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#188 Richard Clamp - All time
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Hash Date Message
d86cd7c 2017-12-19 Tidy up the documentation of Gitlab HA/Gitlab Application
e1f0379 2017-11-08 Fix test selection in Test::Integration::Mattermost
74d6b8a 2017-11-06 Fixup rspec tag misuse
ce3b81b 2017-10-30 Add tests for mattermost login via oauth
4598c00 2017-10-25 Add spec for QA::Scenario::Entrypoint
d600ea7 2017-10-16 Move tags out to containing feature
9818d3e 2017-10-16 Cleanup a stray instance variable
da39346 2017-10-16 Explicitly tag :core and :mattermost scenarios
cbc67b4 2017-10-16 Move rspec cli handling logic into Specs::Runner
c6faeb7 2017-10-13 Update comment
2d05cf4 2017-10-13 Simplify tag specification
d6044a1 2017-10-13 Fixup company name
60e8347 2017-10-13 Add Test::Integration::Mattermost
5c15d83 2017-10-10 QA group name, use hyphens rather than underscores
e77e9b0 2017-07-28 Fixup POST /v3/:id/hooks and PUT /v3/:id/hooks/:hook_id
00893f3 2017-05-23 Extend spec tests for deploy_key can_push
5f7ed48 2017-05-22 Add changelog entry
bb8ae56 2017-05-22 Add missing `can_push` parameter to POST /v3/deploy_keys