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#39 Tomasz Maczukin - All time
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5a60a54 2018-10-04 Add CHANGELOG entry
42af229 2018-10-04 Simplify runner registration token resetting
953a061 2018-07-18 Merge branch 'Docs-Repo-Size' into 'master'
288be08 2018-06-28 Improve documentation of how to build Docker Images with...
ed99467 2018-06-25 Add CHANGELOG entry
1563395 2018-06-25 Enforce setting string as value of the CI/CD variable
d2aa3e3 2018-06-07 Merge branch 'introduce-job-keep-alive-api-endpoint' int...
6139c01 2018-06-07 Update CHANGELOG
a6a9002 2018-06-07 Change update entrypoint instead of adding new keep-aliv...
6fafc63 2018-06-07 Add CHANGELOG entry
435e661 2018-06-07 Introduce new keep-alive API entrypoint for CI job
770504b 2018-05-29 Add documentation about variables usage in GitLab CI
e7de169 2018-05-23 Add documentation of variables usage for disabling/enabl...
ac5fef6 2018-05-22 Add CHANGELOG entry
135f012 2018-05-22 Add missing migration for minimal Project build_timeout
a9b5f58 2018-05-09 Add CHANGELOG entry
8516e3a 2018-05-09 Support 'active' setting on Runner Registration API endp...
333293b 2018-05-07 Document new variables
b817e1d 2018-05-07 Add memoization of commit related values in Ci::Pipeline
7f54488 2018-05-07 Add CHANGELOG entry
698a0c4 2018-05-07 Add a CI_COMMIT_MESSAGE predefined variable
9b221e9 2018-04-24 Add documentation about resetting the runner registratio...
d932533 2018-04-24 Add CHANGELOG entry
d71193a 2018-04-24 Show Runner's description on job's page
cca5797 2018-04-17 Temporary fix for eager loading issue in Ci::RegisterJob...
33de331 2018-04-17 Move Ci::BuildMetadata#update_timeout_state to after_tra...
067f5f1 2018-04-10 Protect register_job_service from pending job with queue...
2cc0c69 2018-04-10 Ensure that enqueuing a commit status always sets 'queue...
2c7f076 2018-04-10 Add CHANGELOG entry
f770e0f 2018-04-10 Partition job_queue_duration_seconds with jobs_running_f...
b72da4e 2018-04-05 Update settings with current state
65529bd 2018-04-05 Add CHANGELOG entry
43a07e7 2018-04-05 Partition job_queue_duration_seconds with jobs_running_f...
9750006 2018-04-05 Update documentation
b6d3e57 2018-04-05 Add CHANGELOG entry
edcba1a 2018-04-05 Allow HTTP(s) when git request is made by GitLab CI
0f66a1b 2018-04-05 Add CHANGELOG entry
5197b14 2018-04-04 Update tests for settings/ci_cd_controller_spec
a52e3ed 2018-04-04 Specify default value for Project#build_timeout
909c277 2018-04-04 Move leftovers from pipelines_settings_controller to set...
99caa5b 2018-04-04 Use ChronicDurationAttribute to handle CI/CD timeout set...
1120439 2018-04-04 Fix sidebar_details_block.vue and simplify build_metadat...
964933c 2018-04-04 Create metadata object on build object creation
fe60431 2018-03-29 Fix documentation introduced in gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!17221
6ecde00 2018-03-28 Remove Ci::Build#timeout
403decb 2018-03-28 Add explicit primary key for ci_builds_metadata table
7008ed1 2018-03-28 Change and rename behavior of save_timeout_state!
c2bc153 2018-03-28 Refactorize ChronicDurationAttribute concern
973e403 2018-03-28 Refactor build_metadata
7d7b068 2018-03-28 Add validation for max_timeout in Ci::Runner
c747d9b 2018-03-28 Add validation for chronic_duration_attr_writer
ed86344 2018-03-28 Add tests for Ci::BuildMetadata
557c85a 2018-03-28 Use raw value of maximum_timeout for Runner registration...
9ccde9c 2018-03-28 Fix style problem in spec/requests/api/runners_spec.rb
a1cd339 2018-03-28 Add project_id column to Ci::BuildMetadata
afcc57a 2018-03-28 Rename metadata relation and methods
4c34823 2018-03-28 Fix sidebar_detail_row_spec.js
1240175 2018-03-28 BuildMetadata styling improvements
d58d309 2018-03-28 Rename used_timeout to timeout
f5e602e 2018-03-28 Rename maximum_job_timeout to maximum_timeout
1e13876 2018-03-28 Fix tests failures
62f053e 2018-03-28 Update runner registration API
d02694c 2018-03-28 Use help_page_path helper to generate runner_help_url
bb64b20 2018-03-28 Refactorize Ci::Build and Ci::BuildMetadata models
9ef86b1 2018-03-28 Fix transition failure when metadata not exists
27c4cdb 2018-03-28 Update tests - remove unneeded change
2ed1d54 2018-03-28 Fix static analysis offences
1dde609 2018-03-28 Move job timeout information to new ci_builds_metadata t...
d34e937 2018-03-28 Add tests for frontend changes
1b0b8b9 2018-03-28 Change timeout_source to enum
8ffa480 2018-03-28 Downcase timeout_source value
dbd7455 2018-03-28 Use _human_readable for Runner's registration API
7ef24a4 2018-03-28 Properly handle empty value for chronic duration attribute
1454970 2018-03-28 Revert change in doc/ci/runners/img/shared_runners_admin...
cb502b6 2018-03-28 Remove unused method
3e7f3bc 2018-03-28 Refactor timeout selection mechanism
e75614e 2018-03-28 Add few frontend improvements
f18eb6d 2018-03-28 Add styling improvements in specs
40f57b9 2018-03-28 Use change instead of up/down in simple migrations
27266db 2018-03-28 Remove information about maximum_job_timeout from runner...
36753b7 2018-03-28 Replace user_readable with human_readable
4ce376c 2018-03-28 Rename chronic_duration_attribute* to chronic_duration_a...
c21e817 2018-03-28 Add link to timeout overriding documentation from job pa...
42d2551 2018-03-28 Update documentation
78a4189 2018-03-28 Show timeout information on job's page
d633bc8 2018-03-28 Rename job_upper_timeout to maximum_job_timeout
a4ea9a9 2018-03-28 Add ChroniDurationAttribute concern
3c23cef 2018-03-28 Add CHANGELOG entry
b6d26f9 2018-03-28 Add UI support for per-runner job timeout
834f473 2018-03-28 Override project-defined timeout with runner-defined one
7b82f4b 2018-03-28 Add support for job_upper_timeout in API
fb0dec4 2018-03-28 Add new column to ci_runners table
9c9c048 2018-03-20 Add CHANGELOG entry
a617619 2018-03-20 Prevent auto-retry AccessDenied error from stopping tran...
af6c16a 2018-03-14 Add CHANGELOG entry
5b91905 2018-03-14 Update CI services documnetation
a0f020c 2018-02-21 Add CHANGELOG entry
5d81446 2018-02-21 Change cache index delimiter to character not recognizab...
4460863 2018-02-13 Make parent_id field integer/null value instead of string
b17c3ab 2017-12-12 Fix entrypoint overriding documentation
13a902a 2017-11-27 Refactorize jobs finding logic
9d27ce1 2017-11-27 Update documentation
c0e7261 2017-11-27 Use 'set' instead of 'let!' when it's possible
7b643c0 2017-11-27 Modify output
b7ed102 2017-11-27 Allow filtering by 'status'
8d3e806 2017-11-27 Add information about project
83607a4 2017-11-27 Add CHANGELOG entry
623eb68 2017-11-27 Add new API endpoint - list jobs of a specified runner
f144cce 2017-11-27 Update policies unit tests
a9212e0 2017-11-27 Add some unit tests for lib/api/helpers.rb
97f966c 2017-11-23 Introduce :read_namespace access policy for namespace an...
dfbfd3c 2017-11-23 Allow request namespace by ID or path
5c2578e 2017-11-23 Add CHANGELOG entry
392cc88 2017-11-23 Add new API endpoint - get a namespace by ID
fefd61c 2017-09-25 Add CHANGELOG entry
48d9a72 2017-09-25 Fix locked shared runners problem
6c4d13f 2017-08-28 Update 'Using Docker images' documentation
da2f003 2017-07-03 Update syntax description to new syntax introduced in !1...
512254e 2017-07-03 Add documentation for extended docker configuration opti...
16ff322 2017-07-02 Fix rubocop offenses
dcdf2a8 2017-07-02 Make entrypoint and command keys to be array of strings
645c865 2017-06-12 Remove Gitlab::Ci::Config::Entry::DockerImage
3e75fd6 2017-06-12 Improve specs for GitlabCiYamlProcessor
7805eea 2017-06-12 Refactor old formad handling in lib/ci/api/entities.rb
fa0a326 2017-06-12 Rename API::Entities::JobRequest::ServiceImage to API::E...
c64de41 2017-06-12 Add CHANGELOG entry
b7d6bb9 2017-06-12 Ensure that old API v1 generates still the same output
c70e9f2 2017-06-12 Send new configuration options with job's payload
8c6e2ba 2017-06-12 Add support for docker image configuration in .gitlab-ci...
cd06310 2017-05-15 Remove references to '/ci' path while describing Runner'...
3878a77 2017-03-23 Fix after_script processing for Runners APIv4
37b36b4 2017-03-20 Update example's name in /runners/verify tests
45f1975 2017-03-20 Simplify Ci::Build#dependencies method
c191c11 2017-03-20 Send only defined dependencies
9267a9b 2017-03-20 Send token of depenent job
e79ab11 2017-03-20 Remove legacy Runners support in /api/v4/jobs/request
bbf4d27 2017-03-20 Make runner's veryfication working again
5c91f92 2017-03-16 Fix regression in runners registration v1 api
2e1b223 2017-03-13 Fix regression in runners registration v1 api
32b09b8 2017-03-07 Add minor refactoring
0905fe4 2017-03-06 Change artifacts and cache fields to arrays
2956f0a 2017-03-06 Fix spec for Ci::RegisterJobService
440ef78 2017-03-06 Fix rubocop offenses
4d4e99a 2017-03-02 Renable StuckCiBuildsWorker to StucjCiJobsWorker
5c1aa5f 2017-03-02 Add some fixes and refactoring after review
1bbf2c2 2017-03-02 Fix rubocop offenses
f7d3523 2017-03-02 Add artifacts downloading API
c2eb547 2017-03-02 Add artifacts uploading API
2a7f555 2017-03-02 Add artifacts uploading authorize API
7e46db0 2017-03-02 Add job patch trace API
d5f7e54 2017-03-02 Add job update API
fb8210a 2017-03-02 Update step data naming
6556459 2017-03-02 Add missing param description for POST /api/v4/jobs/request
0ef2803 2017-03-02 Add changelog entry
bbf5bb7 2017-03-02 Fix rubocop offenses
3eafffc 2017-03-02 Refactor JobRequest response structure
3d26a8d 2017-03-02 Add jobs requesting API
b66fe22 2017-03-01 Make 'joins' line shorter
44ef680 2017-03-01 Fix rubocop offenses
6db7c23 2017-03-01 Add minor updates
48cb391 2017-03-01 Improve builds search query
e9f83c4 2017-03-01 Add Gitlab::OptimisticLocking for build dropping
0ba385b 2017-03-01 Add exclusive lease for stuck_ci_builds_worker
a4e996d 2017-03-01 Update default configuration of stuck_ci_builds_worker c...
8d1cdc9 2017-03-01 Update stuck and outdated builds cleanup worker
e25f26e 2017-02-16 Rename API::Ci to API::Runner
22c983d 2017-02-16 Fix rubocop offenses
a4b2e90 2017-02-16 Add changelog entry
618ce94 2017-02-16 Add Runner registration/deletion API
afcc990 2017-01-20 Merge branch 'ci-submodule-doc-update' into 'master'
cf1f7e8 2017-01-19 Merge branch 'ci-submodule-doc-update' into 'master'
4611956 2016-11-21 Add Gitlab::Ci::Build::Credentials module with build cre...
e3fb074 2016-11-21 Send credentials array with build data
596bbf6 2016-11-16 Send registry_url with build data to GitLab Runner
0934f8d 2016-11-16 Update CHANGELOG
7004851 2016-11-16 Add CHANGELOG entry
4dab79c 2016-11-15 Update the updated_at of a build while patching the trace
e940d97 2016-09-13 Fix a typo in documentation
5b8613b 2016-09-13 Add test with inactive error use case for 'POST /ci/api/...
f369e62 2016-09-13 Fix rubocop offences
1c63413 2016-09-13 Update API documentation
d24b6ad 2016-09-13 Update CHANGELOG
940f900 2016-09-13 Change response for /ci/api/v1/builds/register.json from...
52fe609 2016-09-01 Refactor Ci::Build#raw_trace
7a3cdd4 2016-09-01 Move CHANGELOG entry to a proper version
65274b1 2016-09-01 Fix rubocop offences
c8861da 2016-09-01 Update specs - add mocks to simulate old versions
e2e8ec6 2016-09-01 Add specs
77295de 2016-09-01 Change 404 to 410 error when raw trace is unavailable
56011f9 2016-09-01 Refactorize CI::Build model
cc365e9 2016-09-01 Update CHANGELOG
ed51734 2016-09-01 Handle error on trace raw download with old builds (DB s...
f1a8574 2016-07-02 Merge branch 'master' into dev-master
68cd138 2016-06-15 Update VERSION to 8.8.5
ef30f66 2016-06-15 Update VERSION to 8.7.7
6e3759d 2016-06-15 Update VERSION to 8.6.9
4fc8c0d 2016-06-15 Update VERSION to 8.5.13
e9bef89 2016-06-15 Update VERSION to 8.4.11
5ab31e2 2016-06-15 Update VERSION to 8.3.10
067b8df 2016-06-15 Update VERSION to 8.2.6
778185a 2016-06-14 Update CHANGELOG for 8.8.5
6001abc 2016-06-14 Update CHANGELOG for 8.7.7
d2480cf 2016-06-14 Update CHANGELOG for 8.6.9
da8a764 2016-06-14 Update CHANGELOG for 8.5.13
d82d6e5 2016-06-14 Update CHANGELOG for 8.3.10
fc67a44 2016-06-14 Update CHANGELOG for 8.2.6
fde4460 2016-06-14 Update CHANGELOG for 8.4.11
176e751 2016-06-14 Update CHANGELOG for 8.3.10
0b5cd65 2016-06-14 Update CHANGELOG
34bef25 2016-06-10 Update CHANGELOG
9dfb809 2016-06-10 Fix UTF-8 handling in incremental trace update API
1f608ac 2016-06-03 Remove 'unscoped' from project builds selection
01256ee 2016-05-19 Update 'after_script' introduction note
5fc6a7d 2016-04-25 Update, clarify the 'privileged' m...
9bd0f46 2016-04-25 Replace '-n' with '--name' in docker related documentation
c55f517 2016-04-25 Fix php-docker example (for new docker versions)
4b23b5c 2016-04-22 Move CHANGELOG entry to 8.7.1
9a1b174 2016-04-22 Fix some typos
a2e2989 2016-04-22 Modify code formatting
5018d7d 2016-04-22 Update CHANGELOG
0ccf629 2016-04-22 Simplify the GitlabCiYamlProcessor#initial_parsing method
e1b3ce5 2016-04-22 Fix formatting
8dd27b4 2016-04-22 Add posibility to define a hidden job without 'script' i...
a84d020 2016-04-20 Fix Build#append_trace method usage when trace file does...
4019b0d 2016-04-20 Fix some typos in documentation
0725c28 2016-04-20 Add documentation of incremental trace update API
a701645 2016-04-20 Update CHANGELOG
dd29283 2016-04-20 Make sure that appending is done on a valid length
360bd83 2016-04-20 Add range checking
38a1378 2016-04-20 Add incremental build trace update API
fa337ca 2016-04-19 Improve and fix specs for raw trace
0a13f5f 2016-04-19 Use Rails-way to send file by X-Sendfile
d2dc139 2016-04-19 Update CHANGELOG
81510b4 2016-04-19 Add feature specs for raw trace
bf4371d 2016-04-19 Switch raw trace to use X-Sendfile header
27d1349 2016-04-19 Add raw trace output for GitLab Workhorse
b3a5f63 2016-04-19 Fix prepare build execution in docker environment
f2f6f77 2016-02-19 Rename Entities::ForkedFromProject to Entities::BasicPro...
9823688 2016-02-19 Add CHANGELOG entry
49d5c35 2016-02-19 Fix old usages of `ci_runner` factory
acfe25e 2016-02-19 Refactorize `ci_runner` factory and `let` definitions in...
e4d2f99 2016-02-19 Change `last_contact` to `contacted_at`
7ea60c8 2016-02-19 Replace Entities::RunnerProjectDetails with Entities::Fo...
f8f492e 2016-02-19 Remove unnecessary parameters
a5540b3 2016-02-19 Modify expectations for update runner feature
d38322b 2016-02-19 Change `.map{...}.inject{...}` to `any?{...}` for search...
957c4de 2016-02-19 Reorganize `let` statements in spec/requests/api/runners...
2ef196d 2016-02-19 Change interpolation to named placeholder in owned_or_sh...
4ebadb7 2016-02-19 iChange `name` and `path` to `name_with_namespace` and `...
05e7335 2016-02-19 Update docummentation - specific runner enabling
b36116f 2016-02-19 Move :runner_id param to POST body when enabling specifi...
dc182dc 2016-02-19 Add some modifications to spec/requests/api/runners_spec.rb
d1ac00a 2016-02-19 Modify and fix output of delete and update of a runner
24eed1c 2016-02-19 Modify runner projects selecting method in runners API
36e7ffe 2016-02-19 Fix runners filtering
f21b15d 2016-02-19 Limit projects to user available projects if user is not...
b58744c 2016-02-19 Modify authentication check methods in runners API
553bac5 2016-02-19 Add token to runner details output in API
f562a47 2016-02-19 Add associated project info to runner details output
16b3368 2016-02-19 Fix runners API spec
81ced6f 2016-02-19 Split `/runners` entrypoint to `/runners` and `/runners/...
b56ee39 2016-02-19 Add some fixes in runners API documentation
43c8daf 2016-02-19 Add runners API documentation [ci-skip]
53f775a 2016-02-19 Fix runners filtering in API
8c37f0f 2016-02-19 Add missing methods documentation; fix rubocop reported ...
d42ced4 2016-02-19 Add feature to enable/disable runner in project
128be3c 2016-02-19 Add basic runners management API
ba1f6de 2016-02-10 Add some fixes
efedf98 2016-02-10 Fix builds API formatting
8536e08 2016-01-20 Add IP blocking against DNSBL at sign-up
a7daf33 2016-01-18 Modify CHANGELOG entry [ci skip]
f386a4b 2016-01-18 Update CHANGELOG
d1c474a 2016-01-18 Add information about PostgreSQL<>MySQL 'text' type diff...
b76bfe3 2016-01-18 Add limit change for 'data' column in 'events' when usin...
96aeaea 2016-01-14 Update CHANGELOG
768721d 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'master' into ci/api-triggers
2c7d9cf 2016-01-14 Move Ci::Build#available_statuses to AVAILABLE_STATUSES ...
405b82a 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'master' into ci/api-builds
7ed5bc5 2016-01-14 Modify entry in CHANGELOG
af3b97c 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'master' into ci/api-triggers
41eedd4 2016-01-14 Fix version
8eed187 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'master' into ci/api-triggers
6a98fb0 2016-01-14 Remove hard-coded id from builds factory
c5b429f 2016-01-14 Add mofications to triggers API documentation [ci skip]
d8359a4 2016-01-14 Update CHANGELOG [ci skip]
57a67c4 2016-01-14 Merge branch '8-4-stable' into ci/api-triggers
633ac13 2016-01-14 Modify triggers API documentation style [ci skip]
eee16ca 2016-01-13 Update CHANGELOG [ci skip]
220c3a4 2016-01-13 Merge branch '8-4-stable' into ci/api-variables
f11ba74 2016-01-13 Add some cosmetic changes to variables API documentation...
4cdbb2f 2016-01-13 Modify builds API documentation style [ci skip]
9280511 2016-01-13 Update CHANGELOG [ci skip]
c9a1661 2016-01-13 Merge branch 'master' into ci/api-builds
2b81248 2016-01-13 Modify builds API documentation style [ci skip]
3b7f342 2016-01-13 Modify :ci_variable factory
d338087 2016-01-13 Add 'Build' prefix to Variables entry name in API docs i...
9e701cc 2016-01-13 Fix some typos
13032b7 2016-01-13 Add seperated 'describe' block for build trace specs
990bd06 2016-01-13 Change :ci_build_canceled factory to :canceled trait
9733849 2016-01-13 Add some fixes after review
df54828 2016-01-13 Add some fixes after review
d44653d 2016-01-13 Add some fixes after review
efb3395 2016-01-12 Remove blank line
ab2c6cc 2016-01-12 Add some fixes
470b3a4 2016-01-12 Fix doc/api/
5ba0232 2016-01-11 Fix :ci_build_with_trace factory
5dcfd7d 2016-01-11 Add TODO notice to build trace feature in CI API
a30377c 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'master' into ci/api-builds
fc4108b 2016-01-11 Modify CI features in projects API
4e70f25 2016-01-11 Update ./doc/api/
96bbc14 2016-01-11 Change commit builds URL in builds API
4eb27d7 2016-01-08 Add some modifications to builds API and specs
d54bff2 2016-01-08 Change test access level from MASTER to DEVELOPER
1eb7b5e 2016-01-08 Modify entities for builds API
549a2fa 2016-01-08 Modify builds scope filtering in builds API
e0ec69d 2016-01-07 Change 'trigger_id' to 'token' as resource ID in trigger...
b604459 2016-01-07 Update ./doc/api
b60c146 2016-01-07 Change :variable_id to :key as resource ID in API
b0a77a2 2016-01-07 Update ./doc/api
ba9799b 2016-01-07 Update ./doc/api
a862ade 2016-01-05 Update ./doc/api/
962b97d 2016-01-05 Merge branch 'master' into ci/api-builds
0a21731 2016-01-05 Add ci fields in project create/update feature API
f60bceb 2016-01-05 Add CI data to projcet entity
8675664 2016-01-05 Get show details feature to triggers API
49c8bf4 2016-01-05 Add create feature to triggers API
f006074 2016-01-05 Add delete feature to triggers API
3098500 2016-01-05 Fix ci_trigger_request factory
d9da81f 2016-01-04 Add triggers feature to API
628297f 2015-12-31 Remove incorrect 'default' values from method description
16bd4df 2015-12-31 Fix a typo in method description
937567b 2015-12-31 Add create feature to variables API
c5177dd 2015-12-31 Add missing 'not_found' checks in variables API
0d014fe 2015-12-31 Add delete feature to variables API
a692ce1 2015-12-31 Add update feature for variables API
ea4777f 2015-12-31 Add features for list and show details of variables in API
44dd478 2015-12-30 Merge branch 'master' into ci/api-builds
a17bf38 2015-12-30 Add cancel/retry features to builds API
593d87e 2015-12-30 Add specs for build details/traces features in builds API
d260121 2015-12-29 Add specs for build listings in API
b2fbeb3 2015-12-28 Remove changes in 'paginate' helper
8d45550 2015-12-28 Add cancel/retry endpoints to build API
e7d0746 2015-12-28 Add 'not_found' notifications in build/trace details
d398e78 2015-12-28 Add endpoint for getting builds for a specific commit
f4cff4d 2015-12-28 Modify build pagination to use 'paginate' helper
f39959d 2015-12-28 Add some fixes to builds API
b5fef34 2015-12-24 Fix example request url
f4e7a88 2015-12-24 Add builds API (listing, showing trace)
c301ab0 2015-12-24 Add some specs for forked project visibility_level cases
3cfd892 2015-12-21 Merge branch 'master' into fix/visibility-level-setting-...
85ad95b 2015-11-19 Merge branch 'master' into fix/visibility-level-setting-...
1144b70 2015-11-19 Change update_forks_visibility_level into after_update h...
945e429 2015-11-19 Prevent unnecessary forks iteration at parent update
6f41e3d 2015-11-18 Change forks method to has_many relation
e40c13a 2015-11-05 Merge branch 'master' into fix/visibility-level-setting-...
3a52662 2015-11-04 Merge branch 'master' into fix/visibility-level-setting-...
89ecba5 2015-11-04 Update forks visibility_level after parent project visib...
3bc012d 2015-11-04 Fix GitlabV::isibilityLevel::level_name method
7cb442e 2015-11-03 Fix Project update service
9e1db13 2015-11-03 Move level_name resolving to Gitlan::VisibilityLevel
d284629 2015-11-03 Move visibility_level check for forked projects to Proje...