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#177 Sabba Petri - All time
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Hash Date Message
b5ec0d6 2015-03-04 Spelling change Commit Statistics
dc7c90f 2015-03-04 Changed casing
443cf97 2015-03-04 Changed to 'View Build Page'
a41b953 2015-02-28 Changed to "Create Issue"
df23537 2015-02-28 Changed header to Create New Issue
e4dc439 2015-02-25 Reverting pixel change
df31e0a 2015-02-25 Fixed up app_logo
2c0cc2e 2015-02-25 Added hover state
1e42cd2 2015-02-24 Added a warning class to button
8bcff0f 2015-02-24 Merge branch 'master' of ...
9c4337e 2015-02-24 Fixed tests
a33e615 2015-02-24 Merge branch 'master' of ...
5b6d6bb 2015-02-24 Added square caret to Back to Settings button
7f200b7 2015-02-24 Merge branch 'master' of ...
ea31726 2015-02-24 Added a margin and a couple styles
cb65a3f 2015-02-23 Changed button styles
b3fd0ca 2015-02-23 Toggle sidebar button more obvious
0e1d31a 2015-02-23 Git Clone btn more apparent
e35fe20 2015-02-23 Filter icons look like proper buttons
5ce2d44 2015-02-23 Added Profile tooltip
5d2dda9 2015-02-23 Added information to tooltips
846f831 2015-02-23 Fixes grammatical consistency and small changes