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#271 Sarrah Vesselov - All time
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8eed007 2018-06-14 remove plural from 'label'
bc60412 2018-06-14 clarify ux label process
84dd83d 2018-06-05 Merge branch 'patch-29' into 'master'
d6c8a55 2018-05-17 Merge branch 'update-ux-section' into 'master'
35b37cf 2018-05-17 fix typos. add a reference to deliverable and stretch fo...
544117a 2018-05-12 add specific details related to how the UX team uses lab...
61ff530 2017-09-22 fix typo in icons section
49fc0da 2017-09-14 add info about UX label to feature proposal to CONTRIBUT...