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#235 Stephan van Leeuwen - All time
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3b3662d 2015-03-24 Updated api method GET /projects/:id/events to use pagin...
25c37b0 2014-12-30 Fixed issue not being able to create a new issue on an e...
b753bfd 2014-12-29 Updated issuable form to only show create links if allow...
4fe699f 2014-12-29 Updated create merge request submit view
b97b854 2014-12-29 Updated merge request commits view
23e83a6 2014-12-29 Added changelog item
180fda3 2014-12-29 Updated indentation on case when statements.
6af34b0 2014-12-29 Changed setting the sort variable
6b50721 2014-12-29 Updated projects api to allow ordering
6342bc2 2014-12-27 Changed header to stay at the top of the page.
071ad02 2014-12-26 Updated mobile sidebar to allow scrolling
1b6ebd1 2014-12-26 Updated sidebar style to span the whole height.