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#51 Winnie Hellmann - All time
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cd42e9a 2018-10-11 Documentation for delayed jobs
6e2b8bf 2018-10-05 Upgrade gitlab-svgs to 1.31.0
c5dead7 2018-10-05 Make sure remaining time of scheduled jobs is positive i...
0fc93df 2018-10-04 Add component tests for scheduled job frontend
9d31424 2018-10-04 Guard against missing manual actions / scheduled jobs in...
c02178b 2018-10-04 Display confirmation only when triggering scheduled jobs...
59d4a86 2018-10-02 Avoid close icon leaving the modal header
64ad645 2018-10-02 Add confirmation for immediately starting scheduled jobs
c9e8b59 2018-10-02 Add missing translations from scheduled job UI
51a8177 2018-10-02 Add badge for scheduled jobs
fc8d4c7 2018-10-02 Add scheduled job dropdown to pipelines list
786ae68 2018-10-02 Do not omit leading zeros in duration_in_numbers helper
6369ff1 2018-10-02 Add actions to scheduled job buttons on job list page
a220e72 2018-10-02 Add black border to scheduled job badge
fb4d06d 2018-10-02 Use time-out icon for unschedule job action
93cd5ed 2018-10-02 Add black border to scheduled icon in pipeline graphs
ef9c852 2018-10-02 Upgrade gitlab-svgs to include new scheduled job assets
308d11f 2018-10-02 Use correct icon for scheduled jobs in pipeline graph
ea38e83 2018-10-02 Allow remaining time of scheduled jobs to overflow one day
f976418 2018-10-02 Fix URL to empty state graphic of scheduled jobs
52c7695 2018-10-02 Upgrade gitlab-svgs to include scheduled job assets
af51b95 2018-10-02 Add button group for scheduled jobs
33304b3 2018-10-02 Use secondary color for SVG icons in CI buttons
7fffe0f 2018-10-02 Ensure that execute_in of a build schedule is not negative
f9877d7 2018-10-02 Add placeholders to debug script example
23563f5 2018-10-02 Highlight current user in comments and system notes
4e75196 2018-09-26 Change vertical margin of page titles to 16px
f183dba 2018-09-25 Cleanup polling of merge request widget in tests
01b6696 2018-09-11 Generate JUnit report for Karma tests
743add9 2018-09-03 Move badge settings to general settings
9b7753e 2018-08-30 Upgrade LicenseFinder Gem to v5.4.0
d11cfcf 2018-08-30 Exclude frontend development dependencies from license r...
f0e12d8 2018-08-28 Display default status emoji if only message is entered
705da92 2018-08-24 Drop WIP from changelog command in Danger comment
1e2e0af 2018-08-23 Remove waiting from PDF page component test
b4dc978 2018-08-23 Use _.uniqueId() instead of Math.random() for dummy badges
1c10e01 2018-08-07 Restyle status message input on profile settings
fed97a6 2018-08-07 Fix GPG status badge loading regressions
2521a8e 2018-08-07 Add documentation for setting up a user status
0abae9e 2018-08-01 Raise timeout for Karma tests to 2 seconds
78c6f9a 2018-07-30 Regenerate locale/gitlab.pot
003dfc4 2018-07-30 Make it explicit that the message can contain emojis in ...
229558b 2018-07-30 Make it explicit that the status message can contain emojis
7a870e4 2018-07-24 Enable no-console ESLint rule for tests
91bbdc9 2018-07-23 Display GPG status on repository and blob pages
d8edaf2 2018-07-23 Fail Karma tests that take longer than a second
a412826 2018-07-12 Upgrade grape-path-helpers to 1.0.6
5cb48d3 2018-07-12 Remove old service architecture from Vue docs
0443c70 2018-07-12 Include Vue files that are not covered by tests in test ...
9a05495 2018-07-12 Remove timeouts from TimeTracker tests
66ad04e 2018-07-10 Mock timeouts and Promise in SmartInterval tests
191d8ec 2018-07-10 Revert "Merge branch 'fix-inconsistent-cancel-button' in...
d79cef3 2018-07-10 Support manually stopping any environment from the UI
6b733bc 2018-07-09 Fix link to frontend in handbook
ded205b 2018-07-09 Fix mountComponent helper path in docs
d801370 2018-07-09 Document that we don't want to wait in tests
d42cd34 2018-07-09 Removed return statements from prettier script
3db2f32 2018-07-05 Enable Capybara/FeatureMethods cop
efa54a7 2018-07-04 Fix ESLint for app/assets/javascripts/pages/projects/ind...
fa29bc2 2018-06-13 Fix branch name encoding for dropdown on issue page
929d7f6 2018-06-04 Fix navigation theme preference heading
0fbd948 2018-05-31 Add link to hack for styling Capybara HTML dumps
0fb4239 2018-05-25 Fix indentation in user_selects_branches_for_new_mr_spec.rb
c909a39 2018-05-25 Remove duplicate escaping from branch dropdown
d51d893 2018-05-25 Add failing test for
1d6025f 2018-05-22 Use "right now" for short time periods
7feef84 2018-05-18 Make stores export a createStore() which can be used in ...
7f10753 2018-05-04 Clarify location of Vue templates
244f511 2018-05-02 Load branches on new merge request page asynchronously
95b47df 2018-04-26 Clear refresh interval when MRWidgetFailedToMerge compon...
b5e4cd8 2018-04-26 Reset milestone filter when clicking "Any Milestone" in ...
92be346 2018-04-24 Mock Pager in Karma tests
a58ddd7 2018-04-11 Document example for sprintf without escaping
eba70f4 2018-04-10 Remove green background from unlock button in admin area
42411b0 2018-04-08 Add user documentation for badges
9296d47 2018-04-06 Fix breadcrumb links
ed1fea0 2018-04-05 Limit dropdown toggle width for protected branches / tags
0296871 2018-04-05 Use template strings in search_autocomplete_spec.js
d7f81b7 2018-04-04 Increase top margin of illustration
d343ef8 2018-04-03 Resolve conflicts in issues_filter_spec.rb
a32941a 2018-04-03 Display illustration and message if no filter is selected
64572b5 2018-03-22 Cleanup test for disabling comment submit button
0748762 2018-03-22 Rename modal.vue to deprecated_modal.vue
0308932 2018-03-01 Small fixes in Vuex docs
83b3e9f 2018-02-28 Update inline_javascript.rb
9d06504 2018-02-28 Forbid all inline script tags in Linter::InlineJavaScript
05f66d1 2018-02-14 Add new modal Vue component
9aed32b 2018-02-12 Cleanup new branch/merge request form in issues
43876e5 2018-02-09 Remove confirmation_input
0ecd759 2018-02-06 Replace "cluster" with "Kubernetes cluster"
d82e709 2018-01-25 Make sure that axios adapater is restored after mocking
b850650 2018-01-25 Add modal for deleting a milestone
9e28ca9 2018-01-23 Document advantages of axios-mock-adapter
0711ebb 2018-01-23 Use restore() instead of reset() for removing axios Mock...
76f16bb 2018-01-18 Add modal for stopping jobs in admin area
be8c4af 2018-01-17 Filter groups and projects dropdowns of search page on b...
070de82 2018-01-11 Adjust modal style to new design
ee66b31 2018-01-10 Exclude translations from coverage report
3f54abb 2018-01-08 Make tasklist:changed test in merge_request_spec.js async
2c47f09 2018-01-05 Add id to modal.vue to support data-toggle="modal"
6d1548f 2018-01-04 Fix Webpack config for ConcatenatedModule
46464e5 2017-12-22 Make webpack fail for missing exports
daa6195 2017-12-21 Add option to run a single Karma spec file
4a95302 2017-12-21 Restore missing language code in datetime_utility.js
408b56b 2017-12-20 Fix racing condition in Ajax call of merge_request_tabs_...
1da07b6 2017-12-18 Add changelog entries for 10.1.5 and 10.0.7
754c4d9 2017-12-18 Remove wrong padding from pipelines.scss
e720e8b 2017-12-18 Translate date ranges on contributors page
1109a5c 2017-12-18 Move dateTickFormat to separate module
3b679ef 2017-12-18 Add right padding to contributors graph
b20c63d 2017-12-18 Translate contributors graph x-axis
4f73e14 2017-12-18 Add createDateTimeFormat to format dates based on locale
ce916f4 2017-12-14 Merge branch 'sh-optimize-groups-api-10-2' into '10-2-st...
eb98a6f 2017-12-14 Merge branch 'bvl-fork-networks-for-deleted-projects-10-...
b452d57 2017-12-14 Merge branch 'pawel/update-prometheus_gem_to_highly_opti...
11d1876 2017-12-14 Resolve conflict in config/initializers/7_prometheus_met...
f229fff 2017-12-13 Merge branch 'winh-merge-dev-docs' into 'master'
5d07631 2017-12-13 Merge branch 'mk-pick-10-2-4-security-fixes' into 'master'
d8322ba 2017-12-13 Add changelog entries for 10.0.7
16a8a59 2017-12-12 Update UX guide
d5d2d7b 2017-12-12 Rename recaptcha-dialog to recaptcha-modal
bf22eb6 2017-12-12 Rename popup-dialog to modal
968ee8d 2017-12-11 Clarify casing of I18N placeholder names
d9f40fd 2017-12-11 Merge branch 'winh-merge-dev-docs' into 'master'
40d404a 2017-12-11 Resolve merge conflicts with after...
1eff1bd 2017-12-11 Merge branch 'mk-pick-10-2-4-security-fixes' into 'master'
a7bbf4c 2017-12-11 Merge branch '40615-specific-10-2-fix' into '10-2-stable'
c07df63 2017-12-08 Make label delete option red
72954bc 2017-12-08 Fix hover style for dropdowns on new branches/tags page
b167cca 2017-12-08 Fix top margin for right aligned dropdowns
b82f0c5 2017-12-08 Remove border radius from pipelines dropdowns
595390c 2017-12-08 Remove btn class from template selectors
1d97695 2017-12-08 Fix dropdown top margin
7b2df80 2017-12-08 Fix padding for search dropdown
ea21d46 2017-12-08 Remove new-style-dropdown mixin
f984fc3 2017-12-08 Use global styles for filter dropdowns
2ff4037 2017-12-08 Make new .dropdown-menu-align-right style global
4a12df3 2017-12-08 Make new .dropdown-menu style global
bb133ff 2017-12-08 Make new .dropdown-menu-selectable style global
244ac20 2017-12-08 Make new dropdown <li> style global
f85d700 2017-12-08 Make new dropdown-link style global
6730cdb 2017-12-08 Make new .dropdown-menu-user-link style global
0c4cda2 2017-12-08 Make new dropdown-item-hover style global
915d2b9 2017-12-08 Make new .text-danger style global
e5747f8 2017-12-08 Make new .is-active style global
0fd735a 2017-12-08 Make new .dropdown-header style global
e9a6a5c 2017-12-08 Make new style .divider global
b58d08d 2017-12-08 Make new .dropdown-open-top style global
03a1408 2017-12-07 Update VERSION to 10.0.7
0af0153 2017-12-07 Update for 10.0.7
af51e12 2017-12-07 Update VERSION to 10.1.5
ed3139c 2017-12-07 Update for 10.1.5
ba9acca 2017-12-07 Update VERSION to 10.2.4
983b624 2017-12-07 Update for 10.2.4
1366718 2017-12-07 Merge branch '10-0-stable-patch-7' into '10-0-stable'
d15997d 2017-12-07 Merge branch '10-1-stable-patch-5' into '10-1-stable'
e7d23a2 2017-12-06 Add chevron to create dropdown on repository page
5773e4f 2017-12-06 Merge branch '10-2-stable-patch-4' into '10-2-stable'
0788608 2017-11-30 Merge branch '10-2-stable-patch-3' into '10-2-stable'
45d7083 2017-11-29 Fix padding for Select2 search field
f3f8dd4 2017-11-29 Merge branch 'gitaly-0.52.1' into '10-2-stable-patch-3'
ae7a1e7 2017-11-28 Upgrade codeclimate image to latest
e71a946 2017-11-23 Merge branch '10-2-stable-patch-2' into '10-2-stable'
e2ff229 2017-11-23 Lock codeclimate version to 0.69.0
1ff9e79 2017-11-23 Revert "Merge branch 'grpc-update' into 'master'"
8f400ce 2017-11-21 Resolve conflicts in lib/tasks/gitlab/cleanup.rake
6061b8d 2017-11-20 Update VERSION to 10.2.0-rc4
9f40c57 2017-11-17 Merge branch '10-2-stable-prepare-rc3' into '10-2-stable'
24290d5 2017-11-17 Merge branch 'fix/sm/fix-condeclimate-version' into 'mas...
10c216d 2017-11-17 Merge branch 'fix/sm/fix-condeclimate-version' into 'mas...
b256c5e 2017-11-16 Update license_finder to 3.1.1
dd0e4f3 2017-11-13 Update VERSION to 10.2.0-rc1
d405e2b 2017-11-13 Merge branch '10-2-stable-prepare-rc1' into '10-2-stable'
c374261 2017-11-10 Add Update guide for 10.2
874d876 2017-11-10 Update licenses for 10.2
a2bf79c 2017-11-10 Update templates for 10.2
723a788 2017-11-10 Update to 10-2-stable
b488c16 2017-11-10 Merge remote-tracking branch ''
6245f99 2017-11-09 Merge commit 'e43cd26170972b232d707bf1f57bdf189c1d01e7' ...
26b6dfa 2017-11-09 Add /groups/:id/subgroups endpoint to API
76c4568 2017-11-08 Update VERSION to 9.5.10
44af1f1 2017-11-08 Update for 9.5.10
fb1364a 2017-11-08 Update for 9.5.10
19737ae 2017-11-06 Remove parsePikadayDate test
51f73b8 2017-11-06 Use Vue warnhandler
6f1a4ba 2017-11-03 Add system hooks user_rename and group_rename
ad6862c 2017-11-02 Update .nvmrc to current stable (v9.0.0)
3a023c5 2017-11-02 Make NamespaceSelect change URL when filtering
dad38b2 2017-11-02 Make contributors page translatable
c85e5e0 2017-11-01 Merge branch 'fix-application-setting-nil-cache' into 'm...
cc27e5f 2017-10-31 Update VERSION to 10.1.1
3e5f283 2017-10-31 Update for 10.1.1
d043d08 2017-10-31 Update for 10.1.1
34d53d2 2017-10-26 Add failing test for
46259f7 2017-10-26 Reduce eslint-disable from NamespaceSelect
6bae610 2017-10-26 Replace showAny for NamespaceSelect by isFilter
fcc82ab 2017-10-26 Inline onSelectItem of NamespaceSelect
0637625 2017-10-26 Make NamespaceSelect a module
53f9675 2017-10-21 Update VERSION to 10.1.0-rc4
6b6fac9 2017-10-21 Fix failure in current_settings_spec.rb
954c116 2017-10-20 Merge branch 'fix-application-setting-nil-cache' into 'm...
81175d2 2017-10-20 Merge branch 'fix-application-setting-nil-cache' into 'm...
beeed14 2017-10-20 Fix failure in current_settings_spec.rb
bb1f4e3 2017-10-20 Merge branch '10-1-stable-prepare-rc4' into '10-1-stable'
1652288 2017-10-20 Merge branch 'tc-page-title-encoding-fix' into 'master'
85c2016 2017-10-20 Merge branch 'tc-page-title-encoding-fix' into 'master'
a0fc7c4 2017-10-19 Update VERSION to 10.1.0-rc3
7e72a67 2017-10-18 Merge branch '10-1-stable-prepare-rc3' into '10-1-stable'
fc68a3a 2017-10-17 Change project deletion message from alert to notice
4b374d2 2017-10-11 Shorten example translation for inclusive language
d171435 2017-10-11 Add inclusive language to translation guidelines
56e6dab 2017-10-11 Fix alignment for indeterminate marker in dropdowns
30e0262 2017-10-09 Make naming imports more clear
265b1a3 2017-10-06 Show confirmation modal before deleting account
420360f 2017-10-04 Cleanup Select2 dropdown styles
9ba0454 2017-10-03 Fix link to Vue.js style guide
dae78a5 2017-10-03 Fix linting errors in sprintf
b509588 2017-10-03 Add basic sprintf implementation to JavaScript
0612ee6 2017-09-27 Fix linting errors in locale/index.js
e7ad2bf 2017-09-26 Make issue boards sidebar full height
18eaac2 2017-09-25 Add changelog entry
4f51590 2017-09-25 Escape user name in filtered search bar
4e83115 2017-09-25 Add failing test for
920c0de 2017-09-22 Make branches page translatable
e4708e2 2017-09-21 Avoid wrapping users in dropdown
f45f7ad 2017-09-21 Upgrade Nokogiri because of CVE-2017-9050
72a30d6 2017-09-15 Display whether branch has been merged when deleting pro...
4d53b65 2017-09-06 Make UpdateService error message translatable
058c04f 2017-09-06 Replace <h5> with <label>
f1edd8a 2017-09-06 Add missing .html_safes
b8e389e 2017-09-06 Remove top margin from .control-label
e0fb776 2017-09-06 Make texts translatable
c53c20a 2017-09-06 Use <h5> for .control-label
8103a00 2017-09-06 Add changelog entry for new dropdown styles
8769961 2017-09-05 Make search dropdowns consistent
2ca454c 2017-08-18 Make issuable filter dropdown style consistent
b54a1e0 2017-08-16 Make sort by dropdown style consistent
d2b4109 2017-08-15 Display GPG status loading spinner only when Ajax reques...
bca5747 2017-08-07 Upgrade haml_lint Gem to 0.26.0
8b7f4a6 2017-08-03 Use mixin for new dropdown style
a7102fb 2017-08-03 Make dropdown style on project page consistent
4546ecd 2017-08-01 Derive project path from import URL
08ea957 2017-08-01 Make time span dropdown style on cycle analytics page co...
553346a 2017-06-29 Remove empty afterEach() from issue_show app_spec.js
925eea2 2017-06-23 Make JavaScript tests fail for unhandled Promise rejections
2955e95 2017-06-20 Clean up Vue warnings in tests
ef4bc6d 2017-06-19 Adjust position and wording for related issues in merge ...
f2b34fb 2017-06-02 Show current user immediately in issuable filters
035b7cc 2017-05-19 Add users endpoint to frontend API class
fe3458e 2017-05-18 Minor changes to Testing Promises section
2e89eb6 2017-05-16 Replace broken autocomplete field for new tags with drop...
b304d41 2017-05-10 Track pending requests in AjaxCache
b51f2a6 2017-05-05 Colorize labels in issue search field
e9a3ac2 2017-04-14 Mention new mechanism to generate frontend fixtures