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#219 Stuart Nelson - All time
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Hash Date Message
f4c8517 2018-03-26 Add failing notification_recipient_service spec
a11b4ee 2018-03-26 Update html email
3c5d5be 2018-03-26 Remove 'useless' variable assignment
a562db3 2018-03-26 Fix changelog (linting)
7bd9127 2018-03-26 Add spec for issue_due_worker
556546a 2018-03-26 Add changelog entry
260282b 2018-03-26 Create cron issue due spec skeleton
99fde7d 2018-03-26 Update email body (html+text)
9d81d5a 2018-03-26 Use cron for sending emails
ff830bc 2018-03-26 Make linter happy
a67f848 2018-03-26 Add new queue to sidekick_queues
247096e 2018-03-26 Remove dead comment
5f39f9b 2018-03-26 Send email to recipients
bebced8 2018-03-26 creating background job