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8056a77 2018-05-23 Resolve "Web IDE doesn't work for branches with slashes"
76e276c 2018-05-22 Merge branch '44895-explicit-merge-conflict' into 'master'
54a6413 2018-05-21 Merge branch 'collapsed-contextual-nav-update' into 'mas...
d5159b9 2018-05-21 Merge branch 'jr-web-ide-shortcuts' into 'master'
73289a8 2018-05-16 Merge branch 'move-disussion-actions-to-the-right' into ...
12d56b3 2018-05-15 Merge branch 'jr-update-web-ide-docs' into 'master'
984e0f1 2018-05-15 Merge branch 'docs-dtang-fe-development-guide-fixes' int...
dee61df 2018-05-15 Merge branch 'update-wiki-modal' into 'master'
887c99e 2018-05-11 Merge branch '5710-add-contact-sales-option-for-epics' i...
04ab2f1 2018-05-11 Merge branch '46210-terms-acceptance-dropdown-menu' into...
e6b8f89 2018-05-11 Merge branch '46210-terms-acceptance-dropdown-menu' into...
6657e65 2018-05-10 Merge branch 'jr-46209-web-ide-copy' into 'master'
1248189 2018-05-10 Merge branch 'jr-46209-web-ide-copy' into 'master'
14e1691 2018-05-07 Merge branch 'docs-fe-guide-notice' into 'master'
2d84de9 2018-05-07 Merge branch '44427-state-management-with-vuex' into 'ma...
958e9f0 2018-05-07 Upgrade underscore.js
76ab3f0 2018-05-03 Merge branch 'add-loading-icon-padding-for-pipeline-envi...
77c4738 2018-05-02 Optimize Emoji Sprite Handling
a7f0769 2018-05-02 Merge branch 'improve-quick-actions-summary-preview' int...
abb145a 2018-04-26 Upgrading Vue libraries
5beb4dd 2018-04-25 Merge branch '45398-fix-rss-button' into 'master'
938ee84 2018-04-25 Merge branch 'restore-label-underline-color' into 'master'
d7f68bc 2018-04-23 Merge branch 'fl-prettify-2' into 'master'
4be5816 2018-04-19 Documentation: Frontend Building Checklist
674702e 2018-04-19 Merge branch 'ide-diff-marker-cache-fix' into 'master'
54e2629 2018-04-19 Merge branch 'ide-staged-changes' into 'master'
9a5765b 2018-04-18 Merge branch 'fix-size-and-position-for-fork-icon' into ...
4355a13 2018-04-17 Merge branch '21677-run-pipeline-word' into 'master'
7f01d49 2018-04-12 Merge branch 'rename-overview-project-sidenav' into 'mas...
0fd4bd3 2018-04-12 Merge branch 'ide-markdown-temp-file-fix' into 'master'
7e3bb67 2018-04-11 Merge branch 'ide-markdown-temp-file-fix' into 'master'
2224aa3 2018-04-09 Merge branch 'update-svgs' into 'master'
b2daa84 2018-04-06 Web IDE blob image + default fallback
0ac8338 2018-04-06 Merge branch '42448-change-commit-row-actions-and-sha-de...
c88cc0c 2018-04-05 Web IDE markdown preview
eaed588 2018-04-04 Merge branch 'ide-pending-tab' into 'master'
611abb3 2018-04-04 Merge branch '41224-pipeline-icons' into 'master'
be1523c 2018-04-03 Merge branch 'add-documentation-about-backporting-change...
705e174 2018-03-29 Merge branch 'vuex-action-helper-correctly-fail' into 'm...
5ac5767 2018-03-28 Merge branch 'docs-fe-js' into 'master'
9d958af 2018-03-28 Fixed Utility Function based on Review Comments
a868ca0 2018-03-28 Removed strangely added import
8b72bcf 2018-03-28 Added Utility Function for WebIDE URL
8f7cf2e 2018-03-28 Fixed Code review Comments
4b4439e 2018-03-28 Fixes for ESLint Errors
9961498 2018-03-28 Fixed Path to tooltip directive
4afd723 2018-03-28 Added Changes based on UX Review
d9b7c33 2018-03-28 Updated MR Widget Header Test
ae3abc3 2018-03-28 Re added The Web IDE Button
38d56a8 2018-03-28 Added Tests for all new functionality
f0e1ee5 2018-03-28 Fixes for Tests on file.js and tabs tests
1814fc3 2018-03-28 Fix for MR Widget Header reset
0ea359d 2018-03-28 Fixes to Formatting to all Files
f00a971 2018-03-28 ESLint + Karma fixes
fa3b024 2018-03-28 Fixed new Additions
b452bde 2018-03-28 Actual MR diff displayed
f62359c 2018-03-28 Basic Setup for MR Showing
b9ef51e 2018-03-28 Merge branch 'ide-wordwrap' into 'master'
94bfbe8 2018-03-27 Merge branch 'ide-ui-theme' into 'master'
f6eeb13 2018-03-26 Merge branch 'ide-diff-cursor' into 'master'
9b1f5b6 2018-03-23 Update Prettier Print WIdth to 100
6f71ed6 2018-03-21 Merge branch 'ide-folder-button-path' into 'master'
8ff2d89 2018-03-21 Merge branch 'make-ide-ce' into 'master'
9c8a965 2018-03-15 Merge branch 'docs-fe-html' into 'master'
9d0719b 2018-03-15 Merge branch 'docs-fe-principles' into 'master'
51e454f 2018-03-14 Prettier Phase 1: Prettier Configuration, Prettifying of...
dfed7b4 2018-03-13 Merge branch 'docs-fe-security' into 'master'
a77ba54 2018-03-12 Merge branch 'fl-document-key-vue' into 'master'
4cb348c 2018-03-06 Merge branch '43670-improve-gitlab-kubernetes-cpu-metric...
67feb7c 2018-03-05 Merge branch 'remove-ide' into 'master'
1639315 2018-03-01 Merge branch 'docs-anim-perf' into 'master'
216d21c 2018-02-21 Merge branch 'upgrade-frontend-build-dependencies' into ...
c1afae2 2018-02-20 Merge branch 'docs-no-js' into 'master'
22c3057 2018-02-19 Merge branch '42641-monaco-service-workers-do-not-work-w...
8462e22 2018-02-16 Merge branch '42641-monaco-service-workers-do-not-work-w...
306e0d1 2018-02-16 Merge branch 'fl-refresh-btn' into 'master'
2764b6f 2018-02-15 Merge branch '39607-fix-avatar--vertical-align' into 'ma...
1bbce21 2018-02-14 Merge branch 'fl-mr-widget-4' into 'master'
642a21f 2018-02-12 Merge branch 'npm-waitforimages' into 'master'
8634296 2018-02-06 Merge branch '42693-add-a-link-to-documentation-on-how-t...
1a43083 2018-02-06 Merge branch '39550-group-labels-redesign' into 'master'
0e4de81 2018-01-25 Merge branch '42220-add-pending-empty-state' into 'master'
81bdb6a 2018-01-23 Upgrade jasmine + raven to newer versions
4167f19 2018-01-23 Upgraded all vue libraries
d2564db 2018-01-23 Merge branch 'fl-update-svg' into 'master'
e79db43 2018-01-19 WebIDE: Fix Commit bugs
931707e 2018-01-18 Upgraded Karma Dependencies
a003e12 2018-01-18 Merge branch 'remove-ide-pref' into 'master'
e56bcf9 2018-01-18 Merge branch 'remove-ide-pref' into 'master'
d7eb369 2018-01-17 Merge branch 'revert-c8ddf067' into 'master'
4be3057 2018-01-17 Merge branch '42035-projects-dropdown-scroll' into 'master'
73cb6c3 2018-01-17 Merge branch '41929-artifacts-time' into 'master'
475c1a2 2018-01-16 Merge branch 'winh-style-modals' into 'master'
2fa4787 2018-01-15 Merge branch '41789-fix-up-web-ide-user-preference-copy-...
2de8fb7 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'winh-exclude-locale-coverage' into 'master'
3735375 2018-01-11 Merge branch '41789-fix-up-web-ide-user-preference-copy-...
55addea 2018-01-08 Merge branch '38030-add-graph-value-to-hover' into 'master'
91477f6 2018-01-05 Resolve "Helpful and instructing Empty state for multi f...
3489ad7 2018-01-05 Merge branch 'ce-4348-show-dast-results-in-the-mr-widget...
6c2a35f 2018-01-05 Merge branch 'jivl-fix-import-project-url-bug' into 'mas...
f7cbfe1 2018-01-04 Merge branch 'jivl-activate-repo-cookie-preferences' int...
335f02a 2018-01-04 Merge branch 'prettier-fixes' into 'master'
7fbb5ad 2018-01-04 Resolve "Resizable file list and commit panel"
54bc270 2018-01-03 Merge branch 'fix-context-header-wrapping-collapse' into...
3a727aa 2018-01-03 Multi File Editor File icons
dacef28 2018-01-03 Merge branch '41120-performance-bar-auto-scroll' into 'm...
91864a9 2018-01-02 Merge branch '40780-choose-file' into 'master'
fe9bcd4 2017-12-22 Merge branch 'winh-fail-missing-export' into 'master'
c885944 2017-12-22 Merge branch 'jivl-general-icons-2' into 'master'
692b2d7 2017-12-22 Merge branch 'fl-update-svg' into 'master'
213e91d 2017-12-21 Resolve "Decouple multi-file editor from file list"
f39cceb 2017-12-14 Merge branch '40285-prometheus-loading-screen-no-longer-...
9daeccf 2017-12-14 Merge branch '38869-datetime' into 'master'
edf0aaf 2017-12-13 Merge branch '40285-prometheus-loading-screen-no-longer-...
a11fae2 2017-12-13 Merge branch '40468-empty-states' into 'master'
a8b9852 2017-12-13 Merge branch '40285-prometheus-loading-screen-no-longer-...
ba731b2 2017-12-12 Merge branch 'winh-i18n-placeholder-names' into 'master'
c367d1d 2017-12-12 Merge branch '39608-comment-on-image-discussions-tab-ali...
83e623f 2017-12-06 Merge branch 'winh-tree-dropdown-caret' into 'master'
7619bdd 2017-12-06 Merge branch '22680-unlabel-slash-command-limit-autocomp...
d77a0c7 2017-11-30 Merge branch '13634-broadcast-message' into 'master'
41aa9fa 2017-11-30 Merge branch 'multi-file-editor-dirty-diff-indicator' in...
f2cd91d 2017-11-30 Merge branch '39455-clone-dropdown-should-not-have-a-too...
17c53d7 2017-11-30 Merge branch 'es-module-copy-to-clipboard' into 'master'
f57b06c 2017-11-29 Merge branch 'multi-file-editor-css-fixes' into 'master'
6b0f594 2017-11-28 Merge branch 'icon-sizes' into 'master'
d199ecd 2017-11-24 Merge branch 'fl-upgrade-svg' into 'master'
b8c31fd 2017-11-24 Updated timeago.js
3dd5bed 2017-11-24 Merge branch '36400-trigger-job' into 'master'
18de7fc 2017-11-23 Updated all Vue libraries
81576b8 2017-11-23 Merge branch 'jivl-general-icons' into 'master'
40af088 2017-11-23 Merge branch '40283-fix-missing-mr-widget-status-icons' ...
967ee26 2017-11-22 Upgraded babel related libraries
6ebf666 2017-11-22 Merge branch '40283-fix-missing-mr-widget-status-icons' ...
3fed014 2017-11-22 Updated axios
bf8493d 2017-11-17 Merge branch 'update-metrics-for-k8s-1.7' into 'master'
3d16f7c 2017-11-16 Merge branch '37508-lock-confidential-issuable-sidebar-c...
245d0da 2017-11-16 Added info about tracking
08eaa59 2017-11-16 Added + Updated Document for Vue Component
209ed43 2017-11-15 Merge branch '3615-improve-welcome-screen' into 'master'
c61cac5 2017-11-15 Resolve "npm list errors for gitlab-svgs and node-pre-gyp"
6912d95 2017-11-15 Merge branch '40092-fix-cluster-size' into 'master'
6dfcafe 2017-11-15 Merge branch 'bvl-refresh-member-listing-on-removal' int...
96764f2 2017-11-14 Merge branch 'update-metrics-for-k8s-1.7' into 'master'
4768da2 2017-11-14 Merge branch '40092-fix-cluster-size' into 'master'
8902bde 2017-11-14 Merge branch '40092-fix-cluster-size' into 'master'
6fa53d2 2017-11-13 Merge branch 'bvl-refresh-member-listing-on-removal' int...
6ffb9ff 2017-11-13 Merge branch '3615-improve-welcome-screen' into 'master'
111fadd 2017-11-12 Merge branch '39564-clear-filter-on-gitlab-dropdown-open...
4bab041 2017-11-10 Merge branch '37920-improve-breadcrumbs-clipping' into '...
fce34b4 2017-11-09 Removed Brackets
0946b63 2017-11-09 Merge branch 'jivl-add-missing-strings-tag-page' into 'm...
01240a1 2017-11-09 Fixed Function + Test based on MR
f033a70 2017-11-09 Merge branch 'move-filter-mr-clear-search-spec-to-js' in...
5d5d7f9 2017-11-09 Merge branch '37920-improve-breadcrumbs-clipping' into '...
fb1b88d 2017-11-09 Missing the local url
687e7de 2017-11-09 Put Icons Path in Helper
81eaf17 2017-11-09 Fixed URL Matching in Tests
25eea05 2017-11-09 Icon Sprite URL is also local even if asset_host is set
3c369ba 2017-11-08 Merge branch 'jivl-add-missing-strings-tag-page' into 'm...
f2f58a6 2017-11-08 Merge branch 'fl-cleanup-test' into 'master'
cc17527 2017-11-07 Merge branch '39878-commit-pipeline-reads-wrong-key' int...
e99ddb6 2017-11-07 Merge branch 'remove-per-cpu-metrics' into 'master'
d7224c8 2017-11-07 Merge branch 'multiple-query-prometheus-graphs' into 'ma...
d035bdb 2017-11-06 Merge branch '38589-internationalize-tags-page' into 'ma...
8a26706 2017-11-06 Merge branch '39668-tooltip-safari' into 'master'
a97cd29 2017-11-06 Fixed Status Warning Icon
57497f6 2017-11-06 Resolve "Editor icons"
9492f1c 2017-11-06 Merge branch '35955-searchable-settings-puts-expand-coll...
8e8ab2f 2017-11-02 Merge branch 'winh-admin-projects-namespace-filter' into...
9b27d75 2017-11-02 Merge branch '35955-searchable-settings-puts-expand-coll...
78dc777 2017-11-02 Merge branch 'vue-update' into 'master'
b65bd3f 2017-11-01 Stable port of breadcrumb-item-links
4883468 2017-11-01 Fix for Dropdown Icon Position
c6aaee2 2017-11-01 Merge branch 'group-milestones-breadcrumb' into 'master'
858d521 2017-11-01 Merge branch '38789-prometheus-graphs-occasionally-have-...
8c3338c 2017-11-01 Merge branch '37105-monitoring-graph-axes-labels-are-ina...
e148f1f 2017-11-01 Resolve "Convert fuzzaldrin-plus.js library to be a Yarn...
980f297 2017-10-31 Resolve "Convert autosize.js library to be a Yarn manage...
b923690 2017-10-30 Needed to change 0px to 0
5b115db 2017-10-30 Missing Comma added
1c015ed 2017-10-30 Fixed different sizes
5c8a614 2017-10-30 Added Missing Semicolon
667cd62 2017-10-30 Improved Var Caching, Line Setup, Specs
8e828be 2017-10-30 fdescribe remove :-/
6ff5e0c 2017-10-30 Updated icon.vue to be more inline with other components...
3f31537 2017-10-30 Lets try with trigger('click')
800d7fd 2017-10-30 Fixes another problem that happens during knapsack testing
33ca696 2017-10-30 Fixing Tests and CSS display
38a9866 2017-10-30 Fixes one icon test
71a5609 2017-10-30 Test Fixes
ce75de0 2017-10-30 Fixes for Tests
4731eba 2017-10-30 Update Action Icons
d01d509 2017-10-30 Fixing Icons
e3c7d26 2017-10-30 Updated also Badge + Dropdown Icons
df43481 2017-10-30 Comma to much
f5c8c51 2017-10-30 Now one test works lets get the other one green
f8ce8d2 2017-10-30 CHanged to String Statuses
6c1210d 2017-10-30 Need to render it into String cause its a content_tag
fb1f757 2017-10-30 Fixed SVG Output Test
b2501c7 2017-10-30 Fix the size of a status icon
de5f2ef 2017-10-30 Updated Static Icons from CI Area
888b43a 2017-10-18 Merge branch 'bvl-fix-locale-path' into 'master'
4733570 2017-10-18 Merge branch 'bvl-fix-locale-path' into 'master'
852f6f7 2017-10-18 Merge branch 'add-lazy-option-to-user-avatar-image-compo...
2a1646b 2017-10-17 Merge branch '38156-breadcrumbs-margin' into 'master'
45ca71b 2017-10-13 Merge branch 'fix-cursor-path' into 'master'
d9088c1 2017-10-13 Merge branch '38574-superfluous-export-in-advanced-setti...
2fd814a 2017-10-13 Merge branch 'fix-cursor-path' into 'master'
865d5d0 2017-10-12 Merge branch '39028-repo-by-url-fields' into 'master'
077ecf8 2017-10-12 Fixes the Problem with the Repo Editor Loading Typescrip...
4448b91 2017-10-12 Merge branch '39033-d3-js-is-being-included-in-the-user_...
ad5b969 2017-10-12 Merge branch '39028-repo-by-url-fields' into 'master'
75c6953 2017-10-10 Changed Group Icon URL Back to try option
43b692c 2017-10-10 Merge branch '38574-superfluous-export-in-advanced-setti...
59c6ddc 2017-10-09 Fix for Lint Error + Upload Test
5f41cdd 2017-10-09 Based on MR simplified the logic
b775fe7 2017-10-09 Updated Icons + Fix for Collapsed Groups Angle
5197e7c 2017-10-06 Good old dangling comma
0f6d20e 2017-10-06 Made the insertion of the English Translation File condi...
6c5837a 2017-10-06 Merge branch '37105-monitoring-graph-axes-labels-are-ina...
7453b64 2017-10-06 Resetting of active Line + setting it for the async disp...
9f22844 2017-10-06 Removed 2 uncommented lines
3d152cd 2017-10-05 Fixed Linting Error
c786c8d 2017-10-05 Another Change for cleanup
d2620fa 2017-10-05 Updates based on MR comments
5725e34 2017-10-05 Merge branch '32163-protected-branch-form-should-have-sa...
eda9e6b 2017-10-05 Fixed Linting Error + Error with Line Highlighter found ...
d55216c 2017-10-05 Merge branch '38031-monitoring-hover-info-is-clipped' in...
dcabf1f 2017-10-05 Merge branch 'group-milestones-breadcrumb' into 'master'
ea6a2b0 2017-10-05 Upgraded Monaco
8262cb2 2017-10-05 CHanged to Helper Method
8cd4a7c 2017-10-05 Removed the console.log
da522ef 2017-10-05 Merge branch '38789-prometheus-graphs-occasionally-have-...
8b16f10 2017-10-05 Refactored Highlighting mechanism
8d14a95 2017-10-04 Optimising If
0a671c8 2017-10-04 Fixes the unhandled promise rejection
5c07687 2017-10-04 Added Check for Line Number Element
a0d2380 2017-10-04 Fixed RepoFile Test
25186c7 2017-10-04 Fixed Repo Sidebar Tests
1429e5b 2017-10-04 Added Test for Back Button Behaviour
45b8266 2017-10-04 Fixed Eslint Errors
9196a35 2017-10-04 Polished Back Button for files that are not in the tree ...
e58c841 2017-10-04 Fixed Back Button for files + line number jumping for pr...
27577e8 2017-10-04 Fixed Tests
6168e33 2017-10-04 Fixed Test
1b75296 2017-10-04 Fixed Linting errors + tests
892b02e 2017-10-04 Created group_icon and group_icon_url
79c80de 2017-10-04 Making private project avatars use local paths + Some Gr...
412571a 2017-10-04 Load only the currently needed JS locale file
2b12520 2017-10-04 Updated Profile Events Helper to use SVG Sprite Icons
23e6b17 2017-10-03 Merge branch 'winh-sprintf' into 'master'
209d757 2017-10-02 Merge branch '34366-issue-sidebar-don-t-render-participa...
147c46c 2017-10-02 Merge branch '38052-use-simple-api-for-projects' into 'm...
ef22b0d 2017-09-29 Title has now its own test
5c17fe5 2017-09-29 FIxed the clearing icon + jumping of fluid nav bar
705a840 2017-09-29 Not the Test will also work with other tests before
0addef2 2017-09-29 Merge branch 'breadcrumb-item-links' into 'master'
0647484 2017-09-29 Added Test for PageTitle / Removed Gitlab Part from TItle
e97e130 2017-09-28 Fixed another linting error this time HAML
8326f58 2017-09-28 Fixed CSS Lint Error
59f36b4 2017-09-28 Updated All Navigation Icons to Sprite_Icons
afb1e00 2017-09-28 Merge branch 'mobile-images-lazy-load-check' into 'master'
11c8b8b 2017-09-28 Merge branch 'rotated_profile_image' into 'master'
36cd266 2017-09-27 Merge branch 'winh-linting-locale' into 'master'
e441279 2017-09-26 Added Page Title setting for files + directories
41068df 2017-09-22 Merge branch '32782-i18n-support-pagination' into 'master'
55f772b 2017-09-22 Resolve "Better SVG Usage in the Frontend"
00611db 2017-09-21 Merge branch '37862-breadcrumbs-mobile' into 'master'
eebd99b 2017-09-20 Deleted another Fixture due to User Callout
2e08a13 2017-09-20 Fixture Creation removed
dce15f2 2017-09-20 Deleted Karma Specs for userCallout
37213cc 2017-09-20 Removed User Callout for Customer Experience
8612b08 2017-09-20 Merge branch '37862-breadcrumbs-mobile' into 'master'
7cd2d52 2017-09-20 Merge branch '36884-gitaly-admin-version' into 'master'
c5c62bd 2017-09-19 Merge branch 'standardise-small-button-classnames' into ...
fc8cd63 2017-09-18 Merge branch 'winh-missing-javascript-imports' into 'mas...
4197cd8 2017-09-18 Merge branch 'milestone-avatar-issuable-link' into 'master'
d00f7ba 2017-09-18 Merge branch 'update-test-images' into 'master'
2f277bb 2017-09-14 Merge branch 'fly-out-nav-closest-undefined' into 'master'
4cf0439 2017-09-12 Resolve "Image onion skin + swipe does not work anymore"
eaabcb1 2017-09-12 Merge branch 'fly-out-nav-closest-undefined' into 'master'
8ea4dc8 2017-09-12 Merge branch '37644-update-prometheus-metric-library-to-...
6dec9fe 2017-09-12 Merge branch 'support-additional-colors' into 'master'
d63aebb 2017-09-12 Fixed Tests + Reverted Try out from before
da0df23 2017-09-12 Implemented the new Description Content
cc5ccb7 2017-09-12 Changed Var name
7c817c4 2017-09-12 Adapting Test for Jobs
aecc660 2017-09-12 Fixed the URL + renamed to Job Failed
9321a6c 2017-09-11 Merge branch '37644-update-prometheus-metric-library-to-...
9c88832 2017-09-08 Merge branch 'new-sidebar-scss-fix' into '9-5-stable-pat...
d3efad4 2017-09-08 Merge branch 'support-additional-colors' into 'master'
ec304cb 2017-09-07 Merge branch '37513-projects-dropdown-copy-tweaks' into ...
b5e29a4 2017-09-07 Merge branch '37530-fix-skip-to-content-alignment' into ...
c57f607 2017-09-07 Merge branch '37023-remove-focus-styles-from-dropdown-em...
cc61625 2017-09-07 Merge branch 'add_quick_submission_on_user_settings_page...
bb1ad6e 2017-09-06 Merge branch '35811-fix-copy-link-text-color' into 'master'
1632ffa 2017-09-06 Merge branch 'clean-up-new-nav-templates' into 'master'
187ae68 2017-09-05 Resetting the value just to be sure afterwards again thr...
de31e08 2017-09-05 Fixed Test for Notes Spec
ed4d29c 2017-09-05 Fixes vulnerability in posting a comment in the temporar...
b20748e 2017-09-05 Resetting the value just to be sure afterwards again thr...
1a8bf53 2017-09-05 Fixed Test for Notes Spec
777a5cf 2017-09-05 Fixes vulnerability in posting a comment in the temporar...
094ab8f 2017-09-05 Resetting the value just to be sure afterwards again thr...
8013b1f 2017-09-05 Fixed Test for Notes Spec
c33ceff 2017-09-05 Fixes vulnerability in posting a comment in the temporar...
5d23f71 2017-09-05 Unmark the commit author/committer link as HTML-safe
654ea08 2017-09-05 Unmark the commit author/committer link as HTML-safe
83eb262 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'additional-time-series-charts' into 'master'
f34b20f 2017-09-01 Merge branch 'fly-out-nav-jump-fix' into 'master'
989bebb 2017-09-01 Merge branch 'enable-new-navigaton-by-default' into 'mas...
e584283 2017-08-31 Merge branch '31273-creating-an-project-within-an-intern...
65649b9 2017-08-31 Update commits_helper.rb to use sanitize instead of simp...
90eb9e2 2017-08-31 Merge branch 'fly-out-nav-jump-fix' into 'master'
af0b166 2017-08-30 max-width for lazy-loaded images (this was removed in th...
285fadc 2017-08-30 Fixes Username Value Exposing
62ef68c 2017-08-25 Merge branch '35811-copy-link-note' into 'master'
ec784b1 2017-08-25 Merge branch '36937-fix-invite-by-email-text' into 'master'
5cd8b33 2017-08-25 Merge branch 'remove-tooltip-filtered-search-user' into ...
ae321c8 2017-08-24 Fixes the User Selection Display
1f456ff 2017-08-23 Merge branch 'remove-tooltip-filtered-search-user' into ...
0f74ba9 2017-08-23 Merge branch 'disable-webpack-optimization' into 'master'
4e813f1 2017-08-22 Merge branch 'remove-user-bundle' into 'master'
41e3a8a 2017-08-22 Merge branch 'issue-boards-closed-shows-empty-label' int...
2bfee07 2017-08-21 Resolve "User profile activity feed contains broken imag...
237d26b 2017-08-21 Merge branch 'fly-out-update-for-stable' into '9-5-stable'
7649982 2017-08-21 Merge branch 'fix-broken-yarn-deps' into 'master'
955d684 2017-08-21 Merge branch '36517-failing-karma-tests-for-chrome-60' i...
9279bf2 2017-08-21 Merge branch 'remove-user-bundle' into 'master'
3d94e1e 2017-08-21 Merge branch 'issue-boards-closed-shows-empty-label' int...
abbd1a6 2017-08-18 Merge branch 'fixed-collapsed-sidebar-fly-out-not-showin...
0d95971 2017-08-18 Merge branch 'commits-list-page-limit' into 'master'
90bdfe5 2017-08-18 Sometimes you don't see the forrest because of all the t...
d844d97 2017-08-17 Fixes the blown up emoji problem in notes
05fe454 2017-08-17 Merge branch 'fix-height-of-group-share-dropdown' into '...
938e63e 2017-08-17 Merge branch 'fixed-collapsed-sidebar-fly-out-not-showin...
f0b16ac 2017-08-16 Merge branch 'dispatcher-race-condition-fix' into 'master'
9766989 2017-08-16 Merge branch 'safari-overscroll-sticky-fix' into 'master'
4dee8e0 2017-08-16 Merge branch 'safari-fly-out-fix' into 'master'
22f452d 2017-08-16 Merge branch 'commits-list-page-limit' into 'master'
ee45285 2017-08-16 Merge branch 'dispatcher-race-condition-fix' into 'master'
1998a4a 2017-08-16 Merge branch 'safari-overscroll-sticky-fix' into 'master'
0da7eba 2017-08-16 Set Description Image to max-width 100%
aae2349 2017-08-16 Merge branch 'safari-fly-out-fix' into 'master'
a70f199 2017-08-14 Merge branch '36133-project-overview-page-doesn-t-load-c...
cccbb4b 2017-08-14 Merge branch '36133-project-overview-page-doesn-t-load-c...
885314b 2017-08-14 Merge branch 'user-edit-files-spec-fix' into 'master'
bbbc0cb 2017-08-11 Merge branch 'pikaday-undefined-fix' into 'master'
a281b1e 2017-08-09 Merge branch 'pikaday-undefined-fix' into 'master'
c70f98b 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'project-homepage-activity' into 'master'
cb1b4af 2017-08-07 Resolve "User dropdown in filtered search does not load ...
1e207e8 2017-08-07 Merge branch 'winh-fix-duplicate-commits' into 'master'
c00c156 2017-08-07 Merge branch 'restrict-haml-javascript' into 'master'
4b3011e 2017-08-06 Merge branch 'ci-lint-fix' into 'master'
9b93508 2017-08-06 Merge branch '27616-fix-contributions-graph-utc-offset-m...
dab08be 2017-08-03 Resolve "Specific Async Script Loading by using a Page V...
423d31a 2017-08-01 Inline script cleanup globals and easy
b0ba068 2017-07-31 Merge branch 'winh-issuable-sidebar-height' into 'master'
563cb60 2017-07-28 Merge branch 'ph-inline-js' into 'master'
e1c432d 2017-07-28 none is not a CSS Value for sizes ;-)
08a241d 2017-07-28 Moved the duplicate Available Refs to a default in RefSe...
8663b63 2017-07-28 Updated Event Handlers based on MR discussion
7e17f9b 2017-07-28 Merge branch '35224-transform-user-profile-javascript-in...
5091075 2017-07-28 Merge branch '35667-indicate-type-of-metric-for-promethe...
b762b25 2017-07-27 Left a bracket in the line :-/
bede3e5 2017-07-27 Fixed the strange escaping
f05bcf5 2017-07-27 Maybe that fixes the escaping in the URL
49f2c6c 2017-07-27 Revert "Due to more async loading the tests could fail, ...
79793dd 2017-07-27 Due to more async loading the tests could fail, trying t...
cad8026 2017-07-27 Fixes New Project Bug
f149a76 2017-07-27 Converted Pipelines Charts
57d2db4 2017-07-27 TreeContent moved to external JS
84a3ab2 2017-07-27 Moved Inline JS for Pipelines Charts + new Pipeline to d...
395e34b 2017-07-27 Changed the data for New Tag to a script block
24d9142 2017-07-27 Inline JS of Wiki Sidebar to dispatcher
364a2a2 2017-07-27 Set New Tags to ignore Inline JS
2cc1658 2017-07-27 Project New moved to external File
710d043 2017-07-27 Changed Images in Blob Viewer to image_tag
14b9c83 2017-07-27 Added lazy class to Blob Images + Diffs
72e88b0 2017-07-27 Merge branch 'winh-issuable-sidebar-height' into 'master'
c580238 2017-07-27 Inline JS Removal for Merge Requests
9aa2205 2017-07-26 Resolve "Memory usage notice doesn't link anywhere"
7a8ba13 2017-07-24 Merge branch '35330-fix-nginx-add-haproxy' into 'master'
52b8a0d 2017-07-24 Resolve "Lazy load images on the Frontend"
1a3f550 2017-07-24 Merge branch 'master' of
fef5a4f 2017-07-24 How to Merge to external File
3705667 2017-07-24 Merge branch '35330-fix-nginx-add-haproxy' into 'master'
94bf246 2017-07-20 Merge branch 'remove-double-new-issue' into 'master'
157a087 2017-07-20 Merge branch 'fix-ci-status-alignment-artifacts' into 'm...
290306f 2017-07-20 Merge branch '35174-fix-aws-elb-query' into 'master'
c6ee177 2017-07-19 Merge branch 'remove-double-new-issue' into 'master'
7e9644d 2017-07-19 Merge branch 'fix-ci-status-alignment-artifacts' into 'm...
43a46ef 2017-07-17 Merge branch '35174-fix-aws-elb-query' into 'master'
64e589c 2017-07-07 Resolve "Inconsistent location of members page between g...
c88739f 2017-07-07 Merge branch 'es-class-syntax' into 'master'
55ceeda 2017-07-06 Merge branch '34655-label-field-for-setting-a-chart-s-le...
72ed502 2017-07-06 Merge branch '34653-minor-ux-cleanups-for-performance-da...
674f05d 2017-07-06 Merge branch '34636-update-prometheus-metrics-library' i...
b071317 2017-07-02 Merge branch 'set-sidebar-height' into 'master'
8900bd9 2017-06-30 Merge branch 'fix-sidebar-showing-mobile-merge-requests'...
9bdd113 2017-06-29 Resolve "Select branch dropdown is too close to branch n...
29d8b37 2017-06-29 Resolve "Issue dropdown persists when adding issue numbe...
5870fc5 2017-06-28 Merge branch 'cherry-pick-5ea675be' into 'master'
01914da 2017-06-28 Merge branch 'fix-find-file-breadcrumbs' into 'master'
08ad0af 2017-06-28 Merge branch 'refactor-emoji-utils' into 'master'
3f167e4 2017-06-27 Action Buttons on Prio Labels working again by setting p...
97faced 2017-06-26 Merge branch 'fix-atom-eslint' into 'master'
9c7bf12 2017-06-23 Merge branch 'hot-reload' into 'master'
6106400 2017-06-23 Merge branch 'notes-es-class-syntax' into 'master'
d49d63a 2017-06-22 Resolve ""Add Members" drop-down doesn't separate Name/U...
71efad7 2017-06-21 Fixes scrolling + improves Performance through assigning...
1797984 2017-06-21 Merge branch '34017-common-vue' into 'master'
1578ee9 2017-06-21 Merge branch 'master' of
454c79f 2017-06-20 Fixes scrolling + improves Performance through assigning...
278bf41 2017-06-20 Fixes scrolling + improves Performance through assigning...
f01c5d8 2017-06-18 Merge branch 'fix-atom-eslint' into 'master'
446f378 2017-06-16 Merge branch 'karma-headless-chrome-redux' into 'master'
1b54982 2017-06-13 Merge branch 'karma-headless-chrome' into 'master'
5563da6 2017-06-09 Merge branch '33315-es6-findindex-support' into 'master'
39d976c 2017-06-07 Added more negative checks for public project
81b565e 2017-06-07 Fix End Syntax Error
9647d2e 2017-06-07 Enhancing Spec's with negative cases
bf601f0 2017-06-07 Fixed spec test syntax errors
c7bf2bf 2017-06-07 Converting Tests to Spec Tests
fc1090d 2017-06-07 Merge branch '33371-button-group-flex-table' into 'master'
f20337c 2017-06-07 Fix for Login Test Problem
beb41aa 2017-06-07 Added additional classes for easier identifaction during...
4871cb7 2017-06-07 New ... Menu Feature Tests
ebd0767 2017-06-07 Fixed New Project Top Menu Test
6b7b7f9 2017-06-07 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/23603-add-extra-fun...
288b2e7 2017-06-07 Added First Test for top right menu
e05e530 2017-06-07 Added Changelog for functionality
1707c79 2017-06-07 FIxes based on MR
1e4fb1f 2017-06-07 Should fix problem if you have an project without a proj...
4e2f5ea 2017-06-07 Fix for linting problem
c61d598 2017-06-07 Fixing more broken unscoped tests
3374896 2017-06-07 Check for Merge Request fixed
6709e65 2017-06-07 Externalised Dropdown
5677cb0 2017-06-07 Seperated Dropdown in new partial
f51e787 2017-06-07 Enabled Tooltips
0dbc5cd 2017-06-07 Added Dropdown + Options
74bb579 2017-06-06 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/23603-add-extra-fun...
fd01aed 2017-06-06 Added First Test for top right menu
2d87b79 2017-06-06 Added Changelog for functionality
d81d940 2017-06-06 FIxes based on MR
0282660 2017-06-06 Should fix problem if you have an project without a proj...
696a43e 2017-06-06 Fix for linting problem
19950d6 2017-06-06 Fixing more broken unscoped tests
73b64f1 2017-06-06 Check for Merge Request fixed
4b6ab49 2017-06-06 Externalised Dropdown
9387dd5 2017-06-06 Seperated Dropdown in new partial
f55b041 2017-06-06 Enabled Tooltips
f952957 2017-06-06 Added Dropdown + Options
4ef728e 2017-06-06 Added First Test for top right menu
6e3ec3e 2017-06-06 Added Changelog for functionality
0917ad7 2017-06-06 FIxes based on MR
43dcb0a 2017-06-05 Merge branch 'jej-backport-protected-tag-ee-role-refacto...
ef5bf2f 2017-06-05 Merge branch '23603-add-extra-functionality-for-the-top-...
adc13a0 2017-06-05 Should fix problem if you have an project without a proj...
9ea6cc1 2017-06-05 Fix for linting problem
c9d46fa 2017-06-05 Fixing more broken unscoped tests
fbe0186 2017-06-05 Check for Merge Request fixed
e84ea7a 2017-06-05 Externalised Dropdown
0b99806 2017-06-05 Seperated Dropdown in new partial
6ef57fb 2017-06-05 Enabled Tooltips
8e9084d 2017-06-05 Added Dropdown + Options
00bc07a 2017-06-05 Should fix problem if you have an project without a proj...
64a22c5 2017-06-04 Merge branch '32992-consider-using-zopfli-over-standard-...
51c1961 2017-06-02 Merge branch 'winh-styled-people-search-bar' into 'master'
fc56d2f 2017-06-02 Merge branch '32538-url' into 'master'
f217006 2017-05-31 Fix for linting problem
bce6536 2017-05-31 Fixing more broken unscoped tests
e4e6b34 2017-05-29 Check for Merge Request fixed
e8a3051 2017-05-29 Externalised Dropdown
c5d3b72 2017-05-26 Seperated Dropdown in new partial
7513147 2017-05-26 Enabled Tooltips
d309829 2017-05-26 Added Dropdown + Options
ce6bc06 2017-05-26 Merge branch '32737-audit-long-term-cacheability-of-webp...
48fb05c 2017-05-24 Merge branch 'fix-eslint' into 'master'
34939c8 2017-05-24 Merge branch '32835-stop-using-webpack-hashedmoduleidspl...
16c3759 2017-05-19 Fixed merging conflict on the blob load viewer
9fde881 2017-05-17 Merge branch '32172-improve-responsive-styling-of-pipeli...
adc34e1 2017-05-16 Rename Personal Audit Log
dc68a1c 2017-05-16 Merge branch '32033-fix-login-usernamelabel' into 'master'
025a1ca 2017-05-16 Resolve ""Username or email" label on login form does no...
835d448 2017-05-11 Fixed Regex(es)
1491ed6 2017-05-08 Fixing Static Analysis Fail with Indentation
d6697e0 2017-05-08 Created Application Helpers based on suggestion for easi...
d504902 2017-05-08 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/31386-profile-fix-e...
20129fd 2017-05-08 Doing the commit again with the correct E-Mail address s...
7e7a896 2017-05-08 Replacing Base URL's if they have been entered into the ...
6dc5c32 2017-04-28 Merge branch 'dm-blob-viewers' into 'master'
b7e41e9 2017-04-26 Doing the commit again with the correct E-Mail address s...
d781d8d 2017-04-26 Replacing Base URL's if they have been entered into the ...