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#86 Taurie Davis - All time
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c2c8f25 2018-07-17 Resolve "Redesign GCP banner"
bf0ac6a 2018-06-25 47794 Change environment scope text depending on number ...
265aa43 2018-06-25 Add back copy for existing gcp accounts within offer banner
4720bd9 2018-06-15 Resolve "Update link in GitLab cluster setup form to say...
1610713 2018-06-08 Fix styling of revert MR modal
56983fa 2018-06-07 Update readonly inputs to use gitlab colors
8eb3eb8 2018-06-06 Fix styling of Remove Kubernetes cluster integration sec...
90545b5 2018-06-06 47432 Add label-light class to Kubernetes creation form ...
6f7082b 2018-06-05 Resolve "New project visibility level description alignm...
ccc0760 2018-06-04 Add form-check-input class to checkbox input for visibil...
285ffb2 2018-06-04 Messaging on terms page when user already accepted
5b2e53e 2018-05-09 46210 Display logo and user dropdown on mobile for terms...
a442e34 2018-04-17 Replace 'GKE' with 'Google Kubernetes Engine'
0e7e622 2018-01-24 Add note within ux documentation that further changes sh...
fe2a141 2018-01-17 Double padding for file-content wiki class on larger scr...
e953967 2017-11-14 40161 Remove extra margin from wordmark in header
a613b19 2017-11-07 Change cursor to pointer on hover
2acfb61 2017-11-07 Simplify design for no tags, branches
609d49b 2017-11-03 34768 Fix problem with issuable header wrapping when con...
415e8bc 2017-10-21 update nav sidebar hover color to increase contrast
7f4e1bd 2017-10-13 39035 Move GitLab export option to top of import list wh...
91c5740 2017-10-11 update nav sidebar hover color to increase contrast
fa68cb3 2017-10-10 37660 Change background color of nav sidebar to match ot...
ec9003b 2017-09-26 Add illustration link to ux index page
a1b855f 2017-08-21 36721 Remove incorrect paragraph regarding renaming repo...
ff99e87 2017-08-04 Fix pipeline icon in contextual nav for projects
9c69f8f 2017-08-04 34764 Rename about to overview for group and project page
e9b079d 2017-08-04 35659 Rename Pipelines tab to CI / CD in new navigation
c734aa8 2017-07-28 Add copy about search terms to ux guide
f8e5941 2017-07-28 trying to fix tests
7ea8908 2017-07-28 fix merge conflicts
c8fbba4 2017-07-28 css fixes
d7b8b38 2017-07-28 try and fix some tests
aaaa252 2017-07-28 34060 Simply general project settings to use expanded pa...
3d08a30 2017-07-19 35209 Add wip message to new navigation preference section
0ef6662 2017-07-18 34973 Make font size of contextual sub menu items 14px
7f2b7bc 2017-07-17 35087 Fix alignment of controls in mr issuable list
53bd34b 2017-07-06 34727 Remove two columned layout from project member set...
8fd0887 2017-06-30 Add issuable-list class to shared mr/issue lists to fix ...
55c6be2 2017-06-29 Clean up issuable lists
9c7f3fa 2017-06-28 32838 Add wells to admin dashboard overview to fix spaci...
b4c6dc1 2017-06-08 fixes project_group_links spec by adding click tab event
b4056e1 2017-06-08 31853 Remove duplication for sharing projects with group...
ad27e79 2017-06-07 remove extra space on thumbs emoji buttons
efce255 2017-06-06 33308 Use pre-wrap for commit messages to keep lists ind...
b4bef24 2017-06-06 32720 Create equal padding for emoji on comments and emo...
a9e0218 2017-06-02 32118 Make New environment empty state btn lowercase
1f708e3 2017-06-02 32832 Remove overflow from comment form for confidential...
26dde5f 2017-06-01 Add Conversational Development Index page to admin panel
e2f4e28 2017-05-25 Remove 0 margin bottom for last paragraph on note text
1725dc0 2017-05-23 32715 Make all notes use equal padding
cf67df0 2017-05-22 32486 Fix placement of note emoji on hover
2c33dd0 2017-05-19 32570 Fix border-bottom for project activity tab
77a7094 2017-05-19 32623 Change order of commits ahead and behind on diverg...
d567b64 2017-05-12 31886 Remove spinner from loading comment
166e3cc 2017-05-05 30903 Vertically align mini pipeline stage container
46d7f0a 2017-05-04 30007 Add transparent top-border to the hover state of d...
024427b 2017-05-04 31689 Add default margin-top to user request table on pr...
4a972aa 2017-04-25 Resolve "Clean up padding with Markdown headers"
d3186ab 2017-04-14 Fix color merge conflict
3545af2 2017-04-14 Remove lighten blue and add blue-25 for background
e7c9aa6 2017-04-14 29595 Customize experience callout design
32a387a 2017-04-13 29595 Customize experience callout design
a3c926a 2017-03-31 30276 Move issue, mr, todos next to profile dropdown in ...
ac01a1b 2017-03-30 20914 Limits line length for project home page
4ecb038 2017-03-17 26236 Change gfm textarea to use monospace font
ceeb43e 2017-03-09 Change label for name on sign up form
dc14737 2017-02-16 27605 Add research proposal to issue templates
bd1dc05 2017-02-03 27352-search-label-filter-header
8f9be6d 2017-02-03 27240 Make progress bars consistent
ad69a89 2017-01-31 19164 Add settings dropdown to mobile screens
f1e21ae 2017-01-10 26504 Fix styling of MR jump to discussion button
ccc7a00 2017-01-04 26352 Change Profile settings to User / Settings
86b1dfc 2017-01-04 25701 standardize text colors
24d2e66 2016-12-15 Limit description container for mrs while viewing side b...
7760d8c 2016-12-14 25617 Fix placeholder color of todo filters
b3bd9ab 2016-12-14 24824 Add focus state to dropdowns
ee10a1c 2016-12-09 20916 Shorten line length of issues and mrs
33faed1 2016-12-01 24726 Remove Across GitLab from side navigation
9ed87e5 2016-11-29 25044 Make md header tabs match nav tabs
f083851 2016-11-29 Add blue back to sub nav active
ebfaaff 2016-11-28 Add hover state to navigation rows
604aa68 2016-11-16 Update - Adding info about issues within...
f882177 2016-11-14 Darken todo badge on hover
cea8fee 2016-11-11 21778 Correct css styles for pinned navigation
d81d67b 2016-11-10 19205 Redesign group page header to match new navigation
5f2d9ba 2016-11-08 24146 Add focus state to buttons and dropdowns
bab98d2 2016-11-07 17492 Update link color for more accessible contrast
fb99a43 2016-11-01 23545 Fix distorted project and group avatars
63cde3c 2016-10-31 Correct padding and alignment for reaction buttons
f87124d 2016-10-20 fix font weight of project feature settings
eb574e4 2016-10-17 change border color to variable
501d148 2016-10-17 Apply better hierarchy to markdown headers and issue/mr ...
1845c33 2016-10-06 spacing tweaks
2753645 2016-10-05 19499 Update project dropdowns
d1c1b41 2016-10-04 add spaces and fix handle styles
67dcc8d 2016-10-03 update profile view
283f963 2016-09-22 fix dropdowns for mr-versions
b68b17d 2016-09-20 style updates
99c3739 2016-09-16 clean up profile
fae8468 2016-09-16 shrink profile info
86bddc5 2016-09-14 style updates
23157a3 2016-09-07 fix padding top/bottom
d1fda19 2016-09-07 minor refactor
8a2b89f 2016-09-07 fix margin for multi-line emojis
7da2dcc 2016-09-06 fix margin for awards-control buttons
864bdda 2016-08-09 spellcheck
befb425 2016-08-09 Add svg guidelines to ui guide
b472027 2016-07-18 Change color of today issue highlight