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#71 Tiago Botelho - All time
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9331309 2018-03-28 Bumps omniauth google oauth2 gem version
7fd9e39 2018-03-28 When a Service templates are invalid newly created proje...
bf4a3af 2018-03-27 Project creation does not fail silently on DB related ch...
5f22dbd 2018-03-26 Improves User#owned_projects query performance
161a05b 2018-03-22 Writes specs
f742010 2018-03-22 Tracks the number of failed attempts made by a user tryi...
15a72e0 2018-03-21 Backports changes made in
fe82ef0 2018-03-20 Adds JWT omnianuth integration
5248e37 2018-03-16 Adds the option to override project description on expor...
deb4bfa 2018-03-07 Backport relevant changes from EE
477c83f 2018-03-05 Ports
522f4b2 2018-03-01 Adapt cycle analytics spec helper and cycle analytics us...
cd9daf6 2018-03-01 Add specs
335ee79 2018-02-28 Refactors median code to work with both single and multi...
3f31da9 2018-02-28 Restrict cycle analytics usage data to instances that us...
41bb23a 2018-02-28 Restore memoization to base query and add a batch base q...
4fcbcce 2018-02-28 Add BatchLoader as a way to refactor the base stage code
7c109c5 2018-02-28 Refactor CycleAnalytics base stage class and model
a7b3f11 2018-02-28 Adds get all medians to Cycle Analytics model
e610f96 2018-02-23 Adds scheduled import jobs to the stuck import jobs dete...
442a6e8 2018-02-23 API method /projects/:id/repository/commits now works ov...
6de6770 2018-02-08 Bumps Gitlab Shell version to 6.0.3
8b4280c 2018-02-06 Check ability ability before proceeding with project spe...
1e56b3f 2018-02-06 Moves project creationg to git access check for git push
839829a 2018-02-06 Adds documentation for the feature
dc229c0 2018-02-06 Abstracts ProjectMoved and ProjectCreated into a BasePro...
e42a548 2018-02-06 Move new project on push logic to a service
bc78ae6 2018-02-06 Add specs
32b2ff2 2018-02-06 Adds remote messsage when project is created in a push o...
35882e6 2018-02-06 Adds option to push over SSH to create a new project
921d2af 2018-02-06 Adds option to push over HTTP to create a new project
1ab85b9 2018-01-30 Only new users get marked as external
3090012 2018-01-19 Change FactoryBot to FactoryGirl
f17735f 2018-01-15 Fork now protects default branch on completion
819fc98 2018-01-06 Protected branch is now created for default branch on im...
888cf31 2018-01-02 Update VERSION to 10.3.3
f4c4bc9 2018-01-02 Update for 10.3.3
50c984b 2018-01-02 Update for 10.3.3
5fbc5f2 2017-12-28 Update VERSION to 10.3.2
1f16d21 2017-12-28 Update for 10.3.2
199151c 2017-12-28 Update for 10.3.2
63aec1b 2017-12-27 Update VERSION to 10.3.1
af490ea 2017-12-27 Update for 10.3.1
6d43615 2017-12-27 Update for 10.3.1
ee12ce8 2017-12-22 Update VERSION to 10.4.0-pre
fd9dd4c 2017-12-22 Update VERSION to 10.3.0
03a9a18 2017-12-22 Update for 10.3.0
5fddfba 2017-12-22 Update for 10.3.0
e700b92 2017-12-21 Update VERSION to 10.3.0-rc5
6896568 2017-12-21 Removes changelog entry for !15788
5feae32 2017-12-20 Update VERSION to 10.3.0-rc4
46da26a 2017-12-19 Removes AddTimezoneToIssuesClosedAt migration and respec...
558c971 2017-12-15 Fork and Import jobs only get marked as failed when the ...
7fee4f3 2017-12-14 Update VERSION to 10.3.0-rc1
f7e084c 2017-12-13 Updates dependencies license list
9a65e9b 2017-11-28 Merge branch '10-2-stable-patch-3' of
053a198 2017-11-20 Impersonation no longer gets stuck on password change.
5b32a4a 2017-10-10 Backports EE 38771 changes to CE.
4e2ddad 2017-10-05 Only add identities to a user if we find one in Gitlab::...
011c168 2017-10-02 Refactors SAML identity creation in gl_user.
d70b7a4 2017-09-26 find_user users helper method no longer overrides find_u...
cd85a55 2017-09-25 Creates compound query for LDAP email attributes.
718e5b0 2017-09-25 Attempt to link saml users to ldap by email
2593230 2017-09-21 Adds gitlab features and components to usage ping data.
4c5acdd 2017-09-21 Adds EE tag detection to remove_old in gitlab backup.
0a60698 2017-09-20 Tighten up remove_old regex from gitlab backup manager.
0169dd7 2017-09-15 Fixes project denial of service via gitmodules using Ext...
3929857 2017-09-07 Adds exclusive lease to Git garbage collect worker.
cfd475a 2017-09-07 Removes default scope from sortable
6d8e102 2017-09-06 Adds cacheless render to Banzai object render
dd7434e 2017-09-06 Adds CommitDescriptionRenderer
37383d9 2017-09-01 Rollsback changes made to signing_enabled.
0ffa477 2017-08-31 Changes the password change workflow for admins.
b7048c0 2017-08-30 Backports EE 2756 logic to CE.
6426168 2017-08-22 Fixes group policy specs on MySQL.
5bc9ded 2017-08-21 Improves subgroup creation permissions
f865b1b 2017-08-17 Backports EE mirror stuck handling feature (https://gitl...
9371cf3 2017-08-14 Fix positive raise_error expectation without specifying ...
6debb55 2017-08-11 Bumps omniauth-ldap gem version to 2.0.4
21066e8 2017-08-11 Pending delete projects no longer return 500 error in Ad...
aae947c 2017-08-07 Fixes race condition in project uploads
1cd43c3 2017-07-28 refactors git push service spec code
b5bdc55 2017-07-26 Move exception handling to execute
250dbec 2017-07-25 Pending delete projects should not show in deploy keys
22d53f0 2017-07-25 Fixes 500 error caused by pending delete projects in adm...
a872c3e 2017-07-25 Bumps Gitlab Omniauth LDAP version
4236c2f 2017-07-25 Adds link_to_gfm method instrumentation
0f9b3e5 2017-07-24 Fixes race condition in project uploads
3fc0dbc 2017-07-24 Fixes race condition in project uploads
0aa8249 2017-07-20 Refactors Project Destroy service and worker code
3491b19 2017-07-20 Add specs for ProjectDestroyWorker
574b3ef 2017-07-14 Fixes the user order being overriden in the autocomplete...
f8c0ccb 2017-07-07 Username and password are no longer stripped from import...
197a5df 2017-07-05 Allow admin to disable all restricted visibility levels
1207d45 2017-07-05 Removes file_name_regex from Gitlab::Regex
d1e0b1b 2017-07-05 Allow creation of files and directories with spaces in w...
199425c 2017-06-29 Inserts exact matches of username, email and name to the...
7b77e28 2017-06-29 Remove Namespace model default scope override and write ...
1fbb7f9 2017-06-28 Removes redundant pending delete checks
34f57b4 2017-06-28 Fix current feature related specs
8e8eb97 2017-06-28 Removes pending delete from filter scopes
9da107f 2017-06-28 refactors Project#search namespace join
4449f57 2017-06-19 refactors user model validations
db33c0f 2017-06-16 Ensures default user limits when external user is unchecked
810866e 2017-06-05 backports changed import logic from pull mirroring featu...
268ec19 2017-05-03 removes the possibility of commit messages having carria...
6368072 2017-04-27 improves test settings for chat notification services fo...
972440b 2017-04-27 tadds migration to remove invalid services
67974f1 2017-04-26 remove invalid services
7696191 2017-04-18 disables test settings on chat notification services whe...
c41df67 2017-04-11 removes redundant code from database.rb
1f40406 2017-04-06 adds relevant tests
05f69ef 2017-04-05 adds microsoft team activity object and refactors code a...
9bfa0a5 2017-04-05 adds remaining messages
7dd645e 2017-04-05 add note message integration with microsoft teams
efe2d96 2017-04-05 adds initial microsoft teams integration
ecd7521 2017-04-03 adds git terminal prompt env var to application rb
b9adf92 2017-03-31 Prevent users from disconnecting gitlab account from CAS
bbc097c 2017-03-30 bumps gitlab shell version
26d3da4 2017-03-16 removes n+1 query from tags and branches indexes
5a13526 2017-03-10 adds queue option to push bulk in authorized projects wo...
005749a 2017-03-06 apply codestyle and implementation changes to the respec...
53760bb 2017-03-02 removes redundant code from gitlab database file
2b474dc 2017-03-01 refactors finder and correlated code
9f2e474 2017-02-28 applies relevant changes to the code and code structure
f0ea713 2017-02-28 refactors documentation and personal access tokens form ...
4b6e583 2017-01-22 adds test suite
cd51af1 2017-01-22 adds events to services api deserialization
bf4a042 2017-01-12 fixes the issue
d7a2e92 2016-12-23 applies url_for so that we dont lose filters when redire...
805bbe8 2016-12-21 adds specs for respective behaviour
9b66aa6 2016-12-21 Prevent empty pagination when list is not empty