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#104 Semyon Pupkov - All time
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Hash Date Message
e73b68a 2017-02-28 Add git version to gitlab:env:info
a89e973 2017-02-15 Set `Auto-Submitted: auto-generated` header to emails
0dfccd9 2017-02-15 Add active_when helper
6ed73dc 2017-02-10 Move dashboard issues spinach test to Rspec
3deb66e 2017-02-05 Add traits for ProjectFeatures to Project factory
a92c0f9 2017-01-22 Use archived trait for project in specs instead model co...
de460f7 2017-01-15 Use string for class_name option for lazy autoload class
a532c60 2017-01-13 Allow to use ENV variables in redis config
b9d0eeb 2017-01-04 Move dashboard help spinach test to rspec
65b1ea3 2017-01-04 Move dashboard group spinach test to rspec
e393151 2017-01-04 Move dashboard archived projects spinach tests to rspec
9af81a5 2017-01-03 Move dashboard active tab spinach test to rspec
7bceb30 2017-01-03 Remove duplicate let in cycle_analytics_spec
4141e30 2017-01-03 Move admin deploy keys spinach to rspec
74c817c 2017-01-02 Tiny refactoring example in admin users feature spec
1591c90 2017-01-02 Move admin users spinach tests to rspec
cec230b 2016-12-26 Move admin groups spinach tests to rspec
ad39831 2016-12-19 Move admin projects spinach tests to rspec
561ed7b 2016-12-19 Move admin labels spinach test to rspec
5a6252f 2016-12-17 Move admin application spinach test to rspec
a871746 2016-12-17 Move admin deploy keys spinach test to rspec
3792e74 2016-12-13 Use build instead create in group spec
4bb3c46 2016-12-12 Move admin active tab spinach tests to rspec
d33b22f 2016-12-06 Move admin hooks spinach to rspec
e16bc50 2016-12-06 Move admin logs spinach test to rspec
4f5c020 2016-12-05 Use pry-byebug instead byebug
f5e8337 2016-11-30 Do not raise error in AutocompleteController#users when ...
a4e4110 2016-11-28 Refactor issuable_filters_present to reduce duplications
7bd2140 2016-11-26 Remove unnecessary require_relative calls from finder
73f6218 2016-11-23 Move admin abuse report spinach test to rspec
c18f96c 2016-11-23 Move admin spam spinach test to Rspec
5636825 2016-11-23 Move abuse report spinach test to rspec
d6f98cc 2016-11-22 Remove empty describe block in service spec
daf26fa 2016-11-22 Refactor create service spec
724864e 2016-11-22 Remove unnecessary require_relative calls from service c...
77cf855 2016-11-22 Define common helper for describe pagination params in api
cad3ad2 2016-11-18 Use build instead create in BroadcastMessage model spec
d8b9de5 2016-11-18 Remove unnecessary self from user model
0fe3aa2 2016-11-17 Remove empty db fixtures file
2a95184 2016-11-15 Remove instance vars from key model tests
34a8612 2016-11-15 Use setter for key instead AR callback
b1ce2eb 2016-10-23 refactor(email): use setter method instead AR callbacks
3ca064e 2016-10-13 Add missing tests for download snippet
48015de 2016-10-13 Union examples in event spec fo speed up
31c41a8 2016-10-12 Use build instead create record in appearance_spec
9c92443 2016-10-12 Remove unused lets from deploy_key spec
85df1bf 2016-10-11 Remove empty describe block on key spec model
73fff8d 2016-10-11 Build instead create in label_link model spec
40fa1b6 2016-10-09 Use user from let instead recreate in before