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#76 Simon Knox - All time
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069a4a0 2017-07-25 Add directives to Vue component ordering
9408ed7 2017-07-21 fix resize bug for title and collapsible nav menus
a4c6a03 2017-07-20 add padding above Remember Me for social login
53e7bf0 2017-07-18 fix transient rspec failure due to Poll.js race condition
d5af936 2017-07-17 fix padding on filtered search dropdown. Styles should o...
a8f22dd 2017-07-17 move click handler to button. when on the icon it wasn't...
e0f4a63 2017-07-11 snippet has a blob, but isn't a blob
1f1fba5 2017-07-05 fix sidebar padding for full-width items (Time Tracking ...
edc44bf 2017-07-03 add margin between captcha and register button
5416836 2017-06-22 don't show "Someone edited the issue" warning when savin...
8cef4b5 2017-06-19 correct ByAuthor translation in commit box
56b1466 2017-06-15 hot reloading for .vue files
8b50139 2017-06-13 more visual contrast for active page in pagination widget
e4a5c3e 2017-06-09 remove outline from dropdown toggles when dropdown open
d913ce1 2017-06-02 Merge branch '30469-convdev-index' of
f922fa5 2017-06-02 fixup some classnames and media queries
26dde5f 2017-06-01 Add Conversational Development Index page to admin panel
854e9de 2017-06-01 animate adding issue to boards
6b8fac9 2017-05-24 add loading spinner to sidebar assignees
fe41456 2017-05-19 fix IE11 error from sentry
5cd7cd4 2017-05-17 recenter profile page nav links
ac6556b 2017-05-16 prevent dropdowns from being cut-off by scrollable tab c...
2ac9fcb 2017-05-13 fix Resolved Discussions counter wrapping to next line
ae2e0b6 2017-04-20 fix inline diff copying in firefox
ee65f5e 2017-04-18 update textarea height and refocus when attaching files
3cc806e 2017-04-13 tests for success and failure of deleting branch from MR...
81c920f 2017-04-12 fix js error in MR remove branch failure handler
d8a1ea0 2017-04-07 sidebar z-index above content area
3bb0a9c 2017-03-28 use correct first/last symbols in vue pagination component
8bf55be 2017-03-24 remove some unused sidebar styles
f31bf3d 2017-03-24 don't pad hidden sidebar on build and wiki pages
69482f1 2017-03-23 align Mark all as done with other Done buttons on Todos ...
51f0706 2017-03-20 handle commas in Issue total count
67eefe7 2017-03-18 don't show loading spinners for server-rendered sidebar ...
daee8ba 2017-03-16 don't show scrollbar on search field unless necessary
167e4a3 2017-03-10 don't show scrollbar on search field unless necessary
6e7e9e8 2017-03-10 prevent filtering Issues by multiple milestones, authors...
3c53f66 2017-03-10 Consistent button colors for disabled buttons
08c141b 2017-03-08 respect offset and limit query params for infinite lists
6cd9a7e 2017-03-07 don't underline clicked links in Notes header
cb25c91 2017-03-07 fix Jobs header height - only set fixed size for rows
4f143aa 2017-03-07 re-add Assign to Me link on new MR/Issue forms
591f0e2 2017-03-06 consistent spacing on new MR panels
ea05209 2017-03-02 remove extra whitespace on dashboard projects page
fe1ab40 2017-02-21 Allow searching issues for strings containing colons
229f806 2017-02-19 loading icon sometimes toggled alongside MR pipeline con...
221b772 2017-02-16 add space between ci text and commit sha in Merge Reques...
1a29912 2017-02-16 don't trigger tanuki loader when downloading files
8a928af 2017-02-16 Merge branch 'master' of
b5cbca5 2017-02-15 add changelog
0fe942c 2017-02-15 allow clicking on text or icon to trigger expand
7b69580 2017-02-15 style links on system notes to look clickable
679ce9d 2017-02-15 dev favicon is blue, not purple
e15032e 2017-02-15 override favicon for development to find tabs more easily
3f713db 2017-02-15 update correct field for Notes - it's called note not de...
142432c 2017-02-14 update issue count when closing/reopening an issue
ced971b 2017-02-14 code style and test fixes
cea0996 2017-02-13 Merge branch 'master' of
6059fde 2017-02-13 Merge branch 'master' of
c0fb473 2017-02-10 only print errors and warnings from webpack dev server
3ee1398 2017-02-09 enable lint
f2d8230 2017-02-08 add changelog item
2084555 2017-02-08 update karma test to expect ajax instead of POST
4e4639b 2017-02-08 forgot to iife
766d011 2017-02-08 notes use new task_list, and PATCH instead of POST
d3e34cd 2017-02-08 appease lint
97ecae0 2017-02-08 switch notes to use task_list, but keep its update funct...
3bb07a8 2017-02-07 copypaste task_list setup and events to own class