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#67 Toon Claes - All time
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69f584e 2017-04-27 Make namespace owner master of project upon creation
c398f40 2017-04-27 Remove superfluous if/else branching
35fd7e6 2017-04-27 Avoid including the MarkupHelper
66c8756 2017-04-27 Remove the unnecessary ApplicationSetting stubbing
5473f3d 2017-04-27 Add commit to the Banzai::post_process context
af114f1 2017-04-27 `markdown` helper is not used with pre-rendered content
ed6ed25 2017-04-27 Remove unused optional parameter `asciidoc_opts`
a534427 2017-04-27 Fix failing specs
677101b 2017-04-27 Make the `_unsafe` methods private
310c3b2 2017-04-27 Single quotes in MarkupHelper where possible
05e0f50 2017-04-27 Cache the rendered README, but post-process on show
ef4d444 2017-04-27 Move some methods from ApplicationHelper to MarkupHelper
d95bffc 2017-04-27 Rename GitlabMarkdownHelper -> MarkupHelper
a204d14 2017-04-27 Avoid plucking Todo ids and use sub-queries instead
9566246 2017-04-24 Simplify specs and remove unnecessary attributes
14642e3 2017-04-24 Refactor ExpirePipelineCacheWorker#perform
c623c41 2017-04-24 Use a better performing query to find all MRs for pipeline
ccb9bee 2017-04-24 Properly expire cache for **all** MRs of a pipeline
e6571ed 2017-04-06 Check if a commit belongs to pipeline before trying to e...
9e89c93 2017-04-06 Enable polling for pipelines table other pages
26e24bb 2017-04-06 Set the Etag cache polling interval
751dae5 2017-04-06 In case of Etag cache hit, the body should be empty
847b9c8 2017-04-06 Use Etag caching for pipelines json
0ec3a03 2017-04-06 Show the test coverage if it is available
717547e 2017-04-06 Clearly show who triggered the pipeline in email
4bc7012 2017-04-06 Make it possible to preview pipeline success/failed emails
add5cd9 2017-03-27 API: Make the /notes endpoint work with noteable iid ins...
d536d95 2017-03-27 Remove `:id/merge_requests/:merge_request_iid/comments` ...
0759db8 2017-03-23 Move user_link to generic UsersHelper
5058fc6 2017-03-23 Remove redundant code to convert restricted_levels to in...
7bfa523 2017-03-23 Resolve future conflicts with CE -> EE merge
a57890b 2017-03-22 Add helpers for pipeline user link & user avatar
e2d5818 2017-03-22 Show pipeline creator & created_at in heading
4e1ceba 2017-03-20 Undo explicit conversion to Integer
71306f1 2017-03-20 Make level_value accept string integers
dd3d62b 2017-03-20 Make feature spec more robust
16cca3a 2017-03-20 Expose if action is playable in JSON
670427c 2017-03-16 Put the use of "No Label" in the description
c92808e 2017-03-10 Fix for creating a project through API when import_url i...
ed6afb3 2017-03-07 API V4 is no longer in Beta
13c3f62 2017-03-07 Update description about GET /projects endpoint
ae9218a 2017-03-07 Remove user_can_download_artifacts
901fbda 2017-03-07 Make it possible to query scope as scope[]=
f372400 2017-03-07 Add GET /projects/:id/pipelines/:pipeline_id/jobs endpoint
9e942b5 2017-03-06 Fix all tests
6357635 2017-03-03 Rename query parameter to `membership`
59e7d04 2017-03-03 Expose pipelines as PipelineBasic `projects/:id/pipelines`
c3b1cb7 2017-03-02 Override setters so it also accepts string visibility le...
a3fdd6a 2017-03-02 Use string based `visibility` getter & setter
bc20fa9 2017-03-02 Add visibility change to API v3 -> v4 doc
260cc57 2017-03-02 Expose ApplicationSetting visibility settings as String
2098561 2017-03-02 Expose Snippet VisibilityLevel as String
ed8f13c 2017-03-02 Ensure v3 environments endpoints remain unchanged
f45cbc8 2017-03-02 Expose Group VisibilityLevel as String
b2c2dfe 2017-03-02 Expose Project's & ProjectSnippet's VisibilityLevel as S...
fc28719 2017-03-02 A VisibilityLevel also can be presented as string
8c569e2 2017-02-28 Add environment `/stop` action
eeb567d 2017-02-22 Add Merge Request link to the v3 to v4 documentation
4e9e29d 2017-02-14 API: Consolidate /projects endpoint
7a33aaf 2017-02-07 Use VisibilityLevel constants in spec
c6ad83e 2017-02-07 API: remove `public` param for projects
aa0bc52 2017-01-25 `can?` already includes the `feature_available?` check
eaffe8c 2017-01-25 Test there is no Merge Request button when MRs are disabled
2669fdb 2017-01-25 Ensure the correct Merge Request button is found
0d2c68d 2017-01-23 Deduplicate tests for Merge Request buttons
7ce3948 2017-01-20 Only show Merge Request button when user can create a MR
b746774 2017-01-09 Treat environments matching `production/*` as Production
1afab9e 2016-11-09 Add button to delete all merged branches