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#256 Steven Thonus - All time
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42bac7f 2015-01-24 adding avatar to project settings page added avatar remo...
8b35b20 2014-03-25 first setup to protect protected branched to force updates
251df82 2014-01-28 added group avatars
3738396 2013-12-16 Archiving old projects; archived projects aren't shown o...
e3d4eb2 2013-11-30 type_fix_for_project_network_graph
5907207 2013-11-29 showing as default http link for public repo when anonymous
856d408 2013-11-17 diff view on commit with parallel diff view
89f7b65 2013-10-23 fixed maximum avatar size in changelog
1c70bd2 2013-10-22 set maximum filesize for avatar on profile page correct
65cad57 2013-10-09 avatar upload on profile page