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#206 Sullivan SENECHAL - All time
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3727c9c 2015-11-09 Add GitLabCI code coverage regex sample for PHPUnit
f972a9e 2015-05-07 Fix bootlint issues on git clone holder bar
5bc5188 2015-05-04 Fix missing button types
2b0a1ca 2015-04-29 Fix .container position on navbar (reloaded)
f28f5e4 2015-04-26 Fix wrong placement of show-aside link
76e720d 2015-04-26 Bootstrap 3.3.4
570594a 2015-04-26 Fix '.container or .container-fluid should be the first ...
4ca2b99 2015-04-26 Fix "`<head>` is missing X-UA-Compatible `<meta>` tag th...
d365004 2015-04-03 Fix and improve help rendering
15fc957 2015-04-01 Bootlint integration
8ef7220 2015-03-28 Improve file icons rendering on tree
593a287 2014-10-21 Add timezone configuration to gitlab.yml
c0e2eee 2014-10-04 Fix fa-download icon
d1fa3b3 2014-10-03 Add Pushover service integration
5d8be44 2014-10-03 Upgrade to Font Awesome v4.2