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#90 Vinnie Okada - All time
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Hash Date Message
56e06b0 2015-05-16 Add tests for password reset token changes
af428b1 2015-05-16 Fill in email on the new password form
c68c232 2015-05-16 Redirect if password reset token is expired
0bfab08 2015-05-16 Explain reset token expiration in emails
bd557e4 2015-04-26 Add new admin settings
df9a992 2015-04-18 Fix GFM extractions
a7be1ad 2015-04-17 Add new rake task
acd80bd 2015-04-16 Add new rake task
fabaeb0 2015-03-28 Upgrade gitlab_git gem to version 7.1.3
9deda68 2015-03-28 Parse GFM references after sanitizing
0f78d92 2015-03-28 Don't use chmod_R for backup tars
083027f 2015-03-25 Change directory when removing old backups
057c8c3 2015-03-25 Merge branch 'master' into markdown-tags
49c3cc8 2015-03-24 Remove the email patches link for merge commits
637ca0b 2015-03-23 Merge branch 'master' into markdown-tags
b7ed7d0 2015-03-23 Update CHANGELOG
a7afc06 2015-03-23 Fix SanitizationFilter bugs
5f86c08 2015-03-21 Fix link in patch update guide
c5b5c2e 2015-03-21 Add sidetiq dependency
f5e65e2 2015-03-21 Merge branch 'master' into markdown-tags
1dc90fc 2015-03-21 Fix nested task lists
cc29ce4 2015-03-21 Don't allow style attributes in inline HTML
52bf95a 2015-03-20 Change HTML sanitization
06aafb7 2015-03-20 Call chdir() with a block
abbea9a 2015-03-20 Move backup permission changes to version 7.10
33d5a60 2015-03-18 Handle nil restricted visibility settings
e535d21 2015-03-18 Handle nil restricted visibility settings
feeffc4 2015-03-18 Merge branch 'master' into markdown-tags
61c06c5 2015-03-18 Change permissions on backup files
2e672c3 2015-03-16 Fix restricted visibility bugs
7c3c836 2015-03-16 Handle null restricted_visibility_levels setting
8587a29 2015-03-15 Change permissions on backup files
d7f357a 2015-03-14 Use pre-wrap for diff code in discussion view
ad0ca04 2015-03-14 Merge branch 'master' into fix-restricted-visibility
13e9f4f 2015-03-14 Add tests for snippet services
5710c1a 2015-03-14 Update snippet authorization
9623b71 2015-03-11 More restricted visibility changes
928fc94 2015-03-08 Enforce restricted visibilities for snippets
285c534 2015-03-08 Allow admins to override restricted visibility
cacac14 2015-03-07 Move restricted visibility settings to the UI
38c52b1 2015-03-02 Fix checkbox alignment in application settings
5f232b5 2015-02-22 Improve error messages when file editing fails
5a8d8b6 2015-02-22 Merge branch 'master' into rails-4.1.9
64a7ecc 2015-02-21 Update CHANGELOG
2a9eed6 2015-02-21 Merge branch 'master' into rails-4.1.9
83e2a1c 2015-02-20 Update path helper references
9e9ce95 2015-02-20 Merge branch 'master' into rails-4.1.9
e0f61a5 2015-02-16 Use shorter map() syntax
9e0467c 2015-02-15 Fix application client count
020ec31 2015-02-15 Update CHANGELOG
655e9c6 2015-02-15 Update CHANGELOG
1da7781 2015-02-15 Add items to "quick help"
49d5099 2015-02-15 Avoid duplicate application rows
76aad9b 2015-02-14 Upgrade to Rails 4.1.9
b0dacc8 2015-02-12 Edit group members via API
0eed5ca 2015-01-21 Upgrade Sidekiq to 3.3
742e6ee 2014-12-08 Merge branch 'upstream-master' into markdown-preview
41518a4 2014-10-23 Remove :keep_repo option
7a5072c 2014-10-22 Fix test assertions
5bb8aff 2014-10-18 Fix more Markdown preview tests
74c82ae 2014-10-18 Fix houndci warnings
f9e423b 2014-10-18 Fix long line in view
de53bc9 2014-10-18 Add new Markdown preview test
e06f0ea 2014-10-18 Fix Markdown preview tests
e149146 2014-10-18 Refactor Markdown preview tests
f2764e5 2014-10-18 Use actual GitLab URL for test assertion
cd3eabd 2014-10-17 Use GET instead of POST for Markdown previews
786045a 2014-10-16 Fix Rspec error when using non-default port
5700842 2014-10-16 Add Markdown preview to more forms
b3c70d0 2014-10-13 Improve dashboard note view and add tests
5b2a42a 2014-10-12 Preserve link href in truncated note view
8a52ff9 2014-10-11 Document Markdown table formatting issue
1a9c2dd 2014-10-10 Document whitelisted HTML tags and attributes
6798a6a 2014-10-10 Allow HTML tags in user Markdown input
85f1e8b 2014-10-10 Remove unused method
68b5ac7 2014-10-07 Add option to keep repo on project delete
9dcb643 2014-10-07 Rename coffeescript file
0084b8a 2014-10-07 Display renamed files in diff views
40263a0 2014-10-07 Refactor task list tests and coffeescript
31bc42d 2014-10-06 Add Spinach tests for task lists
3a3b2eb 2014-10-06 Update docs for task lists
fecd9c0 2014-10-06 Add specs for tasks
9f0083a 2014-10-06 Add task lists to issues and merge requests
8dce0cd 2014-10-05 Fix cross-project reference test
a9cd3bf 2014-10-05 Fix external commit links
bcf88c8 2014-10-05 Fix external issue links
088987e 2014-10-03 Make Mentionables work for cross-project refs
2c46c45 2014-10-03 Track projects in ReferenceExtractor
7edc143 2014-10-03 Fix ReferenceExtractor
1b1ba6b 2014-10-03 Implement cross-project Markdown references
b7874c8 2014-09-30 Fix typo in link title
31abf76 2014-09-30 Replace Gitlab::Git::GitStats
97e2f8a 2014-09-26 Update expected value in notify_spec
8ec602e 2014-09-22 Fix invalid method in test
8ed7391 2014-08-22 Handle undefined text area values