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#40 Riyad Preukschas - All time
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6e15284 2013-03-25 Merge pull request #3354 from vinodc/install-docs-typo-fix
428af5e 2013-02-14 Merge pull request #2890 from cameronyule/support_osx_gr...
fac5038 2013-02-01 Port changes from #2803
42dd006 2013-02-01 Small fixes to the installation guide and check task
003c312 2013-02-01 Merge pull request #2440 from klamontagne/master
72e2a49 2013-02-01 Merge pull request #2803 from donnykurnia/fix-2776
b4f16fa 2013-01-28 Merge pull request #2798 from Xylakant/patch-2
596442f 2013-01-26 Merge pull request #2784 from AlexDenisov/gitlab_check_e...
f70f7d0 2013-01-22 Merge pull request #2684 from rk4an/patch-1
ed17a01 2013-01-21 Fix init script recipe url for 4.1 in check.rake
c84fcb2 2013-01-20 Fix checking the init script in check.rake
d927033 2013-01-19 Update text on help#public_access page
607a38d 2013-01-19 Fix public/projects#index page
47e510e 2013-01-19 Small fixes
75447fb 2013-01-19 Redo help#help_pages partial
8a5b770 2013-01-19 Reorder help routes
bba88e8 2013-01-19 Fix public layout
8db80f1 2013-01-19 Rename help#public_area to help#public_access
359703c 2013-01-19 Fix public cloning option text on projects#edit page
7e6a580 2013-01-19 Fix text on groups#show page
fa46fc9 2013-01-19 Fix common mixup when instlling gems from the installati...
b07e1b3 2013-01-18 Merge pull request #2653 from jouve/fix_default_settings
042a561 2013-01-18 Merge pull request #2652 from jouve/fix_#2492
65c3546 2013-01-17 Rename gitlab:app:setup task to gitlab:setup
b7457f3 2013-01-17 Remove the setup task from the maintenance docs
bc59fd0 2013-01-17 Add a warning prompt to the setup task
843ea5b 2013-01-17 Update custom SSH connection section in installation guide
5c504ed 2013-01-17 Merge pull request #2632 from yin8086/SSHPort
bddead9 2013-01-17 Update doc/install/
886cf2f 2013-01-17 Fix GFM specs
9f1e9f1 2013-01-16 Merge pull request #2346 from sodabrew/omniauth_configs
9cf9939 2013-01-16 Fix gitolite config checks for old Gitolite versions
9cab79c 2013-01-16 Fix gitolite config checks for old Gitolite versions
8f9dec2 2013-01-16 Fix check.rake to use the new user and group settings
76329a4 2013-01-16 Fix settings
eea43c9 2013-01-16 Merge branch 'check_gitlab_in_git_group' of https://gith...
9bc829d 2013-01-16 Fix markdown for note events
2bc7873 2013-01-16 Fix parsing of ref-like Urls in links and images in GFM
16b5417 2013-01-16 Use image Urls for Emoji in GFM
7635afd 2013-01-16 Use Urls for references in GFM
640d51f 2013-01-16 Fix GFM in events
592d626 2013-01-16 Fix #2576
0dd8a26 2013-01-16 Fix satellite path settings
bda7fe3 2013-01-14 Merge branch 'master' into discussions
d28176b 2013-01-14 Replace commit diff note request specs with spinach feat...
f8e1f4a 2013-01-14 Replace commit note request specs with spinach features
3022786 2013-01-14 Merge commit 'master' into discussions
8ee5fce 2013-01-14 Add preliminary specs for notes on merge requests
74e48f0 2013-01-14 Smaller fixes
d8e697a 2013-01-14 Merge pull request #2585 from timl/patch-1
147dfd1 2013-01-12 Replace all stat command line calls with ruby equivalents
f73dd4a 2013-01-12 Make method names clearer in check.rake
ab12419 2013-01-12 Move OS detection to task helpers and add detection of OS X
eb626ed 2013-01-12 Replace all stat command line calls with ruby equivalents
4d0af23 2013-01-12 Make method names clearer in check.rake
a213d4b 2013-01-12 Move OS detection to task helpers and add detection of OS X
fd836f5 2013-01-11 Update empty error messages and warn if not viewing the ...
b55ed84 2013-01-11 Update wiki pages
b3bfb75 2013-01-11 Fix link_to_member to not be bold by default
167f26b 2013-01-11 Add an ordering scope to Wiki
5aada8c 2013-01-11 Move wiki delete button to the edit page
e54246d 2013-01-11 Merge pull request #2561 from MrHammy/master
c312a8d 2013-01-11 Move checks after init script installation in docs
f0c4e94 2013-01-11 Move checks after init script installation in docs
7cd0383 2013-01-09 Fix sidekiq check task
4eac403 2013-01-09 Fix sidekiq task to use Rails
d27cc91 2013-01-09 Merge pull request #2527 from VonC/gitignore
0e2880b 2013-01-07 Backport fixes to the check and info tasks
71c8801 2013-01-07 Fix checking for the recommended Gitolite version
ea8cd13 2013-01-07 Fix check for outdated config file
b5f116f 2013-01-07 Add a check whether repos_path is a symlink
b7314a1 2013-01-07 Fix bug in OS detection in check task
11e28af 2013-01-07 Fix accessing the project repository path in check task
0a16039 2013-01-07 Merge pull request #2504 from mitchty/sles_changes
9be4c55 2013-01-07 Merge pull request #2485 from gliptak/patch-2
8c604c9 2013-01-05 Add specs for notes on wall
1883e08 2013-01-05 Add specs for notes on commits
6c724ed 2013-01-02 Fix factories
e296875 2013-01-02 Fix link titles
621c6b8 2013-01-02 Fix commit note notification
7335f36 2013-01-02 Fix comment and reply buttons
cfca11f 2012-12-28 Merge pull request #2423 from hopson/master
70ebcf2 2012-12-26 Merge pull request #2381 from Razer6/update-develop-guide
d803eed 2012-12-26 Merge pull request #2378 from PaulWagener/patch-1
dea8628 2012-12-24 Merge branch 'stable'
8ef7b9b 2012-12-24 Make SQLite check in gitlab:check more robust
0e15270 2012-12-24 Fix crash in gitlab:check while checking hooks
d9ca1bc 2012-12-24 Fix paths in gitlab:check
2462949 2012-12-23 Update output of gitlab:gitolite:update_*
31e0fa6 2012-12-23 Update output of gitlab:enable_namespaces
1b6c28b 2012-12-23 Update output of gitlab:backup:resore
430d3ad 2012-12-23 Update output of gitlab:enable_automerge
224da71 2012-12-23 Extract task helper methods
9655350 2012-12-23 Fix check.rake
ece30f5 2012-12-23 Merge branch 'stable'
a9e2fa4 2012-12-23 Fix output of gitlab:check
3bf0b4e 2012-12-23 Fix satellite check for projects with empty repo
db2c153 2012-12-23 Merge branch 'master' into discussions
68c43d5 2012-12-22 Add instructions to fix permissions for /home/git/.gitol...
5d1044c 2012-12-22 Fix Commit#to_diff
056fa05 2012-12-22 Remove path parameter from projects API
640018b 2012-12-22 Fix docs to download and compile Ruby in /tmp/ruby
c926a2b 2012-12-22 Remove bundler calls from
cc42bf7 2012-12-22 Fix sudo install command in installation guide
eaa9947 2012-12-21 Up API version to v3
8f01190 2012-12-21 Remove all references tp the project code parameter from...
931ec39 2012-12-21 Remove the code parameter from the projects API
0efc903 2012-12-20 Fix text in project move mail
1acff97 2012-12-20 Rename add_user_to_project_teams to gitlab:import:user_t...
c9bf2bb 2012-12-20 Rename gitlab:app:backup_* to gitlab:backup:*
56f9a67 2012-12-20 Add gitlab:satellites:create as an alias for gitlab:enab...
501f048 2012-12-20 Rename gitlab:app:enable_automerge to gitlab:enable_auto...
e3a7e43 2012-12-20 Rename gitlab:activate_namespaces to gitlab:enable_names...
691799a 2012-12-20 Update
27ff15a 2012-12-20 Remove
4c8ac32 2012-12-20 Updated gitlab:check task
757c7a5 2012-12-20 Fix gravatar and ldap config
19eb637 2012-12-20 Update uses of settings
b2e46f4 2012-12-20 Refactor Settings initializer
4496903 2012-12-20 Rename config options
d2be757 2012-12-14 Merge pull request #2243 from jouve/fix_gfm_username_aut...
645afc3 2012-12-14 Display namespace for projects in gitlab:check task.
69c1890 2012-12-14 Update gitlab:check task to use the Gitlab.config.ssh_us...
fe608f3 2012-12-13 Update gitlab:check task docs
1309a40 2012-12-13 Update installation guide
c3b9774 2012-12-13 Update and add checks
71266ad 2012-12-13 Split and renamed check tasks
0236b3d 2012-12-13 Rename status rake task to check
fa203e8 2012-12-12 Update installation docs to reduce the amount of possibl...
9f940ae 2012-12-10 Fix detecting Ruby version and Omniauth providers in git...
8918d11 2012-12-10 Fix project hook spec
a524317 2012-12-10 Fix commit url in PushObserver#post_receive_data
20c8d6e 2012-12-10 Merge pull request #2222 from jojosch/add-test-help-rake...
d476bc0 2012-12-10 Merge pull request #2240 from koenpunt/patch-1
2b79706 2012-12-10 Fix spelling and wording in
d8a239e 2012-12-07 Add instructions for dealing with the Python 2 vs 3 mess
f127382 2012-12-07 Add checking installtion with gitlab:env:info task
0c59de2 2012-12-07 Make sure the user edits gitlab.yml
12b4bb5 2012-12-07 Make gitlab:env:info task more robust
23a8e59 2012-12-06 Improve gitlab:env:info task
552c2d6 2012-12-06 Merge pull request #2205 from Partugal/patch-fix-spec
ab77cec 2012-12-06 Merge pull request #2204 from cdawzrd/patch-1
f2c89c7 2012-12-06 Merge pull request #2194 from jojosch/rake-info-task
c338321 2012-12-06 Update jquery-atwho-rails gem
9b96509 2012-12-06 Fix broken styling after #2176
8022628 2012-12-05 Add more indexes (see #2159)
4af26f6 2012-12-05 Update installation guide
198e93c 2012-12-05 Update hardware and platform requirements guide
7591718 2012-12-05 Consistently use sudo -u foo -H
78d3611 2012-12-05 Remove redundant packages and move database specific one...
95ffe08 2012-12-05 Update database setup instructions to be more consistent
d1e31bf 2012-12-05 Remove generic database.yml.example
2519fd8 2012-12-05 Update pygments.rb
005f2eb 2012-12-05 Merge pull request #2176 from koenpunt/gh-issue-1612
f6bfa09 2012-12-04 Merge pull request #2172 from skarphet/patch-1
b47173d 2012-12-03 Revamped note form options.
4ed8278 2012-12-03 Fix a bunch of smaller glitches.
7978f8d 2012-12-03 Fix handling form errors.
c1ffee4 2012-12-03 Fix dicussion headers
c20af32 2012-12-03 Pull together and rename Notes partials
6fc10fa 2012-12-03 Unify forms for discussions and main target.
fbd345e 2012-12-03 Make attachments more obvious
c4a7824 2012-12-03 Fix wall notes
140652e 2012-12-03 Fix common form and note preview
5d3fb35 2012-12-03 Rename JS behaviors
918dc87 2012-12-03 Move code for appending a discussion note to notes JS
fac4e3f 2012-12-03 Reformat notes JS
d9b15fc 2012-12-03 Crop and rename the add diff note image
494ae87 2012-12-03 Refactor discussion reply
1319373 2012-12-03 Fix loading notes with empty line_code in Project#commit...
e8f10f3 2012-12-03 Fix Note validation
654f101 2012-12-03 Remove paging from all notes except the wall
06ea122 2012-12-03 Refactor diff notes creation
39834ec 2012-12-03 Move diff notes into the actual diff content column
4d2278e 2012-12-03 Rename commits/text_file partial to text_diff
6d5c29d 2012-12-03 Inline diff_notes_reply_button partial
3bc507e 2012-12-03 Rename diff note partials
534bd5a 2012-12-03 Fix emoji generation and styling
bd60a4e 2012-12-03 Make notes JS know which notes are new in a request
ae067ee 2012-12-03 Fix vote counting
6c6f415 2012-12-03 Fix appending diff line notes
5c2f6d7 2012-12-03 Update notes views to support discussions
0b3df2f 2012-12-03 Add merge request note feature
7971383 2012-12-03 Rename the "Comments" tab for merge requests "Discussion"
a048c95 2012-12-03 Add JS behaviors
a583852 2012-12-03 Add discussions for merge requests to notes controller
9b91993 2012-12-03 Fix parameter passing and wording for per line notes
b91d680 2012-12-03 Fix notes helper
fc1c250 2012-12-03 Reorder Note methods and add helpers
3d242a3 2012-11-28 Fix GitLab Markdown helper spec
dc99b19 2012-11-27 Fix CSS for code highlighting
d276722 2012-11-27 Fix code blocks in Markdown not knowing about the user's...
184a9ec 2012-11-27 Add user_color_scheme_class helper
0fbd9ac 2012-11-27 Remove SQLite support
79a4ed1 2012-11-24 Change "Get Patch" buttons to dropdowns orffering patche...
267b18d 2012-11-24 Add specs for exporting merge requests as diff or patch
b3834bc 2012-11-24 Remove MergeRequest#to_raw and replace it with #to_diff ...
2b1afa0 2012-11-24 Remove merge_request#raw and replace it with formats to ...
ddb7399 2012-11-24 Add specs for exporting commits as diff or patch
3b7c2ad 2012-11-22 Add diff format to commit#show
246faa3 2012-11-22 Add Commit#to_diff for raw diff
8b40103 2012-11-22 Register diff mime type
6ddf456 2012-11-22 Don't escape Html in patches
d7ce2c5 2012-11-21 Fix rendering template for invalid notes
3e800c3 2012-11-21 Refactor GFM JS naming and access
1cda624 2012-11-21 Fix GFM JS code style
20189f8 2012-11-18 Update gems
527d223 2012-11-18 Update Rails config
51f4839 2012-11-17 Fix type error if there is a different location hash
98e938b 2012-11-17 Fix editor form, styles and JS
7caf4de 2012-11-17 Fix setting Ace mode
6c1b448 2012-11-17 Fix Haml indenting file content
ece5632 2012-11-14 Fix Notes JS
578cf89 2012-11-14 Fix specs
245544a 2012-11-10 Use pygments.rb fork with a custom formatter
ca54d43 2012-11-09 Fix 500s because of "missing" lexer
c42ada9 2012-11-09 Allow linking to file lines
45dcb1b 2012-11-09 Add jQuery.ScrollTo
10d881c 2012-11-07 Line anchors for file view
be4138a 2012-11-06 Log caught exceptions
48de0ba 2012-11-01 Fix source for iframe on Resque admin page
0a9adbb 2012-10-29 Fix no SSH key warning
646bad4 2012-10-27 Fix styles
3d01972 2012-10-27 Use #author_link for blame, commits and tree
c78359a 2012-10-27 Generalize CommitDecorator#author_link to #person_link
17cec05 2012-10-27 Make new/edit issue forms use containers on the page ins...
2f5e44a 2012-10-27 Enable/disable from buttons on all input events (not jus...
904615c 2012-10-26 Update satellite action docs
7192f86 2012-10-26 Fix Satellite#lock
700a784 2012-10-25 Refactor EditFileAction#update and rename it to commit!
3080127 2012-10-25 Fix timeouts in MergeAction
0ebcc60 2012-10-25 Move locking from Satellite::Action to Satellite and add...
0e9d4f3 2012-10-25 Refactor Satellite#clear and rename it to clear_and_update!
fba8ad5 2012-10-25 Move Gitlab::Satellite into the Satellite module
5f16687 2012-10-25 Update arguments for Gitlab::Satellite::EditFileAction#i...
55779b0 2012-10-25 Rename Gitlab::FileEditor to Gitlab::Satellite::EditFile...
8c89beb 2012-10-25 Change argument order for satellite actions to always st...
35b7a53 2012-10-25 Reorder methods in Gitlab::Satellite
8778961 2012-10-25 Move prepare_satellite! to Gitlab::Satelite::Action
78235ed 2012-10-25 Renamed Gitlab::Merge to Gitlab::Satellite::MergeAction
847bba9 2012-10-25 Add Gitlab::Satellite::Action
643ed9c 2012-10-25 Fix typos in Gitlab::Merge
0447ab3 2012-10-25 Extract shared/clone_panel partial
ff396e0 2012-10-25 Extract search field into a partial
0e0c5c5 2012-10-25 Merge pull request #1814 from hardchor/patch-1
d4e3664 2012-10-20 Fix bug in MergeRequest#mark_as_unmergable
122769e 2012-10-20 Refactor Gitlab::Merge
4fd7368 2012-10-18 Update author info in tree view
aef2031 2012-10-18 Add CommitDecorator#author_link
b3a5f0a 2012-10-18 Fix wrong parameter order in Team#team_member_by_name_or...
413778b 2012-10-17 Rename NoteObserver methods and clarify things
853c69c 2012-10-17 Reorder and group methods in Notify mailer
ce91014 2012-10-17 Fix use of Emoji
5d42d92 2012-10-17 Remove old Emoji code and images
b42c53c 2012-10-17 Add gemoji gem
789e4b8 2012-10-16 Import Font Awesome styles
30a31d6 2012-10-16 Add font-awesome-sass-rails gem
fa4c38f 2012-10-16 Fix issues close and reopen button text and styles
8e8d82d 2012-10-16 Only allow editing text files
ad5a6a4 2012-10-16 Improve flash messages in tree#update
866b9f6 2012-10-15 Make history link for trees look like action links for b...
763022d 2012-10-15 Remove redundant branch labels from MR form
536eb8e 2012-10-15 Remove #history_path and #mb_size from TreeDecorator
d40d2dd 2012-10-15 Fix offered links in tree/blob_actions partial
b80a019 2012-10-15 Use tree/blob_actions partial for blame view and fix fil...
f120e5a 2012-10-15 Use shorthand as in TreeController#edit
3304262 2012-10-15 Display more accurate file size in tree/blob/download pa...
d96a807 2012-10-15 Display file size instead of mode in tree/blob partial
d060856 2012-10-15 Extract out tree/blob/* partials
1f4d8ea 2012-10-15 Extract tree/readme partial
5cff72a 2012-10-15 Extract tree/blob_actions partial
2f05ab1 2012-10-15 Rename tree/tree_file partial to tree/blob
e26acd5 2012-10-14 Fix link to wiki page in wiki comment notification
fced967 2012-10-13 Merge pull request #1694 from robbkidd/fix_notification_...
b1461de 2012-10-13 Make Note methods saner
19560a4 2012-10-12 Fix displaying events for deleted things
64008b9 2012-10-11 Improve search suggestions
81ee693 2012-10-10 Add links to the note source if the note is mixed in
fb0279f 2012-10-10 Fix vote counting to only count main target notes (not m...
3f72af9 2012-10-10 Make notes for merge requests include commit notes and a...
6dc8c0e 2012-10-09 Make MRs also count and display its commits' notes
77bde9a 2012-10-09 Add notes count to commits in lists.
4d843d2 2012-10-09 Fix auto-completion for forms that are inserted with JS
e4aa5a5 2012-10-09 Extract and split GFM auto-completion setup JS
eb92813 2012-10-09 Move emoji auto-complete helper to ApplicationHelper
682f62f 2012-10-09 Mark all GFM capable inputs
37e579c 2012-10-09 Redo the auto-completion JS for notes
3adfbe3 2012-10-09 Mark inputs for notes with GFM capabilities
bbd92e5 2012-10-09 Add emoji_for_completion helper
93bc1ff 2012-10-02 Merge branch 'master' into fix-messages-for-deleted-things
2022ae6 2012-09-30 Clarify deletion messages
f5a6283 2012-09-30 Fix completion for per line forms
6135eea 2012-09-29 Don't link to removed ref
c230373 2012-09-29 Fix double ref_type in push event when removing branch o...
6aebb76 2012-09-15 Update votes when creating or refreshing notes
b811333 2012-09-15 Highlight voting notes for issues and merge requests
07eec9c 2012-09-14 Update Notes JS for reversed notes
7563abb 2012-09-14 Add 'notes/reversed_notes_with_form' partial
e63d7b6 2012-09-14 Rename note.js to notes.js
e1ca155 2012-09-14 Extract 'notes/per_line_notes_with_reply' partial
a3dbd99 2012-09-14 Extract 'notes/per_line_note_link' partial
c6d71b7 2012-09-14 Rename 'notes/per_line_show' partial to 'notes/per_line_...
dd1b317 2012-09-14 Renamed 'notes/notes_list' partial to 'notes/notes'
4fc66ea 2012-09-14 Rename 'notes/show' partial to 'notes/note'
29c71f2 2012-09-14 Rename 'notes/reply_button' partial to 'notes/per_line_r...
c02e3f2 2012-09-14 Rename 'notes/form' partial to 'notes/common_form'
3c02c93 2012-09-14 Remove 'notes/load' partial
8fb70d9 2012-09-14 Rename 'notes/create_*' partials
61eb650 2012-09-14 Rename 'notes/notes' partial to 'notes/notes_with_form'
cee230a 2012-09-14 Update JS for adding and removing diff line notes
653f7ec 2012-09-14 Update links for inline comments to use data-* attributes
20e009a 2012-09-14 Update diff comments order and rendering
e802d00 2012-09-14 Completely redo loading of notes with JS
1416401 2012-09-14 Fix markup
6ffec9a 2012-09-14 Update Note to load notes in the right order
8b6dba7 2012-09-14 Reorder notes view elements
0bfcc57 2012-09-11 Extract displaying votes into partials
f7c70ea 2012-09-11 Add *votes_in_percent
a5164ea 2012-09-08 Show votes as a bar
5ca31aa 2012-09-08 Make issue buttons look more consistent with MRs
1271b4c 2012-09-08 Update display of merge requests and issues to also show...
7b0c7ae 2012-09-08 Add votes_count
2e0d5c2 2012-09-08 Add downvotes
a2a0060 2012-09-08 Rename Upvote role to Votes
06c1a8a 2012-09-08 Make notes recognize downvotes
d661b89 2012-09-07 Prevent gfm() to leak changes to the string supplied thr...
ce3fb94 2012-09-07 Fix bug where parsing of emoji was unnecessarily depende...
9a4c22d 2012-09-07 Remove unnecessary check in Markdown helper
f4a90bc 2012-09-07 Add emoji docs to Markdown help
130520f 2012-09-07 Reorder blocks in Markdown help
5348ee6 2012-09-07 Fix Ruby anti-pattern in Markdown
1f1ce5f 2012-08-27 Revamp GFM user docs.
806695f 2012-08-27 Split and reformat markdown options and add refs to thei...
58a5817 2012-08-27 Update forms to show consistent link to GFM.
32ae7fb 2012-08-23 Improve GFM code documentation
5443021 2012-08-06 Update notifications mails and notify specs for GFM
9a0b763 2012-08-06 Fix missing @project errors
6f9428b 2012-08-06 Fix GFM helper to raise an exception when @project is no...
90c2cd1 2012-08-06 Fix GFM specs for ids in markdown headings
8e6a7a1 2012-08-05 Merge branch 'master' into gitlab-flavored-markdown
eb06dd7 2012-08-02 Update views for GFM
2049649 2012-08-02 Add specs for using GFM on a variety pages
0a60b19 2012-08-02 Remove the commit_msg_with_link_to_issues helper and specs
24ec186 2012-08-02 Update Gitlab Markdown renderer to use GFM
6873d07 2012-08-02 Add link_to_gfm helper and specs
8ce3903 2012-08-02 Add GFM helper
de2770b 2012-08-02 Add GFM helper specs
e1b4e22 2012-08-01 Add render context to markdown renderer
f6a67ef 2012-07-25 Update links in events
6fc6833 2012-07-25 Fix styles
0aee7c9 2012-07-25 Update links to milestones
e6bb4f1 2012-07-25 Update links to merge requests
73dabcb 2012-07-25 Update links to issues
cbce452 2012-07-25 Update links to commits
f9877c5 2012-07-22 Update specs
34cea1c 2012-07-22 Update views to use CommitDecorator
ff40b7d 2012-07-21 Add CommitDecorator#short_id