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#245 Riccardo Padovani - All time
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5e5a16a 2018-08-18 Fix tests
25efc5f 2018-08-18 Add default parameter to branches API
f68aab1 2018-04-09 Make email handler clearer
e2bdce8 2018-03-07 Count discussions on issues and merge requests as contri...
5c5fc89 2018-03-05 #43691: DiffNotes not counted by ContributionsCalendar
99b96a7 2018-02-21 #28481: Display time tracking totals on milestone page
d1cb1bf 2017-09-07 #34945: add a div id to the readme section in the projec...
aa2e2ca 2017-06-15 Update test to use single quotes and Four-Phase test con...
0814129 2017-06-14 #33641: add spec for profile page
4c2df7d 2017-06-13 33641: Add changelog
72430ae 2017-06-13 #33461: Display own user id in account settings page