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822d9aa 2014-10-30 Create RepoTag Grape entity and present it when doing st...
468b2e8 2014-09-04 Added annotated tags. Updated tag haml file and call to...
28de31f 2014-05-28 Fix broken repositories_spec test for creating new tags.
2d4ba26 2014-05-28 Update tags_controller.rb to use CreateTagService.
a8f2977 2014-05-27 More fixup for HoundCI. Fix up some small issues in docs.
435740b 2014-05-26 Fixup for HoundCI.
446e920 2014-05-26 Add tests for creating tag with API.
2490cfb 2014-05-23 Update documentaiton for create_tag method.
1e6766f 2014-05-23 Add CreateTagService. Use new service to allow tag crea...
da9b009 2014-05-08 Add fix for API when branch names have periods in them. ...