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effbc7f 2017-06-20 Revert "Merge branch 'confidential-issues-redesign-docs'...
8ec4fb6 2017-06-19 Docs permissions for group labels
f6dccf0 2017-06-16 Jira integ docs
3c63dca 2017-06-15 Update
4ba5c57 2017-06-15 Update
6640b92 2017-06-15 Replace confidential_issues_issue_page.png
b43481b 2017-06-15 convdev docs
920e62b 2017-05-19 Auto update docs
7447973 2017-05-12 New branch new mr docs
7dd00a9 2017-04-28 Improve Slack docs
dd04ad3 2017-04-21 Remove reference to burndown charts since they don't exi...
41bc820 2017-04-17 Update wording.
7ac55b3 2017-04-17 Clarify wording for "release" and dates.
34b0197 2017-04-13 Remove unnecessary example.
cce27d3 2017-04-13 Remove issue boards from recent searches
e114d11 2017-04-12 Change heading
7c41484 2017-04-12 Update
530d17f 2017-04-10 remove stray comma [ci skip]
400c328 2017-04-10 high-priority-features-in-patch-releases
a5badd4 2017-04-07 Update
d56d2a0 2016-12-27 Add changelog
b5f3c85 2016-12-26 Rename filename to file path in tooltip of file header i...
602447a 2016-12-12 Fix test
b727a43 2016-12-09 Remove unnecessary message
e887e96 2016-11-20 Remove contents section since it's not necessary [ci skip]
88cc283 2016-11-18 Remove hyphen [ci skip]
bef7585 2016-11-18 Remove hyphen [ci skip]
709e590 2016-11-18 Add spaces to conform to style guide [ci skip]
6314a51 2016-11-17 Update [ci skip]
32fc9d3 2016-11-17 Delete .gitkeep [ci skip]
d5d80ca 2016-11-17 Upload new file [ci skip]
b14d840 2016-11-17 Upload new file [ci skip]
2eb42d7 2016-11-17 Upload new file [ci skip]
1fb1d5d 2016-11-17 Add new directory [ci skip]
4c51973 2016-11-17 Add file [ci skip]
a2c397a 2016-11-17 Link to object state models [ci skip]
cfabd5b 2016-11-17 Update with issue guideline updates and merge re...
f92ea12 2016-11-15 [ci skip] Link to the copy (messaging) page.
9d0dc68 2016-11-11 Update to link to UX guide
7cb3fbb 2016-11-04 Correct spelling of Andreesen's name