-16 Merge branch '24506-fix-timing-out-migration' into 'mast...
baac28c 2016-11-15 Merge branch 'split-out-markdown-cache-update' into 'mas...
7957b20 2016-11-11 Merge branch '22699-group-permssion-background-migration...
fa88474 2016-11-08 Merge branch 'sidekiq_default_retries' into 'master'
ce03eba 2016-11-07 Merge branch '23034-speed-up-testenv-set-repo-refs' into...
509910b 2016-11-07 Process commits in a separate worker
f694f94 2016-11-07 Added IssueCollection
89bb29b 2016-11-07 Flush Housekeeping data from Redis specs
24261f2 2016-11-07 Add the method ExternalIssue#project_id
467b346 2016-11-07 Add User#projects_with_reporter_access_limited_to
3c957c0 2016-11-07 Added tests for IssuePolicy
717b8a7 2016-11-07 Merge branch 'add-project-import-data-index' into 'master'
9a1ded1 2016-11-05 Merge branch 'split-out-markdown-cache-update' into 'mas...
f84f43b 2016-11-01 require rails/generators for generators
56e6f95 2016-11-01 Merge branch 'sh-init-sidekiq-queues' into 'master'
e3f5d8f 2016-11-01 Added guide for upgrading Postgres using Slony
3645e68 2016-10-31 Merge branch '23106-events-default-scope-results-in-a-sl...
83c8241 2016-10-31 Support for post deployment migrations
3b4af59 2016-10-25 Don't schedule ProjectCacheWorker unless needed
8742a18 2016-10-25 Merge branch 'sh-fix-mailroom-config' into 'master'
1e94405 2016-10-25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sh-flush-cache-afte...
01bb767 2016-10-25 Merge branch '23653-dont-clear-db-cache-every-release' i...
1a7ba2a 2016-10-24 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sh-flush-cache-afte...
352ab2f 2016-10-24 Merge branch 'sh-fix-mailroom-config' into 'master'
b89ae83 2016-10-22 Merge branch '23653-dont-clear-db-cache-every-release' i...
9773176 2016-10-21 Re-organize queues to use for Sidekiq
60adbef 2016-10-21 Merge branch '14192-issues-closed-by-merge-requests-usin...
583b79a 2016-10-20 Restrict ProjectCacheWorker jobs to one per 15 min
bc31a48 2016-10-20 Restrict ProjectCacheWorker jobs to one per 15 min
b1be322 2016-10-18 Merge branch 'faster_toggle_award_url_helper_method' int...
eb575d2 2016-10-14 Merge branch 'fix-banzai-renderer-instrumentation' into ...
c5bf8e3 2016-10-14 Use module_function in Banzai::Renderer
35cd09d 2016-10-14 Merge branch '15463-extract-update-merge-requests' into ...
23a2a8e 2016-10-13 Merge branch 'update-gitlab-shell' into 'master'
8aa381c 2016-10-12 Revert "Merge branch 'tests-use-tmpfs' into 'master'"
dd3934f 2016-10-12 Update to gitlab-shell 3.6.6
4541873 2016-10-12 Added documentation chapter for Git attributes
4ebf6f4 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-perf-order-by-issue' into 'ma...
237c8f6 2016-10-10 Precalculate trending projects
2e55580 2016-10-10 Merge branch 'tests-use-tmpfs' into 'master'
2879da8 2016-10-10 Merge branch '22373-reduce-queries-in-api-helpers-find_p...
c901936 2016-10-07 Merge branch '23096-expire-artifacts-per-job' into 'mast...
8581df3 2016-10-07 Merge branch 'sh-fix-events-update-spec' into 'master'
4a90e25 2016-10-07 Merge branch '23034-memoize-ar-migrator-migrations-in-te...
6c405b9 2016-10-06 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-perf-order-by-issue' into 'ma...
951431b 2016-10-06 Merge branch '18663-perform-housekeeping-with-proper-con...
154253c 2016-10-05 Refactor TrendingProjectsFinder to support caching
16ed9b6 2016-10-05 Refactor Gitlab::Identifier
c9bcfc6 2016-10-04 Remove lease from Event#reset_project_activity
706737a 2016-10-04 Exclude system notes from Project.trending
b9daced 2016-09-30 Merge branch 'initialize-redis' into 'master'
712bd17 2016-09-28 Merge branch 'includes-projects-to-render-issue-notes' i...
dd435f1 2016-09-28 Merge branch '22679-avoid-abstract-reference-filter-proj...
e8cce31 2016-09-28 Merge branch '22681-avoid-empty-queries-on-reference-par...
0d421d1 2016-09-27 Merge branch 'fix/optimize-github-importer-for-speed-and...
52711b5 2016-09-27 Merge branch 'includes-projects-to-render-issue-notes' i...
d72ddc2 2016-09-23 Merge branch 'fix/memory-leak-sanitization-filter' into ...
640ab30 2016-09-23 Merge branch 'fix/memory-leak-sanitization-filter' into ...
3f05925 2016-09-23 Merge branch 'fix/speed-up-group-milestone-show' into 'm...
46f3634 2016-09-21 Merge branch 'issue_20078' into 'master'
4d63a15 2016-09-21 Update db/schema.rb per most recent migrations
0c7f38b 2016-09-20 Merge branch 'issue_20078' into 'master'
385f01f 2016-09-20 Merge branch '22364-rails-cache-redis-connection-pool' i...
4276172 2016-09-20 Merge branch '22364-rails-cache-redis-connection-pool' i...
028c086 2016-09-19 Restrict last_activity_at updates to one per hour
661c464 2016-09-19 Merge branch 'sh-reset-pushes-since-gc-before' into 'mas...
1c2aa4f 2016-09-16 Merge branch 'feature/use-oj-gem' into 'master'
065341b 2016-09-16 Merge branch 'increase_artifact_size_column' into 'master'
16da82f 2016-09-16 Merge branch 'integer_migration_style' into 'master'
fd4ad65 2016-09-14 Fix migration for removing MR diff indexes
0bc443e 2016-09-14 Handle encoding in non-binary Blob instances
9980f52 2016-09-14 Update gitlab_git to 10.6.6
86f5611 2016-09-14 Merge branch 'sh-update-db-schema' into 'master'
4e87c02 2016-09-13 Move pushes_since_gc to Redis
a0c4622 2016-09-13 Merge branch '22053-gitlab-checks-metrics' into 'master'
d77dc58 2016-09-13 Merge branch 'avoid-loading-protected-branches-on-change...
0c04639 2016-09-12 Document how to track custom events
12d4eea 2016-09-12 Merge branch 'sh-defer-resolvable-check' into 'master'
575a974 2016-09-08 Merge branch 'change-update-interval-of-runners' into 'm...
b81db02 2016-09-08 Merge branch 'sh-update-db-schema' into 'master'
fc0ceb2 2016-09-07 Merge branch 'feature/prune-old-events' into 'master'
8689279 2016-09-06 Updated gitlab_git to 10.6.3
f6af87f 2016-09-06 Merge branch 'sh-reload-find-branch' into 'master'
a9e28b3 2016-09-01 Merge branch 'sh-reload-find-branch' into 'master'
433d8a1 2016-09-01 Merge branch 'expire-commit-info-partials-sooner' into '...
97c1416 2016-08-25 Merge branch '21174-endpoint-format-on-metrics' into 'ma...
a03da79 2016-08-25 Merge branch 'fix-changelog' into 'master'
5b846a5 2016-08-25 Moved two 8.11 changelog entries to 8.12
9ffa52e 2016-08-25 Merge branch '13912-reduce-pipeline-db-queries' into 'ma...
306d066 2016-08-25 Merge branch 'project_avatar_default_branch' into 'master'
5b0276b 2016-08-23 Merge branch 'metrics-typo' into 'master'
f2b36bf 2016-08-23 Merge branch 'change-merge-error-to-text' into 'master'
94cfd4a 2016-08-22 Merge branch 'metrics-typo' into 'master'
e4e03d9 2016-08-22 Added performance guidelines for new MRs
bb1f4f7 2016-08-18 Merge branch 'fix/simplify-todo-destroy-queries' into 'm...
c069568 2016-08-18 Merge branch 'fix/update-gitlab-git' into 'master'
bc9b308 2016-08-18 Merge branch 'fix/simplify-todo-destroy-queries' into 'm...
1f14495 2016-08-18 Merge branch 'fix/update-gitlab-git' into 'master'
6505a99 2016-08-17 Merge branch 'fix/eliminate-unneeded-calls-to-repository...
83dfaef 2016-08-17 Merge branch '17932-move-to-project-dropdown-improve' in...
b3b503b 2016-08-17 Merge branch 'fix/eliminate-unneeded-calls-to-repository...
fa0624f 2016-08-17 Better formatting for downtime check messages
88a0c98 2016-08-17 Fixed downtime check label colouring
d345591 2016-08-17 Tracking of custom events
d1da2e8 2016-08-17 Merge branch '17932-move-to-project-dropdown-improve' in...
20f9b8b 2016-08-15 Merge branch '20842-todos-queries-cache' into 'master'
49139f0 2016-08-15 Merge branch 'fix/slow-todos' into 'master'
8171544 2016-08-15 Limit the size of SVGs when viewing them as blobs
a632ed6 2016-08-15 Merge branch 'change-access-update' into 'master'
11c6077 2016-08-15 Merge branch 'fix/sanitization-filter-leak' into 'master'
e0fc43e 2016-08-12 Instrument Project.visible_to_user
7d65d2e 2016-08-11 Corrected links/usernames in performance guide
5f73940 2016-08-11 Added documentation on adding database indexes
7d39bc8 2016-08-11 Remove various redundant indexes
ad8390b 2016-08-10 Merge branch 'explicit-arguments-on-diff_file_html_data'...
17dd3e8 2016-08-10 Remove trigram indexes for "ci_runners"
023d481 2016-08-10 Removed extra newline from redis_spec.rb
ee451ea 2016-08-10 Mention add_column_with_default in downtime guide
fb20758 2016-08-08 Merge branch '20129-update-version_sorter-gem-to-optimiz...
77c8520 2016-08-08 Added concern for a faster "cache_key" method
b29ec19 2016-08-05 Merge branch '14202-compare-lazy-load-commits' into 'mas...
c462dce 2016-08-04 Added guide about migrations and downtime
e0953d1 2016-08-04 Merge branch '20491-remove-unnecessary-index_projects_on...
9a934e2 2016-08-03 Instrument Gitlab::Highlight
038d6fe 2016-08-03 Improve performance of SyntaxHighlightFilter
dd35c3d 2016-08-03 Improve AutolinkFilter#text_parse performance
fdadbbe 2016-08-02 Merge branch '14202-speed-up-diff-note-active' into 'mas...
946d3b1 2016-08-02 Instrument the Repository class
a8851a3 2016-08-02 Merge branch 'fix-downtime-check-compare-with-branch' in...
d3d4d9f 2016-08-02 Merge branch 'handle-disabled-request-store' into 'master'
ab0aede 2016-08-02 Always compare with FETCH_HEAD in downtime_check
5d8726b 2016-08-01 Merge branch '20473-rails-queue-duration' into 'master'
8c6b85e 2016-08-01 Merge branch '14202-avoid-line-code-position-calculation...
37881a8 2016-07-30 Merge branch 'remove-redundant-blob-text-calls' into 'ma...
41057b8 2016-07-29 Merge branch '14775-diff-collection-iteration' into 'mas...
002ad21 2016-07-29 Method for returning issues readable by a user
9b0e131 2016-07-29 Merge branch 'cache-commit-author-lookup' into 'master'
5161983 2016-07-29 Merge branch '17073-tagscontroller-index-is-terrible-res...
905f8d7 2016-07-28 Reduce instrumentation overhead
1fed508 2016-07-27 Merge branch 'use-project-id-in-repo-cache' into 'master'
f4804d5 2016-07-27 Merge branch 'memoize-note-editable' into 'master'
ebf8527 2016-07-26 Merge branch 'add-sidekiq-request-store' into 'master'
67012f4 2016-07-25 Instrument Nokogiri parsing methods
8987257 2016-07-25 Merge branch 'use-project-id-in-repo-cache' into 'master'
be11125 2016-07-22 Merge branch '17073-tagscontroller-index-is-terrible-res...
e599afa 2016-07-21 Merge branch '17073-tagscontroller-index-is-terrible-res...
b7c5cf9 2016-07-21 Don't drop in DropAndReaddHasExternalWikiInProjects
68e499e 2016-07-21 Merge branch '18586-user-authorized_projects-is-slow' in...
9de3772 2016-07-20 Merge branch '18586-user-authorized_projects-is-slow' in...
216c759 2016-07-20 Merge branch 'external-wiki-helper-speedup' into 'master'
c1f0b7f 2016-07-20 Merge branch 'external-wiki-helper-speedup' into 'master'
499cdf1 2016-07-19 Added Rake task for tracking deployments
dfbc30e 2016-07-19 Merge branch '18593-avoid-parse_html-when-rinku-didnt-do...
f6c6e91 2016-07-18 Merge branch '18593-avoid-parse_html-when-rinku-didnt-do...
9ac4c55 2016-07-08 Re-use queries in reference parsers
3dee236 2016-07-06 Merge branch 'index-on-emoji-name-and-user' into 'master'
aad6273 2016-07-05 Merge branch 'instrument-cache-fetch-hit-and-misses' int...
c85092a 2016-07-05 Merge branch 'index-on-emoji-name-and-user' into 'master'
4bb41c5 2016-07-01 Merge branch '18592-syntaxhighlighter-slow' into 'master'
a647d55 2016-07-01 Merge branch 'avoid-instantiate-tree-for-projects-show-r...
fa3e828 2016-06-30 Merge branch '18991-update-test-env-gitlab-shell-version...
d988516 2016-06-30 Merge branch '18709-branch-tag-collection-caching' into ...
1a68a0a 2016-06-30 Merge branch 'shards' into 'master'
1735fdd 2016-06-30 Merge branch 'shards-config' into 'shards'
a4ce2d1 2016-06-30 Handle external issues in IssueReferenceFilter
ed06a21 2016-06-29 Merge branch '18663-avoid-extra-yaml-serializations' int...
f3de17f 2016-06-29 Merge branch 'make-max-member-access-faster' into 'master'
ad09fcb 2016-06-29 Merge branch '18663-avoid-extra-yaml-serializations' int...
c740445 2016-06-29 Added RuboCop cops for checking DB migrations
d33991f 2016-06-29 Merge branch 'make-max-member-access-faster' into 'master'
1023289 2016-06-29 Merge branch '19318-pipelines-find-git-calls' into 'mast...
27f904b 2016-06-28 Merge branch '18924-gitlab-ce-tags-page-is-not-working-5...
d7b4f36 2016-06-28 Use clock_gettime for all performance timestamps
c7a9623 2016-06-24 Merge branch 'optimize-award-emoji' into 'master'
dbbc359 2016-06-24 Merge branch 'fix-award-emoji-changelog' into 'master'
2e33e70 2016-06-24 Fixed award emoji changelog entry
7919366 2016-06-24 Merge branch 'refactor-rendering-redacting' into 'master'
9babbef 2016-06-24 Merge branch 'redacting-changelog' into 'master'
7ee84f1 2016-06-24 Added changelog entry for redacting improvements
ebd7492 2016-06-24 Merge branch 'refactor-rendering-redacting' into 'master'
d470f3d 2016-06-24 Support for rendering/redacting multiple documents
e6d87b3 2016-06-23 Merge branch 'optimize-award-emoji' into 'master'
9d0ef60 2016-06-23 Merge branch '18924-gitlab-ce-tags-page-is-not-working-5...
a5670cd 2016-06-23 Added basic docs for the Emoji Rake tasks
2de9d66 2016-06-23 Merge branch '18663-sidekiq-latency-instrumentation' int...
b8b09a8 2016-06-23 Use influxdb-management for managing InfluxDB
63358f5 2016-06-23 Merge branch 'update-influx-continuous-queries' into 'ma...
8d5bdf0 2016-06-23 Updated InfluxDB continuous queries for 8.9.0
ceeba75 2016-06-21 Handle external issues in IssueReferenceFilter
1829af4 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18590-banzai-filter-relativelinkfilter-is-...
2a1085a 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18792-cache-participants-call' into 'master'
06a1f49 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18709-reduce-git-calls' into 'master'
52e1184 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18760-remove-explicate-assignment-on-metri...
d9a4ca5 2016-06-21 Move pre_process into render_result
15a87f3 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18590-banzai-filter-relativelinkfilter-is-...
0468dea 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18792-cache-participants-call' into 'master'
027b07c 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18709-reduce-git-calls' into 'master'
61f7c12 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18760-remove-explicate-assignment-on-metri...
ff5b073 2016-06-20 Merge branch 'issue_12758_2' into 'master'
8b2a2fc 2016-06-20 Merge branch 'issue_12758_2' into 'master'
dc2670f 2016-06-20 Merge branch '18697-uniqueness-key-validation' into 'mas...
764c913 2016-06-20 Merge branch '18697-uniqueness-key-validation' into 'mas...
1ddd787 2016-06-17 Merge branch '18034-cache-todo-counter' into 'master'
bb4a1ef 2016-06-17 Merge branch '18034-cache-todo-counter' into 'master'
5e3f9ea 2016-06-17 Merge branch 'secure-request-uris' into 'master'
3655048 2016-06-17 Merge branch '18709-use-specific-git-cached-counters' in...
be3b878 2016-06-17 Track method call times/counts as a single metric
ed5f17c 2016-06-17 Merge branch 'secure-request-uris' into 'master'
c1e756c 2016-06-17 Fix update_column_in_batches to update all rows
faee476 2016-06-17 Merge branch '18709-use-specific-git-cached-counters' in...
bc2df25 2016-06-17 Merge branch '18591-banzai-filter-upload-link-filter' in...
c804fef 2016-06-16 Merge branch '18582-banzai-filter-external-link-filter' ...
f4599c6 2016-06-16 Merge branch 'fix_migration_style_guide' into 'master'
0ea170b 2016-06-16 Merge branch '18582-banzai-filter-external-link-filter' ...
19a290e 2016-06-16 Reduce queries in IssueReferenceFilter
4259878 2016-06-16 Fixed ordering in Project.find_with_namespace
c369cc8 2016-06-16 Merge branch '18591-banzai-filter-upload-link-filter' in...
84e2be5 2016-06-16 Turn Group#owners into a has_many association
1b43f51 2016-06-16 Merge branch 'fix_migration_style_guide' into 'master'
8a9164b 2016-06-15 Set inverse_of for Project/Services relation
33b68f8 2016-06-15 Merge branch 'add-index-on-requested_at-to-members' into...
816c453 2016-06-15 Don't update columns in batches in a transaction
8966263 2016-06-15 Customizing of update_column_in_batches queries
fce675d 2016-06-15 Eager load project relations in IssueParser
3589e54 2016-06-15 Merge branch '14320-note-grouped_awards' into 'master'
7eabc67 2016-06-14 Added CHANGELOG entry for allocations Gem/name fix
ab91f12 2016-06-14 Filter out classes without names in the sampler
82090d2 2016-06-14 Update the allocations Gem to 1.0.5
0ca7b3b 2016-06-14 Merge branch '18449-instrument-grape-endpoints' into 'ma...
f558bf0 2016-06-14 Merge branch '18527-instrument-private-methods' into 'ma...
fdcafe7 2016-06-14 Merge branch 'zj-rework-migration-award-emoji' into 'mas...
4b96401 2016-06-14 Merge branch '18528-cpu-time-instrumentation' into 'mast...
c6744b4 2016-06-14 Fixed locking syntax for PostgreSQL
d032c6b 2016-06-14 Move LOCK TABLES to a separate execute
ffd3164 2016-06-13 Instrument all Banzai::ReferenceParser classes
ea7ff13 2016-06-13 Removed old comment from update_column_in_batches
9c238dc 2016-06-13 Update columns in batches until no rows are left
b33b7be 2016-06-13 Handle NULL migration errors in migration helpers
747a167 2016-06-10 Merge branch '18027-cache-project-external_issue_tracker...
24920bc 2016-06-10 Add Project.where_paths_in
1e4db9e 2016-06-09 Merge branch 'make-omniauth-tests-to-not-modify-global-s...
abaaad6 2016-06-08 Merge branch '17960-issues-api-endpoint-performs-poorly'...
3883bc0 2016-06-08 Remove notification settings in batches
99913b3 2016-06-07 Merge branch '18082-instrument-repositorycheck-singlerep...
981829f 2016-06-07 Merge branch '89-guides' into 'master'
b546472 2016-06-07 Added 8.9 install/update guides
0ba2186 2016-06-06 Merge branch 'issue_3359' into 'master'
74849f9 2016-06-02 Merge branch '18031-sidebar-labels-queries' into 'master'
61cfda2 2016-06-02 Merge branch 'issue-18032' into 'master'
81621e4 2016-06-02 Merge branch 'issue-18036' into 'master'
01575e9 2016-06-02 Reduce Namespace queries in UserReferenceFilter
0aec06a 2016-06-02 Added CHANGELOG entry for !4369
0df4fa7 2016-06-02 Fixed CHANGELOG entry for !4363
ad65b56 2016-06-02 Fixed CHANGELOG entry for !4332
ac53874 2016-06-02 Fixed CHANGELOG entry for !4321
0591d06 2016-06-02 Fixed CHANGELOG entry for !4312
4b03f99 2016-06-02 Added CHANGELOG entry for !4303
42b9a51 2016-06-02 Fixed CHANGELOG for !4301
88bb7b5 2016-06-02 Added CHANGELOG entry for !4287
cf6ce9a 2016-06-02 Moved CHANGELOG entry for !4230
85b4e06 2016-06-02 Added CHANGELOG entry for !3869
8a6c3f2 2016-06-02 Added ReferenceFilter#nodes
2fbfb85 2016-06-02 Returning enums in ReferenceFilter#each_node
580d250 2016-06-01 Refactor Participable
2485bd7 2016-05-30 Merge branch 'add-index-users-on-state' into 'master'
ce0382b 2016-05-27 Merge branch 'workhorse-0.7.4' into 'master'
dda175a 2016-05-27 Merge branch 'queue-time-changelog' into 'master'
9bdfc98 2016-05-26 Merge branch 'measure-proxy-timing' into 'master'
35e977d 2016-05-26 Refactor Mentionable
25c08d1 2016-05-26 Added author to various Markdown calls in views
86166d2 2016-05-26 Split Markdown rendering & reference gathering
94d5416 2016-05-26 Added Gitlab::Lazy
309ca40 2016-05-26 Don't modify arguments in CommitRange#initialize
93450d3 2016-05-25 Version 8.8.2
ee9af45 2016-05-25 Fixed 8.8.2 changelog
4e8798e 2016-05-25 Moved gitignore dropdown entry to 8.8.2
baf0747 2016-05-25 Added missing backup/UI 8.8.2 changelog entries
c0206b5 2016-05-25 Updated 8.8.2 CHANGELOG
afe6749 2016-05-25 Moved CHANGELOG for !4233 to 8.8.2
41702b8 2016-05-25 Added CHANGELOG for MR !4209
d957dfb 2016-05-22 Version 8.8.0
c433b51 2016-05-21 Merge branch 'fix-docker-registry-integration' into 'mas...
5a02f28 2016-05-21 Merge branch 'fix-docker-registry-integration' into 'mas...
8a0eeac 2016-05-21 Removed "unreleased" from 8.8.0
5dc64ce 2016-05-20 Version 8.8.0-rc2
143d9e8 2016-05-20 Version 8.7.6
1472bb9 2016-05-20 Updated the DB schema
d53b4d5 2016-05-19 Merge branch 'master' into 8-8-stable
e3aaab2 2016-05-19 Updated Rubocop for generator_templates/
6562390 2016-05-19 Fixed CHANGELOG for 8.7.6, properly
154a914 2016-05-19 Fixed CHANGELOG for 8.7.6
a08e3c6 2016-05-19 Merge branch 'master' into 8-8-stable
9429da3 2016-05-19 Move generator templates to generator_templates/
c225449 2016-05-19 Merge branch 'master' into 8-8-stable
4a1acdd 2016-05-19 Merge branch 'master' into 8-8-stable
c22be75 2016-05-19 Removed outdated comment from migration helpers
7e77641 2016-05-19 Fixed typos in migration templates
5964086 2016-05-19 Remove left-over use of strip_heredoc
4dc12b0 2016-05-16 Merge branch 'master' into 8-8-stable
b933367 2016-05-16 Instrument all Grape API helpers
78a67fc 2016-05-16 Merge branch 'add-cache-count-metrics' into 'master'
e428098 2016-05-13 Version 8.8.0-rc1
6a29117 2016-05-12 Removed stray strip_heredoc from migration helpers
9516330 2016-05-12 Merge branch 'update-changelog-875' into 'master'
0641fe6 2016-05-12 Updated CHANGELOG for 8.7.5
0e8b7d8 2016-05-12 Version 8.7.5
945c5b3 2016-05-12 Removed tracking of total method execution times
ec447ee 2016-05-12 Moved !3886 changelog entry to 8.7.5
872a093 2016-05-12 Updated CHANGELOG for 8.7.5
36083b4 2016-05-12 Fixed styling per Rubocop pedantics
443c3aa 2016-05-12 Tell Rubocop to ignore lib/templates
d890807 2016-05-12 Link to migration guide in migration templates
e8efaca 2016-05-12 Updated migration styleguide for new helpers
d7cfe1a 2016-05-12 Added custom migration generator templates
e867099 2016-05-12 Added helper methods for database migrations
624dc10 2016-05-12 Merge branch 'update-8-8-guides' into 'master'
e9706b2 2016-05-11 Merge branch 'update-changelog-874' into 'master'
c446a86 2016-05-11 Updated 8.7.4 CHANGELOG entries
6bc1e93 2016-05-11 Removed invalid CHANGELOG entry for 8.7.4
f6fd70e 2016-05-11 Version 8.7.4
0c60640 2016-05-11 Fixed 8.7.4 CHANGELOG, again
8ec1dcf 2016-05-11 Revert "Merge branch 'fix-build-notification-on-merge-pa...
0dc3431 2016-05-11 Corrected CHANGELOG entries for 8.7.4
8e5e3e5 2016-05-11 Added missing 8.7.4 CHANGELOG entries
8e8e796 2016-05-11 Removed 8.8.0 CHANGELOG entries
f96c34e 2016-05-10 Merge branch 'remove-annotate-gem' into 'master'
0a103e9 2016-05-09 Merge branch 'improve-multiple-branch-push-performance' ...
1d72f95 2016-05-06 Version 8.7.3
0036712 2016-05-05 Fix passing nil to protected_tag?
93ce229 2016-05-05 Use tag_exists? in GitAccess#protected_tag?
6e47a19 2016-05-05 Updated gitlab_git to 10.1.0
05be99b 2016-05-05 Removed 8.8.0 changelog entries
4de1d78 2016-05-05 Updated CHANGELOG entries per master
e1c1124 2016-05-05 Merge branch 'fix-changelog-3880' into 'master'
0cf5928 2016-05-05 Moved entry for !3880 to 8.7.2
48a0e68 2016-05-05 Merge branch 'mr3931-changelog' into 'master'
d04146b 2016-05-05 Added CHANGELOG entry for merge request !3880
8159555 2016-05-05 Added CHANGELOG entry for merge request !3931
e449a6c 2016-05-05 Added documentation on how to instrument methods
c583433 2016-05-05 Merge branch 'teamcity-changelog-fix' into 'master'
92ed02c 2016-05-05 Moved TeamCity changelog entry to 8.7.3
f3e41f0 2016-05-05 Moved TeamCity fix to 8.7.3
fad7b39 2016-05-04 Merge branch 'invalid-exists-on-new-push' into 'master'
75635e2 2016-05-04 Merge branch 'add-instrumentation-for-15137' into 'master'
917c26c 2016-05-04 Merge branch 'add-instrumentation-for-15137' into 'master'
a4df822 2016-05-04 Merge branch 'fix-performance-links' into 'master'
7055121 2016-05-04 Fixed username links in the performance guide
5f7716f 2016-05-03 Merge branch 'update-changelog' into 'master'
94df8d5 2016-05-03 Updated CHANGELOG for 8.7.2
213974b 2016-05-03 Version 8.7.2
e81b9ab 2016-05-03 Corrected the changelog for 8.7.2
b47a84b 2016-04-30 Added performance guidelines
b6a18f1 2016-04-29 Tweak checking branches in Project#open_branches
e28d1fa 2016-04-29 Use a query in Project#protected_branch?
6d716fb 2016-04-29 Merge branch 'fix-changelog' into 'master'
39ed7c1 2016-04-29 Fixed CHANGELOG for 8.7.1/8.7.2
e0c504c 2016-04-28 Added CHANGELOG for 8.7.2
0426647 2016-04-28 Load the "New Branch" button asynchronously
c6ae6c7 2016-04-28 Marked 8.7.1 as released in the changelog
a3783cd 2016-04-25 Merge branch 'fix-cache-invalidations' into 'master'
81cb636 2016-04-25 Merge branch 'fix-cache-invalidations' into 'master'
35c7763 2016-04-25 Merge branch 'new-list-of-influxdb-queries' into 'master'
76c2594 2016-04-25 Updated list of InfluxDB queries/config
f2a3f70 2016-04-22 Version 8.7.0
4066d4f 2016-04-22 Removed "unreleased" for 8.7.0
583fec3 2016-04-21 Merge branch '15465-fix-sort-by-due-date' into 'master'
08e24b3 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'repository-checks-default-off' into 'master'
a451072 2016-04-21 Merge branch '15465-fix-sort-by-due-date' into 'master'
0e2b644 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'repository-checks-default-off' into 'master'
a12496c 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'remove-update-files' into 'master'
d35dde0 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'remove-update-files' into 'master'
c5cb68f 2016-04-21 Instrument Gitlab::GitAccess/GitAccessWiki
2b34ab0 2016-04-21 Version 8.7.0-rc7
f7e09d0 2016-04-21 Fixed the CHANGELOG
ee6f941 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'add-pg-trgrm-in-migration' into 'master'
c0acc32 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'fix-mr-cherry-pick-without-merge-commit' i...
a5ed44f 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'add-pg-trgrm-in-migration' into 'master'
a257d11 2016-04-20 Fix setting of "action" for Grape transactions
781aab7 2016-04-20 Merge branch 'fix-mr-cherry-pick-without-merge-commit' i...
dcd4829 2016-04-20 Version 8.7.0-rc6
f6fbd0f 2016-04-19 Merge branch 'master' into 8-7-stable
af06431 2016-04-19 Merge branch 'bump-version' into 'master'
229f3ce 2016-04-19 Configuring of points per UDP packet
2234ac5 2016-04-19 Merge branch 'auto-fsck-skip-wiki' into 'master'
b9698d2 2016-04-18 Add "action" tag to /internal/allowed API
7e6f0ac 2016-04-18 Count the number of SQL queries per transaction
651c3e8 2016-04-18 Instrument Repository.clean_old_archives
4b025ba 2016-04-18 Document the feature freeze of stable branches
7b6785b 2016-04-18 Use Module#prepend for method instrumentation
0b38dbe 2016-04-15 Merge branch 'reorder-project-expire-cache' into 'master'
83e7e5c 2016-04-15 Version 8.7.0-rc5
989dd2c 2016-04-15 Merge branch 'master' into 8-7-stable
a54af83 2016-04-14 Use rake db:reset instead of db:setup
dc13f7c 2016-04-13 Return unique issues when using multiple labels
0a37976 2016-04-13 Updated InfluxDB/Grafana setup/import docs
31e28eb 2016-04-13 Load related MRs/branches asynchronously
3b9edce 2016-04-13 Instrument the HousekeepingService class
3240ecf 2016-04-13 Added ability to add custom tags to transactions
57e660d 2016-04-13 Merge branch 'fix-stale-branch-count-cache' into 'master'
435892e 2016-04-12 Changelog entry for service class instrumentation
b3d8b99 2016-04-12 Un-instrument Banzai::ReferenceExtractor
8299129 2016-04-12 Instrument all service classes
23c155f 2016-04-11 Merge branch 'workhorse-0.7.1' into 'master'
935f913 2016-04-11 Instrument Banzai code
15cbbd0 2016-04-11 Merge branch 'metrics-measure-block-transaction' into 'm...
7eed460 2016-04-11 Fixed stubbing for Gitlab::Metrics specs
d9110a7 2016-04-11 Track call counts in Gitlab::Metrics.measure_block
185d78b 2016-04-11 Added specs for Gitlab::Metrics::System.cpu_time
16926a6 2016-04-11 Store block timings as transaction values
e3d4ebd 2016-04-08 Update gitlab-shell to 2.7.2
c4da146 2016-04-08 Version 8.7.0-rc4
3872026 2016-04-08 Merge branch 'master' into 8-7-stable
833808d 2016-04-08 Merge branch 'instrument-rails-cache' into 'master'
fe31059 2016-04-08 Merge branch 'master' into 8-7-stable
5ef170a 2016-04-08 Merge branch 'update-gitlab-shell' into 'master'
940b27e 2016-04-08 Merge branch 'metrics-timestamp-precision' into 'master'
c56f702 2016-04-08 Instrument Rails cache code
fb02c96 2016-04-08 Merge branch 'gitlab-workhorse-0.7.2' into 'master'
aa7cddc 2016-04-08 Use more accurate timestamps for InfluxDB.
4f55c78 2016-04-08 Version 8.7.0-rc3
37c6225 2016-04-07 Update gitlab-shell to 2.7.2
45e0565 2016-04-07 Merge branch 'no-gc-auto' into 'master'
44c0354 2016-04-07 Merge branch 'reorder-language' into 'master'
d55df63 2016-04-07 Merge branch 'fix-gh-pr-import' into 'master'
265f796 2016-04-07 Version 8.7.0-rc2
a918e8b 2016-04-07 Merge branch 'fix-project-404-cache-issue' into 'master'
d7c647f 2016-04-07 Merge branch 'master' into 8-7-stable
352bc7d 2016-04-06 Added dev guide for measuring Ruby blocks
1af6cf2 2016-04-06 Measure Ruby blocks using Gitlab::Metrics
a3cf3d1 2016-04-06 Corrected some spec headers for Gitlab::Metrics
507cbca 2016-04-06 Fix header link rendering when containing numbers
f024fd2 2016-04-05 Merge branch 'master' into 8-7-stable
e1bc16c 2016-04-05 Merge branch 'reorder-language' into 'master'
152b582 2016-04-05 Version 8.7.0-rc1
8a0a802 2016-04-05 Merge branch 'fix-gh-pr-import' into 'master'
a55fc41 2016-04-04 Merge branch 'master' of
b530cab 2016-04-04 Merge branch 'fix-forked-project-link-specs' into 'master'
6e0f845 2016-04-04 Reload forked_project_link projects
438e0ce 2016-04-04 Merge branch '8.7-rc1' into 'master'
6ddfd49 2016-04-04 Added 8.7 install/update guides
915fd3f 2016-04-04 Cleaned up caching in AbstractReferenceFilter
3dd91f5 2016-04-04 Merge branch 'issue_14853' into 'master'
ede351a 2016-04-04 Added CHANGELOG entry for Markdown performance
7f0fd73 2016-04-04 Cache default_issues_tracker? in Banzai
9fa9432 2016-04-04 Memoize object class titles
8c49eaa 2016-04-04 Cache Banzai class methods returning static data
1411480 2016-04-04 Refactor processing of various Banzai filters
57bde0c 2016-04-04 Cache Banzai projects/objects using RequestStore
84b0ab7 2016-04-01 Added & use Gitlab::Routing for URL helpers
e7849b0 2016-04-01 Memoize reference_pattern/link_reference_pattern
8476484 2016-03-30 Merge branch 'reorder-project-expire-cache' into 'master'
c4ece04 2016-03-30 Merge branch 'check-project-repo-exists' into 'master'
5830d80 2016-03-30 Pre-calculate Emoji digests
67be43e 2016-03-29 Updated gitlab-shell to 2.7
75aaf91 2016-03-21 Create SSH keys for SSH clone Spinach tests
fc5ff7a 2016-03-19 Create repositories in Spinach issues tests
295fdf7 2016-03-19 Create repositories in IssuesController specs
68a4c98 2016-03-19 Cache output of Repository#exists?
41b8d22 2016-03-19 Tweaked performance of Issue#related_branches
3f0d780 2016-03-18 Show a notice for diffs that are too large
dd4b789 2016-03-17 Added tests for Repository#build_cache
3d7feee 2016-03-17 Don't rebuild diverging commit count caches
81d191e 2016-03-17 Removed Repository#rebuild_cache
cd05d3f 2016-03-17 Cache project avatars stored in Git
39fb836 2016-03-16 Merge branch 'ci-runners-token-index' into 'master'
af4d545 2016-03-16 Added an index on ci_runners.token
b5a47c0 2016-03-15 Merge branch 'external-issue-tracker' into 'master'
c742760 2016-03-15 Ignore eager loading in UNION
3b76b73 2016-03-12 Removed User#project_relations
67143e2 2016-03-11 More detailed trigram migration error message
4f3fa51 2016-03-11 Use a UNION in MergeRequest.in_projects
c2df121 2016-03-11 Added changelog entry for search performance
0ba2045 2016-03-11 Added pg_trgm to the PostgreSQL requirements
78244ff 2016-03-11 Corrected spec title for
ee75c49 2016-03-11 Make case-insensitive
d7d5937 2016-03-11 Removed arel_table receiver from search methods
0ab9571 2016-03-11 Fixed a few spec typos
9e00a23 2016-03-11 Clean up ProjectsFinder for getting user projects
b77b3b1 2016-03-11 Removed order from sub-query projects for search
8c2868e 2016-03-11 Added ProjectSearchResults#project_ids_relation
300332b 2016-03-11 Fixed ProjectSearchResults spec to use a Project
12082db 2016-03-11 Disable Rubocop for PostgreSQL patches
d38dcf1 2016-03-11 Patch MySQL to ignore PostgreSQL schema options
2080fd3 2016-03-11 Updated schema to include Pg operator classes
49e122d 2016-03-11 Backport Rails support for PostgreSQL opclasses
ec349dc 2016-03-11 Refactor Gitlab::ProjectSearchResults
42fde69 2016-03-11 Refactor Gitlab::SnippetSearchResults
0135429 2016-03-11 Refactor Gitlab::SearchResults
2cf7f3f 2016-03-11 Use ILIKE/LIKE for searching milestones
87e7c3e 2016-03-11 Use ILIKE/LIKE for and full_search
2076bdb 2016-03-11 Use ILIKE/LIKE for searching CI runners
ce5e831 2016-03-11 Use ILIKE/LIKE for searching groups
800aa29 2016-03-11 Use ILIKE/LIKE for searching users
508b6b4 2016-03-11 Use ILIKE/LIKE for searching notes
1f5284e 2016-03-11 Use ILIKE/LIKE for searching snippets
db615d0 2016-03-11 Use ILIKE in Project.search_by_title
135659a 2016-03-11 Use ILIKE/LIKE + UNION in
d24ee2a 2016-03-11 Added trigram indexes for various searched columns
25c2349 2016-03-11 Added 8.6 upgrade guide for PostgreSQL users
f2992cf 2016-03-10 Optimize Project#ci_service(s)
d69dff5 2016-03-10 Removed benchmark suite and its documentation
e32726c 2016-03-10 Added specs for Issue#referenced_merge_requests
53719ec 2016-03-09 Handle permissions for ExternalIssue instances
96d35c5 2016-03-09 Fixed part of the GitPushService specs
2af9326 2016-03-09 Merge branch 'update-db-schema' into 'master'
c666441 2016-03-09 Added main_language to the schema
590e1b4 2016-03-08 Call after_create_branch in Repository#add_branch
4ec035b 2016-03-08 Call the right hooks in Repository#add_tag
6857b92 2016-03-08 Added specs for Repository#rm_tag
177025b 2016-03-08 Call the right hooks when removing branches
cb5a5ba 2016-03-08 Cache & flush tag/branch counts
059df22 2016-03-08 Added basic SQL guidelines
077d379 2016-03-08 Updated gitlab_git to 9.0.1
1dfef90 2016-02-26 Flush repository caches before renaming projects
a10678e 2016-02-25 Added specs for the various Repository hooks
3b520ef 2016-02-25 Moved exists condition in Repository#before_delete
a39f7b3 2016-02-23 Move Repository#expire_all_caches to before_delete
ff28a7c 2016-02-23 Moved cache expiration code to Repository hooks
e0cb321 2016-02-20 Flush emptiness caches whenever needed
5b6d347 2016-02-18 Handle raw_repository returning nil in exists?
19b21c2 2016-02-18 Use Repository#exists? in Repository#commit?
8a7aad7 2016-02-18 Added specs for Repository#exists?
54aa096 2016-02-18 Fixed Repository#exists? to handle errors
c475b17 2016-02-18 Only set autocrlf when creating/updating files
b120310 2016-02-17 Flush all repository caches when deleting a repo
a9e0301 2016-02-17 Expire caches after forking/importing a repository
300e160 2016-02-17 Merge branch 'update-allocations' into 'master'
f253f72 2016-02-16 Cleaned up Repository#initialize
852bd10 2016-02-15 Updated the allocations Gem to 1.0.4
17240f8 2016-02-10 Merge branch 'update-install-documentation-8.5' into 'ma...
3d1d96b 2016-02-10 Updated install/update guides for 8.5
2ce0d06 2016-02-09 Smarter flushing of branch statistics caches
366f617 2016-02-09 Merge branch 'caching-repository-git-operations' into 'm...
9a99d8e 2016-02-08 Cache various Repository Git operations
b263ab6 2016-02-04 Dedicated method for counting commits between refs
503ad19 2016-02-02 Merge branch 'expand-git-instrumentation' into 'master'
4940284 2016-02-02 Merge branch 'expand-git-instrumentation' into 'master'
9dfc451 2016-02-02 Updated contributing guide for stable releases
33fb55a 2016-02-01 Instrument various Rugged constants
1256dab 2016-02-01 Instrument all Gitlab::Git instance methods
99492d6 2016-02-01 Optimize fetching issues closed by a merge request
de7c9c7 2016-01-27 Use Atom update times of the first event
128a641 2016-01-26 Don't pluck project IDs for events
b74308c 2016-01-25 Correct arity for instrumented methods w/o args
0689663 2016-01-21 Use branch_count in Repository#has_visible_content?
d21d8e5 2016-01-21 Updated gitlab_git to 7.2.24
7d1b51f 2016-01-21 Instrument Gitlab::Git::Repository
6f32459 2016-01-20 Renamed "Metrics" to "Performance Monitoring"
89c65a3 2016-01-20 Increase Unicorn memory limits to 300-350
21fab4f 2016-01-20 Use env variables for Unicorn memory limits
b4ee6f5 2016-01-19 Greatly improve external_issue_tracker performance
790c686 2016-01-18 Added documentation for GitLab Metrics
f603f3b 2016-01-18 Merge branch 'issuable-group-projects' into 'master'
31e7b39 2016-01-18 Merge branch 'sherlock-table-html' into 'master'
dc235c9 2016-01-18 Merge branch 'instrument-finders' into 'master'
d6a8021 2016-01-18 Scope issue projects to a Group when possible
021d4eb 2016-01-18 Replaced "td" with "th" in the Sherlock SQL list
8c4210e 2016-01-18 Added metrics instrumentation for all finders
f7240e0 2016-01-15 Fix autocomplete for new issues/MRs/snippets
b7f49aa 2016-01-13 Merge branch 'configure-randomize-metrics-sample-interva...
057eb82 2016-01-13 Randomize metrics sample intervals
2367160 2016-01-13 Make the metrics sampler interval configurable
83ad5fa 2016-01-12 Merge branch 'remove-application-frames-from-views' into...
6992b07 2016-01-12 Merge branch 'allocated-memory-per-transaction' into 'ma...
355c341 2016-01-12 Stop tracking call stacks for instrumented views
5679ee0 2016-01-12 Track memory allocated during a transaction
587f850 2016-01-12 Merge branch 'changelog-metrics' into 'master'
9f8510b 2016-01-12 Updated CHANGELOG with changes I made
d65e7aa 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'add-action-to-all-metrics' into 'master'
35b501f 2016-01-11 Tag all transaction metrics with an "action" tag
569f570 2016-01-11 Only load autocomplete data when actually needed
cb22e5f 2016-01-08 Load autocomplete data when loading an issue page
ec4a4f0 2016-01-08 Merge branch 'current-settings-handle-missing-db' into '...
8d7a968 2016-01-08 Handle missing DBs in connect_to_db?
19a0db3 2016-01-07 Removed ORDER BY in "of_group" scopes
9b0c360 2016-01-07 Fixed issue sorting specs for ID changes
5dc708e 2016-01-07 Updated Gemfile.lock due to Bundler re-ordering
fc443ea 2016-01-07 Drop projects order in IssuableFinder
0d0049c 2016-01-07 Don't pluck IDs when getting issues/MRs per group
9dacc3b 2016-01-07 Sort by ID when sorting using "Recently created"
7a24039 2016-01-07 Added an index on milestones.title
61561a9 2016-01-07 Merge branch 'remove-more-influxdb-tags' into 'master'
7b10cb6 2016-01-07 Store request methods/URIs as values
364b07c 2016-01-07 Removed UUIDs from metrics transactions
da912c8 2016-01-07 Merge branch 'revert-influxdb-milliseconds' into 'master'
7ed3a5a 2016-01-07 Revert "Store SQL/view timings in milliseconds"
ee9432a 2016-01-07 Merge branch 'remove-influxdb-credentials' into 'master'
8fdc00b 2016-01-06 Remove InfluxDB username/password
bcd2a09 2016-01-06 Merge branch 'metrics-milliseconds' into 'master'
7549102 2016-01-06 Store SQL/view timings in milliseconds
8de491a 2016-01-04 Fix Rubocop styling in AR subscriber specs
2ee8f55 2016-01-04 Automatically prefix transaction series names
2ea464b 2016-01-04 Use separate series for Rails/Sidekiq sample stats
825b46f 2016-01-04 Track total method call times per transaction
66a997a 2016-01-04 Track total query/view timings in transactions
96075be 2016-01-04 Ability to increment custom transaction values
cafc784 2015-12-31 Removed tracking of hostnames for metrics
bd9f86b 2015-12-31 Use separate series for Rails/Sidekiq transactions
55ed6e1 2015-12-31 Cache InfluxDB settings after the first use
a6c6012 2015-12-31 Removed tracking of raw SQL queries
054df41 2015-12-31 Optimize CSS expressions produced by Nokogiri
d3951df 2015-12-31 Don't use delegate to delegate trivial methods
3077cb5 2015-12-31 Use XPath for searching link nodes
ab08321 2015-12-31 Merge branch 'update-allocations-gem' into 'master'
8e983d3 2015-12-31 Merge branch 'reduce-influxdb-tags' into 'master'
6d5202e 2015-12-31 Updated allocations Gem to version 1.0.3
c936e4e 2015-12-31 Removed various default metrics tags
a125174 2015-12-29 Merge branch 'influxdb-current-settings' into 'master'
701e5de 2015-12-29 Use Gitlab::CurrentSettings for InfluxDB
1dbf728 2015-12-29 Merge branch 'influxdb-without-sidekiq' into 'master'
620e7bb 2015-12-29 Write to InfluxDB directly via UDP
03478e6 2015-12-29 Strip newlines from obfuscated SQL
3a227b5 2015-12-28 Merge branch 'influxdb-missing-settings' into 'master'
ed214a1 2015-12-28 Handle missing settings table for metrics
af00558 2015-12-28 Merge branch 'relocate-influxdb-settings' into 'master'
47fbba4 2015-12-28 Merge branch 'fix-gitlab-yml-syntax' into 'master'
0eab0c6 2015-12-28 Fixed syntax in gitlab.yml.example
4d925f2 2015-12-28 Move InfluxDB settings to ApplicationSetting
1be5668 2015-12-28 Added host option for InfluxDB
db7bbad 2015-12-28 Fixed styling of MetricsWorker specs
ddca57d 2015-12-28 Use String#delete for removing double quotes
f181f05 2015-12-17 Track object counts using the "allocations" Gem
bcee44a 2015-12-17 Instrument all ActiveRecord model methods
a93a32a 2015-12-17 Support for instrumenting class hierarchies
a41287d 2015-12-17 Only track method calls above a certain threshold
13dbd66 2015-12-17 Allow filtering of what methods to instrument
d67e204 2015-12-17 Drop empty tag values from metrics
5142c61 2015-12-17 Cast values to strings before escaping them
9f95ff0 2015-12-17 Track location information as tags
d0352e6 2015-12-17 Added specs for MetricsWorker
f932b78 2015-12-17 Replace double quotes when obfuscating SQL
09a3115 2015-12-17 Track object count types as tags
6dc25ad 2015-12-17 Instrument Gitlab::Shel and Gitlab::Git
641761f 2015-12-17 Only instrument methods defined directly
f43f3b8 2015-12-17 Added Instrumentation.configure
5dbcb63 2015-12-17 Methods for instrumenting multiple methods
ad69ba5 2015-12-17 Proper method instrumentation for special symbols
1b077d2 2015-12-17 Use custom code for instrumenting method calls
b66a16c 2015-12-17 Use string evaluation for method instrumentation
60a6a24 2015-12-17 Improved last_relative_application_frame timings
141e946 2015-12-17 Storing of application metrics in InfluxDB
ef2bc0f 2015-11-25 Merge branch 'sherlock-total-query-time' into 'master'
97f8c62 2015-11-24 Added total query time to Sherlock
d496a6b 2015-11-20 Handle removed source projects in MR CI commits
fed059a 2015-11-20 Port GitLab EE ProjectsFinder changes
cd44d16 2015-11-20 Merge branch 'merge-1790-to-8-2-stable' into '8-2-stable'
1cdee35 2015-11-20 Merge branch 'atom-feed-latest-update' into 'master'
094e1cc 2015-11-19 Align hash literals in IssuesFinder spec
901d3de 2015-11-19 Changelog entry for finding issues performance
8591cc0 2015-11-19 Use a JOIN in IssuableFinder#by_project
e9cd58f 2015-11-19 Memoize IssuableFinder#projects
c232a0f 2015-11-19 Removed trailing whitespace from IssuableFinder
4584042 2015-11-19 Added benchmark for IssuesFinder
e4ae8b1 2015-11-19 Updated DB schema with new issues/projects indexes
d63da89 2015-11-19 Added index on projects.visibility_level
50f6541 2015-11-19 Added index on issues.state
a42d469 2015-11-19 Merge branch 'atom-feed-latest-update' into 'master'
96cdacd 2015-11-19 Changelog entries for atom/profile improvements
efd5d93 2015-11-18 Use "" instead of ""
ee2739e 2015-11-18 Added an index on namespaces.public
f486b06 2015-11-18 Return internal projects in PersonalProjectsFinder
9eefae6 2015-11-18 Fix UNION syntax for MySQL
cc11c44 2015-11-18 Align hash literals to keep Rubocop happy
26482bd 2015-11-18 Don't pluck project IDs in User#owned_projects
73f302e 2015-11-18 Apply CI scope changes to the User model
fbdf376 2015-11-18 Refactor UsersController to not kill the database
e116a35 2015-11-18 Refactor User#authorized_groups/projects
a4fc811 2015-11-18 Added Project.visible_to_user
a74d6d2 2015-11-18 Group methods for filtering public/visible groups
01620dd 2015-11-18 Added Event.limit_recent
fbcf3bd 2015-11-18 Refactor ProjectsFinder to not pluck IDs
2110247 2015-11-18 Refactoed GroupsFinder into two separate classes
b464639 2015-11-18 Renamed GroupsFinder spec file so the name matches
5fcd998 2015-11-18 Refactor getting user groups/projects/contributions
bfd9855 2015-11-18 Prefix table names for User UNIONs
189c40c 2015-11-18 Use SQL::Union for User#authorized_groups
656d9ff 2015-11-18 Make it easier to re-apply default sort orders
028bd22 2015-11-18 Use SQL::Union for User#authorized_projects
d769596 2015-11-18 Added Gitlab::SQL::Union class
054f2f9 2015-11-18 Faster way of obtaining latest event update time
dfd8ae8 2015-11-11 Merge branch 'recent-scope-ordering' into 'master'
7eb502c 2015-11-11 Change "recent" scopes to sort by "id"
73cf0f1 2015-11-09 Only load rblineprof when actually needed
26344c8 2015-11-09 Merge branch 'sherlock' into 'master'
68843a5 2015-11-09 Added changelog entry for Sherlock
7f9f070 2015-11-09 Truncate transaction paths to 70 characters
7b5fd87 2015-11-09 Track the amount of times views are rendered
cdaa974 2015-11-09 Added navigation link to Sherlock
db46d49 2015-11-09 Fixed Hash key style in Sherlock::Query spec
126a242 2015-11-09 Updated profiling guides for Sherlock
265ef86 2015-11-09 Added specs and source documentation for Sherlock
dec3e4c 2015-11-09 Added Sherlock, a custom profiling tool for GitLab
6d91ee0 2015-11-04 Merge branch 'create-project-performance' into 'master'
219f920 2015-11-04 Merge branch 'remove-duplicate-orders' into 'master'
a2f8f9a 2015-11-03 Fixed User sorting specs
732f538 2015-11-03 Only sort by IDs by default
0df6590 2015-11-03 Added benchmark for User.all
a0ba6c6 2015-10-30 Merge branch 'optimize-user-find-by-any-email' into 'mas...
6d3068b 2015-10-30 Adjusted ips/sec for find_by_any_email benchmarks
a9df714 2015-10-30 Use a subquery with IDs only for find_by_any_email
bba4662 2015-10-30 Fixed UNION syntax for MySQL
24c8f42 2015-10-30 Use a UNION for User.find_by_any_email
0a6aaf2 2015-10-30 Changelog entry for User.find_by_any_email
49c081b 2015-10-30 Improve performance of User.find_by_any_email
29b3ce5 2015-10-29 Removed extra activity update for new projects
6369c99 2015-10-29 Added benchmark for Projects::CreateService
7fc95d8 2015-10-29 Added index on services.template
e1c3077 2015-10-20 Added benchmark for ReferenceFilter
afdc028 2015-10-20 Speed up searching for text references a bit
1354786 2015-10-19 Merge branch 'milestone-issue-sorting-performance' into ...
4ff75e3 2015-10-19 Improve performance of sorting milestone issues
cc0978d 2015-10-17 Merge branch 'friday-meltdown-indexes' into 'master'
2e1e3c4 2015-10-16 Merge branch 'friday-meltdown-indexes' into 'master'
3234e80 2015-10-16 Merge branch 'ci-commits-gl-project-id-index' into 'mast...
f405954 2015-10-16 Added indexes for notes.line_code and CI columns
f0bfbd7 2015-10-16 Merge branch 'ci-commits-gl-project-id-index' into 'mast...
c6be500 2015-10-16 Add index on ci_commits.gl_project_id
5ce9335 2015-10-15 Merge branch 'user-by-login-performance' into 'master'
97e02f4 2015-10-15 Added documentation on the various profiling tools
bed2994 2015-10-15 Fixed Rubocop styling issues
e5925d0 2015-10-15 Renamed Note.inc_associations to with_associations
9f58111 2015-10-15 Changelog entry for issue page speedups
f3980e2 2015-10-15 Don't use link_to/image_tag where not needed
3025b71 2015-10-15 Improve ProjectTeam#max_member_access performance
b5f8161 2015-10-15 Eager load project associations for notes
8237da0 2015-10-15 Eager load note projects when viewing issues
d4832b0 2015-10-15 Added rack-lineprof for development
7971ed5 2015-10-15 Added active_record_query_trace
fa3d7db 2015-10-15 Added Bullet to the Gemfile
39fcd44 2015-10-15 Use for issue comment avatars
1554786 2015-10-15 Eager load various issue/note associations
ff8f7fb 2015-10-15 Re-use User for avatars in link_to_member
9496356 2015-10-15 Re-use User objects for avatar_icon where possible
693e63f 2015-10-15 Allow avatar_icon to operate on a User
72f428c 2015-10-15 Improve performance of User.by_login
2d779f7 2015-10-08 Added changelog for project namespace performance
c8f18fc 2015-10-08 Added dedicated Rake task for setting up Postgres
0341745 2015-10-08 Revamp finding projects by namespaces
1190d0a 2015-10-07 Added concern for case-insensitive WHERE queries
85c6a37 2015-10-07 Added methods for detecting MySQL/PostgreSQL
4841e88 2015-10-06 Added changelog entry for trending projects tweaks
7adf9a5 2015-10-06 Added benchmarks for finding trending projects
b7abba0 2015-10-06 Revamp trending projects query
d15eec6 2015-10-06 Use >= instead of > in TrendingProjectsFinder
1f14e68 2015-10-06 Added specs for TrendingProjectsFinder
8a78c4e 2015-10-05 Exclude benchmarks from the spec Rake task
2fa4e2f 2015-10-05 Evaluate benchmark blocks in the proper context
b6808f4 2015-10-05 Merge branch 'benchmark-suite' into 'master'
0bef649 2015-10-05 Added documentation for writing benchmarks
89920ca 2015-10-05 Allow benchmark failures for the time being
22506dd 2015-10-05 Added benchmark_subject method for benchmarks
19893a1 2015-10-02 Basic setup for an RSpec based benchmark suite
dbc05d4 2015-10-02 Don't use "rm" for cleaning tmp/builds
2fa89a3 2015-10-02 Added benchmark-ips to the Gemfile
1eba96c 2015-08-25 Update Racc to 1.4.12
58b94be 2015-07-18 Only load byebug on MRI