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#96 winh - All time
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Hash Date Message
97e8187 2017-09-18 Add missing import statements
7e320bc 2017-09-06 Replace duplicate <label> by <div>
af95daf 2017-09-06 Remove unnessesary slash from HAML
37c76ce 2017-09-06 Restore droplab item style for keyboard navigation
396e262 2017-09-05 Make role dropdown on group admin area consistent
8b0967b 2017-09-05 Make .ajax-users-select dropdown consistent
7440199 2017-09-05 Make issuable action dropdowns style consistent
b282e17 2017-09-04 Make target branch dropdown on merge request edit page c...
3c1dfcc 2017-09-04 Make dropdowns on new issue page consistent
b354754 2017-09-04 Avoid @extend for .text-danger in dropdowns
39a4c70 2017-08-31 Make transfer project dropdown in project settings consi...
2d6733c 2017-08-31 Make protected branches / tags permission dropdowns cons...
14a1fe7 2017-08-31 Make project selection dropdown for issue editing consis...
18441fd 2017-08-30 Make build job stage dropdown consistent
94c24b8 2017-08-30 Make comment form dropdown style consistent
5a9d5a0 2017-08-30 Make create merge request / branch dropdown on issue pag...
e942411 2017-08-30 Make issuable sidebar dropdowns style consistent
7644121 2017-08-30 Make member permission dropdowns consistent
e1c5489 2017-08-30 Make pipeline action dropdowns consistent
f55b14d 2017-08-30 Make profile settings dropdown consistent
c68a3e8 2017-08-30 Make namespace dropdown on new project page consistent
fde951b 2017-08-29 Make label actions dropdown style consistent
0c8736a 2017-08-29 Change pipeline dropdowns to new style
770cf11 2017-08-29 Make file encoding dropdown consistent
573f73f 2017-08-29 Make issuable dashboard dropdowns consistent
9eb691d 2017-08-29 Make deploy-to dropdown on environments page consistent
41fc4be 2017-08-29 Make merge request form dropdowns consistent
a9e72ae 2017-08-29 Make download dropdown on merge request page consistent
76945ed 2017-08-28 Make member search dropdown consistent
53fd932 2017-08-28 Make file template dropdowns consistent
6038d0e 2017-08-28 Make merge request version dropdowns consistent
a01ed20 2017-08-28 Make todos dashboard dropdowns consistent
54b3908 2017-08-28 Make notification dropdowns consistent
ed95119 2017-08-28 Make namespace select dropdowns consistent
5c592a9 2017-08-28 Make comment actions dropdown style consistent
f5e54ed 2017-08-20 Make project selection dropdown consistent
529d590 2017-08-17 Prevent horizontal scrolling in new sidebar when collapsed
0780fba 2017-08-17 Make admin user actions dropdown consistent
eb4c3f4 2017-08-09 Make Pikaday dropdowns style consistent
6433559 2017-08-09 Make Git revision dropdown style consistent
d1500e8 2017-08-08 Restore blob fixture for JavaScript tests
b353700 2017-08-08 Restrict InlineJavaScript for haml_lint to dev and test ...
736a788 2017-08-07 Remove gl.Activities from Commits page
a1be8bb 2017-08-04 Make new dropdown dividers full width
5fc9857 2017-08-01 Make Markdown autocomplete dropdown style consistent
78829db 2017-07-31 Fix badge positioning in new navigation for Firefox
c468628 2017-07-31 Make projects dropdown style in new navigation consistent
8bcfdeb 2017-07-31 Make dropdown style on repository page consistent
8961b7e 2017-07-26 Make header dropdown styles consistent
3319315 2017-07-25 Make issuable searchbar full height
6ab1277 2017-06-27 Introduce addClassIfElementExists utility
a61eda7 2017-06-27 Add condition if there is a current user to DropdownUser
abfb591 2017-06-27 Add failing test for #34141
1fc9262 2017-06-26 Handle Promise rejections in mr_widget_pipeline_spec.js
50fffb5 2017-06-26 Handle missing pipeline in merge request widget
1a58170 2017-06-22 Suppress Vue tips when running Karma
07742c0 2017-06-22 Add failing test for #32987
40eb825 2017-06-21 Revert "Merge branch 'winh-merge-request-related-issues'...
935e239 2017-06-16 Darken label color in search filter when hovering
5c9a4e8 2017-06-13 Move remove token of Select2 to the right
b83972f 2017-06-13 Ignore CVE-2017-5029 in Nokogiri
3268b84 2017-06-12 Ignore CVE-2017-5029 in Nokogiri
0583916 2017-06-02 Style people in issuable search bar (!11402)
f032731 2017-06-02 Move clear search button out of issuable search bar
b229706 2017-06-02 Add frontend fixture for issue list
67e5235 2017-06-02 Simplify filtered_search_visual_tokens_spec.js
0a26480 2017-05-31 Center loading spinner in issuable filters
d571690 2017-05-31 Use inline source maps for karma (!11815)
d369827 2017-05-29 Fix alignment of tree symbols in merge requests
f565c43 2017-05-25 Provide default for calculating label text color (!11681)
e63d27d 2017-05-25 Add failing test for #32728
12f107e 2017-05-24 Use AjaxCache in Droplab AjaxFilter
a607ba4 2017-05-23 Make static filter entries scroll with dynamic ones
d7f9b40 2017-05-23 Add frontend UsersCache class (!11404)
c102656 2017-05-21 Extract Cache class from AjaxCache
382995c 2017-05-18 Use AjaxCache in Droplab Ajax plugin (!11171)
4950dd9 2017-05-17 Document Promise testing best practice (!11284)
75e6134 2017-05-11 Add missing tear down of sidebarMockInterceptor (!11204)
5018149 2017-05-11 Link to commit author user page from pipelines (!11100)
b1645ab 2017-05-11 Add failing test for #29368
999f71f 2017-05-11 Handle Promise rejections in RecentSearchesService spec ...
a7a53cd 2017-05-10 Replace pipeline mock data with JSON fixture
073a5b8 2017-05-09 Add German translation for Cycle Analytics (!11161)
683be63 2017-05-05 Use absolute URLs for fixtures (!11133)