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e9f85bf 2017-08-16 change to 'Not confidential'
aaaf3eb 2017-08-14 change message and change spec
6b2c08d 2017-08-08 use 100vh instead of flip flopping between the two - wor...
fd84e9f 2017-08-08 use border radisu scss var
17173d1 2017-06-08 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gl-dev/master'
3b87edf 2017-06-08 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gitlab/9-2-stable' into 9-...
c538b4f 2017-06-07 Update VERSION to 9.0.10
14e64d2 2017-06-07 Update for 9.0.10
378323d 2017-06-07 Update for 9.0.10
6f2e590 2017-06-07 Update VERSION to 9.2.5
f9b32e8 2017-06-07 Update for 9.2.5
fd77d6e 2017-06-07 Update for 9.2.5
92faf2a 2017-06-07 Update VERSION to 9.1.7
a5c6c90 2017-06-07 Update for 9.1.7
1ca0559 2017-06-07 Update for 9.1.7
7bd78b6 2017-06-03 Update VERSION to 9.1.6
fd496b8 2017-06-03 Update for 9.1.6
52a8f75 2017-06-03 Update for 9.1.6
3c4a24c 2017-06-02 Update VERSION to 9.0.9
d83a9b4 2017-06-02 Update for 9.0.9
4229238 2017-06-02 Update for 9.0.9
6c7d492 2017-06-02 Update VERSION to 9.2.4
11b741c 2017-06-02 Update for 9.2.4
6dbf8f8 2017-06-02 Update for 9.2.4
7bef16e 2017-06-02 fix double method definition for can_read-reference
0b160ef 2017-05-31 Update VERSION to 9.0.8
f4ebf93 2017-05-31 Update for 9.0.8
f9eae28 2017-05-31 Update for 9.0.8
b213d8d 2017-05-31 Update VERSION to 9.1.5
24fa705 2017-05-31 Update for 9.1.5
2899f26 2017-05-31 Update for 9.1.5
e90079d 2017-05-31 Update VERSION to 9.2.3
6ce73dc 2017-05-31 Update for 9.2.3
c27393b 2017-05-31 Update for 9.2.3
cbde95c 2017-05-25 Update VERSION to 9.2.2
b2ec774 2017-05-25 Update for 9.2.2
2ffa9aa 2017-05-25 Update for 9.2.2
add9aba 2017-05-20 Update VERSION to 9.2.0-rc7
538fb03 2017-05-19 Update VERSION to 9.2.0-rc6
a975cb8 2017-05-18 Update VERSION to 9.2.0-rc5
7c54b4b 2017-05-12 Update VERSION to 9.2.0-rc2
14da1aa 2017-05-12 Update VERSION to 9.2.0-rc1
5e734df 2017-05-09 remove carriage return complaints for rubocop
8985ea1 2017-05-05 add changelog [ci skip]
541c8da 2017-05-05 make toggle switch for flags
62f7b20 2017-05-05 object in css not computed
58b560f 2017-05-05 resolve discussion
5fb9873 2017-05-04 use more subtle datetime and title change for timeagoEl ...
0c46b3b 2017-05-04 use computed css class for animations
c59f80f 2017-05-04 change error handling for api callback - check length is...
082b868 2017-05-04 fix js specs
3af533f 2017-05-04 rename candescription to canUpdateIssue
57731bb 2017-05-04 better name for zeroData - use insteaf importing Vue
05c409d 2017-05-04 use nextTick and cache timeAgoEl
7a37ada 2017-05-04 use refs when possible - style changes - better initial ...
4fd8742 2017-05-03 fix failing slash command specs
0a725c8 2017-05-03 pass failed spinach spec
9773b5a 2017-05-03 make js true
93a20ea 2017-05-03 fix tasks list spec in rspec
b29f91b 2017-05-03 remove fdescribe [ci skip]
c50c5e9 2017-05-03 issue_spec - getting closer
f6df135 2017-05-02 test realtime changes and hit more branches
290cba5 2017-05-02 remove curr and previous states - extract tasks logic to...
e2bc67c 2017-05-02 fix task_list spec - not ocmpletely but progress
cfc03da 2017-05-02 fix rubocop offenses
7021e86 2017-05-02 use indexOf instead of includes
60b27b1 2017-05-02 formatting
dd9f848 2017-05-02 handle tasks and fix some specs
a194e87 2017-05-01 previous and current description
78a8be9 2017-05-01 make tab title legit
f232644 2017-05-01 resolve conflict
4c9e68c 2017-04-26 change 'body' to 'data' after 'JSON.parse'
edbf988 2017-04-26 update task_list n/n
1f8226e 2017-04-26 check if description changed prior to binding TaskLists ...
fee0c93 2017-04-25 fix merge conflict with issue_show haml
ab7e591 2017-04-25 formatting in test
b5e58c3 2017-04-25 remove fdescribe :(
9b09ff0 2017-04-25 add more assertions
a39a5ca 2017-04-25 update comment explaining visual change check
6176ca3 2017-04-25 change comp timeout to 0ms and test timeout to 10ms
b4e2f9f 2017-04-25 test async nature of issue show
3417e97 2017-04-24 fix a few tests (not all) - update title in tab with new...
76cdb8e 2017-04-21 render description - tasks work - gfm is juicy
5fb615e 2017-04-20 same fix on stable for issue title poll on load visibili...
f0c970e 2017-03-07 Update VERSION to 8.17.3
d1c313b 2017-03-07 Update for 8.17.3
122de93 2017-03-07 Update for 8.17.3
965d96b 2017-03-07 thinner bottom header border
54bdc86 2017-03-07 make header match old 16px padding of body contents
c9256cc 2017-03-06 fix border radius bottom for header
25ef6a3 2017-03-06 match padding for mr-widget sections
94dbe4d 2017-03-06 one period instead of two
6c9262e 2017-03-06 structure html to handle single or double merge states w...
812acfc 2017-03-06 scss linting
2333bda 2017-03-06 MWBS html
d7b5f47 2017-03-04 fix contains merge conflicts button
578b2b2 2017-03-03 add grey lines - adequate spacing for action buttons
3acf59d 2017-02-27 Merge branch 'master' into widget-widget-widget-fun
12c262c 2017-02-17 shape header - bold correct text - border radius - white...
14b1d69 2017-01-24 use gl.utils.normalizeHeaders in pipelines store
df3db8e 2017-01-20 Merge branch 'master' into keep_mini_graph_down_pipeline...
f90685b 2017-01-20 remove bitwise - make code human readable
bab8af9 2017-01-20 remove need for spinner on additional clicks - visual di...
e5e3a9a 2017-01-20 handle actions and builds
0db574a 2017-01-20 keep graph displayed when build is clicked so that multi...
e675336 2017-01-18 use destructuring syntax instead
6a57e93 2017-01-18 Merge branch 'master' into ui_pipelines_mini_graph
d143cae 2017-01-18 Merge branch 'master' into ui_pipelines_mini_graph
97610fd 2017-01-17 get rid of log
96b7865 2017-01-17 fix UI behaviour - only make new calls when button is cl...
28e77da 2017-01-17 Merge branch 'master' into ui_pipelines_mini_graph
4fb4f61 2017-01-17 better UI fix - simple solution
e99f453 2017-01-15 phil said this is good - no need to dynamically update s...
f9f2743 2017-01-15 works in browsers without sourceCapabilities API
eeadce8 2017-01-15 update commented documentation to reflect new changes
3b8bca0 2017-01-15 Merge branch 'master' into pipeline_index_mini_graph_fix
a5d8a88 2017-01-15 fix clicking url bar, browser UI, dev tools collapsing t...
258b090 2017-01-15 fix UI without Promise or timeOut/interval
f1ca332 2017-01-15 fix UI behaviour
88c3c8a 2017-01-15 Merge branch 'master' into pipeline_index_mini_graph_fix
ebc1d5b 2017-01-15 change how pagination component is loaded
c5a373c 2017-01-13 fix pagination component handling different header style...
18774f6 2017-01-12 make tests pass - change a bit of logic
acc3ec6 2017-01-12 fixed issue - description in function (check diff)
1d02d5b 2017-01-09 fix eslint for spec global needed in pagination spec for...
cf84c09 2017-01-09 format duration in vue: time_ago computed property in a ...
6625f47 2017-01-09 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
55df553 2017-01-09 move param helper to common utils
5498448 2017-01-09 use Turbolinks instead of window.pushState for pagination
76c68d1 2017-01-09 namespace getParametersByName to gl.utils instead of jus...
3fff93c 2017-01-08 use Object.assign instead of Vue.set - change duration t...
ec90700 2017-01-06 remove bitwise disable on pipelines.js.es6
776b977 2017-01-06 remove disabled rules - not needed anymore
0e6d3c1 2017-01-06 remove parenthesis around returned objects in pipelines....
7eca523 2017-01-06 change 'pipelines.length' logic for spinner
a812a91 2017-01-06 fix flash and request logic in stage
9c5524d 2017-01-06 fix cssClasses in status component
ce99696 2017-01-06 add param_helper to utils - fix switch statement in pagi...
45b51e7 2017-01-06 remove white space
5d67051 2017-01-06 remove pipeline head component and use staic HTML instead
79f6e08 2017-01-06 use switch for pagination
6bf0bd0 2017-01-06 no space for requires - all consistent syntax = change i...
ae5dc47 2017-01-04 fix pagination UI
7c86c61 2017-01-04 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue - fixes ha...
40fb0d9 2017-01-04 use has_details to decide if link needs to be created or...
c8b81da 2017-01-04 make timeago 10 seconds instead of 1
209aa23 2017-01-04 add margin-bottom to label css for more even spacing
1655824 2017-01-04 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
9cfefba 2017-01-02 fix haml_lint complaints
0a074f2 2017-01-02 fix pipelines/index.html.haml merge conflict
5882193 2017-01-02 do not make a url if no deatils_path is present - use '....
8742749 2016-12-30 even though scoped, specify 'gl' in IIFE argument
520e27d 2016-12-30 add vue_realtime_listener function
7be5c23 2016-12-29 handle details path if no path
49aecb6 2016-12-29 properly remove events and get rid of lingering interval...
30e7952 2016-12-28 scss_lint is now happy
e118094 2016-12-28 use stylesheet from master
c40ab16 2016-12-28 add commit-link class to status column tds
3c9ac6c 2016-12-28 fix svgs for stages
7ad170d 2016-12-28 fix spacing on both sides for stages - svgs next
ba0dcad 2016-12-28 Merge branch 'auto-pipelines-vue' of
bea966c 2016-12-28 fix initial svg spacing for stages
5838b16 2016-12-27 rafactor logic for event handling
75bddd0 2016-12-27 avoid making multiple calls on blur on collapse click ev...
abed2c1 2016-12-27 remove data attribute test since endpoint is in Vue stat...
5e558af 2016-12-27 remove mini-graph js from dispatcher for pipelines:index
6a110c0 2016-12-27 hook up new API key values to stage dropdown mini graph ...
59e1b26 2016-12-27 Merge branch 'mini-stage-graph-vue' into auto-pipelines-vue
71d5004 2016-12-26 add manual icon to svgs
e077ceb 2016-12-26 add borderless svgs
c9fad91 2016-12-26 remove v-if to let spinner show
a9af423 2016-12-26 almost close to svgs - fixed bug for API call
8a7f58d 2016-12-26 mini-graph shows up from API call - need to fix state bugs
9b5bbf0 2016-12-26 add api call - get mock url next
725ba04 2016-12-26 wip
d57faaa 2016-12-24 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
e56254d 2016-12-24 remove use of span for svg and status text
ce22604 2016-12-23 get rid of nested spans in status component
71d731a 2016-12-23 merge master and fix application.rb conflict
115536f 2016-12-23 use flags for retry and cancel logic
c0e5e69 2016-12-23 fix manual build tests
2d12189 2016-12-22 use path instead of url for commit ref and pipeline url
6a7af99 2016-12-22 changed label to group for css
28d3203 2016-12-22 change retry and canel '_url' to '_path'
0dc5a21 2016-12-16 refactor styling for icon success-passing
552953c 2016-12-16 add paramHelper tests
e98cdf4 2016-12-16 all svgs from index haml
e8b55c5 2016-12-16 refactor commitSha - commitUrl - commitTitle in pipeline...
715461a 2016-12-16 pipline user for pipeline_url refactor
4c620d6 2016-12-16 change example function in pagination component
0b20793 2016-12-16 refactor pageValues
ee4e122 2016-12-16 fix v-ifs in pipeline_url
1e237c9 2016-12-16 computed for actions and artifacts
b08f929 2016-12-16 interval event handlers - keep page:fetch listener null
db43813 2016-12-16 add CONST and one line a tag in pagination - add request...
211ee4b 2016-12-16 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
27a4aef 2016-12-15 use boards interceptor
9eed507 2016-12-15 add examples of what the props need to be
40f4331 2016-12-15 strict props for easier re-use
2dfb7e8 2016-12-15 pageNum is now camelCased
3f21b95 2016-12-15 change to 'Latest pipeline for this branch'
5151b15 2016-12-15 comments on turbolinks event handling
696864e 2016-12-15 remove need for complex regex in pagination - add else if
be3e32f 2016-12-15 change test to reflect camelCase method
0380fdb 2016-12-15 cache timeAgo object
0dcd30b 2016-12-15 fix comment formatting
192d003 2016-12-15 add comment about complex regex in pagination
22ddaa5 2016-12-15 Merge branch 'auto-pipelines-vue' of
438199a 2016-12-15 camel case changepage and make span an a tag
77daed0 2016-12-13 merge master
d46af1d 2016-12-13 main scope of pagination covered
d4a2c9e 2016-12-13 prev next tests for pagination
f9db61f 2016-12-13 add more tests for pagination
7d2ca64 2016-12-13 stage icon link
1f99283 2016-12-13 status dynamic
13798c0 2016-12-13 dynamic API consumption for SVGs
562df3a 2016-12-12 pass svg as prop to commit component
07c6c8e 2016-12-12 stages render correctly and use new status object
2ecb65b 2016-12-09 extract param helper to pagination dir
bff8e5b 2016-12-09 add change page logic to pagination component - add firs...
b5cd430 2016-12-08 add passed scope to adhere to dynamic api response
36db785 2016-12-08 tests don't see Manual build link
aa74a70 2016-12-08 first manual build test passing
473addf 2016-12-08 bunch of blocked tests now passing - moving on
20f74fe 2016-12-08 make Vue render with null commit object - handle scope a...
813be93 2016-12-07 default to page 1 if url is clean
64b66c9 2016-12-07 use API values for pagination
c9b6392 2016-12-07 conform to status object for svg icon names
e86c557 2016-12-07 fix status for svg's on status column
840ee74 2016-12-07 remove unused components and polyfill - use interceptor ...
e9e498f 2016-12-06 no need for running icon comp
62b3b28 2016-12-06 remove all files related to Vue SVG rendering - use dyna...
bdd6b84 2016-12-05 require correct file [ci skip]
cc198c1 2016-12-05 change unstable to warning [ci skip]
a005543 2016-12-05 tried css only approach didn't work for now - adding all...
312c504 2016-12-05 can render all tabs for pipelines - remove uneeded prope...
cd111ff 2016-12-02 anon callbacks since intervals removed in function prior...
d6061b7 2016-12-02 much simpler time logic - clean up - [ci skip]
004a9c6 2016-12-02 change to new prop for commit component - [ci skip]
9d1fd16 2016-12-02 fix conflict
18b559c 2016-12-02 deal with preventing DDOS
a96499c 2016-12-02 reduce heavy references
c55ba05 2016-12-02 add svg to pipeline index haml - prep for commit comp ch...
1e7f91f 2016-12-01 remove 30% width for commit column
d6d2ca0 2016-12-01 get commit component to render needed info - work on SVG...
3acee98 2016-12-01 update styling for loading icon
6eb3728 2016-11-30 format - [ci skip]
81ae6c7 2016-11-30 fire timeago interval no matter what
fd9adc7 2016-11-30 eslint calm [ci skip]
874a7e8 2016-11-30 turned off REALTIME - time ago blur and focus still good
d11a298 2016-11-30 on focus - blur - and page closed -- intervals are taken...
649d1eb 2016-11-30 new line for skipped - use logic gate for REALTIME true ...
872b0d1 2016-11-30 rid off debugger comment [ci skip]
1f50b3f 2016-11-30 render valid user props for pipeline user
8856d5a 2016-11-29 turn off diff updates - wrap commit comp in td
afc5296 2016-11-29 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
8a2be66 2016-11-23 clean up on time_ago [ci skip]
ce2750e 2016-11-23 refactor - rename - simple behavior for time_ago
d15a0b6 2016-11-22 slight cleanup [ci skip]
76ef4f0 2016-11-22 diff updates from API to DOM
cb35c5e 2016-11-22 stashing for now
c8788ff 2016-11-21 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
ff4edf3 2016-11-18 this.count as only param for updatePipelineNums - [ci skip]
d0a5428 2016-11-18 constant variable hardcoding
758cdf5 2016-11-18 no this - define in constructor - [ci skip]
061b4dd 2016-11-18 much more performant pageSlicer - [ci skip]
a993e0a 2016-11-18 working on tests [ci skip]
398be9c 2016-11-18 performance and diff updates
0e44c09 2016-11-18 merge master
fc5eb25 2016-11-17 refactor store
46898c4 2016-11-17 working on tests
bd0e693 2016-11-15 take care of per page amount of pipelines [ci skip]
f2893b7 2016-11-15 update running and total pipeline count
a623add 2016-11-15 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
18cfacc 2016-11-15 more fine tuning - catching edge cases - progress in tes...
2b198ee 2016-11-15 Merge branch 'avatar-vue' into auto-pipelines-vue
2b9a9e3 2016-11-15 prep for testing - update all pipeline api response attr...
fa1a99a 2016-11-14 rid of extra api calls
40a5036 2016-11-14 more progress
2d1effb 2016-11-14 change class name for css to take effect
86f3e35 2016-11-14 Merge branch 'master' into avatar-vue
4f290de 2016-11-14 add cancelled icon
a3c93ee 2016-11-12 waiting for api changes
7748282 2016-11-12 better comment [ci skip]
04a4520 2016-11-12 fix cancel url - clearInterval on refresh and page close...
35c8e53 2016-11-11 created component instead of failed
e5af16a 2016-11-11 add created to pipeline scope status
af4459e 2016-11-11 update stage icons with created
b64ee66 2016-11-11 add stuck icon
d1fddea 2016-11-11 vue full conflict fix
31e3471 2016-11-11 scoped polyfill for now
df1b15e 2016-11-11 loading icon - rename component keys
a1f281e 2016-11-11 conditional action buttons - spans for pipeline tags
aa6fa88 2016-11-11 api call for retry almost done
86be72a 2016-11-11 add artifact and action functionality - branch name back in
634e927 2016-11-11 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
4d45ef5 2016-11-11 refactor object merge-add
8d5c1df 2016-11-10 added comments about need values for time_ago in Vue
8476423 2016-11-10 comments about what is needed for commits
2cc6824 2016-11-10 Merge branch 'auto-pipelines-vue' of
ac6b988 2016-11-10 fix conflict
b49a3f1 2016-11-10 fix conflict
f41c3c0 2016-11-10 add update pipelines endpoint checker
38bb348 2016-11-10 re-wire count for pagination - refactor
1a5027a 2016-11-10 re-wired a lot of the application - need a few more API ...
729fd54 2016-11-10 Merge branch 'p_url' into auto-pipelines-vue
2d2f413 2016-11-10 Merge branch 'auto-pipelines-vue' of
a0a0a57 2016-11-10 about to pull pipeline_url change
0c83517 2016-11-10 Merge branch 'alhpa-piplines' into auto-pipelines-vue
f2e64fd 2016-11-10 attemp
7ae775d 2016-11-09 time_ago in vue nearly done
363059e 2016-11-09 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
8724d58 2016-11-09 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
1c85514 2016-11-08 remove uneeded methods
5956075 2016-11-08 cleanup
f4a52de 2016-11-08 pagination works
3d9e368 2016-11-08 about to use fatih code
39a8f1a 2016-11-08 regex for number check
4dd82e1 2016-11-08 fix changepage logic
cdbbce1 2016-11-08 cleanup
e95a2b1 2016-11-08 remove use of spread operator - attempt render function
b0e6d07 2016-11-07 end dot logic complete
31af345 2016-11-07 fix prev button being misplaced
fa2f052 2016-11-06 formatting
286b96f 2016-11-06 a lot more progress on pagination :)
be146a4 2016-11-06 remove svg api call - more progress on pagination
fd10ff3 2016-11-06 extract pagination into own folder and precompile in app...
91a22eb 2016-11-06 remove extra folder
0c9a4c1 2016-11-06 icon and status comps - pagination logic almost done
f140da6 2016-11-05 remove files/folders
905f739 2016-11-05 status icon and status components dynamic by scope
35066c8 2016-11-05 making reusable status and status icons components
45992dc 2016-11-04 rename files for eslint
18ff82c 2016-11-04 remove extra dir when debugging eslint
179ed96 2016-11-04 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
d8c73e3 2016-11-03 conditional render to have running - branches - tags be ...
ea71e32 2016-11-03 page gap works
4d8314a 2016-11-03 move last to computed
0c15bba 2016-11-03 last logic no href anymore
64e8ab9 2016-11-03 pagination logic almost complete - active and inactive e...
77b0d60 2016-11-03 count passing through - last page known
c249fb2 2016-11-03 formatting
ab7a2b1 2016-11-03 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
25e60f8 2016-11-03 basic pagination ^_^ - will make component dynamic soon
e96c2ab 2016-11-02 fix vue2 warns - more extraction - good refactor
52a725c 2016-11-02 formatting - GET /:project/pipelines - displaying #{scop...
cf7b156 2016-11-02 reduced amount of failures in feature test - vue paints ...
5ba83d9 2016-11-02 extracted Commit Column to vue component
9fab580 2016-11-02 remove fragment warning - formatting
2bb7b47 2016-11-01 remove window.vm and format pipeline_actions
c1b43a0 2016-11-01 formatting
b2c2611 2016-11-01 more breaking out
13f11b4 2016-11-01 add comments on data needed from API to help extract int...
c659ffc 2016-10-31 breaking more HTML out of template
ae4eaca 2016-10-31 fix styling by removing main div
c2d6969 2016-10-31 formatting
2571460 2016-10-31 begin pagination logic - add Flash to error - refactor
87d4d23 2016-10-31 remove commit endpoint callprep for backend api to be up...
a42140d 2016-10-31 page specific js - remove inline js - refactor
2caf62d 2016-10-31 refactor
5ed1894 2016-10-31 remove non existant commit value
1439b9b 2016-10-31 can grab commits prior to pipelines - might need more cu...
23b9a99 2016-10-30 will discuss what to do on error at a later time
c373706 2016-10-30 remove singleton in favor of components
1bed344 2016-10-30 trying to fix schema file
f9ace37 2016-10-30 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
384ea58 2016-10-30 change to more component like structure for reusable com...
ae90118 2016-10-30 formatting - eslint
b4d8cb0 2016-10-30 changed fetchData to fetchDataLoop - ensured '#created' ...
308e0eb 2016-10-30 have polling working
8658c97 2016-10-30 remove uneeded endpoint data key
66727f7 2016-10-30 change architecture - add store - make api call by default
dc476fe 2016-10-29 stashing
0208d60 2016-10-27 id is dynamic
8982310 2016-10-27 formatting
02c2ef8 2016-10-27 fixed loop - move on to make components
50b4c2d 2016-10-27 getting somewhere - now need to fix loop
e1ad87c 2016-10-26 follow eslint in HAML file as well
d858c54 2016-10-26 conform to eslint
4c8a6b6 2016-10-26 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
243717c 2016-10-25 conditional show
f46acfc 2016-10-25 integrate vue components, use intance variables to pass ...
f43a047 2016-09-01 removed null return - renamed 'placeTop' to 'placeProfil...
ee419bf 2016-09-01 no string wraps on keys
0d45972 2016-09-01 single quotes for 'placement': 'top' k-v
195d79d 2016-09-01 path const and prevent default location
7ed0acd 2016-08-25 turned ES5 users.js to ES6 users.js.es6 for babel