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#206 Saverio Miroddi - All time
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Hash Date Message
934eef7 2017-08-22 Improve description of a Commit#cherry_pick_message UT
e07c0c0 2017-08-22 Add changelog entry
7a8a8e0 2017-08-21 Fix rubocop errors in spec/models/commit_spec.rb
e6220c0 2017-08-21 Add UT for cherry-pick of an existing merge that is not ...
8341786 2017-08-21 Change a variable name in Commit#cherry_pick_description
9ec358a 2017-08-21 Reverse order of commits in MR cherry-pick message
b4622c7 2017-08-18 Remove redundant statement part in a test suite
c0f9216 2017-08-17 Correct the cherry-pick message for merge commits
919c0c7 2017-08-16 Extended UTs for the new cherry-pick message format
ae5e806 2017-08-16 Fix build failures related to cherry-pick message changes
85aeb88 2017-08-15 Add support for start project to commit cherry-pick desc...
e33608d 2017-08-15 Made commit cherry-pick message more standard
3d7febc 2017-08-15 Extracted cherry-pick description in ::Commit
cd80a90 2017-08-15 Merge branch 'master' into sm-cherry-pick-list-commits-i...
1d6ba59 2017-08-10 Add 'from commit' information to cherry-picked commits