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#256 vanadium23 - All time
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Hash Date Message
e99444b 2017-08-15 Fix CI_PROJECT_PATH_SLUG slugify
8d44d51 2017-07-06 Add user projects API
eda30f3 2017-06-21 Filter archived project in API v3 only if param present
1d85cc4 2017-06-21 Remove registry image delete button if user cant delete it
5419503 2017-06-16 Disable fork button on project limit
83a9a47 2017-06-16 Accept image for avatar in user API
4ccd799 2017-06-09 Accept image for avatar in project API
3f80281 2017-06-03 Add slugify project path to CI enviroment variables
86caeba 2017-05-31 Display Shared Runner status in Admin Dashboard
0684073 2017-05-31 Add tag_list param to project api