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#119 Sam Rose - All time
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1e0c643 2017-05-18 Disable reference prefixes in notes for Snippets
2434d13 2017-05-10 Keep input data after creating existing tag
f4b6865 2017-05-10 Fix aria labels on custom notifications modal
f328f38 2017-05-10 Disallow multiselect for Milestone dropdown
5b376e6 2017-05-10 Include blob content when printing page
1ebd9da 2017-05-08 Add confirm delete protected branch modal
513b96f 2017-05-05 Wrap note actions below timestamp on discussions
adc5935 2017-05-02 Default to null user when asignee is unselected
e12d754 2017-04-30 Add option to select the null user as the default
575d902 2017-04-28 Display check next to assigned user in dropdown
9f3985c 2017-04-28 Move PDFLab into GitLab
ef443a9 2017-04-13 Update ResolveBtn when CommentStore changes state
f1b462e 2017-04-11 Fix pdflab code including file paths
d6e39d8 2017-04-07 MR shortcuts counter for stable
24507da 2017-04-06 Remove individual modal width styles
dad30d6 2017-04-05 Use PDFLab to render PDFs in GitLab
97941d2 2017-03-25 Display flash message to unauthenticated user when creat...
004f3a0 2017-03-25 Activate group name toggle based on horizontal space
cfd7592 2017-03-24 Add event limit warning all tabs Cycle Analytics
9c9aac3 2017-03-23 Prevent Trigger action buttons from wrapping
3f14589 2017-03-22 Check remove source branch when merge is in progress
aea78de 2017-03-20 Redirect to signin when New Issue for not logged in
35de410 2017-03-17 Append _spec to group_name_toggle spec file
435458d 2017-03-14 Update API on frontend to use v4
db59e73 2017-03-13 Toggle project name if too long
62b2d67 2017-03-03 Set max for Zen mode textarea to screen height
5f57234 2017-03-02 Hightlight linenumber on page load
50cfaf0 2017-02-20 Remove markup showing in tooltip for renamed files in di...
a308e60 2017-02-20 Truncate long title text on Todo items
baa59b3 2017-02-16 Wrap long Project and Group titles
3c4dc43 2017-02-14 Dispatch needed JS when creating a new MR in diff view
b493360 2017-02-14 Set max width for text in mini pipeline graph
1536109 2017-02-13 Retrigger at.js for slash commands with autocomplete suffix
4482664 2017-02-11 Add margin to loading icon in Merge Request Widget
dff411d 2017-02-08 Fix display logic for warning message
4490a57 2017-02-07 Revise tooltip message and warning text
8dced28 2017-02-07 Display number of shown events on Plan stage of Cycle An...
ddfa2be 2017-02-06 Layer dropdowns over right sidebar
2916ea8 2017-02-02 Update pipeline and commit URL and text on CI status change
72e0ed0 2017-01-26 Only search commits on input change since last search
8010de3 2017-01-25 Prevent removing fields from dropdowns on input elements
3f2eaaa 2017-01-16 Retain original casing for build name in manual pipelin...
139ff57 2016-12-31 Preserve selected versions when comparing MR changes
dbe0d0f 2016-12-31 Disable award emoji button but display tooltip
bff6ca6 2016-12-28 Set default sort for tags to Last updated
33251af 2016-12-28 Defer tooltip update on Resolve Comment button after DOM...
822534c 2016-12-28 Replace link to Resolve conflicts with buttons
dca0a42 2016-12-27 Truncate tag description and fix mobile for inidividual tag
804198a 2016-12-21 Maintain milestone filter option when updating filter
e7c56dd 2016-12-19 Align milestone column header with count number
178f9eb 2016-12-16 Respect newlines in commit messages on network graph
d6d22a5 2016-12-02 Enable ColorVariable in scss-lint
0c36b81 2016-11-07 Fix broken link to observatory cli on Frontend Dev Guide
8eda736 2016-10-26 Fix typo on /help/ui to Alerts section