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#29 Shinya Maeda - All time
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Hash Date Message
586f210 2017-09-13 Add change log. Fix spec.
7338800 2017-09-13 Fix PipelineTriggerService to associate trigger_request ...
6c012c3 2017-09-06 Fix spec
608cd40 2017-09-06 Remove only validation
c4c383e 2017-09-06 Revert set_protected
4b8c52f 2017-09-06 Fix /models/ci/pipeline.rb
f7da15b 2017-09-06 Use before_save :set_protected
38d9b4d 2017-09-05 Use script_failure. Add runner_system_failure. Improve s...
5d50cbf 2017-09-05 Use unknown_failure for runner
69df47c 2017-09-05 Improve spec
e8e8ae4 2017-09-05 Fix spec
68f6c61 2017-09-05 - Allow runner API to pass failure_reason
1d7c039 2017-09-05 Fix enum lists
b1af1f2 2017-09-05 Fix enum wording
dcf09d1 2017-09-05 Implement `failure_reason` on `ci_builds`
48f017d 2017-09-04 Use pipeline.trigger_requests.last
209549c 2017-09-04 Revert iunnecessary change(gitaly)
5b88bd8 2017-09-04 Move trigger_variables to presenter
fa6b9ac 2017-09-04 trigger_variables should consider trigger_request exists...
3ae2038 2017-09-04 Remove ci_trigger_request_with_variables
d614c43 2017-09-04 Fix trigger_request.variables
cff104e 2017-09-04 Fix spec
acc7497 2017-09-04 Revert autheticate! in Trigger API
75130a4 2017-09-04 Remove CreateTriggerRequestService and forbit to save va...
2f90643 2017-09-04 Fix security breaching
bb22989 2017-09-04 Improve def pipeline_schedule with authrozation code
362f222 2017-09-04 Improve by zj nice catches
fb8f32a 2017-09-04 Finish spec
03f72f0 2017-09-04 Add spec (Halfway)
278ac9e 2017-09-04 Add changelog
683ba25 2017-09-04 Fix doc
8ca5c33 2017-09-04 Extend API: Pipeline Schedule Variable
53b5346 2017-09-03 Fix spec on egister_job_service_spec.rb
50b9aeb 2017-09-03 Fix spec
1b48134 2017-09-03 Fix spec
eab938d 2017-09-03 Fix typo
d8478d1 2017-09-03 Fix spec
5547baa 2017-09-03 Fix spec
ce7c0ac 2017-09-03 Add validation for protected attributes
f3d3cec 2017-09-03 Fix schema. Add safe_model_attributes for pipelines
07f7a01 2017-09-03 Improve spec. Add validation for accel_level on runner.
d3bf016 2017-09-03 Remove access_level index from runner. Add protected on ...
a2cde28 2017-09-03 Fix runner api doc
2170eec 2017-09-03 Fix spec
13b9b5f 2017-09-03 Improve API arguments as String
1024718 2017-09-03 Refactor access_level to not_protected and ref_protected
3875983 2017-09-03 Impprove spec by godfat suggestions
4b0e31b 2017-09-03 Extend can_pick?
6fbb3ce 2017-09-03 Fix doc
1f114df 2017-09-03 Fix doc
84626fb 2017-09-03 Add feature spec
6414917 2017-09-03 Remove conversion string to interger for access_level
6f19fc1 2017-09-03 Add API support
af112c5 2017-09-03 Add doc
665774b 2017-09-03 Add changelog
1925bfd 2017-09-03 Fix spec
bbe967a 2017-09-03 Add the rest of specs
eda34b1 2017-09-03 Add spec. Fix runner setting page. It worked.
e1ef436 2017-09-03 Update application code by the db schema change
0a7b3ae 2017-09-03 Re-organize schema. Drop protected from runner. Add acce...
23ac401 2017-09-03 Allow null for protected attribute in ci_pipelines
0968e6a 2017-09-03 Tweak only new_builds. Revert the rest.
e5fd565 2017-09-03 Solution 1. Persists protected(ref) flag on ci_pipelines...
e992468 2017-09-03 ini
16719ce 2017-08-31 fix doc
9dd8af0 2017-08-31 Squashed commit of the following:
4401b75 2017-08-28 Fix spec
9b7a0ec 2017-08-28 Fix changelog
1d7a1e9 2017-08-28 Fix spec
2b3b5c3 2017-08-28 Add changelog
815483b 2017-08-28 Remove trigger_request.trigger.owner
84ab8a7 2017-08-28 Reproduced bug
fab3df7 2017-08-23 Fix tests
438e18d 2017-08-23 Refurbish spec/features/runners_spec.rb
38cb329 2017-08-22 Update kubernetes_service_spec.rb
fe9fc0a 2017-08-22 Enfouce namespace for Kubernetes to lowercase
356c5a3 2017-08-18 Describe the supported version of group-level variables ...
73ffcb8 2017-08-18 Update
d6acd8e 2017-08-17 Add validate: false. Add validates uniqueness.
1614eb8 2017-08-04 Fix spec
7314680 2017-08-04 Fix spec
1b4fd63 2017-08-04 Fix spec
ace7d7a 2017-08-04 Add changelog
0c75e23 2017-08-04 fix
f2f1b9e 2017-08-04 Add a spec for concurrent process
28b4429 2017-08-04 Add changelog
1fcf3f3 2017-08-04 essential
0c5fbaa 2017-08-01 Add 204. Remove duplicated method.
d608aa5 2017-08-01 fix
953aa38 2017-08-01 ini
2d60d1d 2017-07-29 fix
dca9bd9 2017-07-28 Expand pipeline_trigger_service_spec by godfat request
2ea6915 2017-07-28 Fix revert miss
276c44b 2017-07-28 Fix static snalysys
8c4c310 2017-07-28 Revert "Move validate to begin/rescue block"
b59abf5 2017-07-28 Use let(:params) instead of def param
34d2b8e 2017-07-28 Use let(:pipeline) for variables spec in triggers_spec.rb
a2a7fc1 2017-07-28 Remove is_a?(Hash) from unless params[:variables] in cre...
445f213 2017-07-28 Use bang for trigger.trigger_requests.create
b3b8b59 2017-07-28 Remove if pipeline.variables in Ci::Build#variables
48389e9 2017-07-28 Fix pipeline
1978915 2017-07-28 Move validate to begin/rescue block
1ad4efe 2017-07-28 fix merge miss
56418e8 2017-07-28 init
2b8c46f 2017-07-20 Add #registration_token for %code
8226050 2017-07-20 Add changelog
92d9053 2017-07-20 Add present?
acaf13d 2017-07-20 Add an id for the tag(#registration_token). Wrap long li...
03c72d7 2017-07-20 i18n ready
96fe285 2017-07-20 Fix spec
ecc83b5 2017-07-20 Add changelog
3f66d3b 2017-07-20 Add coordinator url to admin area runner page
862e2c8 2017-07-19 Document update
280cfc6 2017-07-19 Add changelog
b539951 2017-07-19 Ini
b038bcf 2017-07-13 Remove trigger_schedule_attributes and factory :ci_trigg...
e0c150d 2017-07-07 Merge from master(Fix conflicts)
45e516c 2017-07-07 Fix spec in pipeline_schedules_spec.rb
3b2f092 2017-07-07 Name as variable_params like project variable controller
1ee9f7d 2017-07-07 Remove a spec: validate_uniqueness_of for key
08fba13 2017-07-07 merge from master
474d25e 2017-07-07 Use variable_params && variable_params_attributes in pro...
4fbfe47 2017-07-07 Fix to Variable was successfully created
b7d17aa 2017-07-07 Use new project_variables_path in this MR
8c434a5 2017-07-07 gb nice catches
61d5b13 2017-07-07 Adopt project_variable_path instead of namespace_project...
5c68fa6 2017-07-07 secret_variables_for: rails readability versino
5cb45b6 2017-07-07 Add CASE When Clause for saving order when using where IN
bd846f7 2017-07-07 Use ancestors for avoiding N queries
e255e4d 2017-07-07 ayufan nice catches
2dd9a9a 2017-07-07 Fix variables_controller.rb and format
d228662 2017-07-07 Add dash for GROUP_ROUTES
f8a2f6f 2017-07-07 Wrap additional routes by dash(-). And remove those rout...
5b09547 2017-07-07 Basic BE change
f8391bd 2017-07-06 Remove validates :key, uniqueness due to new validator c...
8a950ba 2017-07-05 Improve test on spec/models/ci/pipeline_schedule_spec.rb
0d51f4f 2017-07-05 Revert unnecesary changes in doc/ci/variables/
60425c2 2017-07-05 Reduce less meaningful test suits from pipeline_schedule...
9a9aaa5 2017-07-05 Implement ayufan validator2
1acaf75 2017-07-05 Implement ayufan validator
0c9795a 2017-07-05 Improve spec: use go instead of put :update
dafc341 2017-07-05 Revert "Implement Ci::NestedUniquenessValidator"
dbd0111 2017-07-05 Revert unnecesarry changes
8f0a2b6 2017-07-05 Implement Ci::NestedUniquenessValidator
1bfa818 2017-07-05 zj nice catchies 3
2f70f3f 2017-07-05 Improve spec
3acc918 2017-07-05 Fix spec
621f930 2017-07-05 Implement uniqueness_of_in_memory_validator
ff7529b 2017-07-05 Fix spec/lib/gitlab/import_export/all_models.yml
d19f9a9 2017-07-05 Exclude schedule variables from Import/Export feature
324cfe0 2017-07-05 Fix spec. Add PipelineScheduleVariable for import_export
5e7db4e 2017-07-05 Fix spec
1241700 2017-07-05 Improved AccessMatchers and tests
8a9d08a 2017-07-05 Fix policy by new guild line
c98c8f9 2017-07-05 Fix feature tests
5711562 2017-07-05 Revert extra validation for duplication between same key...
3a7176f 2017-07-05 Remove _form.html.haml change
251a7c4 2017-07-05 Implement variables_attributes create/update cases
d5daf17 2017-07-05 Controller logic. Delete before modification. Halfway.
4fb645a 2017-07-05 Fix StaticAnlysys
5c91e10 2017-07-05 zh nich catches 2
ad30a5a 2017-07-05 revert trigger_request.user_variables
f433fee 2017-07-05 Revert extra validation for duplication between same key...
6c5c525 2017-07-05 Remove _form.html.haml change
d65d66e 2017-07-05 zj nice catches
cfd5caa 2017-07-05 Remove dependent => :destroy
c5e16d5 2017-07-05 Define authorize_update_pipeline_schedule and apply to :...
08ed07c 2017-07-05 Improve PipelineSchedulePolicy
c1388df 2017-07-05 Eliminate condition cases in ci/build.rb
6e8ea52 2017-07-05 Add functionality and security.
e364c11 2017-07-05 Implement variables_attributes create/update cases
507fedf 2017-07-05 Controller logic. Delete before modification. Halfway.
06f0107 2017-07-05 pipeline_schedule_variables model/db
bbbd552 2017-07-05 Improve spec
17f34e5 2017-07-05 Fix spec
c99f8e8 2017-07-05 Implement uniqueness_of_in_memory_validator
cd6aa92 2017-07-05 Fix spec/lib/gitlab/import_export/all_models.yml
395491d 2017-07-05 Exclude schedule variables from Import/Export feature
b6f4154 2017-07-05 Fix spec. Add PipelineScheduleVariable for import_export
23f3c73 2017-07-05 Fix spec
9fe7f0c 2017-07-05 Improved AccessMatchers and tests
c023bbb 2017-07-05 Fix policy by new guild line
7d5351e 2017-07-05 Add changelog
7d7c02f 2017-07-05 Fix feature tests
d7cd3c3 2017-07-05 Revert extra validation for duplication between same key...
6914620 2017-07-05 Remove _form.html.haml change
9d23c35 2017-07-05 Implement variables_attributes create/update cases
62914a7 2017-07-05 Controller logic. Delete before modification. Halfway.
749f05a 2017-07-05 Fix StaticAnlysys
e1ba005 2017-07-05 zh nich catches 2
8889bb6 2017-07-05 revert trigger_request.user_variables
a91f581 2017-07-05 Revert extra validation for duplication between same key...
df6e51f 2017-07-05 Remove _form.html.haml change
51730b3 2017-07-05 zj nice catches
a7c4673 2017-07-05 Remove dependent => :destroy
ba63dcb 2017-07-05 Define authorize_update_pipeline_schedule and apply to :...
c3635dd 2017-07-05 Improve PipelineSchedulePolicy
8e2aafc 2017-07-05 Eliminate condition cases in ci/build.rb
1247ae0 2017-07-05 Add functionality and security.
3ea0461 2017-07-05 Implement variables_attributes create/update cases
58d8b9a 2017-07-05 Controller logic. Delete before modification. Halfway.
d278da4 2017-07-05 pipeline_schedule_variables model/db
d9d5600 2017-06-28 Make membership required for create_user_by_membership
af12903 2017-06-28 Fix sa
a513ae4 2017-06-28 use go instead of let proc
07b0615 2017-06-28 Fixed typo and hash alighment
d1fae59 2017-06-28 Improve description_for
c215b10 2017-06-28 Fix static analysis
ac7ad42 2017-06-28 IMprove access_matchers
043f1b8 2017-06-28 Remove author. Replace Result to Got.
359d72b 2017-06-28 Fix static analysys
e9734c6 2017-06-28 Resolve static analysis
8026f47 2017-06-28 Add changelog. Add AccessMatchersForController
d67b5c0 2017-06-28 Use authorize_update_pipeline_schedule in PipelineSchedu...
de893b1 2017-06-28 Improve small things
2633a63 2017-06-28 Remove PoC spec
083179e 2017-06-28 Add a test for checking validates :key does not override...
41aebaa 2017-06-28 Decuplin
ecd9c30 2017-06-07 Add source policy spec
32bfa48 2017-06-07 use squre bracket
451b684 2017-06-07 Use source instead of trigger_requests in stage_seeds
835f97a 2017-06-07 Remove source.nil
465e5de 2017-06-07 Fix condition
431d797 2017-06-07 Fix unmatches_path
2da420b 2017-05-30 Use update_pipeline_schedule
0e0e278 2017-05-30 Fix document according to the new change
3b61451 2017-05-30 Return 202 for destory. Remove []. Remove def pipeline_s...
63ca126 2017-05-30 Improve API with optinal and default. Allow to use scope...
b17c8d6 2017-05-30 Use PipelineScheduleDetails
c91292b 2017-05-30 Improve document
20c26ea 2017-05-30 FIx doc lint
0b2fd14 2017-05-30 Update doc with latest entity
bfa028e 2017-05-30 Remove deleted_at from Entity. Use find_by. Remove returns.
f6a8894 2017-05-30 Expose last_pipeline only when detailed status
92bc1dd 2017-05-30 Dryup fetching pipeline_schedule with helper
8c40bbb 2017-05-30 Switch to preload. Remove unncecessary associations.
20a07d2 2017-05-30 Include owner for pipeline_schedules. Improve N+1 spec. ...
17b9128 2017-05-30 includes last_pipeline
df6040b 2017-05-30 zj keen eye2
c7fc65e 2017-05-30 zj keen eye
e828e83 2017-05-30 avoids N + 1 queries
94f7595 2017-05-30 Define last_pipeline in PipelineScheduleEntity
e929897 2017-05-30 Remove bang from update!
a104e7a 2017-05-30 Move authenticate! to before
427eac9 2017-05-30 Concatinate dot behind end
18cf368 2017-05-30 Add space between curly brackets
9185241 2017-05-30 Use attributes_for
f8cb5fd 2017-05-30 Add own! method on PipleineSchedule
8743f76 2017-05-30 Use CreatePipelineScheduleService
97bf240 2017-05-30 Remove if from last_pipeline in entity
bd7d775 2017-05-30 Use 'set' to top-level variables. Remove repository.
fbb0706 2017-05-30 Add validation spec
0a11ab4 2017-05-30 Reflect doc to api desc
359b176 2017-05-30 Add doc
5875d99 2017-05-30 Add changelog
384fd19 2017-05-30 Change status number to ailias
fbd3b3d 2017-05-30 Add API support for pipeline schedule
d94e1aa 2017-05-29 Use if pipeline_schedule.ref
8b5877d 2017-05-29 Use nil? for ref evaluation
ef61829 2017-05-29 Add a test for deletion of importing_or_inactive?
62ecce7 2017-05-29 NULL to nil
5d8ee3e 2017-05-29 Validate parameters when active is false
602d09f 2017-05-29 Add changelog
489c6da 2017-05-29 Fixed
eaa1dcc 2017-05-29 Reproduced2
ba86ad3 2017-05-29 Revert "Reproduced"
6b75868 2017-05-29 Reproduced
f9c9daa 2017-05-24 Resolve static analysys. Use until instead of negative w...
cf4ab10 2017-05-24 Adopt ayufan script
a163874 2017-05-24 put force_encoding in def reverse_line
22f1d2a 2017-05-24 Append gurad clause. remove unless debris.empty
72b0af2 2017-05-24 Avoid tap. Use unless&empty.
fdcd2f1 2017-05-24 Improve calc_read_size
8c1b07e 2017-05-24 Optimize reverse_line
6be609d 2017-05-24 much better
dddfa28 2017-05-24 Refer reverse_line from read_last_lines
318b464 2017-05-24 Use force_encoding(regex.encoding)
a6f6056 2017-05-24 Use force_encoding when regex contains UTF-8 char
b9950c2 2017-05-24 Use each_line. Avoid comparison of partial. Add UTF-8 spec.
14c0833 2017-05-24 Add changelog
3d11b7d 2017-05-24 Fix reverse_line from chunk based
ddf6742 2017-05-24 Fix while true
6018afa 2017-05-24 Add reverse_line
a1cddf0 2017-05-24 Reproduced
a74b7d9 2017-05-23 Add feature test with unicode trace
4fe7c25 2017-05-02 Improve pipelines_finder.rb
255bfd6 2017-05-02 Improve documentation
0aebc82 2017-05-02 Correct typo in pipelines_spec.rb
41d0646 2017-05-02 Avoid using sample
dad973b 2017-05-02 Revise documents
8653c2d 2017-05-02 Add constant as ALLOWED_INDEXED_COLUMNS
0a36bfa 2017-05-02 Use HasStatus::AVAILABLE_STATUSES instead of hard coding
4bd0d8e 2017-05-02 Adopt awesome axil idea
fda48d3 2017-05-02 Improve api/pipelines_spec.rb
7d48cb0 2017-05-02 Add another pipeline for spec status
6f83553 2017-05-02 Add space before bracket
6736938 2017-05-02 Remove unnecessary hash
f65cd32 2017-05-02 Improve pipelines_finder_spec.rb
33c284f 2017-05-02 Separate parameters from literal url string
f7b5800 2017-05-02 Add a blank line between blocks
f5f7f90 2017-05-02 Revise document. string to boolean.
0e8266f 2017-05-02 Revert "Use JSON type for sorting parameter (halfway)"
22a4d12 2017-05-02 Use JSON type for sorting parameter (halfway)
98ac988 2017-05-02 Use order instead of reorder. Improve tests.
8f32724 2017-05-02 Ci::Pipeline to project.pipelines
7fb3a78 2017-05-02 Fix improper method name and spec description
c79c389 2017-05-02 Fix created_at to user_id in spec
e72c50f 2017-05-02 Change sort spec description
3735b8a 2017-05-02 Allow only indexed columns in #order_and_sort. Remove pr...
f0e3076 2017-05-02 'to be > 0' to 'not_to be_empty'. 'to eq(0)' to 'to be_e...
974c3c1 2017-05-02 Normalize wording
2e43e50 2017-05-02 Finish pipelines_spec
2075d7c 2017-05-02 Unveil iteration
2894f29 2017-05-02 Use eq instead of match_array for comparison of array
d1ca5f4 2017-05-02 No need to support sha for sorting
d74a04c 2017-05-02 Avoid hardcode table name
959b4e9 2017-05-02 Add spec for Pipeline API (Halfway)
171229d 2017-05-02 No need 'a'
9324a46 2017-05-02 Reduce playable columns for sorting
284cf0b 2017-05-02 Add name. Improve order_and_sort.
1758002 2017-05-02 Add name(User)
83d02a0 2017-05-02 Change name to username
a46c91f 2017-05-02 Fix inappropriate regex
56f50cb 2017-05-02 Fix how to use PipelinesFinder
44ae993 2017-05-02 Use ActiveRecord for comparison
658f2cb 2017-05-02 Add tag true
8d85887 2017-05-02 Check if any master exists
40e8940 2017-05-02 include to all(eq()). Test status, not scope.
d33e762 2017-05-02 %[] to %w[]
ac00cd1 2017-05-02 %w() to %[]
af7cb5b 2017-05-02 %w() to %[]
7e421e5 2017-05-02 Fix inappropriate words in doc
fa64da6 2017-05-02 Use 'case/when/end'
e3fd8ca 2017-05-02 Improved CI. Fix yaml_errors boolean evaluation.
f0bc9af 2017-05-02 Fixed the following.
a114c98 2017-05-02 Fixed SQL injection
d15c120 2017-05-02 Fix created_at test case because of sorting failure
fd30206 2017-05-02 Fix rubocop offences and rspec failures
df83430 2017-05-02 Add specs. Plus, minor fixes.
994e49b 2017-05-02 Fixed those points.
01f6083 2017-05-02 Remove unnecessary comment
e9d9445 2017-05-02 - Add new parameters for Pipeline API
1ae1d85 2017-04-07 N/A to None. Revert validates from validates_presence_of.
fb8c49d 2017-04-07 create_params and update_params into trigger_params
2f5095c 2017-04-07 Add def trigger_schedule in Trigger. Use persisted? for ...
4131ed2 2017-04-07 before_create :set_project. Now TriggerSchedule saves pr...
ea8574f 2017-04-07 Add specs in triggers_spec.rb (Halfway)
76c0364 2017-04-07 Use allow_destroy. Remove condtion from form.haml.
2548c15 2017-04-07 Add form for scheduled trigger
9441c01 2017-04-06 Fix rubocop
fff6afb 2017-04-06 Use change direction in spec
059ec79 2017-04-06 Use be_pending
48e07ea 2017-04-06 Improve trigger_schedule.rb
12a5380 2017-04-06 Implement a offset calculation on cron_parser_spec
c2c3ee1 2017-04-06 Clean up trigger_schedule_worker_spec.rb
cb082ae 2017-04-06 Improve instantiate recursion in cron_parser.rb
7b09a48 2017-04-06 Fix unnecessary changes in schema.rb
31bd396 2017-04-06 Add empty line in cron_parser.rb
3b58966 2017-04-06 Use parenthesis for respond_to :ref
cc6ac79 2017-04-06 Define next_time as let in trigger_schedule_spec
1a244c6 2017-04-06 Remove next_run_at: nil from trigger_schedule_spec
4688eb4 2017-04-06 Rename cron_time_zone to cron_timezone. Separate add_con...
1dbc888 2017-04-06 Remove TriggerSchedulePresenter. This will go in another...
f229290 2017-04-06 Remove triggers_helper. Add trigger_schedule_presenter.
4a5c6a8 2017-04-06 Rename cron_nightly_build to nightly
0c153af 2017-04-06 Ommit begin block in try_parse_cron
4949e2b 2017-04-06 Separate cron_valid? and cron_time_zone_valid?
3d3df09 2017-04-06 Dry up next_time_from. Move cron_parser_spec to appropri...
914bef6 2017-04-06 Move Ci::CronParser to Gitlab::Ci::CronParser
27f981b 2017-04-06 Improve real_next_run. Improve triggers_helper_spec.
f6be8c0 2017-04-06 Remove less_than_1_hour_from_now comments. Dry up def sc...
a67aff6 2017-04-06 Add Import/Export Setting for trigger_schedule. Remove r...
97cc677 2017-04-06 Commentout check_cron_frequency
1bd5494 2017-04-06 Improve cron_parser_spec
a2c4a2a 2017-04-06 Resolve error on trigger.spec
01cea0d 2017-04-06 Suppress Import/Export function warnings. Add comment fo...
b5f252b 2017-04-06 Fix spec/factories_spec.rb
934e949 2017-04-06 Fix rubocop issues. Use add_concurrent_foreign_key.
6248046 2017-04-06 Fixed failed tests
d9574c0 2017-04-06 Maintain MR
57d082f 2017-04-06 Add validator
21cabf3 2017-04-06 Move real_next_run to helper
5720919 2017-04-06 Brush up 2
d65c816 2017-04-06 Brush up
9573bb4 2017-04-06 real_next_run (WIP)
d48658e 2017-04-06 Use constraint for #validation
13bac4c 2017-04-06 Use delegate for ref on ci_trigger
da8db28 2017-04-06 Change configuration in as trigger_schedule_w...
36ee487 2017-04-06 Change configuration in as trigger_schedule_w...
2a1a731 2017-04-06 Add validation to Ci::TriggerSchedule (Halfway)
75f5e71 2017-04-06 Add rufus-scheduler to Gemfile
3d1bc4a 2017-04-06 Fixed strcture for db change
c426763 2017-04-06 Rename ScheduledTrigger to TriggerSchedule. Because tabl...
e32c1a5 2017-04-06 Add ci_trigger_schedules table
4c2435f 2017-04-06 Add ref to ci_triggers
b4da589 2017-04-06 Remove old migration file
8f798e8 2017-04-06 Rollback
531af92 2017-04-06 Add config for worker
37d6d1e 2017-04-06 basic components
5f715f1 2017-04-06 Add scheduled_trigger model. Add cron parser. Plus, specs.
039a4ba 2017-03-23 Use project.add_developer insetad of <<
fa2b58e 2017-03-23 revert spec/features/projects/builds_spec.rb
e1394f4 2017-03-23 Add builds_controller_specs and spec for #trace
7f08eee 2017-03-23 Use trait for builds_enabled of project
e404ab5 2017-03-23 Prefered single quote. Fix have_http_status(:ok)
f237cad 2017-03-23 Add changelog
68aae3a 2017-03-23 No need to authorize_update_build! if 'trace' requested ...
efc4e8d 2017-03-23 Add proper tests
1d75989 2017-03-23 Move conditional statement to PipelineSerializer#represe...
a375d80 2017-03-23 Use detailed_status effectively. Remove unnecesarry cont...
6dcd2d5 2017-03-23 fetch to dig
c4441c6 2017-03-23 Use superclass represent
9d56cb6 2017-03-23 Using fetch instead of direct refference for hash
361f851 2017-03-23 Rename endpoints 'status' to 'pipeline_status' in merge_...
d8343a0 2017-03-23 Remove unnecessary spaces
08a0bc5 2017-03-23 Add more specs
448c695 2017-03-23 Revert adding favicon to extended statuses. Change exten...
74f13e0 2017-03-23 Fix unchanged structure. Add favicon for 'failed_allowed...
38b1ec2 2017-03-23 Fix rspec failure
ea08e2c 2017-03-23 Add favicon spec for factory_spec
49f9ab9 2017-03-23 Add spec for spec/lib/gitlab/ci/status
a5b9641 2017-03-23 with_status to represent_status
3b63500 2017-03-23 3 lines to One line. Correct spec caption.
2b33e9e 2017-03-23 with_status to only_status
170e542 2017-03-23 Fix deployment_entity_spec.rb. It also reads BuildSerial...
21e62c9 2017-03-23 Roolback unneccesary changes
f8d6e81 2017-03-23 Fix rubocop anger
6172920 2017-03-23 Add spec for entity and serializer
0191455 2017-03-23 Remove legacy def status from builds_controller
4fa4a2c 2017-03-23 Add controllers spec
af86d33 2017-03-23 Add changelog
04b1741 2017-03-23 Remove def favicon from extended status
6d6127f 2017-03-23 change favicon name
ba27f1b 2017-03-23 Expose only status. ci_cd_status to status. Support abst...
0e06cfc 2017-03-23 Add api points for ci cd status. Add favicon.