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#100 Sato Hiroyuki - All time
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fe86dcf 2013-06-10 Fix postgres error when displaying network graph.
c18564d 2013-06-06 Fix abort gitlab:app:check
aefdcdd 2013-06-02 Fix postgres error when displaying network graph.
714d9d1 2013-05-21 Use default cursor on network graph.
70bdde4 2013-05-17 Fix not displaying a slash after namespace.
06805ff 2013-05-14 Config setting should be used in git version check.
c449dab 2013-05-14 Fix bubble padding.
1738055 2013-05-13 Add test for "Show only selected tag"
6505cd5 2013-05-13 Add "Show only selected branch" checkbox
3a4c1c5 2013-05-13 Enable to filter graph by ref
c0e3b39 2013-05-13 Set @options in assing_ref_vars
97a9c22 2013-05-13 Refactor: remove dup code
862e0ff 2013-05-08 Add Gitlab::VersionInfo class to fix and simplify versio...
9214962 2013-05-07 Fix not using git.bin_path in config.
3a8ee22 2013-05-07 Fix check git version.
1ae9c69 2013-04-25 Draging network graph is replaced by vertical scrolling.
16d3425 2013-04-25 Merge giggsey:patch-1 into improve-performance-of-networ...
05c2c15 2013-04-25 Fix Gitlab::Git::Repository#commit returns wrong commit,...
963ec23 2013-04-25 Add test related to a bug of network graph.
b36b40c 2013-04-25 Fix minor bug about line overlap.
85c468e 2013-04-25 Render graph partially.
63b58b9 2013-04-24 Reducing database access.
d4e7aa4 2013-04-23 Fix error "Address already in use".
33e236c 2013-03-26 Fix RoutingError when changing username to non ascii char.
b49c1cb 2013-03-26 Display note count on network graph.
62ef763 2013-03-26 Refector: clean up code.
f5e001b 2013-03-22 Using arrowed line only if it connects to not first parent.
26606aa 2013-03-22 Fix style of network graph.
06c5389 2013-03-21 Fix travis failure randomly, because Capybara.default_wa...
a1fe375 2013-03-21 Fix 404 error while displaying json files.
a19e3d8 2013-03-21 Display icon and commit message on network graph.
916c61f 2013-03-21 Refactor: clean up code.
1f6b6b6 2013-03-20 Rotating graph orientation.
175e09f 2013-03-19 Change graph element size.
351c952 2013-03-19 Refactor: extract method.
96a5842 2013-03-19 Refactor: Clean up code.
92de0fa 2013-03-19 Fix spec errors.
fc66c18 2013-03-19 Fix travis failed randomly by timeout.
e00e54b 2013-03-19 Fix timeout error while showing the very large repo like...
46fa921 2013-03-19 Refactor: removing duplicate code.
197f9ab 2013-03-11 Covert to coffee.
b8f070f 2013-03-11 Rename to coffee.
c0d312b 2013-03-07 Refactor: Removing a if statement, because the nil value...
b7e5f45 2013-03-07 Refactor: Removing the duplicated code.
79cd1ca 2013-03-07 Refactor: change the map hash from a local variable to p...
ccc712b 2013-03-07 Refacor: removing the times array, because that is same ...
8c5003c 2013-03-07 Refactor: clean up models.
e03a018 2013-03-07 Refactor: rename module and class names.
784aa26 2013-03-07 Refactor: grouping parent and their space by including a...
2f7f46b 2013-03-07 Refactor: replace "render :json = graph.to_json" to view...
83435e3 2013-03-06 Adding sleep statements to allow sufficient time for the...
e7a67a5 2013-03-06 Don't set format manually, bacause set in routing.
bb63459 2013-03-06 Fix routing errors.
6224ac0 2013-03-06 Add and fix some tests for routing.
95b8260 2013-03-04 Add some tests for network graph
f8009a4 2013-03-01 Fix spinach errors.
2a687dd 2013-02-28 Show gravatar icon on tooltip.
00d0e57 2013-02-28 Commits are arranged below their first parent.
14c2a37 2013-02-28 A tip is made slanting.
38fce3d 2013-02-28 It improves detecting an overlap of a line
f11e855 2013-02-27 Finding free space from the way near commit which is dow...
aa36f07 2013-02-26 Fix the commits are not ordered commiter date.
d8a40d8 2013-02-26 Move graph module from lib or vendor directory to app di...
9dccecc 2013-02-05 Sort the commits on network graph by commiter date.
df85c9c 2013-02-05 Fix bug when it has been switched to tag.
8ff5cf9 2013-02-05 Add search box for the commit.
81cc1cb 2013-02-05 Enable to display the commit older than 650th commit.
1e90749 2013-02-05 The commit is marked and displayed in the center.
7812cb7 2013-02-05 Fix typo.
4133221 2013-01-31 Fix bug of network graph(#2847) and trivial code clean up.
ad33c39 2013-01-31 Fix wrong path of features.
f8a2db5 2013-01-31 Displaying commit on a new window, when clicking commit ...
59b6de9 2013-01-30 Improve overlap of lines in network graph
525a8cd 2013-01-30 Switchable the main branch on network graph
561a0e3 2013-01-25 Fix not showing tooltip on network graph
70687cd 2013-01-23 Improve network graph
5fd830f 2012-12-13 Improve network-graph