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#103 Saito - All time
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36efe0f 2013-05-03 Merge pull request #3634 from tsl0922/patch-grack-auth
7a4f70d 2013-03-25 bump version of grit_ext
4606380 2013-03-25 Merge pull request #3367 from koenpunt/patch-1
0bda2d5 2013-01-01 Merge pull request #2450 from jojosch/fix-grack-gitignore
151ada7 2012-12-29 Merge pull request #2162 from frohoff/config-improvements
a1ffc67 2012-11-29 Merge pull request #2096 from panxiaoming/master
ea6359d 2012-11-13 Merge pull request #1968 from shtirlic/fix_thin
6cec9ed 2012-11-09 linguist will take care of this
b664b78 2012-11-09 linguist and web browser will take care of mimetype and ...
5b66e08 2012-11-09 Merge pull request #1964 from jdamick/patch-1
8fbac65 2012-11-08 bump grit_ext version to 0.6.0
f1ac2a6 2012-11-08 remove encode lib, clean all encoded area.
96211b0 2012-11-08 add grit_ext to gemfile
4f687aa 2012-10-26 Merge pull request #1827 from mgrobelin/master
e09bff0 2012-10-24 Update doc/
51ef5b9 2012-10-18 add shared repository doc.
83626d0 2012-10-17 add shared repository support
757b4bb 2012-10-13 add rails-dev-tweaks for development env speed
8880c06 2012-10-13 disable annoying rails assets log messages
aaa916f 2012-09-17 use high level api and compatibility with Passenger
96d4f22 2012-09-11 tree view need use ascii-8bit, file name need be utf8.
74d65bb 2012-08-25 fix git push body bigger than 112k problem
c5b16f0 2012-07-10 fix blame encoding error.
4013401 2012-07-02 bypass gitolite update hook, and set an GL_USER variable.
82e2551 2012-07-02 dot needs a escape.
aefe4dc 2012-06-29 fix a npe, and need a patch for path_info
7888e3a 2012-06-29 now works with git clone http://localhost/repo.git now
1df1daa 2012-06-29 use gitlabhq/grack instead of my fork
8db947b 2012-06-29 implements protected branches to smart http protocal
7f44599 2012-06-29 integrate with gitlabhq authority
86807b8 2012-06-29 mount grack to git, u can 'git clone http://localhost/gi...
61b85ae 2012-06-29 add grack to support smart http protocal for git
e851cb0 2012-05-30 must force_encoding to utf-8 first
c62715a 2012-05-30 now render the correct authorname and message
34cc38b 2012-05-30 diff now no need to force_encoding to utf8
202807c 2012-05-30 remove detect_enoding. detect_encoding means force_encod...
c71a76e 2012-05-30 fix graph problem if authorname or message isnot utf8 en...
efd9a71 2012-05-30 solve the binary problem
e1d1673 2012-05-29 monkey patch grit to support utf8 encoding
206230a 2012-05-29 rewrite encode strategy.
c5b12fa 2012-05-23 fix No route matches static.css Error
fbf1082 2012-05-07 update launchy to fix an nomethod error on development a...
8569317 2012-02-13 add vagrant file to ignore list
5b40a17 2012-02-13 switch ruby-debug to pry
adcfeae 2012-02-10 Merge branch 'issue-331'
ca23f27 2012-01-16 upload file's name support non-english words
31f3d6e 2011-12-30 fix travis dependency, add libicu support
98b5c36 2011-12-30 use monkey patch to trancoding content
26deb7e 2011-12-30 add charlock_holmes gem
14023c4 2011-12-30 remove charencode.
7279e8c 2011-12-30 Revert "merge charlock_holmes to master"
5719f02 2011-12-30 Revert "fix travis dependency, add libicu support"
78d8826 2011-12-29 fix travis dependency, add libicu support
a25a85b 2011-12-29 merge charlock_holmes to master
a39fb5f 2011-12-13 tree view readme support
a1cd582 2011-12-13 fix can not guess problem
713802f 2011-12-13 add plain text support,keep markdown and plain text in r...
7b7549b 2011-12-12 tree view readme support
f615c87 2011-12-12 fix can not guess problem
e340276 2011-12-05 refator handle_file_type. add velocity jade c header and...
42ba6d0 2011-12-01 refactor each_line detect to detect all diff file
12c01d7 2011-11-30 fix encode bugs on diff not utf-8 encode's code
7002b9f 2011-11-28 Merge branch 'chardet'
46cbe54 2011-11-28 fix the issue on github #157.
75fa063 2011-11-28 add rchardet19 to detect string encoding
6a4f8b9 2011-11-22 fix specs
c359ead 2011-11-18 restore the rvmrc
baa4fc8 2011-11-18 Merge branch 'master' of
6bd9b90 2011-11-18 Merge branch 'master' of
4281704 2011-11-18 fix diff bug with utf-8
139c4c2 2011-11-18 fix diff bug
26bdeb2 2011-11-18 commit safe_commit
7b5fd14 2011-11-16 annotate models
e2b4fe3 2011-11-14 fix project new link
f7756b8 2011-11-10 chmod -x style.scss