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#79 Takuya Noguchi - All time
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0abb379 2018-01-15 Update marked from 0.3.6 to 0.3.12
6aaf096 2018-01-11 Add reason to keep postgresql 9.2 for CI
4a81c3a 2018-01-10 Make rich blob viewer wider for PC
a8a3776 2018-01-07 Update scss-lint to 0.56.0
13be4f4 2018-01-07 Substitute deprecated ui_charcoal with new default ui_in...
cc17172 2018-01-02 Make project README containers wider on fixed layout
c21b488 2017-12-06 Rename GKE as Kubernetes Engine
0f99e9a 2017-12-03 Fix typo in docs about Elasticsearch
c3444c9 2017-11-26 Upgrade seed-fu to 2.3.7
b95445b 2017-11-23 Upgrade jQuery to 2.2.4
adac106 2017-11-12 Revert a regression on runners sorting (!15134)
d3b5cea 2017-11-09 Enable UnnecessaryMantissa in scss-lint
68e3c41 2017-11-06 Revert unintentional changes in !12810
fb63796 2017-11-06 Enable BorderZero rule in scss-lint
ac547e4 2017-11-03 Enable MergeableSelector in scss-lint (for !14567)
2647d8f 2017-11-03 Enable MergeableSelector in scss-lint (for !14055)
f33ad6d 2017-11-03 Enable MergeableSelector in scss-lint (for !14062)
8d13003 2017-11-03 Enable MergeableSelector in scss-lint (for !14398)
f9baf02 2017-11-03 Enable MergeableSelector in scss-lint (for !13480)
27ce861 2017-11-03 Enable MergeableSelector in scss-lint (for !13473)
84f68ae 2017-11-03 Enable MergeableSelector in scss-lint (for !13600)
a03f8d2 2017-11-03 Enable MergeableSelector in scss-lint
78f779b 2017-11-01 Mobile-friendly table on Admin Runners
1cd0fbd 2017-10-30 Enable NestingDepth (level 6) on scss-lint
a718a59 2017-10-30 Bump carrierwave to 1.2.1
bcd7686 2017-10-04 Make tabs on top scrollable on admin dashboard
6aff498 2017-10-03 Add sort runners on admin runners
dfa6f18 2017-09-02 Make blob viewer for rich contents wider for mobile
618c3e7 2017-08-01 Bump rubocop to 0.49.1 and rubocop-rspec to 1.15.1
cc25e2b 2017-07-28 Global nav (9.0) UI improvement
69129f1 2017-07-27 Remove help message about prioritized labels for non-mem...
3951eb6 2017-07-25 Use only CSS to truncate commit message in blame
1ec5136 2017-07-20 Hide description about protected branches to non-member
309d406 2017-07-18 Simplify width for dropdown-menu on mobile
67f4444 2017-07-17 Add link to doc/api/ci/
7f8ef19 2017-07-16 Bump fog-core to 1.44.3 and fog providers' plugins to la...
2baef39 2017-07-12 Enable BangFormat in scss-lint
bc09ea5 2017-07-12 Enable DeclarationOrder in scss-lint
df3109a 2017-07-12 Remove public/ci/favicon.ico
c942450 2017-07-11 Enable PropertySpelling in scss-lint
2f7a399 2017-07-11 Enable ImportPath in scss-lint
eb36a9f 2017-07-11 Remove CSS for nprogress removed
325191d 2017-07-11 Enable UnnecessaryParentReference in scss-lint
2fb911a 2017-07-11 Enable SpaceAfterComma in scss-lint
53067cd 2017-07-11 Do not show pipeline schedule button for non-member
3f52ea5 2017-07-10 Bump knapsack to 1.14.0
605a517 2017-07-09 Remove net-ssh gem
96d2ce6 2017-07-08 Bump scss-lint to 0.54.0
a789ee2 2017-07-07 Remove .coffee ext files for i18n
f15c952 2017-07-07 Remove coffee-rails gem
de4e54e 2017-07-07 Remove duplicated queries
5155dbd 2017-07-07 Remove issuable drag-n-drop and sorting from milestone v...
f5d9600 2017-07-07 Avoid to repeat namespace querying on project milestone
102a177 2017-06-26 Add explicit message when no runners on admin
c40dc54 2017-06-26 Drop GFM support for the title of Milestone/MergeRequest...
b8430dd 2017-06-26 Change milestone endpoint for groups
bd87472 2017-06-26 Add JSON support to group milestones
5d4ec03 2017-06-26 Add tests for Groups::MilestonesController#index
175b783 2017-06-26 Add tests for MilestonesHelper#milestones_filter_dropdow...
660477f 2017-06-26 Drop GFM support for issuable title on milestone for con...
158fc81 2017-06-23 Remove bin/ci/upgrade.rb as not working all
2742fe6 2017-03-06 Avoid calling Build#trace_with_state for performance
9960c76 2017-02-25 Keep consistent in handling indexOf results
2ab322e 2017-02-25 Replace setInterval with setTimeout to prevent highly fr...
4d3f2ff 2017-02-05 Update doc for enabling or disabling GitLab CI
2dd5db7 2017-01-19 Add sorting pipeline for a commit
6fd561d 2016-10-20 Remove pagination description from individual doc
6278ee5 2016-10-20 Fix a broken table in Project API doc
a8bbe53 2016-10-19 Remove pagination description from individual doc
af8e06e 2016-10-19 Fix a broken table in Project API doc
36bf0b6 2016-10-10 Remove Ci::ApplicationController
c27e1b5 2016-07-27 Update CHANGELOG
175a910 2016-07-27 Unify HTML format in static error pages
fced4b6 2016-07-27 Make error pages responsive design
1569dfd 2016-07-07 Rename CiBuild as Build
22be862 2016-07-07 Clean up coffeescript files imported from GitLab CI
a034374 2016-07-03 Update CHANGELOG
b686338 2016-07-03 Update RedCloth to 4.3.2 for CVE-2012-6684
7773fe5 2016-06-26 Remove docs for GitLab CI Service API
ed713c8 2016-06-26 Clean up some unused templates imported from GitLab CI
6206f7f 2016-06-26 Fix dead links in the docs
114d023 2016-05-16 Clean up the images from GitLab CI
0d93e93 2016-05-15 Add tests for unintentional filtering bug in MR (cf. !3872)
18fdbf0 2016-05-12 Fix a description for default scope on builds
3c82655 2016-05-07 Rename Docker with Docker Engine.
9522131 2016-05-07 Update Docker Hub links.
dd4fe8e 2016-05-07 Update CI example docs.
0a38eac 2016-05-06 Update CHANGELOG
4ab49fa 2016-05-06 Use outer join for issues ordering by milestones due.
9bd5ac5 2016-05-04 Use new build badge URLs
4646cbc 2016-02-13 Update omniauth to 1.3.1 for memory performance
f61aa9a 2015-11-03 Update links in CI docs after GitLab 8.1
31ea88c 2015-10-30 Fix deadlink in docs for ci/examples