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#32 Rubén Dávila - All time
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007b81b 2018-09-07 Add receive_max_input_size setting to Application settings
6688a71 2018-08-08 Backport of gitlab-org/gitlab-ee!6848
5c748a0 2018-08-07 Backport some changes from gitlab-org/gitlab-ee!6767
dcae1cc 2018-07-17 Add avatar_url attr to the response of the autocomplete ...
b98bff1 2018-07-09 Backport some changes from EE
1733a9d 2018-07-02 Backport some changes made for this spec in EE
9920855 2018-06-25 Merge branch 'bvl-dont-generate-mo' into 'master'
d67590b 2018-06-20 Merge branch 'bvl-dont-generate-mo' into 'master'
6a0178d 2018-06-13 Invalidate cache with project details when repository is...
c1cc477 2018-06-12 Hide events from internal projects in public feed for an...
c5d4f10 2018-06-07 Pass the --in-commit-order arg to `git-rev-list`
c503429 2018-06-05 Add migration to disable the usage of DSA keys
0a0d491 2018-05-10 Remove duplicate method
5b584a0 2018-05-09 Backport some changes from gitlab-ee!5476
a2071f2 2018-04-20 Fix missing namespace for some internal users
2d7efd9 2018-04-20 Don't include lfs_file_locks data in export bundle
d28b1df 2018-04-12 Backport of EE !4989
afe2c15 2018-03-12 Fix provider server URL used when listing repos to import
d179f00 2018-03-07 CE backport for creating CI/CD projects from GitHub
7044a3a 2018-02-16 Validate SSH keys through the sshkey gem
75fd832 2018-02-15 Revert "Merge branch 'rd-43185-revert-sanitize-extra-bla...
740499b 2018-02-12 Revert "Merge branch 'rd-40552-gitlab-should-check-if-ke...
bed9483 2018-02-07 Backport of LFS File Locking API
972f564 2018-02-01 Sanitize extra blank spaces used when uploading a SSH key
cf8f096 2018-01-03 Fix API endpoints to edit wiki pages where project belon...
6304fe4 2018-01-01 Allow logged in user to change his password
c927e57 2017-12-20 Updates from last code review:
c210dda 2017-12-20 Check if file has been modified for each action provided.
81331fa 2017-12-20 Add some initial specs for Files::MultiService class
429302b 2017-12-11 Bugfix: User can't change the access level of an access ...
e72804e 2017-11-22 Merge branch 'docs-install-locale-compile' into 'master'
4aa2deb 2017-10-07 Fix error with GPG signature updater when commit was del...
555f50b 2017-10-06 Add more specs.
5595d73 2017-10-05 Small refactor and fix for RuboCop
bd8e360 2017-10-05 Don't call update signature worker when there aren't sub...
6e0a4fc 2017-10-05 Convert migrations to generate subkeys to a background m...
dd139e6 2017-10-05 Invalidate GpgSignatures associated to GpgKeySubkeys whe...
2577cc9 2017-10-05 Address some feedback from last code review
8be06f2 2017-10-05 Remove no longer required methods
8d296b6 2017-10-05 Convert migration to a post deployment migration
8b03970 2017-10-05 Add CHANGELOG entry
ecfe629 2017-10-05 Add migration to generate GpgKeySubkeys records and upda...
85c6652 2017-10-05 Fix some broken specs
c50725f 2017-10-05 Address feedback from last code review
c2c35ae 2017-10-05 Consider GPG subkeys when trying to update invalid GPG s...
59f8139 2017-10-05 Remove unused association
866ef2b 2017-10-05 Add more specs to cover subkeys scenarios
b27549d 2017-10-05 Add some basic specs and refactor model and validations
4b6d045 2017-10-05 Add missing DOWNTIME declaration
c73748e 2017-10-05 Render GPG subkeys on index page
9b4990a 2017-10-05 Associate GgpSignature with GpgKeySubkey if comes from a...
a41e7e0 2017-10-05 Add ability to include subkeys when finding by fingerprint
d0572d9 2017-10-05 Refactor the extraction and generation of GPG subkeys
328f4a5 2017-10-05 Use a separate model to handle GPG subkeys
37dcfb6 2017-10-05 Delegate #key to parent when working with a GPG subkey
62d5403 2017-10-05 Process and create subkeys when a new GPG key is created
52a2423 2017-09-08 Revert "Merge branch '35012-navigation-add-option-to-cha...
62bb623 2017-09-07 Make Members with Owner and Master roles always able to ...
2626462 2017-09-07 Small refactor after last code review.
6c49a62 2017-09-06 Restore some changes from !9199
8d1321d 2017-09-06 Add theme_id column to users table
66cfb90 2017-09-05 Optimize SQL queries used in Groups::GroupMembersControl...
68de5dc 2017-08-30 Fix error reported by Flay
b9b0b37 2017-08-30 Add check for access to Namespace
6f03ddc 2017-08-29 Address some suggestions from first code review
b63c08b 2017-08-26 Build Project in context of Namespace if available
aff72ec 2017-08-26 Fix broken spec.
b2b9d63 2017-08-26 Add validation to check visibility level of sub groups.
d413f8e 2017-08-26 Add validation for visibility level of sub groups
a30257c 2017-08-26 Add some data attributes for options in namespace selector
e6880eb 2017-08-22 Fix inability to test some project integrations
1983043 2017-08-14 Merge branch 'bvl-use-no-wrap-for-pot-file' into 'master'
0e80de2 2017-08-14 Add missing guidelines for i18n setup
dc469ed 2017-08-14 Add missing guidelines for i18n setup
5e3ce3b 2017-08-14 Add missing guidelines for i18n setup
4c57d5a 2017-08-11 Merge branch 'assets-task-compile-langs' into 'master'
ea5e023 2017-08-09 Add missing command to compile GetText files
26ff4e3 2017-08-08 Update docs with i18n info for source installations
b7c45fc 2017-07-27 Merge branch 'assets-task-compile-langs' into 'master'
ef97cb5 2017-07-27 Backport some recent changes related to LDAP from EE
2f6d02c 2017-07-13 Always return the translated level name.
a90ca93 2017-07-12 Fix wrong helper used for adding context for translations.
bea0d4e 2017-06-27 Ignore JSON files generated from PO files
a89c1bf 2017-06-26 Fix application error when Project#last_activity_at is nil
9a05850 2017-06-19 Fix some incorrect usage of translation helpers
40a188b 2017-06-16 Small refactoring plus fixes for Spanish translations.
20bdfd5 2017-06-15 Small update for Spanish translation
ef14d04 2017-06-15 More updates for Spanish translations
3cc8788 2017-06-15 Update Spanish translations after code review
babe334 2017-06-15 Complete Spanish translations for Pipeline Schedules
0d12ef2 2017-06-15 Spanish translations for Pipelines Schedules index page.
44affff 2017-06-04 Use last_activity_at attr when showing the update date i...
22c80b3 2017-06-02 Add translations for elapsed time in words
4a9c07a 2017-06-01 Add section to compile GetText files for source installa...
9d699a9 2017-06-01 Add new Rake task to simplify the compilation of PO files
07eeb5d 2017-05-25 Add small update for the i18n guide.
5c92180 2017-05-25 Bugfix: Always use the default language when generating ...
57f4b1d 2017-05-21 Change translation for 'coding' by 'desarrollo' for Spanish
49ded5c 2017-05-19 Bugfix: don't redirect to JSON endpoints after sign in
715391b 2017-05-19 Fix JavaScript translations that are using a namespace
3396edc 2017-05-18 Remove Services count from usage ping payload.
1c1cb21 2017-05-16 Add guide to collaborate with i18n.
61d0ac5 2017-05-06 Use an absolute path for locale path in FastGettext config
c1d5af6 2017-05-05 Merge branch 'add-ruby-parser-dependency' into 'master'
61bc0c2 2017-05-05 Merge branch 'add-ruby-parser-dependency'
4b4fc94 2017-05-05 Add ruby_parser gem for all environments.
5cb7fc6 2017-05-05 Merge 'dev/master' into master
7f24b87 2017-05-05 Some small updates for Spanish translations.
7fd4269 2017-05-04 Merge branch 'master' into 28433-internationalise-cycle-...
b396668 2017-05-04 Add CHANGELOG entry, some specs and locale file for German.
f7b7a52 2017-05-04 More updates for translations plus small tweaks.
628d641 2017-05-04 Disable FastGettext from translating AR attrs.
dbd1bda 2017-05-04 More updates for translations plus some refactoring.
ee65de4 2017-05-03 More translations updates.
6d5364c 2017-05-03 First round of updates from the code review.
bbfbceb 2017-05-02 Merge branch 'master' into 28433-internationalise-cycle-...
3b82444 2017-05-02 Fix Rubocop complains.
657664f 2017-04-28 Add more spanish translations.
22ecf73 2017-04-27 Adjust regex used in order to parse inline content.
e4526e0 2017-04-27 Add more translation for Spanish.
a4267d2 2017-04-26 Add some translations for Spanish.
82e967b 2017-04-26 Adjust the patch for the gettext_i18n_rails and gettext_...
d8f7674 2017-04-26 Add ability to parse *.vue files through the `ruby gette...
422c48b 2017-04-25 Parse translate filters from JS files.
80d7f41 2017-04-25 Parse the translate-plural filter in HAML views
64aadef 2017-04-25 Merge branch 'js-translations' into 28433-internationali...
77d9e3f 2017-04-25 Monkey patch gettext_i18n_rails so it can parse content ...
6fbc6be 2017-04-21 Monkey patch gettext_i18n_rails so it can parse content ...
4471d7b 2017-04-20 Some small fixes for the current I18n implementation
086700f 2017-04-20 Merge branch 'js-translations' into 28433-internationali...
7ceb0ef 2017-04-20 Merge branch 'master' into 28433-internationalise-cycle-...
1de135b 2017-04-20 Fix Rubocop complains plus some small refactor
f41b693 2017-04-14 Remove pushes count from usage ping payload
72fefba 2017-04-13 Ignore some files required to the translation process
73d0730 2017-04-13 Set locale through controller filter
020e12a 2017-04-13 Add missing initializer for FastGettext
bd86796 2017-04-13 Add support to change language in profile form
acc807c 2017-04-13 Add preferred_language column to users
1ebcc96 2017-04-13 Setup gettext libraries
83a0c39 2017-03-21 Merge branch 'ssrf' into 'security'
67f4501 2017-03-20 Merge branch 'ssrf' into 'security'
1a909d1 2017-03-19 Fix more broken specs
a05bfba 2017-03-18 Fix broken specs
42f21eb 2017-03-18 Fix broken specs
a6387b7 2017-03-18 Fix broken specs
78d4707 2017-03-18 Merge branch 'ssrf' into 'security'
a8ea8c4 2017-03-18 Merge branch 'ssrf' into 'security'
9ad1d34 2017-03-18 Merge branch 'ssrf' into 'security'
dd53a9c 2017-03-14 Include time tracking attributes in webhooks payload
7733f28 2017-02-28 Merge branch 'fix-migration-downtime' into 'master'
eb90e32 2017-02-28 Fix migration without DOWNTIME clause specified
1527188 2017-02-28 Fix a bad merge conflict
0a6998d 2017-02-28 Fix Rubocop complain.
f587c73 2017-02-28 Fix migration without DOWNTIME clause specified
fc1855d 2017-02-22 Update VERSION to 8.17.0-rc5
52ade20 2017-02-14 Merge 'dev/8-17-stable' into 8-17-stable
872a530 2017-02-14 Remove extra CRLF at the end of the line
e7c0d6d 2017-02-14 Fix migration with missing DOWNTIME entry
2f77f18 2017-02-14 Fix migrations with missing DOWNTIME entry
50e56ed 2017-02-14 Fix small rubocop issue
a5387d0 2017-02-13 Fix migration with missing DOWNTIME entry
15f98ff 2017-02-13 Fix migration with missing DOWNTIME entry
d3aaa1a 2017-02-07 Merge branch '26908-add-foreign-keys-to-timelogs' into '...
85a98fd 2017-02-07 Refactor migration to not require downtime
bdc9322 2017-02-07 Use normal associations instead of polymorphic.
57191b7 2017-02-07 Update .gitignore templates
22886cd 2017-02-07 Update guides for 8.17 version
0f3c935 2017-01-18 Add some API endpoints for time tracking.
09a6141 2017-01-15 Fix haml-lint complain.
b5ab18c 2017-01-15 Bring changes that were present only in EE.
17196a2 2017-01-15 Backport backend work for time tracking.
13ce51e 2017-01-10 Merge commit 'dev/8-15-stable' into 8-15-stable
a0f4d38 2017-01-10 Merge commit 'dev/8-14-stable' into 8-14-stable
95674fc 2017-01-10 Merge commit 'dev/8-13-stable' into 8-13-stable
c6ebe44 2017-01-09 Use #parts instead of #part to read all the parts of the...
708e788 2016-12-22 Always use `fixture_file_upload` helper to upload files ...
0a2fb36 2016-12-22 Exclude non existent repository storages.
f8dde43 2016-12-19 Always use `fixture_file_upload` helper to upload files ...
c7d7f11 2016-12-06 Bump gitlab-shell version to 4.0.3
b62e2be 2016-11-28 Add new configuration setting to enable/disable HTML ema...
b437d30 2016-11-24 Add default_branch attr to Project API payload in docs.
452d1d0 2016-11-19 Backport some changes done from Time Tracking feature in...
e646439 2016-10-05 Merge commit 'dev/8-12-stable' into 8-12-stable
ba8aeb7 2016-10-05 Update VERSION to 8.12.4
1097a4a 2016-10-04 Fix section name for 8.12.2 version.
c2cc5d3 2016-09-29 Update CHANGELOG with 8.12.2 and 8.12.3 changes.
467e1ca 2016-09-29 Update VERSION to 8.12.3
a717912 2016-09-29 Fix CHANGELOG.
4dc0f3f 2016-09-29 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gitlab/8-11-stable' into 8...
2cef7d3 2016-09-29 Set `allow_failure` for flay and flog builds.
d91a807 2016-09-29 Set `allow_failure` for flay and flog builds.
ff7e4c4 2016-09-29 Fix: Downtime requirement was missing for migration.
bd2d906 2016-09-28 Set `allow_failure` for flay and flog builds.
0816838 2016-09-28 Fix CHANGELOG
6602b91 2016-09-24 Merge branch 'update-changelog' into 'master'
8e15ded 2016-09-24 Fix CHANGELOG.
ca3c6a4 2016-09-23 Update VERSION to 8.12.1
afd4330 2016-09-23 Fix CHANGELOG.
e614a34 2016-09-22 Update VERSION to 8.12.0-rc7
302f9e6 2016-09-22 Revert "Merge branch '22364-rails-cache-redis-connection...
73b4eec 2016-09-22 Revert "Merge branch '22364-rails-cache-redis-connection...
bcd02e0 2016-09-20 Update VERSION to 8.12.0-rc6
83b02e3 2016-09-20 Remove duplicated method.
0b28cf2 2016-09-19 Update VERSION to 8.12.0-rc5
9eb6de5 2016-09-19 Merge branch 'master' into 8-12-stable
5dfa291 2016-09-18 Merge branch 'master' into 8-12-stable
bb26c97 2016-09-18 Merge branch 'master' into 8-12-stable
649683c 2016-09-17 Update VERSION to 8.12.0-rc4
380687c 2016-09-16 Merge branch 'master' into 8-12-stable
ee249db 2016-09-14 Update VERSION to 8.12.0-rc3
9522d31 2016-09-14 Merge branch 'master' into 8-12-stable
6ceb26a 2016-09-14 Fix CHANGELOG.
58a343a 2016-09-13 Merge branch 'master' into 8-12-stable
a6b8c45 2016-09-09 Update VERSION to 8.12.0-rc2
2cad277 2016-09-09 Merge branch 'master' into 8-12-stable
e36534d 2016-09-09 Merge branch 'master' into 8-12-stable
fb7cec7 2016-09-09 Update VERSION to 8.12.0-rc1
bedae89 2016-09-08 Fix CHANGELOG.
258ca06 2016-09-08 Update CHANGELOG entries for 8.11.5.
f1ce997 2016-09-07 Update VERSION to 8.11.5
29114fe 2016-09-06 Fix CHANGELOG with 8.11.5 updates.
6f64d04 2016-09-06 Merge branch 'zj-drop-gitorious-field' into 'master'
ad599eb 2016-09-05 Merge branch 'zj-drop-gitorious-field' into 'master'
0c36469 2016-09-01 Update templates.
818c3f7 2016-09-01 Update CHANGELOG with 8.11.4 entries.
680854f 2016-09-01 Fix some duplicates in CHANGELOG
dd0431c 2016-09-01 Some minor updates for upgrade guides for 8.12.
b871b76 2016-09-01 Update VERSION to 8.11.4
9df6a22 2016-09-01 Update VERSION to 8.10.8
c8c519e 2016-09-01 Update CHANGELOG with 8.10.8
8f73523 2016-09-01 Fix CHANGELOG.
639ac61 2016-08-31 Fix CHANGELOG.
6774c11 2016-08-31 Fix CHANGELOG.
978a5a6 2016-08-31 Fix CHANGELOG.
77f99c5 2016-08-31 Revert "Merge branch 'lock_fix' into 'master'"
82e4552 2016-08-31 Revert "Merge branch 'sh-lock-version-not-null' into 'ma...
42e38df 2016-08-31 Fix CHANGELOG with 8.11.4 changes.
6cd4edb 2016-08-29 Update VERSION to 8.11.3
d7280b1 2016-08-26 Update CHANGELOG to reflect 8.11.3 release
5062826 2016-08-26 Fix CHANGELOG.
9d95dce 2016-08-25 Fix CHANGELOG entries related to 8.11 release.
e618ce2 2016-08-24 Update VERSION to 8.11.2
0a6312e 2016-08-24 Update CHANGELOG with 8.11.2 release.
f74d379 2016-08-23 Update CHANGELOG with 8.11.1 changes.
b36b885 2016-08-22 Fix for update doc.
7e2e46f 2016-08-22 Update VERSION to 8.11.0-rc7
1de90e0 2016-08-21 Merge branch 'ce-fix-protected-branch' into 'master'
9cfd18d 2016-08-21 Merge branch 'fix-empty-dropdown' into 'master'
fb84439 2016-08-21 Merge branch 'fix-empty-dropdown' into 'master'
311b88c 2016-08-21 Merge branch 'ce-fix-protected-branch' into 'master'
92d568a 2016-08-20 Merge branch 'fix-rspec-failures-due-to-cached-permissio...
707bb9d 2016-08-20 Merge branch 'fix-network-graph-error-500' into 'master'
b8728c0 2016-08-20 Merge branch 'fix-network-graph-error-500' into 'master'
6a05f24 2016-08-20 Merge branch 'fix-rspec-failures-due-to-cached-permissio...
8df13ef 2016-08-20 Update VERSION to 8.11.0-rc6
26d131a 2016-08-20 Disable temporary spec that's failing on CI.
3c27937 2016-08-20 Merge branch 'fix-diff-note-discussion-id' into 'master'
0d62f28 2016-08-20 Merge branch 'fix-diff-note-discussion-id' into 'master'
40fd213 2016-08-19 Merge branch '21039-member-invite-declined-email-wrong-a...
12e9df3 2016-08-19 Merge branch '21039-member-invite-declined-email-wrong-a...
ba9dec0 2016-08-19 Update VERSION to 8.11.0-rc5
8b70c11 2016-08-19 Try to debug failing spec.
2f47702 2016-08-18 Update VERSION to 8.11.0-rc4
070a518 2016-08-18 Merge branch 'fix-issue-filter-spec' into 'master'
e6b742a 2016-08-18 Merge branch 'fix-issue-filter-spec' into 'master'
e2cc5b9 2016-08-18 Merge branch 'changelog-update' into 'master'
9e7231b 2016-08-18 Merge branch 'changelog-update' into 'master'
1ad1ed9 2016-08-18 Update VERSION to 8.11.0-rc3
6ab44d1 2016-08-18 Merge branch 'tab-persistance' into 'master'
ac73de5 2016-08-18 Merge branch 'tab-persistance' into 'master'
22ce76d 2016-08-18 Refactor to mark Changes tab as active on new MR page.
de8d932 2016-08-18 Fix broken feature spec.
4b0d5a9 2016-08-16 Update VERSION to 8.11.0-rc2
4b792b0 2016-08-16 Merge branch 'master' into 8-11-stable
7f853e2 2016-08-16 Merge remote-tracking branch 'dev/master'
759265c 2016-08-16 Merge branch 'master' into 8-11-stable
b44b09b 2016-08-16 Revert "Merge branch '19957-write-tests-for-adding-comme...
84efe26 2016-08-16 Merge branch 'master' into 8-11-stable
5cc14b5 2016-08-15 Merge branch 'master' into 8-11-stable
35f9f79 2016-08-15 Merge branch 'master' into 8-11-stable
69ed2c9 2016-08-12 Merge branch 'master' into 8-11-stable
2bb93c2 2016-08-08 Update VERSION to 8.11.0-rc1
a999153 2016-08-04 Don't setup DB for slack notification build
0ee3314 2016-08-02 Add and update templates for 8.11
6cee519 2016-08-01 Update installation guide for 8.11
16a0303 2016-06-27 Check for conflict with wiki projects when creating a ne...
7627cc1 2016-06-24 Validate presence of essential params for diff rendering
f0930fe 2016-05-29 Use absolute paths wherever is possible for .gitignore e...
1c09c21 2016-05-29 Ignore files under "/shared" directory and not other sub...
0c47b68 2016-05-19 Mask credentials from URL when import of project has fai...
fd090a2 2016-04-02 Fix bug related to filtering Issues by Label/Milestone.
e6b5716 2016-04-01 Migrate Repository#local_branches from gitlab-ee.
f4a361a 2016-03-22 Sanitize commit title when creating revert commit.
cbdbbcb 2016-03-22 Check if index exists before adding it. [ci skip]
cfb10c1 2016-03-17 Check push permissions only when pushing directly to tar...
7e03b40 2016-03-16 Return an empty Array when there aren't lines to parse.
95b06a6 2016-03-07 Updates from last code review.
c91554d 2016-03-05 Add link with filter by milestone for labels and avatar.
baa782a 2016-03-05 Add some spinach specs.
3f2d824 2016-03-05 Add missing partials!
9605860 2016-03-05 Show some stats about Milestone according to the new UI.
3c157b6 2016-03-05 Show Project name on Labels tab for Group and Dashboard ...
b6e5de2 2016-03-05 Use the same partial when rendering Issues or Merge Requ...
7cc102a 2016-03-05 Make Merge Requests tab have the same look as Issues.
e0a1882 2016-03-05 Show project name for Issues tab in Group and Dashboard ...
32f8fc1 2016-03-05 Refactor Milestone view for Dashboard.
ed48085 2016-03-05 Refactor Merge Requests tab into a custom partial
834b5d4 2016-03-05 Refactor Merge Requests tab into a custom partial
e805bec 2016-03-05 Eager load Issues/MRs project for Milestone.
37d92d0 2016-03-05 Refactor Merge Requests tab into a custom partial
70028d3 2016-03-05 Recator Issues Tab into a custom partial.
a056dfa 2016-03-05 Refactor GlobalMilestone queries.
71a2303 2016-03-04 Upgrade carrierwave to 0.10.0.
536d9a9 2016-03-03 update CHANGELOG.
eb068b0 2016-03-03 Add commit message to JIRA's notification payload.
7dd2e37 2016-03-02 Update CHANGELOG.
b41a274 2016-03-02 Don't list merge requests from archived projects in Grou...
0b86b46 2016-03-02 Don't list issues from archived projects in Group view.
49e4ef3 2016-03-02 Add specs to ForksController#index.
03d58f5 2016-03-02 Little refactor for milestone_remaining_days helper from...
7773180 2016-03-02 Show days remaining instead of elapsed time for Milestone.
d9e0191 2016-03-02 Add some specs for Repository#revert.
0c116d8 2016-03-02 Check for conflicts before creating target branch.
0e1d440 2016-03-01 Reuse query from ProjectsFinder to get projects accessib...
8c94854 2016-02-27 Logged in user should be able to read internal forks.
496b9c0 2016-02-27 Add commit message to JIRA's notification payload.
f96ce40 2016-02-27 Improve implementation to check read access to forks and...
3d96bfa 2016-02-22 Don't repeat labels listed on Labels tab.
358e5ed 2016-02-20 Fix look of tooltip for Revert button.
cc5ff3b 2016-02-19 Use the adequate success path on the JSON endpoint.
b79c8b5 2016-02-19 Update CHANGELOG
5ef3f80 2016-02-19 More updates from the last code review.
d6e3abc 2016-02-19 Add documentation for revert changes feature.
112b1ad 2016-02-19 Upgrade gitlab_git to 8.2.0
87b076f 2016-02-19 Add some spinach specs
28aaef2 2016-02-19 Don't use `self` when looking for cross-references!
169070b 2016-02-19 Some updates from last code review.
6908663 2016-02-19 Refactor RevertService.
d958d02 2016-02-19 Make #commit_with_hooks return the new obj id plus some ...
d34733e 2016-02-19 Don't show revert button if commit/MR has already been r...
e8d15f1 2016-02-19 Refactor revert_commit_link helper.
a07021f 2016-02-19 Make more robust the test to see if a commit has been pr...
be54ba3 2016-02-19 Refactor commit message for revert commit.
02f4805 2016-02-19 No longer need to ignore temporary branch.
f088cac 2016-02-19 Use a reference to the MR when reverting MRs.
5ad78cd 2016-02-19 Use a custom title in the revert modal.
b8295fc 2016-02-19 Fix build and add specs
ccd2a8d 2016-02-19 Show a tooltip on revert link.
477ae66 2016-02-19 Move revert link to the MR widget section plus some refa...
2ea5b37 2016-02-19 Some fixes and refactors for code related to forks.
1134586 2016-02-19 Don't make Repository#revert aware of MRs.
328b52d 2016-02-19 Some updates after last code review.
38e708f 2016-02-19 Add link to fork if user can't revert MR.
9d4c105 2016-02-19 Remove code introduced when endpoint was in MR controller.
a28eef1 2016-02-19 Update copy and URLs used when reverting MRs.
38752d1 2016-02-19 Remove no longer required methods on MR.
1469b72 2016-02-19 Check that target_branch is present.
e22cdb4 2016-02-19 Big refactor for #revert_commit.
4dc8350 2016-02-19 Reuser revert commit modal in MR detail page.
ef591b8 2016-02-19 Fix commit message plus other little fix.
b069331 2016-02-19 Show list of branches plus some fixes.
6b0e478 2016-02-19 Some fixes required for conflicts on revert.
91e6e32 2016-02-19 Make it work for merge commits.
b36319a 2016-02-19 Make MRs with revert commit work.
8061399 2016-02-19 Add RevertService class with basic logic to revert commit
34e26b8 2016-02-19 Add button to revert commit on Commit detail page.
006089f 2016-02-19 Add new endpoint and button to revert any commit.
b6fe51b 2016-02-19 Some updates from last code review.
1708e1f 2016-02-19 Create branch if it doesn't exists.
df5f362 2016-02-19 Add some specs plus some refactor.
b5935f0 2016-02-19 Remove no longer required method.
ae46d6e 2016-02-19 Explain why MR can't be reverted.
5bb5019 2016-02-19 Use adequate description for new MR.
0b7d70a 2016-02-19 Use #iid for revert branch name so it's consistent when ...
e1a3c8c 2016-02-19 Don't show last event message on top when reverse branch...
f4ff2ba 2016-02-19 Check target branch exists before creating revert MR.
207522f 2016-02-19 Some refactor to the revert commit creation.
f56ee9d 2016-02-19 Save merge commit id when MR is merged
720e52d 2016-02-19 Add merge_commit_sha column to merge_requests.
d7511a4 2016-02-19 Create reverse branch and generate MR with new branch. #...
d3c2437 2016-02-19 Add new endpoint and button to revert merge. #3409
62dd674 2016-02-18 More styling updates.
2770de9 2016-02-18 Reopened MRs should also be considered as open.
dba0d7c 2016-02-17 Decrease padding of labels for Milestone's issues tab.
4d1e82e 2016-02-12 Don't show fork button if user can't fork the project.
5a5ee61 2016-02-11 Load all blob data when highlighting content for git-blame.
31e1a38 2016-02-03 Some refactor for CSS after code review.
5bad351 2016-02-02 Remove no longer required class.
d618e9c 2016-02-02 Add specs.
0a08b10 2016-02-02 Add link to open/closed issues plus some minor updates.
d151b38 2016-02-02 Adjust label height on Issues tab.
bf181c6 2016-02-02 Remove gray background from detail.
4dff27e 2016-02-02 Adjust Issues tab to new design.
2ac744e 2016-02-02 Show buttons based on current tab.
7ecd30a 2016-02-02 Align Milestone's issue counter.
2c31ebf 2016-02-02 Add little spacing between milestone stats.
46b5f83 2016-02-02 Show labels in Issues tab.
e6be134 2016-02-02 Change style of Delete button.
1162f8d 2016-02-02 Add elpased time.
4e8266e 2016-02-02 Change format of Milestone stats.
365d96c 2016-02-02 Add labels tab to milestone detail view.
0ee875f 2016-01-27 Align filter dropdown.
c3c92c7 2016-01-22 Make default sorting preference work for Issues and MRs.
9ef4689 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'master' into issue_5546
7c520c7 2016-01-22 Make sorting preference reusable for all projects.
46c7691 2016-01-21 Add link for checkout MRs info.
eccaa09 2016-01-21 Make cookie suffix more simpler.
0f79620 2016-01-21 Little refactor plus some specs.
4d345bc 2016-01-20 Remember last sort option used.
985297d 2016-01-20 Merge branch 'master' into issue_3945
86b75f4 2016-01-20 Use a MR with commits.
3250a68 2016-01-20 Remove no longer required CSS rule.
e924614 2016-01-20 Refactor some CSS rules.
a091483 2016-01-20 Some fixes from last code review.
91bd0bf 2016-01-20 Some CSS and sorting fixes.
ed4934d 2016-01-20 Fix broken spec.
99679bc 2016-01-20 Add specs for Forks listing.
833a0f4 2016-01-20 Add icon for private forks notice. #2406
40e1ad9 2016-01-20 Add ability to sort forks. #2406
5cba592 2016-01-20 WIP: Add sort dropdown. #2406
b0a5a99 2016-01-20 Little update to copy and custom content for empty resul...
b6170d2 2016-01-20 Show last commit as description. #2406
e4d2696 2016-01-20 Fix broken specs. #2406
f0b7dcb 2016-01-20 Add ability to filter by namespace. #2406
55707f9 2016-01-20 Use adequate icon for Forks link on sidebar. #2406
3b75d65 2016-01-20 Show forks counter on listing. #2406
b2e5b57 2016-01-20 Add fork button and implement ability to distinguish bet...
2b05bf4 2016-01-20 Use Project creator's avatar in fork listing. #2406
7765ce1 2016-01-20 Setup new fork link in sidebar and routes. #2406
c26816f 2016-01-19 Fix broken specs.
35a7767 2016-01-19 Update Issue/MR everytime a Note is saved/destroyed.
c7264d2 2016-01-19 Check if MR is not broken.
08c482b 2016-01-19 Check if object respond to #touch before update.
78754cb 2016-01-19 Update Issues/MRs updated_at when user leaves comments.
c8db25c 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'master' into issue_3945
6b9c730 2016-01-14 More refactoring from last code review. #3945
70bc322 2016-01-14 Use the adequate reference for the old rev. #3945
c179b48 2016-01-14 Use #sub instead of #gsub!. #3945
1161cf2 2016-01-13 Use current commit id if it doesn't have a parent. #3945
df8776f 2016-01-13 Consider that URL can end with '/' before redirecting. #...
0f0af19 2016-01-13 Little refactor for usage of html_safe. #3945
48c45ba 2016-01-13 Use html_safe instead of raw. #3945
7307fa4 2016-01-13 Fix broken specs. #3945
f547e73 2016-01-12 Add more specs. #3945
6e3358a 2016-01-12 Remove no longer required code. #3945
c038548 2016-01-12 Fix broken spec. #3945
f1f9b5f 2016-01-12 Small fixes from code review. #3945
c476395 2016-01-12 Reuse existent vars with ref and path. #3945
80a4c80 2016-01-12 Make diff_line_content helper return a safe String. #3945
ee2230c 2016-01-09 Fix css for other highlighting themes. #3945
fed1076 2016-01-09 Fix broken spec for submodule commit. #3945
164c637 2016-01-09 Fix broken specs. #3945
78d7c0e 2016-01-09 Fix broken specs. #3945
52f8286 2016-01-08 Update specs. #3945
6282202 2016-01-08 Remove custom Lexer. #3945 [ci skip]
21b602c 2016-01-08 Change strategy to highlight diffs. #3945
f1f4fdf 2016-01-08 Don't process inline diffs on backend. #3945
21958a3 2016-01-07 Add some styling for syntax highlighting themes. #3945
1494bb3 2016-01-07 Force white theme when viewing diffs. #3945
776d70d 2016-01-07 Use #html_safe instead of #raw in some diff views. #3945
795ecb4 2015-12-31 Fix broken spec. #3945
3fbcf52 2015-12-31 Apply syntax highlighting when expanding diff plus some ...
fd100e1 2015-12-31 Don't modify "match" diff lines. #3945
8b07931 2015-12-31 A bit of refactoring. #3945
d832756 2015-12-31 Add specs for Gitlab::Diff::Highlight. #3945
7de90f4 2015-12-30 Fix broken spec and small refactor. #3945
b74f36c 2015-12-30 Fix Rubocop complain. #3945
bb96d63 2015-12-30 New implementation for highlighting diff files. #3945
c031b9d 2015-12-28 Set initial state on parent Lexer. #3945
34657b8 2015-12-28 Add syntax highlighting to diff view. #3945
e4ec344 2015-12-28 Precompile assets before running feature specs. #4662
42da7cd 2015-12-22 Fix redirect to wrong URL when merging and MR detail URL...
a4e0c7c 2015-12-17 Upgrade Poltergeist to 1.8.1. #4131
40c0b4b 2015-12-16 Fix Rubocop complain.
d7dd9c3 2015-12-16 Fix Rubocop complain.
0861b67 2015-12-16 Fix broken spec. #3452
3f83a15 2015-12-16 Add link to MR from Build detail page. #3452
7e8fc48 2015-12-09 Normalize email when looking for GitLab users from commi...
aa1ba00 2015-12-04 Ensure "Remove Source Branch" button is not shown when b...
5e6a527 2015-12-03 Raise the exception from #execute instead of #run_hook. ...
338eb2c 2015-12-03 Call update hook from new GitHooksService class. #3069
5145706 2015-12-03 Run custom Git hooks when creating or deleting branches ...
f94afdb 2015-12-03 Fix broken spec related to MySQL and fractional seconds ...
2ed48df 2015-11-20 Remove accidentally added line. #3598
976cebe 2015-11-20 Little fix for Rubocop's complaints. #2296
3aabed3 2015-11-20 Fix bug that happened when replacing the Task list. #2296
fa9f2de 2015-11-20 Monkey patching TaskList::Item is no longer required. #2296
fc18e96 2015-11-20 Refactor creation of system notes for Issue/MR labels. #...
97afb84 2015-11-20 Generate system note after Task item has been updated on...
55c2a69 2015-11-19 Update copy used in alert message when deleting branches...