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#155 Rydkin Maxim - All time
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Hash Date Message
2d4fd76 2017-04-04 replaced one more helper with presenter
c9806b4 2017-04-04 extract build.pipeline as variable
2575661 2017-04-04 replace helper with decorator
b9f7d4b 2017-04-04 split up migrations
14722b6 2017-04-04 rename pipeline_presenter
3a7352f 2017-04-04 remove unnecessary space
86d8c2a 2017-04-04 remove redundant `pipeline`
a0de26f 2017-04-04 fix migration error
63dbdb9 2017-04-04 add presenter for status badge
4f748f7 2017-04-04 replace on_delete in migration with database type relate...
b49e796 2017-04-04 refactor spec
d2f2168 2017-04-04 remove `a pending pipeline` shared example
29db8ab 2017-04-04 fix linter error
ebf0520 2017-04-04 add tooltip on badge in pipelines index
2d7bc69 2017-04-04 adds tooltips into several places
aa4a9b9 2017-04-04 fix fallen import_export spec
b5c2869 2017-04-04 fix rubocop
effcbaf 2017-04-04 fix on_delete
2eb7ae9 2017-04-04 add auto_canceled_by_id to safe_model_attributes.yml
a4d08e6 2017-04-04 rename `auto_canceled_by` and add foreign key
40f67c1 2017-04-04 more brief way of get parent commit
67f27a1 2017-04-04 change order of enum options in auto_cancel_pending_pipe...
9bdb869 2017-04-04 fix typo
b1dc850 2017-04-04 move `auto_cancelable_pipelines` method to `create_pipel...
c77b1cb 2017-04-04 add `does not cancel HEAD pipeline` spec
c81ef30 2017-04-04 add auto-cancel for pending pipelines on branch, if they...
14326c8 2017-01-31 refactor merge request build service
170efaa 2016-12-16 Enable Style/MultilineOperationIndentation in Rubocop, f...
4af6204 2016-12-08 remove unnecessary issues event filter on comments tab
0a8289c 2016-12-07 add link_to_if helper on target_branch link on Merge Req...
e4afac1 2016-12-03 fix gfm doc typo about two spaces for next line transfer