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#148 Toon Claes - All time
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eeb567d 2017-02-22 Add Merge Request link to the v3 to v4 documentation
4e9e29d 2017-02-14 API: Consolidate /projects endpoint
7a33aaf 2017-02-07 Use VisibilityLevel constants in spec
c6ad83e 2017-02-07 API: remove `public` param for projects
aa0bc52 2017-01-25 `can?` already includes the `feature_available?` check
eaffe8c 2017-01-25 Test there is no Merge Request button when MRs are disabled
2669fdb 2017-01-25 Ensure the correct Merge Request button is found
0d2c68d 2017-01-23 Deduplicate tests for Merge Request buttons
7ce3948 2017-01-20 Only show Merge Request button when user can create a MR
b746774 2017-01-09 Treat environments matching `production/*` as Production
1afab9e 2016-11-09 Add button to delete all merged branches