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#195 skv - All time
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Hash Date Message
9353db5 2014-11-06 remove unused js
a286f92 2014-09-24 blame with rugged
4e40800 2014-08-14 diff unfold
fe46500 2014-08-14 gfm and preserve commit message
3d7b79e 2014-08-14 whitespaceses at beginning of commit messages
de6a1a3 2014-06-24 prevent events loading while loading events refs #49759
20b2102 2014-06-10 notes count in 1 query for mr and commits
9c046fe 2014-05-26 links to issues on main dashboard
4cc2afd 2014-04-06 Fix url generation error on hook invalid create
7a8f001 2014-02-06 Replace badge to labels, because twbs3 doesn't supprot c...
a3f645e 2014-01-19 Remove deprecated finders
2f55d0b 2014-01-15 fix n+1 problem for namespaces
aff37ad 2013-12-26 visibility level info in project tabs
a443a19 2013-12-25 fix warnings
ae3cb2d 2013-12-20 coffee interpolation for template of user select
3adf35f 2013-12-17 pluck user_ids during team import
d895278 2013-12-14 fix most of warnings