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f0e4e39 2017-07-20 WIP: Display a project's `delete_error` on the project h...
72a85ae 2017-07-20 Handle errors while a project is being deleted asynchron...
d53690b 2017-07-07 Test logging in via the Authentiq OAuth provider in a fe...
89b0c98 2017-07-06 Remove Authentiq from the OAuth login integration tests.
8d49a9f 2017-07-06 Add Jasmine tests for `OAuthRememberMe`
7c2f5bb 2017-07-06 Fix build for !11963.
f1caa0b 2017-07-06 Implement review comments for !11963 from @filipa.
8fa08ea 2017-07-06 Implement review comments for !11963 from @adamniedzielski.
5675484 2017-07-06 Don't allow the `gitlab:env:info` rake task to mutate th...
1e9dfb7 2017-07-06 Add CHANGELOG entry for CE MR 11963
738789d 2017-07-06 Get ESLint spec passing for the `OAuthRememberMe` class.
15dba34 2017-07-06 Add Omniauth OAuth config to the test section of `gitlab...
fd94855 2017-07-06 Add more providers to the OAuth login integration tests.
d705a25 2017-07-06 Move OAuth "remember me" javascript logic into a class.
43337c1 2017-07-06 Test the "Remember Me" flow for OAuth-based login.
e936db9 2017-07-06 Add integration tests around OAuth login.
633793c 2017-07-06 Implement "remember me" for OAuth-based login.
94258a6 2017-07-05 Fix build for !12300.
2ae8158 2017-07-04 Add Jasmine tests for `OAuthRememberMe`
d148826 2017-07-04 Simplify authentication logic in the v4 users API for !1...
9a0f5bd 2017-07-03 Fix build for !11963.
60cb3e9 2017-07-03 Implement review comments for !11963 from @filipa.
4c34374 2017-07-03 Implement review comments for !11963 from @adamniedzielski.
1652e68 2017-07-03 Don't allow the `gitlab:env:info` rake task to mutate th...
c9da377 2017-07-03 Add CHANGELOG entry for CE MR 11963
5050bfd 2017-07-03 Get ESLint spec passing for the `OAuthRememberMe` class.
a931ead 2017-07-03 Add Omniauth OAuth config to the test section of `gitlab...
de0dcfe 2017-07-03 Add more providers to the OAuth login integration tests.
2629500 2017-07-03 Move OAuth "remember me" javascript logic into a class.
6bfc355 2017-07-03 Test the "Remember Me" flow for OAuth-based login.
dd92640 2017-07-03 Add integration tests around OAuth login.
5b649ac 2017-07-03 Implement "remember me" for OAuth-based login.
96e9863 2017-07-03 Implement review comments for !12445 from @jneen.
5dedea3 2017-06-30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 34141-...
3c88a78 2017-06-30 Implement review comments for !12445 from @godfat and @r...
afbc752 2017-06-30 `AccessTokenValidationService` accepts `String` or `API:...
b8ec1f4 2017-06-29 Extract a `Gitlab::Scope` class.
c1fcd73 2017-06-28 Implement review comments from @DouweM for !12300.
4dbfa14 2017-06-28 Implement review comments from @dbalexandre for !12300.
1b8223d 2017-06-28 Fix remaining spec failures for !12300.
8b399b1 2017-06-28 Add CHANGELOG entry for CE MR 12300
0ff1d16 2017-06-28 Test OAuth token scope verification in the `API::Users` ...
d774825 2017-06-28 When verifying scopes, manually include scopes from `API...
157c05f 2017-06-28 Test `/users` endpoints for the `read_user` scope.
80c1eba 2017-06-28 Allow API scope declarations to be applied conditionally.
6f19225 2017-06-28 Initial attempt at refactoring API scope declarations.
c39e4cc 2017-06-26 Add CHANGELOG entry for CE MR 12445
20f679d 2017-06-26 Allow unauthenticated access to the `/api/v4/users` API.
8f537e5 2017-06-21 Update for 9.2.7
84feda4 2017-06-21 Update VERSION to 9.2.7
d0ff075 2017-06-21 Update for 9.2.7
a8c5d7b 2017-06-21 Update for 9.2.7
332a71d 2017-06-16 Update VERSION to 9.2.6
0d5fbd9 2017-06-16 Update for 9.2.6
41e28fe 2017-06-16 Update for 9.2.6
2355743 2017-06-13 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix-9-2-stable-conf...
670d8df 2017-06-13 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix-9-2-stable-conf...
cd40278 2017-06-12 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix-9-2-stable-conf...
1e24ed3 2017-06-12 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix-9-2-stable-conf...
7078dfc 2017-06-08 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix-9-2-stable-conf...
c3f68f9 2017-05-31 Fix incorrect merge in 2c6fc0f.
6a9efdc 2017-05-31 Merge branch 'cherry-pick-dc2ac993' into 'security-9-2'
7acf831 2017-05-30 Revert "Merge branch 'issue-title-fade-fix' into '9-2-st...
200e858 2017-05-30 Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'dev/security-9-1' ...
deba648 2017-05-30 Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'dev/security-9-0' ...
cc1b069 2017-05-30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'dev/security-9-1' into 9-1...
f6ba1e0 2017-05-30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'dev/security-9-0' into 9-0...
985edcd 2017-05-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/9-1-stable' into se...
8b46dfd 2017-05-23 Merge branch 'fix-backup-raketask' into 'master'
b00c268 2017-05-23 Merge branch 'fix-backup-raketask' into 'master'
539d9a0 2017-05-22 Merge branch 'fix-retried-for-mysql' into 'master'
7f31768 2017-05-22 Merge branch 'fix-retried-for-mysql' into 'master'
7e6ed32 2017-05-19 Fix 9.2 conflicts for "Polish UI on pipeline schedules f...
c17cb4a 2017-05-19 Merge branch '9-2-stable-fix-conflicts-for-mr-11344' int...
49e773b 2017-05-19 Merge branch '9-2-stable-fix-conflicts-for-mr-11274' int...
1ef529a 2017-05-18 Update VERSION to 9.2.0-rc4
12a58aa 2017-05-17 Update VERSION to 9.2.0-rc3
5c03b64 2017-05-08 Merge branch 'update-guides-for-9-2' into 'master'
07adf34 2017-05-08 Merge branch 'update-templates-for-9-2' into 'master'
9ada13d 2017-05-08 Merge branch 'update-guides-for-9-2' into 'master'
e6b2baf 2017-05-08 Merge branch 'update-templates-for-9-2' into 'master'
e4814dd 2017-05-08 Merge branch 'update-deps-licenses-for-9-2' into 'master'
1fd4090 2017-05-08 Update guides for 9.2.
2e36ed6 2017-05-08 Merge branch 'update-deps-licenses-for-9-2' into 'master'
6db590a 2017-05-08 Update the vendor licenses file for 9.2.
a03f8f1 2017-05-08 Update gitignore, dockerfile, and license templates for ...
b44eaf8 2017-05-04 Sort the network graph both by commit date and topograph...
df1403f 2017-05-01 Update VERSION to 9.1.2
e515cf7 2017-05-01 Update for 9.1.2
6277bda 2017-05-01 Update for 9.1.2
3f1c7d8 2017-04-27 Add CHANGELOG entry for !10936
a7e6760 2017-04-27 Fix ordering of commits in the network graph.
4dfdef2 2017-04-26 Allow admins to sudo to blocked users.
0befa88 2017-04-25 Update documentation to reflect the removal of `is_admin...
45601dc 2017-04-25 Add changelog entry for !10846
34b71e7 2017-04-25 Don't display the `is_admin?` flag for user API responses.
cea8342 2017-04-24 Add changelog entry for !10465
133f00b 2017-04-24 Move records to the ghost user in a transaction.
bee780e 2017-04-13 Allow OAuth clients to push code
1c42505 2017-04-06 Implement review comments from @DouweM for !10467.
e152f3f 2017-04-06 Add documentation around migrating records to the ghost ...
07f365e 2017-04-06 Add CHANGELOG entry for !10467
3e1a124 2017-04-06 Move a user's award emoji to the ghost user
6829875 2017-04-06 Move a user's abuse reports to the ghost user
6a06507 2017-04-06 Fix a bug with the User#abuse_report association.
97cbf7c 2017-04-06 Move a user's notes to the ghost user
72580f0 2017-04-06 Move a user's merge requests to the ghost user.
b2f4813 2017-03-16 Document U2F limitations with multiple hostnames/FQDNs.
6384bf7 2017-03-07 Implement review comments from @dbalexandre
72ef8af 2017-03-07 Add documentation for !9530.
519bac6 2017-03-07 Fix time tracking endpoints for API v4
9ccd8b8 2017-03-07 Migrate the Todos API to use `issuable_iid`
70584e6 2017-03-07 Migrate the AwardEmoji API to use `merge_request_iid` an...
402e0a2 2017-03-07 Migrate the MergeRequestDiffs API to use `merge_request_...
7193271 2017-03-07 API routes referencing a specific merge request should u...
dd99622 2017-03-07 API routes referencing a specific issue should use the i...
7951b84 2017-02-24 Document U2F limitations with multiple hostnames/FQDNs.
53aa043 2017-02-24 Fix specs for the ghost user feature.
6fdb17c 2017-02-24 Don't allow deleting a ghost user.
f2ed82f 2017-02-24 Implement final review comments from @DouweM and @rymai
3bd2a98 2017-02-24 Remove the default value for the `users.ghost` database ...
8f01644 2017-02-24 Implement review comments from @rymai and @yorickpeterse
8e68480 2017-02-24 Use a `ghost` boolean to track ghost users.
53c34c7 2017-02-24 Implement review comments from @DouweM and @nick.thomas.
ca16c37 2017-02-24 Extract code from `Namespace#clean_path` for ghost user ...
ff19bbd 2017-02-24 Deleting a user shouldn't delete associated issues.
29540d6 2017-02-24 Don't send notifications to ghost users.
1854c3f 2017-02-24 Add CE CHANGELOG for #12726.
54ff60f 2017-02-06 Backport UI changes from gitlab-org/gitlab-ee!998
2e0e2b2 2017-02-05 Backport changes from gitlab-org/gitlab-ee!998
86f4767 2017-01-31 Fix 500 error while navigating to the `pages_domains` 's...
63e8dc8 2017-01-19 Add documentation around OAuth/Personal Access Token sco...
e394d28 2016-12-16 Implement final review comments from @rymai.
3e14427 2016-12-16 Implement review comments from @dbalexandre.
a80ccec 2016-12-16 Add CHANGELOG entry.
c937aec 2016-12-16 Check the exit code while invoking git in the force push...
a2b39fe 2016-12-16 Validate environment variables in `Gitlab::Git::RevList`
f82d549 2016-12-16 Accept environment variables from the `pre-receive` script.
eb434b1 2016-12-16 Make `ChangePersonalAccessTokensDefaultBackToEmptyArray`...
5becbe2 2016-12-16 Rename the `token_has_scope?` method.
b303948 2016-12-16 Convert AccessTokenValidationService into a class.
f706a97 2016-12-16 View-related (and other minor) changes to !5951 based on...
f14d423 2016-12-16 Add a controller spec for personal access tokens.
fc7a5a3 2016-12-16 Modify `ApiHelpers` spec to adhere to the Four-Phase tes...
dc95bcb 2016-12-16 Refactor access token validation in `Gitlab::Auth`
990ae6b 2016-12-16 Move the scopes form/list view into a partial.
4d6da77 2016-12-16 Implement minor changes from @dbalexandre's review.
ac9835c 2016-12-16 Update CHANGELOG
36b3210 2016-12-16 Validate access token scopes in `Gitlab::Auth`
7fa06ed 2016-12-16 Calls to the API are checked for scope.
6c809df 2016-12-16 Allow creating personal access tokens / OAuth applicatio...
1d0ccec 2016-12-16 Add a `scopes` column to the `personal_access_tokens` table
41bf093 2016-11-29 CE-specific changes gitlab-org/gitlab-ee#1137
6806fdf 2016-11-18 Update CHANGELOG for !7528.
f95fa71 2016-11-18 Write a spec covering the race condition during group de...
bf9ab0f 2016-11-18 Fix a race condition that allowed soft-deleted groups to...
bf28506 2016-11-18 Add a migration to remove soft-deleted groups.
f36e1db 2016-11-18 Add changelog entry for #24276 / !7500
78b6d66 2016-11-18 Allow registering users where the username contains dots...
fed3f71 2016-10-25 Fix `User#to_reference`
db0182e 2016-10-24 Implement third round of review comments from @DouweM.
1051087 2016-10-24 Implement second round of review comments from @DouweM.
b803bc7 2016-10-24 Implement review comments from @DouweM.
cef10ef 2016-10-24 Implement review comments from @dbalexandre.
b116df7 2016-10-24 Update CHANGELOG
f79f3a1 2016-10-24 Fix branch protection API.
da1fa1e 2016-09-26 Update CHANGELOG
c0ecef7 2016-09-26 Fix the "Commits" section of the cycle analytics summary.
244ec0a 2016-09-21 Implement fourth round of comments from @DouweM.
cc3adcd 2016-09-21 Fix `CreateDeploymentService` spec.
0a2649c 2016-09-20 Fix build.
c4b109b 2016-09-20 Display the cycle analytics navbar based on the `:read_c...
6df2d57 2016-09-20 Improve indentation in `Gitlab::Database::Median`
a57c77f 2016-09-20 Add a spec for merge request metric caching while refres...
68e1b5b 2016-09-20 Use the `IssuableBaseService` lifecycle hooks to cache `...
918e589 2016-09-20 Implement a second round of review comments from @DouweM.
a4a0ce9 2016-09-20 Move JSON generation (cycle analytics) into a controller...
c9247c0 2016-09-20 Add CHANGELOG entry.
231a9f5 2016-09-20 Fix rubocop spec.
71d4bf7 2016-09-20 Implement (some) comments from @DouweM's review.
6f194e2 2016-09-20 Update schema.rb
e109166 2016-09-20 Fix spec failures.
8747f29 2016-09-20 Fix `ON DELETE CASCADE` migrations.
9691d7e 2016-09-20 Cycle analytics should be accessible to all for public p...
8957293 2016-09-20 Implement review comments from @yorickpeterse
fa89060 2016-09-20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 21170-...
0b97b42 2016-09-20 Cycle Analytics: A value of 0 is changed to `nil`.
4ff8d5d 2016-09-20 Implement a database median strategy for MySQL.
b43d3af 2016-09-20 Miscellaneous cycle-analytics-related changes.
d0e101e 2016-09-20 Fix all cycle analytics specs.
cebfe05 2016-09-20 CycleAnalytics operates on merge requests that have been...
b43214c 2016-09-20 Add a uniqueness constraint to `MergeRequestsClosingIssues`
204419e 2016-09-20 Test the `CycleAnalytics::Summary` model.
3f3bdec 2016-09-19 Do _not_ set `stats` to `null` when data is not available.
4531e43 2016-09-19 Make changes to the cycle analytics JSON endpoint.
2cddd02 2016-09-19 Remove unused merge request metrics.
8f62085 2016-09-19 Test all cycle analytics pre-calculation code.
b9bf23e 2016-09-19 Remove extraneous code that was previously added for per...
edb38d6 2016-09-17 Move cycle analytics JSON generation to a helper.
7d69ff3 2016-09-17 Move cycle analytics calculations to SQL.
161804b 2016-09-17 Add a "populate metrics directly" option to the cycle an...
ba25e2f 2016-09-15 Improve performance of the cycle analytics page.
7462610 2016-09-14 wip: perf
2110989 2016-09-14 Add a `seed_fu` fixture to generate data for cycle analy...
9901c3d 2016-09-08 Add a JSON version of the `CycleAnalytics` page.
f5b9837 2016-09-07 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 21170-...
72b9b87 2016-09-07 Fix rubocop spec.
0a767f7 2016-09-07 Consolidate all cycle analytics helper methods.
32147dd 2016-09-07 Add a test case for "end condition happens before start ...
9cff3f8 2016-09-07 Test the `test` cycle analytics phase.
de483c6 2016-09-07 Test the `production` cycle analytics phase.
dd112ef 2016-09-07 Test the `staging` cycle analytics phase.
0f44c5a 2016-09-07 Generate branch/file names more randomly to avoid failures.
71a9bcd 2016-09-07 Test the 'review' cycle analytics phase.
f77c952 2016-09-07 Test the `code` cycle analytics phase.
98c9d12 2016-09-02 Refactor cycle analytics specs.
0f74860 2016-09-02 Add tests for the `plan` cycle analytics phase.
0910868 2016-09-02 Tweak cycle analytics query to match the current require...
bcdd3d8 2016-08-31 Update CHANGELOG.
727dff3 2016-08-31 Don't expose a user's private token in the `/api/v3/user...
2f57eee 2016-08-26 Authorize access to cycle analytics.
331080b 2016-08-26 Fetch cycle analytics data for a specific date range.
ce6bcdd 2016-08-26 Fix minor error in 'CycleAnalytics#show'
df6c9c3 2016-08-26 Scope Cycle Analytics queries to a project
a81de9a 2016-08-26 Add a spec for the `CycleAnalytics#issue` method.
ebc0383 2016-08-26 Allow multiple queries for each cycle analytics section.
fc92d06 2016-08-26 Add the "Test" cycle analytics section.
3d5729a 2016-08-26 Add the "Production" cycle analytics section.
d3fef0f 2016-08-26 Add the "Staging" cycle analytics section.
14d6317 2016-08-26 Add the "Review" cycle analytics section.
487906b 2016-08-26 Add the "Code" Cycle Analytics section.
f932bb8 2016-08-26 Add the "Plan" Cycle Analytics query.
8ccea81 2016-08-26 Display numbers for the "Issue (Tracker)" cycle analytic...
516c838 2016-08-26 Add an `Issue::Metrics` model.
255dbb3 2016-08-19 Move protected branches access control spec into a share...
be3b6ac 2016-08-19 Add a spec testing a second side effect of `Repository#m...
dbedf3a 2016-08-18 Address review comments from @smcgivern.
a41cf62 2016-08-18 Update CHANGELOG.
961e86b 2016-08-18 Add feature specs to cover naming and deleting U2F devices.
16c44a5 2016-08-18 Allow naming U2F devices.
d9efc7d 2016-08-16 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ee-581...
8c101fc 2016-08-16 Backport EE assertions in protected branch related specs.
f898a47 2016-08-16 Fix a missed `before_action` for `AutocompleteController`.
2193ae2 2016-08-16 Backport `AutocompleteController#load_project` from EE!581.
0e2cecf 2016-08-16 Fix API::BranchesSpec.
dd3b738 2016-08-16 Fix failing tests relating to backporting ee!581.
37651d2 2016-08-16 Fix the protected branches factory.
4ddbbcd 2016-08-16 Improve EE compatibility with protected branch access le...
e9f4833 2016-08-16 Move the "update" portion of the protected branch view i...
4c28d62 2016-08-16 Don't select an access level if already selected.
e805a64 2016-08-16 Backport changes from gitlab-org/gitlab-ee!581 to CE.
2675c9d 2016-08-13 Fix `U2fSpec` for PhantomJS versions > 2.
c786408 2016-08-08 Add migration-related tips to the "Merge Request Guideli...
4d0461e 2016-08-04 Fix `#down` for two protected branches-related migrations.
8e13162 2016-08-04 Migrate protected branch access levels to match constant...
dc396dc 2016-08-02 Remove the `non-file` qualifier for root links.
d55e83a 2016-08-02 Use `succeed` to add periods to help text.
f0b73f8 2016-08-02 Add help document describing wiki linking behavior.
cebcc41 2016-07-29 Implement final review comments from @rymai.
0a8aeb4 2016-07-29 Use `Gitlab::Access` to protected branch access levels.
c93a895 2016-07-29 Fix `git_push_service_spec`
6d841ea 2016-07-29 Authorize user before creating/updating a protected branch.
01d190a 2016-07-29 Have the `branches` API work with the new protected bran...
88fd401 2016-07-29 Implement review comments from @axil.
a72d449 2016-07-29 Remove duplicate specs from `git_access_spec`
7b2ad2d 2016-07-29 Implement review comments from @dbalexandre.
b3a29b3 2016-07-29 Favor labels like `Allowed to push` over `Allowed To Push`.
8e25ddc 2016-07-29 Add changelog entry.
cc1cebd 2016-07-29 Admins count as masters too.
4d6dadc 2016-07-29 Make specs compatible with PhantomJS versions < 2.
f2df296 2016-07-29 Humanize protected branches' access levels at one location.
c647540 2016-07-29 Fix all specs related to changes in !5081.
a9958dd 2016-07-29 Fix default branch protection.
9fa6614 2016-07-29 Update protected branches spec to work with the `select`s.
12387b4 2016-07-29 Allow setting "Allowed To Push/Merge" while creating a p...
828f6eb 2016-07-29 Enforce "No One Can Push" during git operations.
ab6096c 2016-07-29 Add "No One Can Push" to the protected branches UI.
f8a04e1 2016-07-29 Add seeds for protected branches.
134fe5a 2016-07-29 Use the `{Push,Merge}AccessLevel` models in the UI.
21bece4 2016-07-29 Add models for the protected branch access levels.
f1e46d1 2016-07-29 Add a series of migrations changing the model-level desi...
42a00f7 2016-07-25 `WikiPage` should have a slug even when not persisted.
c3cbee1 2016-07-22 Add a spec for #20079.
2ba5e62 2016-07-21 Don't use `params[:id]` while building `markdown_preview...
de1fa50 2016-07-18 Remove `lock_version` from the `merge_requests` table.
341d8bc 2016-07-14 Add a U2F feature spec for multiple devices owned by the...
3572582 2016-07-14 Use a single challenge for U2F authentication.
4b33c4c 2016-07-14 Load Javascript U2F library selectively.
bb81f2a 2016-07-13 Implement last round of review comments from !4892.
ea9e8f4 2016-07-13 Move all "checks" under `GitLab::Checks`.
4d00ed2 2016-07-13 Appease rubocop.
dffdc7b 2016-07-13 Add "Developers can Merge" (to protected branches) to th...
af7e751 2016-07-13 Don't ask the user to "merge this request manually".
959d63a 2016-07-13 Clean up ``
60245bb 2016-07-13 Refactor `Gitlab::GitAccess`
495db09 2016-07-13 Enforce "developers can merge" during `pre-receive`.
b1c81f8 2016-07-07 Have `Project#open_branches` return branches that are ma...
d8d5424 2016-07-07 Use the `GLDropdown` component to select protected branc...
10c446e 2016-07-06 Add wildcard protected branches to the CHANGELOG.
5de79c4 2016-07-05 Add documentation for wildcard protected branches.
d847527 2016-07-05 Add a feature spec for protected branch creation.
eb16e1e 2016-07-05 Improve the error message displayed when branch creation...
2a5cb7e 2016-07-05 Modify the frontend for wildcard protected branches.
f51af49 2016-07-05 Support wildcard matches for protected branches at the m...
f617bd7 2016-07-05 Assert against `ActionMailer::Base.deliveries` relatively.
f7fc352 2016-06-27 Add notices about disabling auth features for users with...
6d169d3 2016-06-18 Fix bug in `WikiLinkFilter`.
9d7cda3 2016-06-16 Fix `api_helpers_spec`
90bba2b 2016-06-16 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2979-p...
7ee0898 2016-06-16 Implement @DouweM's feedback.
d8a5316 2016-06-15 Fix teaspoon spec.
298eb44 2016-06-15 Update `u2f_spec` to cover U2F being disabled until auth...
fbb0612 2016-06-15 Don't allow clicking on "Setup New U2F Device" unless an...
faa0e3f 2016-06-14 Fix rubocop spec.
d0bcba1 2016-06-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2979-p...
99d5a91 2016-06-10 Fix failing `EmailOnPush` spec.
d754d99 2016-06-10 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2979-p...
e18a08f 2016-06-10 Implement second round of comments from @jschatz1.
1779d68 2016-06-09 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2979-p...
1f5ecf9 2016-06-09 Implement @jschatz1's comments.
19b91e7 2016-06-09 Add #18019 to the CHANGELOG.
e6b1d16 2016-06-09 Hook up the updated `WikiLinkFilter` to the wiki control...
8e71c19 2016-06-09 Implement the correct linking behaviour in `WikiLinkFilt...
cdf7a6c 2016-06-06 Add the U2F feature to the CHANGELOG
09a2f2d 2016-06-06 Add documentation for U2F registration & authentication.
7232bdb 2016-06-06 Add feature specs covering U2F registration and authenti...
4db19bb 2016-06-06 Add a U2F-specific audit log entry after logging in.
86b07ca 2016-06-06 Implement authentication (login) using a U2F device.
128549f 2016-06-06 Implement U2F registration.
1f713d5 2016-06-06 Render `gon` data in the page `body`, not `head`
e5823f3 2016-06-06 Update the `browser` gem.
791cc91 2016-06-06 Add a `U2fRegistrations` table/model.
0dff6fd 2016-06-03 Fix rubocop spec.
3adf125 2016-06-03 Add tests for errors while creating/revoking personal ac...
1a41672 2016-06-03 Update CHANGELOG.
ae0d822 2016-06-03 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2979-p...
ffe111c 2016-06-03 Display appropriate errors when personal access token cr...
399a633 2016-06-03 Fix minor styling issues.
b4b0248 2016-06-03 Parts of spec names with "when" should be contexts.
a1295d8 2016-06-03 Don't use `natve['innerHTML']` in the feature spec.
4d50d8a 2016-06-02 Only show a personal access token right after its creation.
c75aea5 2016-06-01 Fix minor issues with the personal access tokens impleme...
6d44433 2016-06-01 Don't look for personal access tokens in the DB when the...
05b319b 2016-06-01 Perform private token and personal access token authenti...
555610b 2016-05-12 Add CHANGELOG entry.
a4ee7d2 2016-05-12 Implement @rymai's feedback after review.
a59ad39 2016-05-12 Add a spec for `WikiLinkFilter`
70add13 2016-05-11 Minor fixes after a final look at the diff.
d915e7d 2016-05-11 Reuse the private token param and header for personal ac...
2e97429 2016-05-11 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 2979-p...
0a28015 2016-04-29 Eager load `lib/api`
2768e99 2016-04-28 Add documentation for personal access tokens.
bafbf22 2016-04-28 Address @DouweM's feedback on !3749.
fe5eca8 2016-04-28 Update CHANGELOG.
b22a47c 2016-04-28 Combine `API::Helpers::Core` and `API::Helpers::Authenti...
fc4bce7 2016-04-28 Make fixes based on @vsizov's comments on MR !3749
4076bce 2016-04-28 Merge the "personal access token"-related migrations.
c382bd2 2016-04-28 Improve performance of the personal access tokens page.
4e7acd8 2016-04-28 Remove unnecessary javascript from the datepicker initia...
25aefde 2016-04-28 Add feature specs for personal access token management.
17f2fc1 2016-04-28 Change the root param while creating personal access tok...
611f3ad 2016-04-28 Fix rubocop complaints.
abd8ecc 2016-04-28 Remove an unused view file.
051324e 2016-04-28 Refactor `authenticate_user_from_private_token!`
ade40fd 2016-04-28 Authenticate non-API requests with personal access tokens.
fb2da67 2016-04-28 Add an "Inactive Personal Access Tokens" section.
41b4e11 2016-04-28 Add an entry for Personal Access Tokens in the sidebar.
e5cf527 2016-04-28 Allow expiration of personal access tokens.
1541d1d 2016-04-28 Rename `api_helpers_spec` to `api_authentication_spec`
6d76f14 2016-04-28 Allow revoking personal access tokens.
e2a4051 2016-04-28 Allow personal access tokens to be specified in a header.
5fb4419 2016-04-28 Allow personal access tokens to be used for API authenti...
e8314cc 2016-04-28 Refactor `API::Helpers` into `API::Helpers::Core` and `A...
3a60903 2016-04-28 Allow creating Personal Access Tokens through the website.
f801e22 2016-04-19 A new branch created for a confidential issue is named `...
aa396ae 2016-04-18 Remove unused variable in `IssuesController`.
38557ec 2016-04-18 Move CHANGELOG entry to a random place.
40bc8e7 2016-04-18 Add acceptance test to check if the user password persis...
ed1be10 2016-04-18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 14552-...
cfcd95b 2016-04-15 Update CHANGELOG
953baff 2016-04-15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 14566-...
f5ce601 2016-04-15 Make a few style changes based on MR feedback.
d5f44d8 2016-04-13 Don't retrieve default values from `params`
e57a955 2016-04-13 Don't populate the password field on signup validation e...
c4393a1 2016-04-13 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 14566-...
769a8bf 2016-04-13 Update CHANGELOG
8dd1a6f 2016-04-13 Fix the rubocop check.
66ca801 2016-04-12 Test the `Issue#to_branch_name` method.
91034af 2016-04-12 Augment the tests for `Issue#related_branches`
5d88de0 2016-04-12 Refactor `Issue#related_branches`
377b59d 2016-04-12 Sanitize branch names for confidential issues.
0444fa5 2016-03-15 Original implementation to allow users to subscribe to l...