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#168 Steve Azzopardi - All time
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464655e 2018-10-12 Add stage name in job.json response
56c891f 2018-10-12 Update VERSION to 11.4.0-rc5
9fc3b23 2018-10-10 Add allowance to merge feature flags MRs
7e3e895 2018-10-04 Remove addtionalProperties in runners schema
c6139a0 2018-09-28 Fix job_details.json schema
0599a25 2018-09-27 Add has_trace to Projects::JobController#show.json
4f3da02 2018-09-24 Add note for docker executor
6737643 2018-09-18 Expose runners status information in job api
5328f7d 2018-09-17 Add runner JSON schema
c80abb4 2018-09-13 Add retried jobs to pipeline stages
3bc5f71 2018-09-13 Add deployment information in job API
1b388c7 2018-09-12 Add trigger information for job API
e254da8 2018-09-11 Add empty state illustration information in job API
9cf6abb 2018-09-10 Remove beta from web terminal
8ffc707 2018-09-07 Check if key is present with string not symbol
26f577d 2018-09-06 Add terminal path to job API response
71433c5 2018-09-03 Add JSON schema validation for job API
4ee2ae1 2018-09-03 Add artifact information for job controller
2b48ec9 2018-08-17 Add beta flag for interactive web terminals
e321eb6 2018-08-16 Update interactive web terminal documentation
b7fa2e0 2018-08-16 Add documentation for interactive web terminals
18a1bcf 2018-07-30 Fix authorization for web terminals
d550c2c 2018-07-16 Revert "Merge branch '2211-add-option-to-change-clone-pa...
21513b5 2018-07-13 Document where CI_JOB_TOKEN is used
864bfcd 2018-06-16 Document custom build directories