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#142 Tiago Botelho - All time
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26d3da4 2017-03-16 removes n+1 query from tags and branches indexes
5a13526 2017-03-10 adds queue option to push bulk in authorized projects wo...
005749a 2017-03-06 apply codestyle and implementation changes to the respec...
53760bb 2017-03-02 removes redundant code from gitlab database file
2b474dc 2017-03-01 refactors finder and correlated code
9f2e474 2017-02-28 applies relevant changes to the code and code structure
f0ea713 2017-02-28 refactors documentation and personal access tokens form ...
4b6e583 2017-01-22 adds test suite
cd51af1 2017-01-22 adds events to services api deserialization
bf4a042 2017-01-12 fixes the issue
d7a2e92 2016-12-23 applies url_for so that we dont lose filters when redire...
805bbe8 2016-12-21 adds specs for respective behaviour
9b66aa6 2016-12-21 Prevent empty pagination when list is not empty