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Hash Date Message
0433ce3 2018-02-16 Merge branch 'prometheus-bundle-tag-refactor' into 'master'
d74c63e 2018-02-16 deleted pipelines_charts file
c94f25e 2018-02-16 Merge branch '43247-eslint-exception-for-links' into 'ma...
c312d2b 2018-02-15 Updated pipelines charts to use dynamic webpack bundle
91b2182 2018-02-15 Converted pipeline_schedules bundles into automatic webp...
a5c8f3f 2018-02-14 Merge branch 'winh-new-branch-dropdown-style' into 'master'
ea9721f 2018-02-13 Merge branch 'winh-new-branch-dropdown-style' into 'master'
ecd77bd 2018-02-13 Merge branch '43198-fix-settings-panel-expanding-when-fr...
9122b2f 2018-02-13 Merge branch '42580-fix-lock-mr-hover-on-edit' into 'mas...
41285af 2018-02-13 Merge branch '42923-close-issue' into 'master'
8925671 2018-02-13 Merge branch 'winh-new-branch-dropdown-style' into 'master'
74c4d35 2018-02-12 Merge branch 'group-label-page-breadcrumb' into 'master'
ef1783a 2018-02-12 Merge branch 'diff-and-gpg-badges-ajax-refactor' into 'm...
3d15362 2018-02-12 Merge branch '42922-environment-name' into 'master'
118619e 2018-02-09 Convert groups_select ajax to use axios
721fab6 2018-02-09 Merge branch 'doc-improve-side-effects-block' into 'master'
9ca361d 2018-02-09 Merge branch 'fl-mr-widget-missing-branch' into 'master'
d997fe1 2018-02-09 Merge branch 'docs/update-vue-naming-guidelines' into 'm...
f2ffb39 2018-02-08 Update jquery.waitforimages & use npm version
239d613 2018-02-07 Clear the timeout in Jobs class after each test
826105d 2018-02-07 Merge branch 'move-board-list-vue-component' into 'master'
ba62493 2018-02-06 Merge branch 'winh-kubernetes-clusters' into 'master'
40bbecf 2018-02-06 Converted search_autocomplete.js to use axios
c5e59a9 2018-02-05 fixed typo :see_no_evil:
39fa835 2018-02-05 fixed unhandled promise rejection
10cc5d1 2018-02-05 fixed task list spec
fc53a11 2018-02-05 Converted users_select to use axios
7c4dfb5 2018-02-05 converted user_tabs.js to use axios
663681f 2018-02-05 fixed notes_spec.js
0041580 2018-02-05 fixed failing karma specs caused by TaskList
8d83e51 2018-02-05 Converted task_list.js to use axios
c7b9bba 2018-02-05 Converted shortcuts.js to use axios
015e15f 2018-02-05 Converted right_sidebar.js to use axios
deaf6ae 2018-02-05 Converted protected_tag_edit.js to use axios
a32065e 2018-02-05 Converted protected_branch_edit.js to use axios
e6cd217 2018-02-05 Converted prometheus_metrics.js to use axios
85e0bf3 2018-02-05 Converted project_label_subscription.js to use axios
965ff96 2018-02-02 added missing calls in catch statements
9b79713 2018-02-02 Backport of mr_widget_author.vue EE changes
8891fbd 2018-02-02 Merge branch 'fl-mr-widget-1' into 'master'
756e196 2018-02-02 Merge branch 'fl-mr-widget-2' into 'master'
645d635 2018-02-02 fixed issue with axios_utils not reducing activeVueResou...
6f40aaa 2018-02-02 Merge branch 'fix/improve-issue-note-dropdown' into 'mas...
135a02c 2018-02-01 Merge branch 'master' into ph-axios-2
fe2e8db 2018-02-01 fixed infinite loop crashing tests
b1c8b3a 2018-02-01 fixed axios mock not being restored
4cea24f 2018-02-01 Converted todos.js to axios
43f1088 2018-02-01 Converted usage_ping.js to use axios
ee1c471 2018-02-01 Converted pager.js to axios
ab8e3a5 2018-02-01 Converted notifications_form.js to axios
1c8553f 2018-02-01 Converted notes.js to axios
c09a89c 2018-02-01 Converted branch_graph.js to axios
b5b3044 2018-02-01 Converted mini_pipeline_graph_dropdown.js to axios
4377b47 2018-02-01 remove useless ajaxPost method
988747d 2018-02-01 fixed notes_spec.js
0f89514 2018-01-31 fixed issue_spec transient failure
a4d8419 2018-01-31 Merge branch 'fl-mr-widget' into 'master'
f4b91f7 2018-01-31 Merge branch 'axios-get-render-math' into 'master'
a3356bc 2018-01-31 fixed eslint :see_no_evil:
5d88e73 2018-01-31 Merge branch 'master' into ph-axios-2
7bd6694 2018-01-31 fixed eslint
641f1d2 2018-01-31 Converted common_utils to axios
ae401d0 2018-01-31 Converted ajax_cache to axios
3ae2d90 2018-01-31 Converted milestone_select.js to axios
d58ff94 2018-01-31 Converted milestone.js to axios
f165bda 2018-01-31 fixed failing specs
58eb3c5 2018-01-30 Converted merge_request_tabs.js to axios
8750507 2018-01-30 Convert merge_conflict_service.js to axios
05a3479 2018-01-30 Converted labels_select.js to axios
d504118 2018-01-30 Converted job.js to axios
7c659e5 2018-01-30 Converted issue.js to axios
dc99605 2018-01-30 cache jQuery selector
f9acd80 2018-01-30 fixed failing specs
b367cc0 2018-01-30 potential fix for tests crashing
3058334 2018-01-30 EE backport for callback being optional
06cd08e 2018-01-30 more EE backports
e0bc7e5 2018-01-30 backported changed from EE
f4a15ac 2018-01-30 fixed failing IDE test
94c8bd9 2018-01-30 fixed more unhandled promise rejections
3bf550b 2018-01-30 fixed unhandled promise rejection
39e9a17 2018-01-30 changed commits.js to axios
a16cdd0 2018-01-30 converted blob viewer to axios
e0b4d91 2018-01-30 spec fixes after API axios change
9af1773 2018-01-30 Converted API.js to axios
364395b 2018-01-30 Merge branch 'fix-prometheus-empty-state-no-data' into '...
8f0f79f 2018-01-29 Merge branch '32546-cannot-copy-paste-on-ios' into 'master'
f195ac0 2018-01-29 Merge branch 'fl-vue-mr-widget' into 'master'
2b66879 2018-01-29 fixed issuable_spec.js
0c2c877 2018-01-29 Converted integration_settings_form to axios
5792faf 2018-01-29 Converted issuable_bulk_update_actions to axios
ba96309 2018-01-29 Converted issuable_index to axios
dab430f 2018-01-29 Converted group_label_subscription to axios
a491bcc 2018-01-29 Converted graphs_show to axios
cdb768d 2018-01-29 Converted gl_dropdown to axios
cf4fb53 2018-01-29 normalize headers correctly
c49fecd 2018-01-29 fixed dashboard projects not being filterable
b3c9d96 2018-01-29 Converted filterable_list to axios
3bb0856 2018-01-29 Converted due_date_select to axios
e63882e 2018-01-29 Converted dropzone_input to axios
6a89ce2 2018-01-29 Converted create_merge_request_dropdown to axios
797f29d 2018-01-29 converted compare_autocomplete to axios
9846332 2018-01-29 Convered compare.js to axios
4376be8 2018-01-26 Merge branch 'fl-mr-widget-components' into 'master'
60f3728 2018-01-25 Merge branch 'fl-more-mr-widget' into 'master'
f9b946c 2018-01-25 Merge branch 'winh-delete-milestone-modal' into 'master'
1c42143 2018-01-25 Merge branch '42285-not-found-status-icon' into 'master'
aff9ece 2018-01-25 Merge branch 'fl-mr-widget-refactor' into 'master'
de2c642 2018-01-24 Merge branch '32546-cannot-copy-paste-on-ios' into 'master'
e22c007 2018-01-24 added missing imports
aaf03c0 2018-01-24 correctly imports performance bar
adf31a5 2018-01-24 Added imports for dispatcher routes
f34f4ba 2018-01-23 Merge branch 'psimyn-webpack-bundle-env-metrics' into 'm...
5f9ed9c 2018-01-23 Merge branch 'fix/adjust-layout-width-for-fixed-layout' ...
f64efe6 2018-01-23 fixed pagination
24659d8 2018-01-23 fixed group page specific JS
bba9e72 2018-01-23 Added dispatcher imports for groups webpack bundle
69487e5 2018-01-22 Merge branch 'fix-description-loss' into 'master'
30f2dd3 2018-01-22 Merge branch 'tz-fix-ide-bugs' into 'master'
31cdc7b 2018-01-22 Merge branch '42225-mr-icons' into 'master'
d6e63f9 2018-01-22 Merge branch 'vue-mr-widget-state' into 'master'
208eb7d 2018-01-22 Added dispatcher imports for sessions route
bd7a387 2018-01-22 Merge branch '42225-mr-icons' into 'master'
8bea2a7 2018-01-22 Merge branch '41814-text-decoration-skip' into 'master'
732ebd7 2018-01-19 Merge branch 'fix-docs-help-shortcut' into 'master'
bd24529 2018-01-19 Merge branch 'mr-widget-vue' into 'master'
6aed49b 2018-01-19 Merge branch '26296-update-styling-disabled-buttons' int...
218136a 2018-01-19 Merge branch 'tz-fix-ide-bugs' into 'master'
dd633dc 2018-01-19 Merge branch '42157-41989-fix-duplicate-in-create-item-d...
28bd902 2018-01-19 Merge branch 'fix-description-loss' into 'master'
2af0b08 2018-01-18 Merge branch 'winh-stop-jobs-modal' into 'master'
f82ccd6 2018-01-18 Merge branch '34252-trailing-plus' into 'master'
3a1cfe3 2018-01-17 fixed eslint
9dc774c 2018-01-17 Merge branch '10-4-stable-prepare-rc7' of
f8799c0 2018-01-17 fixed up merge request badge merge
c3f26b0 2018-01-17 added project_new import
87229cb 2018-01-17 fixed markdown_spec.js
500ba18 2018-01-17 Merge branch '41920-download-button' into 'master'
83ab63d 2018-01-17 fixed conflicts
54636e1 2018-01-17 Merge branch 'fl-ipythin-10-3' into 'security-10-3'
8e629a4 2018-01-16 fixed specs
f818518 2018-01-16 removed console.log
4ee29e8 2018-01-16 fixed shortcuts not working on some pages
b69d7ac 2018-01-16 Added dispatcher imports for some project routes
8626877 2018-01-16 Merge branch 'dispatcher-projects-c' into 'master'
13d7079 2018-01-16 fixed missing comma
2bb201b 2018-01-16 actual spec fixes
d9764a5 2018-01-16 more spec fixes
a369988 2018-01-16 fixed failing spec
5f5249d 2018-01-16 only search branches
4b81b6a 2018-01-16 Improved performance of merge requests target branch dro...
547b458 2018-01-16 Merge branch '42055-update-marked-from-0.3.6-to-0.3.12' ...
73dc529 2018-01-16 fixed merge request specs
f57dac4 2018-01-15 Merge branch '41937-vue-prop-type' into 'master'
39924b1 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'fix/sidebar-collapse-button-spacing' into ...
d53aea6 2018-01-15 Fixed merge request status badge not updating after merging
d7f70b7 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'projects-tree-tags-dispatcher-refactor' in...
abae33a 2018-01-15 Merge branch '41856-backport-stacked-progress-bar' into ...
18abb30 2018-01-15 remove specs
cedbf9c 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'dispatcher-projects-efi' into 'master'
964fa83 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'fl-ipythin-10-3' into 'security-10-3'
af79397 2018-01-15 Remove IDE option from user preferences
913a430 2018-01-15 fixed eslint
5963b74 2018-01-15 correctly init GFM
f2db2d0 2018-01-15 Added imports for milestone dispatcher routes
b3d8511 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'snippets-dispatcher-refactor' into 'master'
55e2baf 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'dispatcher-project-mr' into 'master'
598d81c 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'dispatcher-branches-create' into 'master'
46ad550 2018-01-12 Merge branch '41937-vue-prop-type' into 'master'
a022e8f 2018-01-12 Added .rej files to gitignore
bb2095a 2018-01-12 Fixed performance of projects dropdown
8ab6115 2018-01-12 Merge branch '41956-fix-ctrl-enter-binding-to-save-comme...
48fab19 2018-01-12 Merge branch 'dispatcher-project-branches' into 'master'
de7d477 2018-01-12 Merge branch 'dispatcher-blame-blob' into 'master'
d41f0ee 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'help-profiles-dispatcher-refactor' into 'm...
7de93f2 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'projects-dispatcher-refactor' into 'master'
2b8e8c6 2018-01-11 Merge branch '41608-clipboard-vue-button' into 'master'
56469fc 2018-01-11 Uses `callDefault`
3b9a1f3 2018-01-11 fixed abuse_reports spec
a607f34 2018-01-11 Admin dispatcher JS imports
21bb393 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'dispatcher-sessions' into 'master'
bf3c54b 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'dispatcher-search' into 'master'
7dd7ccd 2018-01-10 Removed CHANGELOG entry
249b501 2018-01-10 Merge branch '34312-eslint-vue-plugin' into 'master'
ff0f74a 2018-01-10 Tidy up main JS file
817da7c 2018-01-10 Added LFS to merge request files tracked by LFS
be623ef 2018-01-10 Merge branch 'dispatcher-dashboard-projects' into 'master'
830e9bf 2018-01-10 Merge branch 'dispatcher-dashboard-issues' into 'master'
520cb97 2018-01-10 Merge branch 'dispatcher-dashboard-milestone-show' into ...
b1d013b 2018-01-10 Merge branch 'dispatcher-dashboard-milestone-index' into...
35dcf85 2018-01-10 Merge branch 'fix/sidebar-collapse-button-spacing' into ...
ecb69c3 2018-01-09 Merge branch 'fl-ipython' into 'security-10-1'
4b87aa6 2018-01-09 Merge branch '41570-max-height-dropdown' into 'master'
9c53c64 2018-01-09 Merge branch 'fl-ipythin-10-3' into 'security-10-3'
500a3de 2018-01-09 Fix changes dropdown ellipsis working across browsers
639cfdc 2018-01-09 Merge branch '36906_Reordering_issues_to_the_bottom' int...
d2d634a 2018-01-09 Merge branch 'move-markdown-preview' into 'master'
6e932fa 2018-01-09 Merge branch '41404-pipelines-charts' into 'master'
2a808cb 2018-01-09 Merge branch '41723-axios-mock-adapter' into 'master'
2f86f64 2018-01-09 Added admin:conversational_development_index:show import...
90d4d9b 2018-01-09 Added import:fogbugz:new_user_map import to dispatcher
506717d 2018-01-09 Added ci:lints import to dispatcher
89fd162 2018-01-09 Added import for snippets:show in dispatcher
62943cd 2018-01-08 Merge branch '38056-remove-unused-option' into 'master'
78b044a 2018-01-08 Merge branch 'issue-40190' into 'master'
82e2d90 2018-01-08 Merge branch '41244-issue-board-shortcut-working-while-n...
4503172 2017-12-21 Merge branch '40040-decouple-multi-file-editor-from-file...
1e50835 2017-12-21 Merge branch 'winh-fix-transient-loadDiff-failure' into ...
febb0b9 2017-12-20 Merge branch '41186-sidebar-too-much-vertical-scroll' in...
4e60b4f 2017-12-19 Merge branch 'fix-docs-help-shortcut' into 'master'
a9d4b2e 2017-12-19 Merge branch 'fl-update-axios-docs' into 'master'
30ea58d 2017-12-19 Changed layout_nav to ES module
f3f9ded 2017-12-19 Remove transitionend event from GL dropdown
ceac0ae 2017-12-18 Merge branch '41117-empty-state' into 'master'
0a05d87 2017-12-18 Merge branch 'master' into 'ph-es-notes-module'
307ac3a 2017-12-18 Merge branch '39974-toggle-sidebar-btn' into 'master'
a69e7af 2017-12-16 changed webpack config
df4fe43 2017-12-15 Fixed diff_worker not compiling correctly
6a33587 2017-12-15 Exported JS classes as modules
eaf2f48 2017-12-15 Export and use Notes ES module
d835bbf 2017-12-15 Merge branch '41014-bump-svg-version' into 'master'
29e1a63 2017-12-15 Export JS classes as modules
cbd3ce8 2017-12-14 moved lfs_blob_ids method into ExtractsPath module
adb8483 2017-12-14 Converted JS modules into exported modules
9c13221 2017-12-14 spec fixes
7d2affe 2017-12-14 moved lfs blob fetch from extractspath file
ceefe7f 2017-12-14 Merge branch 'bvl-double-fork' into 'master'
aa11054 2017-12-14 Merge branch '40543-generalize-detail-page-headers' into...
eb499b6 2017-12-13 Merge branch 'new-nav-tech-debt' into 'master'
eacf99a 2017-12-13 Merge branch '28869-es6-modules' into 'master'
bcb14a0 2017-12-13 Merge branch '40895-fix-frequent-projects-stale-path' in...
8a29e0b 2017-12-12 Merge branch '40997-pipeline-null' into 'master'
d66e937 2017-12-12 Updated image for diff navigation docs
3032989 2017-12-12 added specs
e001f4b 2017-12-11 fixed failing tests
dec420f 2017-12-11 fixed project homepage not having correct variable
6bb4442 2017-12-11 updated imports
f38a6d6 2017-12-11 Added LFS badge to indicate LFS tracked files
a5d2732 2017-12-11 Merge branch 'master' into 'url-utility-es-module'
e4bae91 2017-12-08 fix missed gl.utils.visitUrl spy
00fa900 2017-12-08 fixed URL being undefined :face_palm:
3e78905 2017-12-08 remove utl util imports from boards specs
e0bbadc 2017-12-08 use exported methods instead of gl.utils
13df7a8 2017-12-08 Moved URL utility methods into es modules
307e024 2017-12-07 Fixed remove deploy key loading icon not being removed a...
222df36 2017-12-07 Merge branch '27742-display-member-role-per-project' int...
41e045a 2017-12-06 Fixed merge request locked icon size
9ec582c 2017-12-06 Fixes long commit links breaking the commit list layout
cabc87a 2017-12-06 Fixed outdated browser banner positioning
4783f15 2017-12-06 Fixes admin welcome states new group path
70d780d 2017-12-06 Merge branch '38869-templates' into 'master'
5d9585d 2017-12-06 Merge branch '40543-generalize-detail-page-headers' into...
7f93861 2017-12-05 Merge branch '40508-snippets-zen-mode' into 'master'
4ca4b0f 2017-12-05 Merge branch 'ce-1379-update-sidebar-weight-to-vue-and-a...
6e12e83 2017-12-04 Merge branch '39727-add-axios-to-common' into 'master'
07aaa59 2017-12-04 Merge branch '24129-underline-all-links' into 'master'
4820a19 2017-12-01 Merge branch '40286-hide-full-namespace-groups-tree' int...
cf26f27 2017-11-30 updated diff spec
386cbf2 2017-11-30 Merge branch 'master' into multi-file-editor-dirty-diff-...
c923f96 2017-11-30 Merge branch '40671-fix-empty-blank-flash-messages' into...
fbe8dfb 2017-11-29 Merge branch 'bvl-double-fork' into 'master'
29298dc 2017-11-29 Merge branch '39827-fix-projects-dropdown-overflow' into...
1880809 2017-11-29 added editor options to redcue EE conflicts
3659327 2017-11-29 Merge branch 'remove-empty-scss-file' into 'master'
d22bb03 2017-11-28 fixed failing specs
5fceb8d 2017-11-28 fixed scss-lint
061be86 2017-11-28 added specs
fd81819 2017-11-28 fixed web worker performance
3a1c3c5 2017-11-28 added web worker to calculate diffs
809a27e 2017-11-28 started move to web worker for diff calculation
7c04e40 2017-11-28 changed endLineNumber calculation
caa2f10 2017-11-28 change how diffing works
eb8a609 2017-11-28 added disposable manager
c90b520 2017-11-28 created editor library to manage all things editor
37864fb 2017-11-28 Multi-file editor dirty diff indicator
03b891c 2017-11-27 Merge branch '40481-bump-jquery-to-2-2-4' into 'master'
e9c7015 2017-11-24 fixed rspec
8f7ec95 2017-11-24 added specs
4033e0a 2017-11-24 fixed icon name typo
a76cd88 2017-11-24 Added IDE commit panel
8520df9 2017-11-23 Merge branch 'tz-update-vue-libraries' into 'master'
904a625 2017-11-23 Merge branch '32098-environments-reusable' into 'master'
ffd7fbf 2017-11-22 moved to es6 modules
1374da4 2017-11-22 Fixed import of render mermaid & render math methods
1f15e8c 2017-11-22 Fixed new group milestone breadcrumb
d7527d7 2017-11-22 Merge branch 'feature_add_mermaid' into 'master'
15cb13e 2017-11-21 Merge branch '38869-milestone' into 'master'
5ce2f84 2017-11-21 Merge branch '39821-fix-commits-list-with-multi-file-edi...
6de4940 2017-11-20 Merge branch 'remove-pretty-time' into 'master'
77350d9 2017-11-20 Merge branch '39727-axios-all-the-things' into 'master'
05f9753 2017-11-20 Merge branch '40016-log-header' into 'master'
c70289a 2017-11-17 moved magic number into variables
e05cd88 2017-11-17 changed text color of path
323b4b0 2017-11-17 updated dropdown width
8e7f84b 2017-11-17 updated to use new sprite icons
04fcc7d 2017-11-17 Improved the design of the changed files dropdown
88d2977 2017-11-17 Merge branch '38869-project-1' into 'master'
883d5da 2017-11-17 Merge branch 'dropdown-docs' into 'master'
62f3f9e 2017-11-16 Merge branch '40198-fix-gpg-badge-links' into 'master'
3ba84d4 2017-11-16 Merge branch '40198-fix-gpg-badge-links' into 'master'
068f9df 2017-11-15 Merge branch 'ce-backport-39009-fix-approvals-showing-up...
8ee3ea7 2017-11-15 Merge branch '33338-internationalization-support-for-pro...
149460b 2017-11-14 Merge branch '32098-pipelines-navigation' into 'master'
126e730 2017-11-14 Merge branch '38869-project' into 'master'
00a212d 2017-11-13 Merge branch 'text-utils' into 'master'
8de703b 2017-11-10 Merge branch '39109-reenable-scroll-job' into 'master'
76152c0 2017-11-10 added missing specs
dfe0ad2 2017-11-10 fixed specs
5c17c09 2017-11-10 file action specs
59f666d 2017-11-10 file action specs
6a34d25 2017-11-10 tree actions specs
8ccbfa2 2017-11-10 test updates
f82af4b 2017-11-10 Added tests to multi-file Vuex store
ffac2cf 2017-11-09 Merge branch '38395-mr-widget-ci' into 'master'
a030a4a 2017-11-09 Merge branch '39109-reenable-scroll-job' into 'master'
baa64d5 2017-11-08 Merge branch '38395-mr-widget-ci' into 'master'
3795ce7 2017-11-07 Fixed multi-file editor table cells content width jumping
1e94172 2017-11-06 Merge branch 'winh-use-vue-warnhandler' into 'master'
d77b971 2017-11-06 Merge branch '38597-editor-icons' into 'master'
40895ed 2017-11-06 Merge branch '39726-add-crsf-token-axios' into 'master'
bd5ea48 2017-11-06 fixed karma test
eacd821 2017-11-06 moved key into data structure
e2bcb3a 2017-11-06 fixed specs
4119e92 2017-11-06 correctly updates commit data after committing changes
46e0a66 2017-11-06 added refs_controller_spec
5a2d9f6 2017-11-06 only allow the call when not in collapsed view
0542000 2017-11-06 Multi-file editor fetch log data from a different endpoint
78ef301 2017-11-03 Merge branch '39684-issue-boards-space' into 'master'
96e8f3c 2017-11-03 Merge branch '39726-add-crsf-token-axios' into 'master'
384f224 2017-11-02 Merge branch 'winh-update-nvmrc' into 'master'
3c03388 2017-11-02 Merge branch 'winh-i18n-contributors-page' into 'master'
fd34903 2017-11-01 spec fixes
984f3b7 2017-11-01 Fix binary files not showing anything in edit mode
713052c 2017-11-01 Merge branch '38869-labels' into 'master'
b203812 2017-11-01 karma spec updates
405ecbe 2017-11-01 Merge branch '39633-convert-fuzzaldrin-plus-js-library-t...
7c331ac 2017-10-31 Updated Vue to 2.5.1
1f60cd8 2017-10-31 Increase lazy loader performance
fe80967 2017-10-31 Merge branch '23206-load-participants-async' into 'master'
ba31a29 2017-10-31 Merge branch '39639-clusters-poll' into 'master'
c598283 2017-10-31 Merge branch '38869-issue' into 'master'
de16fb1 2017-10-31 Merge branch '39639-clusters-poll' into 'master'
f2f24f0 2017-10-31 fixed up upload feature after master merge
e6a1a79 2017-10-31 Merge branch 'master' into multi-file-editor-vuex
68d1e9d 2017-10-31 Upload files through the multi-file editor
307883a 2017-10-31 get branch name from the DOM
e25acf2 2017-10-31 Merge branch '39616-convert-autosize-js-library-to-be-a-...
ac8e94d 2017-10-31 Merge branch 'master' into multi-file-editor-vuex
662f87c 2017-10-31 spec fixes
6e6cea2 2017-10-31 Merge branch 'revert-2573818f' into 'master'
098a980 2017-10-30 spec fixes
2d5c453 2017-10-30 Merge branch '38869-importer_status' into 'master'
5c75d75 2017-10-30 addressed feedback from review
4b80cde 2017-10-30 Merge branch 'master' into multi-file-editor-vuex
2573818 2017-10-30 Merge branch '2518-saved-configuration-for-issue-board' ...
47c906e 2017-10-27 updated karma specs
7e5e682 2017-10-27 Merge branch '38869-groups-select' into 'master'
3811fbf 2017-10-26 reset hash when changing files
5c0c345 2017-10-26 various different performance improvements
4d18e20 2017-10-26 fixed render_error not being hooked up correctly
bdac556 2017-10-26 fixed some state bugs with the tabs
1543679 2017-10-26 correctly activate the next tab when closing a tab
b4f7496 2017-10-26 moved new file/directory into new store
05728e7 2017-10-26 [WIP] Move multi-file editor store to Vuex
3ddffec 2017-10-25 Merge branch '38178-fl-mr-notes-components' into 'master'
fc52e43 2017-10-25 Merge branch '32318-filter-icon' into 'master'
0bfb2af 2017-10-24 Fixed user profile tab being off-screen
73e40d7 2017-10-24 Merge branch 'fix-unresolve-btn-jump-color' into 'master'
7444e8a 2017-10-24 Merge branch 'remove-new-sidebar-stuff' into 'master'
a811704 2017-10-24 Merge branch 'fix-unresolve-btn-jump-color' into 'master'
743050c 2017-10-23 Merge branch '37860-pipelines-page' into 'master'
f94c391 2017-10-23 Merge branch '39299-sidebar-links' into 'master'
9991bb8 2017-10-23 Merge branch '38869-group-files' into 'master'
07354b1 2017-10-23 Merge branch '39369-document-vue-resource-http' into 'ma...
f03d9a9 2017-10-23 fixed karma tests
c147bcc 2017-10-23 Merge branch 'master' into ph-multi-file-editor-new-file...
133e66d 2017-10-23 spec fixes
fe1871b 2017-10-23 moved to eventHub to manage creating new files
5f988a7 2017-10-23 fixed eslint :see_no_evil:
4699cf7 2017-10-23 added feature spec
4c186f9 2017-10-23 fixed failing title test
60ce515 2017-10-23 fixed bug with tabs not switching correctly
10dcaea 2017-10-23 failing spec fixes
389c852 2017-10-23 correctly creates file in currently viewed directory
fd67a20 2017-10-23 changed adding temp files/directories code to match new ...
e5cd65a 2017-10-23 fixed new file/directory modal using methods that no lon...
caee9d5 2017-10-23 Add new files & directories in the multi-file editor
35daaa3 2017-10-23 calculate the stickyTop instead of hard coding a variable
016e750 2017-10-23 Fix performance of sticky.js
c1ed00e 2017-10-23 Merge branch '38869-diff' into 'master'
018542b 2017-10-21 Added submodule support in multi-file editor
8b744b2 2017-10-20 Merge branch 'fix-non-diff-resolved-discussion' into 'ma...
9c3f094 2017-10-20 Merge branch 'fix-non-diff-resolved-discussion' into 'ma...
7412333 2017-10-20 Added submodule support in multi-file editor
65523e6 2017-10-19 Merge branch '38648-members-sidebar' into 'master'
eb389e9 2017-10-19 Merge branch '38869-dropzone-input' into 'master'
0f4141f 2017-10-18 Merge branch 'fix-resolved-side-by-side' into 'master'
e6555fb 2017-10-18 Merge branch '39201-improve-google-image' into 'master'
acadf52 2017-10-18 Merge branch 'fix-resolved-side-by-side' into 'master'
e4b465d 2017-10-18 Merge branch '38986-due-date' into 'master'
1d72952 2017-10-18 Merge branch '39201-improve-google-image' into 'master'
1777121 2017-10-18 Merge branch 'fl-autodevops-fix' into 'master'
5f93819 2017-10-18 Merge branch 'winh-indeterminate-dropdown' into 'master'
c23c093 2017-10-17 Merge branch 'move-user-avatar-specs' into 'master'
701fa3b 2017-10-17 Merge branch 'improve-sprite-icon-spec' into 'master'
ac7d0ff 2017-10-17 Merge branch 'fl-gke-collapsible-containers' into 'master'
bdbcf58 2017-10-17 fixed Karam test because of event name change
c3dec96 2017-10-17 Fixed bug when clicking file link causing user to naviga...
3fa410c 2017-10-17 Merge branch 'sprite-icon-class' into 'master'
7996be6 2017-10-16 Merge branch 'fl-autodevops-fix' into 'master'
3dc1392 2017-10-16 fixed prev directory row not correctly having colspan
5e5e9c1 2017-10-16 fixed karma spec with prev directory button
a11410a 2017-10-16 fixed karma build because of a removed method
ddc0f83 2017-10-16 made serializing generic
22ef1c1 2017-10-16 Merge branch 'winh-indeterminate-dropdown' into 'master'
fa9e729 2017-10-16 fixed rendering bugs
5f80d04 2017-10-16 Spec updates
b1b91aa 2017-10-16 Refactored multi-file data structure
a73e329 2017-10-16 Merge branch '27654-retry-button' into 'master'
c7b8e61 2017-10-16 Merge branch 'winh-search-bar-xss' into 'security-10-0'
6e9c06f 2017-10-13 Backport a change in milestone_select from EE
b6abad9 2017-10-13 Merge branch '39096-upgrade-vuex' into 'master'
7358c69 2017-10-13 Merge branch '39001-mr-tabs-hover' into 'master'
def8b91 2017-10-13 spec fixes
299da4c 2017-10-13 Remove shortcut JS classes from global namespace
5843a43 2017-10-13 Merge branch 'es-module-broadcast_message' into 'master'
273b116 2017-10-13 Merge branch '38869-members' into 'master'
fc828b4 2017-10-13 Fixed server rendered flash not being removed on click
e1b641b 2017-10-12 Merge branch '37399-simplify-project-page' into 'master'
5d4e073 2017-10-12 Merge branch '39001-mr-tabs-hover' into 'master'
bdae881 2017-10-12 Merge branch '35652-prometheus-service-page-shows-error'...
7364cf2 2017-10-12 Merge branch 'winh-search-bar-xss-9.4' into 'security-9-4'
ae3d80e 2017-10-12 Merge branch 'winh-search-bar-xss-9.5' into 'security-9-5'
f8f6378 2017-10-11 Merge branch 'winh-search-bar-xss' into 'security-10-0'
a11077e 2017-10-11 Merge branch '37399-simplify-project-page' into 'master'
57d331d 2017-10-11 Merge branch '38869-start' into 'master'
a6b3327 2017-10-11 Merge branch '38869-labels' into 'master'
556ef5e 2017-10-11 spec fixes
44d3745 2017-10-11 Moves form related JS modules out of global
900dd7f 2017-10-10 Merge branch '38869-u2f' into 'master'
4261d07 2017-10-10 Merge branch '38869-ci-global' into 'master'
b40bac3 2017-10-10 removed global eslint for remaining files
fcd842b 2017-10-10 fixed notes specs
cbfc97b 2017-10-10 karma spec fixes
6c97107 2017-10-10 fixed eslint
bbf7ea2 2017-10-10 flash tests
d668294 2017-10-10 spec fixes
fa2af5e 2017-10-10 Flash is now a ES6 module
9980691 2017-10-10 Merge branch '38869-api' into 'master'
6c7ffa9 2017-10-10 Merge branch '34841-todos' into 'master'
11c67e7 2017-10-09 Merge branch '38534-minigraph' into 'master'
9f55733 2017-10-09 Merge branch 'icons-update-fix-regression-on-groups' int...
c786508 2017-10-09 Merge branch '38869-commitslist' into 'master'
19b7d36 2017-10-09 Fix wiki empty page translation namespace not being removed
419b27e 2017-10-09 Merge branch '28860-AjaxLoadingSpinner' into 'master'
f45bb52 2017-10-09 Merge branch '34371-ca-main-template' into 'master'
0f366c7 2017-10-06 Fixed default group sort option
a2249da 2017-10-06 Merge branch '38845-skip-loading-english-frontend-transl...
3616e06 2017-10-06 Convert AbuseReports class to a module
cbc7d62 2017-10-06 Merge branch 'fl-fix-ca-time-component' into 'master'
19d8603 2017-10-05 Fixed the navbar title hover style being applied outside...
6ba9614 2017-10-05 Merge branch '38036-hover-and-legend-data-should-be-link...
8500ec8 2017-10-05 Merge branch '37111-monitoring-graph-empty-states-are-gi...
7b5834d 2017-10-04 Fixes group milestones breadcrumb links
b9f78ea 2017-10-04 Merge branch 'js-load-specific-locales' into 'master'
70b64c8 2017-10-04 Merge branch 'icons-profile-icons' into 'master'
7dbdc98 2017-10-03 Merge branch 'dm-copy-parallel-diff' into 'master'
193bc52 2017-10-02 fixed specs
075f5ed 2017-10-02 Cleanup the fork layout
4cdf4ef 2017-10-02 Merge branch '34371-ca-vue' into 'master'
886511f 2017-09-29 Merge branch '38528-build-url' into 'master'
7bb5190 2017-09-29 Merge branch '38582-popover-badge' into 'master'
eac0183 2017-09-29 Fixed commit avatar being aligned vertically
0e82f6d 2017-09-29 Merge branch '38582-popover-badge' into 'master'
66775a8 2017-09-29 Merge branch 'icons-update-nav-bars' into 'master'
775c9f6 2017-09-29 fixed specs when merged event was empty
93aa6d0 2017-09-29 moved fork checks into policies
8585ae6 2017-09-29 Fix fork button being disabled for users who can fork to...
e178eb7 2017-09-29 Fixes merge request widget date tooltip inconsistencies
d729aa7 2017-09-29 spec fix
2c9ca4f 2017-09-29 CHANGELOG item
333cb06 2017-09-29 Fixed anchored content not being scrolled into view
34da9a0 2017-09-29 Merge branch '37335-counter-active-state' into 'master'
5e850d5 2017-09-29 Merge branch '38528-build-url' into 'master'
4683034 2017-09-28 Tweaked the first time contributor tooltip text
9e3d1f8 2017-09-28 Merge branch '13637-show-account-confirmation-link-in-e-...
d0737b1 2017-09-28 spec fixes
35ac2fb 2017-09-27 karma spec fixes
05844d8 2017-09-27 Fixed breadcrumb title not linking
cfea8f7 2017-09-27 Fixed missing namespaces on navigation translations
fe24c0a 2017-09-27 Fixes commit comments in side-by-side diff view
c940fe2 2017-09-27 Lazy load images in mobile sidebar & header
45da02f 2017-09-27 fixed spec/features/merge_requests/user_posts_notes_spec.rb
d256168 2017-09-27 fixed spec/features/merge_requests/versions_spec.rb
4a61336 2017-09-27 fixed spec/features/issues/filtered_search/dropdown_mile...
15b976c 2017-09-27 some fixes in spec/features/projects/jobs_spec.rb
1ec2486 2017-09-27 fixed spec/features/projects/deploy_keys_spec.rb
27c00d2 2017-09-27 fixed spec/features/dashboard/groups_list_spec.rb
7a090d5 2017-09-27 fixed spec/features/admin/admin_groups_spec.rb
9d48177 2017-09-27 fixed spec/features/admin/admin_users_spec.rb
92a3887 2017-09-27 fixed spec/features/issues/filtered_search/dropdown_assi...
d770b63 2017-09-27 fixed spec/features/projects/settings/repository_setting...
54a6bca 2017-09-27 fixed spec/features/projects/files/edit_file_soft_wrap_s...
c01338c 2017-09-27 fixed spec/features/u2f_spec.rb
2e221b8 2017-09-26 Fix sidebar mobile toggle button border
178ae69 2017-09-26 Merge branch '34371-cycle-analitcs-components-vue' into ...
8854020 2017-09-26 Merge branch 'winh-user-dropdown-nowrap' into 'master'
07f5c3c 2017-09-26 Merge branch 'remove-old-nav-styles' into 'master'
c1d1b5d 2017-09-26 Merge branch '37287-remove-nav-gradient' into 'master'
a7265ab 2017-09-26 Merge branch 'winh-user-dropdown-nowrap' into 'master'
31a7954 2017-09-26 Merge branch 'winh-search-bar-xss-9.5' into 'security-9-5'
f9a212e 2017-09-25 Stop breadcrumbs changing container when in side-by-side...
8b1a3d4 2017-09-25 Merge branch '34371-cycle-analitcs-global' into 'master'
1544bc3 2017-09-25 remove the sticky el from the test DOM after each test
f389f90 2017-09-25 refactor tests to actually test browser behaviour
65415e3 2017-09-25 removed commented out CSS
9ec3163 2017-09-25 Merge branch '37287-remove-nav-gradient' into 'master'
8ceaafa 2017-09-22 Removed old icons from project page
35d189d 2017-09-22 spec fixes
c4b2d18 2017-09-22 Fixed fly-out error if mousePos array is empty
a0eebff 2017-09-22 Merge branch 'winh-i18-branches-page' into 'master'
da6ff65 2017-09-22 spec fixes
8eb2d74 2017-09-22 simplify link_to call
eab0ca8 2017-09-22 Fixes dashboard/projects empty state showing when viewin...
9f32276 2017-09-22 Add context tabs to dashboard/projects
734bb73 2017-09-22 fixed and added specs for removing placeholder element
7ce70dd 2017-09-22 Dynamically create offset for sticky bar
26607a1 2017-09-22 Merge branch '36231-better-svg-usage-in-the-frontend' in...
ab18d02 2017-09-21 Merge branch 'resolve-discussions-btn' into 'master'
905d24f 2017-09-21 Merge branch 'cache-csrf-token' into 'master'
598b1a1 2017-09-21 Merge branch '37220-es-modules' into 'master'
6374530 2017-09-21 Merge branch 'resolve-discussions-btn' into 'master'
2778549 2017-09-19 Only show the sidebar scroll bars if the user can scroll
6e8a242 2017-09-19 Merge branch '37957-fix-groups-members-flyout-link' into...
77497de 2017-09-19 Merge branch '37857-build-header-gap' into 'master'
e767483 2017-09-19 Merge branch '37454-remove-confidential-cb-edit-issue' i...
d53178f 2017-09-18 Merge branch '37933-improve-new-project-page-description...
0a60758 2017-09-18 Merge branch '37957-fix-groups-members-flyout-link' into...
79332ad 2017-09-18 Merge branch '37857-build-header-gap' into 'master'
9ddc62c 2017-09-16 Fixed the new sidebars width when browser has scrollbars
1dc1ccf 2017-09-15 Merge branch '37844-layout-nav-space' into 'master'
ff7eb46 2017-09-15 Merge branch '21331-improve-confusing-compare-page' into...
2e7fe6e 2017-09-15 Merge branch 'winh-protected-branch-modal-merged' into '...
2203e8f 2017-09-15 Merge branch '20824-scope-users-to-members-in-group-issu...
e3f942e 2017-09-15 Merge branch '37844-layout-nav-space' into 'master'
030bfd8 2017-09-15 Fixes milestone issuable assignee URL
e83260b 2017-09-14 Merge branch '35978-milestone-title' into 'master'
f3d4d02 2017-09-14 Merge branch '37573-fix-sidebar-active-color' into 'master'
1140fcc 2017-09-14 Merge branch '35978-milestone-title' into 'master'
d66e0d4 2017-09-14 Merge branch '37573-fix-sidebar-active-color' into 'master'
f46888f 2017-09-13 Fixed width of sub-group in breadcrumb dropdown
8a2ca76 2017-09-13 fixed merge request spec
577d3ff 2017-09-13 Remove title attribute from sidebar elements
eed4439 2017-09-13 Fixed overflow issue in changes dropdown
1f5ae8c 2017-09-13 Merge branch 'refactor-monitoring-service' into 'master'
360b60b 2017-09-13 CE backport of new-sidebar-boards
6a8faac 2017-09-13 fixed mr widget options spec
855c258 2017-09-12 fixed todos spec
efdd1a3 2017-09-12 Merge branch '37603-preferences-settings-extra-line' int...
939c762 2017-09-12 Merge branch 'file-content-mobile' into 'master'
ee99781 2017-09-12 Merge branch 'conv-dev-index-regression' into 'master'
71ce4ab 2017-09-12 Merge branch 'sidebar-expanded-large-screen' into 'master'
4992f06 2017-09-12 Fix JS error in fly-out nav
442ea61 2017-09-12 Fixed the breadcrumbs project name not having hover style
47ee81f 2017-09-12 fixed location.pathname not being reset
b1fc585 2017-09-11 Merge branch 'ie-event-polyfill' into 'master'
5136aba 2017-09-11 Merge branch '37603-preferences-settings-extra-line' int...
4cb5918 2017-09-11 Merge branch 'file-content-mobile' into 'master'
44d775d 2017-09-11 Merge branch 'conv-dev-index-regression' into 'master'
251a847 2017-09-11 Merge branch '37454-remove-confidential-cb-edit-issue' i...
a075122 2017-09-11 Merge branch 'sidebar-expanded-large-screen' into 'master'
e1af325 2017-09-08 Adds drop shadow to the expanded sidebar
8f224ab 2017-09-08 Fixed changes bar jumping on merge requests
2944946 2017-09-08 Merge branch 'fix-tooltip-width-issue-board' into 'master'
bae2851 2017-09-08 Merge branch '37406-success-status-icon' into 'master'
fadc58c 2017-09-08 Merge branch 'vue-eslint' into 'master'
6a4ebc4 2017-09-07 Merge branch '32665-refactor-project-visibility-settings...
43f4749 2017-09-07 Merge branch 'fix-mr-tabs-position' into 'master'
2814ea6 2017-09-07 fixed new issue button not being clicked in spec
e58750d 2017-09-06 fixed spinach specs
5ab6af5 2017-09-06 Merge branch 'collapsable-pipeline-settings' into 'master'
66e8a39 2017-09-06 fixed new milstone button not being visible
c53d5ce 2017-09-06 fixed breadcrumb container
094de17 2017-09-06 spec fixes
632b248 2017-09-06 Moves the action buttons out of the breadcrumbs
4720d03 2017-09-06 spec fixes
c56100b 2017-09-06 Add top level items to fly-out navigation
c99a626 2017-09-06 Fixed sidebar icon size in ie11
80a013e 2017-09-06 removed show_new_nav? references
2aa8a75 2017-09-06 Merge branch 'master' into breadcrumbs-improvements
ddb3692 2017-09-06 Clean up new navigation templates
de82bd8 2017-09-06 fixed up JS to use a js-* class
6ec1572 2017-09-06 Merge branch 'remove-unnecessary-row-grouping' into 'mas...
68e9372 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'master' into breadcrumbs-improvements
df35410 2017-09-05 fixed karma spec
6f48f89 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'winh-ajax-users-dropdown' into 'master'
337a73e 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'master' into breadcrumbs-improvements
d316a8c 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'winh-admin-group-role-dropdown' into 'master'
6bd1f23 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'winh-issuable-actions-dropdowns' into 'mas...
9477f4a 2017-09-05 removed comment from helper spec
8191ee3 2017-09-05 Merge branch '37406-success-status-icon' into 'master'
8f4ce0d 2017-09-05 fixed images changing height of breadcrumbs
4028128 2017-09-05 added webkit prefix to fix failing tests
cdb305c 2017-09-05 Fix diff comment button not showing after deleting a com...
f041c38 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'master' into breadcrumbs-improvements
a27c001 2017-09-05 test fixes
365adcf 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'master' into breadcrumbs-improvements
fb9f1e3 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'winh-move-issue-project-dropdown' into 'ma...
d4ec631 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'winh-transfer-project-dropdown' into 'master'
816f249 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'winh-merge-request-target-branch-dropdown'...
4a98420 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'winh-protection-dropdowns' into 'master'
d4dd6b0 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'winh-issue-form-dropdowns' into 'master'
25600b1 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'winh-note-form-dropdown' into 'master'
2ca7f90 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'winh-text-danger-selector' into 'master'
2db0e4c 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'vue-docs' into 'master'
78b0c35 2017-09-04 remove project title karma test
3b1993a 2017-09-04 rspec test fixes
7dfb3a3 2017-09-04 Fix new_sidebar.scss being out of date
38f1551 2017-09-04 fixed dropdown not showing in wiki
3569b2e 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'master' into breadcrumbs-improvements
794a263 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'feature-highlight' into 'master'
ebbbc7e 2017-09-04 Merge branch '36452-milestone-icon' into 'master'
c03f782 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'winh-pikaday-dropdowns' into 'master'
09fc850 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'winh-issuable-sidebar-dropdowns' into 'mas...
16072be 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'winh-merge-request-form-dropdowns' into 'm...
cf2aabc 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'winh-issue-create-new-dropdown' into 'master'
ceaed53 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'winh-environments-deploy-dropdown' into 'm...
29aeea3 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'winh-build-job-stage-dropdown' into 'master'
ccbdeea 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'winh-pipeline-action-dropdowns' into 'master'
70c347f 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'winh-label-action-dropdown' into 'master'
fd54a46 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'winh-comment-action-dropdown' into 'master'
0b50c92 2017-09-01 Revert "Merge branch '37179-dashboard-project-dropdown' ...
907468f 2017-09-01 Merge branch '37194-fix-mr-widget-merge-button-dropdown-...
09217e8 2017-09-01 Merge branch '37179-dashboard-project-dropdown' into 'ma...
50dc419 2017-09-01 Merge branch '37058-readme-md-header-image-scale-not-lim...
996fdda 2017-09-01 Merge branch 'winh-member-permission-dropdown' into 'mas...
5c153b0 2017-09-01 Fixed group merge requests failure
4a7bb1a 2017-09-01 Merge branch '37194-fix-mr-widget-merge-button-dropdown-...
6d6223e 2017-08-31 Merge branch '37179-dashboard-project-dropdown' into 'ma...
cc78117 2017-08-31 Merge branch '36917-branch-tooltip' into 'master'
465813a 2017-08-31 Fixes the fly-out navigation flashing in & out
3e092ca 2017-08-31 Merge branch 'winh-merge-request-version-dropdowns' into...
dc6f8e1 2017-08-31 Merge branch 'winh-namespace-select-dropdown' into 'master'
c36c80b 2017-08-31 Merge branch 'remove-unnecessary-console-log' into 'master'
f0248fa 2017-08-30 Merge branch 'master' into breadcrumbs-improvements
0ab0e7b 2017-08-30 Remove tooltips from new sidebar
4d2d744 2017-08-30 Merge branch 'master' into enable-new-navigaton-by-default
f1d9dc8 2017-08-30 Merge branch '37058-readme-md-header-image-scale-not-lim...
25a3b7f 2017-08-30 more navigation spec fixes
aab5d55 2017-08-30 more spinach fixes
903e1a3 2017-08-30 spinach test updates
75c4d26 2017-08-30 Merge branch 'master' into breadcrumbs-improvements
978b4b9 2017-08-30 Merge branch '34990-top-buttons-misaligned' into 'master'
a16854f 2017-08-30 Merge branch 'winh-file-template-dropdown' into 'master'
830f92e 2017-08-30 Merge branch 'winh-profile-settings-dropdowns' into 'mas...
11d2ac1 2017-08-30 Merge branch 'winh-notification-dropdowns' into 'master'
3fd0cd7 2017-08-30 Merge branch 'winh-issuable-dashboard-dropdowns' into 'm...
be8e2b9 2017-08-30 Merge branch 'add-filter-by-my-reaction' into 'master'
7a948d5 2017-08-29 Adds position fixed to right sidebar
0229ab4 2017-08-29 Merge branch '35048-empty-badges' into 'master'
176b349 2017-08-29 spec updates
a17d62c 2017-08-29 fixed boards specs
d92bff4 2017-08-29 more spec fixes
4a67699 2017-08-29 spec updates
d0d918c 2017-08-29 layout-nav test check fix
669fb29 2017-08-29 fixed up a bunch of specs
331722c 2017-08-29 added logo ID to top bar
757c622 2017-08-29 Enable the new navigation by default
2a8dec2 2017-08-29 Merge branch 'winh-file-encoding-dropdown' into 'master'
0ed5ee3 2017-08-29 Merge branch 'winh-todos-dashboard-dropdowns' into 'master'
2a75c24 2017-08-29 Merge branch 'winh-merge-request-widget-dropdowns' into ...
ab3c830 2017-08-29 Fixes the diff changes buttons from toggling when scrolling
1b9c318 2017-08-29 Merge branch 'winh-member-search-dropdown' into 'master'
55d3197 2017-08-29 Increase z-index of dropdowns
3c25806 2017-08-29 Merge branch '37069-remove-li' into 'master'
5f60b9b 2017-08-29 Merge branch '37102-fix-prometheus-graph-cursor-flag' in...
c00a5e8 2017-08-29 Merge branch '37104-fix-graph-date-format' into 'master'
edd56ae 2017-08-29 Merge branch 'short-code' into 'master'
c274da0 2017-08-29 Merge branch '34413-move-convdev-index-location-to-after...
4788848 2017-08-22 Merge branch '36458-user-profile-activity-feed-contains-...
b4c201a 2017-08-21 Merge branch '36458-user-profile-activity-feed-contains-...
150e8b3 2017-08-19 fixes for sidebar jumping
9a93fd9 2017-08-19 Fixed fly-out nav jumping
5a12fa1 2017-08-18 Fixes the stable branches fly out nav JS
662f7ee 2017-08-18 Merge branch 'winh-collapsed-sidebar-scrolling' into 'ma...
64dbd32 2017-08-18 Merge branch '36270-collapsed-sidebar-scroll' into 'master'
af024b2 2017-08-18 Merge branch 'fix-milestone-sidebar' into 'master'
a8460f2 2017-08-18 style updates
4e74eb8 2017-08-18 removed bottom border from context-header link
d5ab100 2017-08-18 various breadcrumb updates
bec6ea2 2017-08-18 fixed breadcrumbs being undefined
dae629e 2017-08-18 fix some inconsistencies with the breadcrumbs
a10cc22 2017-08-18 added collapsible sub-groups & wiki pages
85b272b 2017-08-18 updated a bunch of breadcrumb titles
52252e7 2017-08-18 Improvements to breadcrumbs
63812b2 2017-08-18 Merge branch '36648-fix-backoff-util-tests' into 'master'
97fcbaf 2017-08-18 Merge branch '32795-project-activity-i18n' into 'master'
ad46dcc 2017-08-18 Fixed issue boards closed list displaying empty label
d515ec4 2017-08-18 Fixes the breadcrumb container when in issue boards
45c8c17 2017-08-18 Merge branch 'rename-repo-enabled' into 'master'
eed96cb 2017-08-17 Merge branch 'winh-collapsed-sidebar-scrolling' into 'ma...
590a203 2017-08-17 Fixed height of group share dropdown
fedc8ad 2017-08-17 Merge branch 'fix-milestone-sidebar' into 'master'
cb1a369 2017-08-17 Fixed collapsed sidebar not showing fly-out menu
93eff00 2017-08-16 Merge branch '36442-images-in-issue-descriptions-no-long...
ceb0e67 2017-08-16 Fix help page version image spec
dff8867 2017-08-16 Merge branch 'fix-autocomplete-group' into 'master'
138f07a 2017-08-16 Fix commit list request appending 40 to offset
9a9d70b 2017-08-16 Merge branch '36442-images-in-issue-descriptions-no-long...
04f7f39 2017-08-16 Merge branch 'fix-autocomplete-group' into 'master'
151ecac 2017-08-15 Fixed changed files dropdown not being shown
5cfc268 2017-08-15 Merge branch 'fix-btn-alignment' into 'master'
85d38bc 2017-08-15 Merge branch 'winh-gpg-status-spinners' into 'master'
554afea 2017-08-15 Fix race condition with dispatcher.js
b6811c0 2017-08-15 Fixes icon sidebar expanding causing a jump in padding
2f3eeb1 2017-08-15 Fixes sticky class being removed when over-scrolling in ...
b5a7739 2017-08-15 Fix the fly-out menu in the sidebar not displaying in Sa...
ae06b5d 2017-08-15 Merge branch 'winh-gpg-status-spinners' into 'master'
7bf779a 2017-08-15 Merge branch 'fix-edit-merge-request-button-case' into '...
b70ae21 2017-08-15 Merge branch '34371-pipeline-schedule-vue-files' into 'm...
a7349d3 2017-08-14 Merge branch '36325-increase-z-index-pipeline-dropdown' ...
b5bc0fc 2017-08-14 Merge branch '36385-pipeline-graph-dropdown' into 'master'
21a6898 2017-08-14 Merge branch '36325-increase-z-index-pipeline-dropdown' ...
56d1149 2017-08-14 moved timeout to a variable
449a84f 2017-08-14 fixed up specs caused by left over elements in the body
80c788b 2017-08-14 fixed JS error when no sidebar exists
640cbb0 2017-08-14 Add dynamic navigation tunnel to fly-out menus
24c3174 2017-08-11 Merge branch '36158-new-issue-button' into 'master'
251b2a8 2017-08-11 Merge branch '34492-firefox-job' into 'master'
951e546 2017-08-11 Merge branch 'fix-collapsed-sidebar-item-height' into 'm...
af17e57 2017-08-11 Merge branch '35996-icon-hover-color' into 'master'
cd72602 2017-08-11 Merge branch '36179-align-nav-items' into 'master'
4c4181d 2017-08-11 Merge branch '36185-or-separator' into 'master'
67a4fc4 2017-08-11 Merge branch '36158-new-issue-button' into 'master'
cfc5f0f 2017-08-11 Merge branch '36270-collapsed-sidebar-scroll' into 'master'
a0d55bd 2017-08-11 Fixes the correct import modal window not showing
3fc8991 2017-08-10 removed global use of breakpoint checker
2668432 2017-08-10 Merge branch '36158-new-issue-button' into 'master'
61033b2 2017-08-10 Increase performance of the breakpoint size checker
53ee380 2017-08-10 Merge branch '36185-or-separator' into 'master'
69f9ee2 2017-08-10 Remove affix plugin from issuable sidebar with new navig...
c760918 2017-08-09 Fix the sticky changes bar on commits page
8fbbd3f 2017-08-09 Merge branch '35996-icon-hover-color' into 'master'
dd3e720 2017-08-09 Removed display styles when hiding the fly out navigation
1f51acc 2017-08-09 Merge branch '36179-align-nav-items' into 'master'
d60f5ee 2017-08-09 Merge branch 'fix-collapsed-sidebar-item-height' into 'm...
02853eb 2017-08-09 Fix pikaday being undefined
3ba782d 2017-08-09 Wait for requests to finish before running the ace JS
9a26f4b 2017-08-08 Fix fly-out navigation not showing for active items in c...
81fd197 2017-08-08 Fixed merge request changes sticky container not spreadi...
db549f5 2017-08-08 Fixed activity not loading on project homepage
64b5631 2017-08-08 Fix fly-out width when it has long items
5459d4f 2017-08-07 Fixed modals being below navbar
b9d4cb3 2017-08-07 Merge branch 'collapse-sidebar-bugs' into 'master'
a4e394c 2017-08-07 Merge branch '35483-improve-mobile-sidebar' into 'master'
c2a8daf 2017-08-07 Merge branch '15664-remove-jquery-nicescroll' into 'master'
b12107a 2017-08-07 Merge branch '34028-collapse-sidebar' into 'master'
c971cbf 2017-08-07 Fixed sidebar context header hover colors
c1a8cff 2017-08-07 Merge branch 'remove-tree-holder' into 'master'
3a087a0 2017-08-07 Merge branch '33095-mr-widget-ui' into 'master'
03b816f 2017-08-07 Merge branch 'fix-pdf-dependencies' into 'master'
cad7672 2017-08-04 Merge branch '35275-change-issue-icon' into 'master'
154a55c 2017-08-04 Merge branch '35944-missing-sidebar-icons' into 'master'
0ead0ea 2017-08-04 Fix order of CI lint ace editor loading
83dafcb 2017-08-04 Merge branch '35948-active-settings-pipelines' into 'mas...
93e96c3 2017-08-03 Merge branch '34904-specific-async-script-loading-by-usi...
ae96e6a 2017-08-03 use new dropdown styling
370839c 2017-08-03 fixed alert box moving when is-stuck gets added
86d3492 2017-08-03 dont assign to variable, just output directly
0c5e41a 2017-08-03 fixed z-index issue with merge request versions widget
b8770ba 2017-08-03 fixed karma failure
d86cbe6 2017-08-03 fixed alignment in button
3077717 2017-08-03 fixed jumping when bar gets stuck
b507682 2017-08-03 made the changed files holder sticky
655510e 2017-08-03 fixed haml lint
85582b0 2017-08-03 Moved changed files into a dropdown
86a6664 2017-08-03 Increase the z-index of the navbar
42feb55 2017-08-03 Fixed sign-in restrictions buttons not toggling active s...
ba8bcda 2017-08-02 fixed monaco height
e4c20cd 2017-08-02 Merge branch 'master' into sidebar-fly-out-sub-nav
88958e5 2017-08-02 Merge branch '34027-add-icons-to-sidebar' into 'master'
c73f0c4 2017-08-02 Merge branch 'add-filtered-search-group-issues-ce' into ...
25d6a6c 2017-08-02 stop mobile from showing the sub-items
6f66b19 2017-08-02 Merge branch 'use-npm-cropper' into 'master'
e67c4a6 2017-08-02 changed variable names
b808fdf 2017-08-01 Math.floor the value in the tests
0bbf006 2017-08-01 Merge branch '35690-dropdown' into 'master'
8de14be 2017-08-01 fixed translate3d test
48ec702 2017-08-01 reverted the JS timeout code
109633c 2017-08-01 Merge branch '34492-firefox-job' into 'master'
fe555e8 2017-08-01 Fixes the search losing focus
1ec2415 2017-08-01 Merge branch 'inline-script-cleanup-globals-and-easy' in...
20bfc4f 2017-08-01 added mouseleave timeout with JS
c8276c9 2017-07-31 Merge branch 'win-newnav-badges-firefox' into 'master'
3b41e0b 2017-07-31 Merge branch '35672-edge-top-bar' into 'master'
a9f56ae 2017-07-31 Merge branch 'win-newnav-badges-firefox' into 'master'
c854460 2017-07-31 i18n in some files
1782aa7 2017-07-31 Merge branch 'inline-js-removal-projects-other' into 'ma...
202806c 2017-07-31 Merge branch '35672-edge-top-bar' into 'master'
db69d9e 2017-07-31 Merge branch '34870-move-performance-bar-to-top' into 'm...
2307eb8 2017-07-28 Fixed breadcrumb titles aggressively collapsing
f20a484 2017-07-28 fixed inside padding of fly-out menu
6ec561a 2017-07-28 fixed up specs
3109623 2017-07-28 Merge branch '34921-global-dropdown-ui-improvement' into...
948deb9 2017-07-28 updated hover text color of main links in sidebar
bc75215 2017-07-28 Fixed the breadcrumb title for help pages
795a63d 2017-07-28 fixed form action not submitting the correct URL
082d425 2017-07-28 Merge branch 'master' into ph-inline-js
76704c7 2017-07-27 Merge branch 'master' into ph-inline-js
477ba56 2017-07-27 Merge branch 'inline-js-removal-merge-requests' into 'ma...
6e2ebfa 2017-07-27 Merge branch 'fix-participant-name-trailing' into 'master'
3256f6f 2017-07-27 Compile JS lang files before webpack compile
06c4a60 2017-07-27 Merge branch '35474-fix-new-issue' into 'master'
49566f4 2017-07-27 Merge branch '2971-multiproject-grah-ce-port' into 'master'
d6b2c87 2017-07-26 style updates
425dbdd 2017-07-26 fixed label subscription & merge conflicts
1a2b92f 2017-07-26 Merge branch '34110-memory-usage-notice-doesn-t-link-any...
80b5539 2017-07-25 added extra padding around fly-out menu to delay hiding
887227e 2017-07-25 moved some more inline code
fe27de8 2017-07-25 moved some code into new files
2a572d2 2017-07-25 Merge branch '2971-multiproject-grah-ce-port' into 'master'
d832501 2017-07-25 Merge branch '35474-fix-new-issue' into 'master'
205090f 2017-07-25 Removed inline JS in shared HAML files
1897aaf 2017-07-25 Merge branch '35163-url-in-commit-message-can-be-broken-...
e76aa93 2017-07-24 Merge branch 'compress-nav-logo' into 'master'
897e888 2017-07-24 Merge branch '35236-svg-logo' into 'master'
4cc26e6 2017-07-24 Merge branch '35399-mini-graph-commits-box' into 'master'
1e52495 2017-07-24 Merge branch 'breadcrumbs-px-height' into 'master'
72538b5 2017-07-24 improvements to positioning of the dropdown
c2c8d7f 2017-07-24 Merge branch 'dz-fix-calendar-today' into 'master'
4d2be5b 2017-07-24 Merge branch 'master' into sidebar-fly-out-sub-nav
32c47aa 2017-07-24 Fixed duplicate new milestone buttons in new navigation
fee65be 2017-07-24 Fixed custom logo sizing in new navigation header
883488e 2017-07-24 Merge branch 'compress-nav-logo' into 'master'
d4c4dec 2017-07-24 Merge branch '34316-edit-issues-sidebar-needs-some-ui-po...
c66db38 2017-07-24 Merge branch '35399-mini-graph-commits-box' into 'master'
9e8ea07 2017-07-24 Merge branch '35412-language-space' into 'master'
9b7d8f5 2017-07-21 Merge branch '35236-svg-logo' into 'master'
e019c71 2017-07-21 Merge branch 'breadcrumbs-px-height' into 'master'
7bcad3c 2017-07-20 Merge branch 'fix-download-artifacts-alignment' into 'ma...
0b6a7c9 2017-07-20 Merge branch '35064-fix-px-difference' into 'master'
9cdfdac 2017-07-20 Merge branch '35210-disable-nav-animations' into 'master'
f815e9a 2017-07-20 Merge branch 'context-nav-avatar-bg' into 'master'
a846dde 2017-07-20 Fix height of issue boards with new navigation
fd045bb 2017-07-20 Fixed issue boards sidebar close button with new navigation
652b2d0 2017-07-20 Merge branch '34036-sidebar-mobile' into 'master'
445cd22 2017-07-20 Merge branch '33770-respect-blockquote-line-breaks' into...
1a2d180 2017-07-19 changed text color for reseting & hover on links
030d060 2017-07-19 changed hover color in dropdown
0925edb 2017-07-19 updated styles
7505417 2017-07-19 moved JS & only run when new_nav cookie exists
ad633af 2017-07-19 transform the position
e35a56c 2017-07-19 Fly-out dropdown menu in new sidebar
f45b96a 2017-07-19 Merge branch '34764-make-project-more-clear' into 'master'
c06048a 2017-07-19 Merge branch '35210-disable-nav-animations' into 'master'
6f73ac8 2017-07-19 Merge branch 'fix-download-artifacts-alignment' into 'ma...
9d11a37 2017-07-18 Merge branch '35225-transient-poll' into 'master'
1bd140c 2017-07-17 Merge branch '35164-cycle-analytics-firefox' into 'master'
bf7189f 2017-07-17 Merge branch '35181-cannot-create-label-from-board-page'...
531429e 2017-07-17 Added sub-nav to new group sidebar
5f32bd7 2017-07-17 Merge branch '35064-fix-px-difference' into 'master'
bcd8284 2017-07-17 Merge branch 'context-nav-avatar-bg' into 'master'
5a281ea 2017-07-14 Fixed project members link not staying active
46b38e4 2017-07-14 fixed search & starred projets
28709a4 2017-07-14 Merge branch '34075-pipelines-count-mt' into 'master'
fa753ab 2017-07-14 Merge branch 'navigation-toggle' into 'master'
7547fbd 2017-07-14 Merge branch '35036-commit-page-dropdown' into 'master'
6f0167a 2017-07-14 Merge branch '35035-sidebar-job-spaces' into 'master'
b85d69d 2017-07-14 Merge branch 'master' into new-nav-fix-contextual-breadc...
febd388 2017-07-14 Merge branch '35035-sidebar-job-spaces' into 'master'
7b1affd 2017-07-14 use `.last` instead
6bbdce6 2017-07-13 missed one...
e578530 2017-07-13 Move find file URL out of global variable
6900dff 2017-07-13 Reload page after changing navigation preference
d0b50e4 2017-07-13 Merge branch '35036-commit-page-dropdown' into 'master'
d741df1 2017-07-13 Merge branch 'navigation-toggle' into 'master'
7fb7acd 2017-07-12 Merge branch '34534-update-vue-resource' into 'master'
1663587 2017-07-12 restored scss for new_sidebar
6acb708 2017-07-12 fixed admin breadcrumb titles
43cc8bd 2017-07-12 fixed some inconsistencies
13cc761 2017-07-12 moved `@breadcrumb_title` out of the HAML & into a helpe...
9fcc28d 2017-07-12 moved declaration of `breadcrumb_title` into `page_title...
ab6c893 2017-07-12 Merge branch 'master' into new-nav-fix-contextual-breadc...
29b7842 2017-07-12 Updated new navigation image in preferences
5c3a808 2017-07-11 Merge branch '34933-fix-welcome-page-actions-alignment' ...
01dabbd 2017-07-11 Merge branch '34933-fix-welcome-page-actions-alignment' ...
da66d9f 2017-07-11 Merge branch '34153-extend-mr-tabs' into 'master'
b128849 2017-07-11 Fixed badge alignment in new project sidebar in FireFox
aa0a630 2017-07-11 Added limit-container-width to breadcrumbs container
8906bba 2017-07-10 Merge branch '34810-vue-pagination' into 'master'
1e81c4b 2017-07-07 Merge branch '34612-double-border-groups' into 'master'
8e9ae78 2017-07-07 rename method
59195b9 2017-07-07 Merge branch 'master' into new-nav-fix-contextual-breadc...
436047f 2017-07-07 Merge branch 'master' into new-nav-fix-contextual-breadc...
932b94f 2017-07-07 Fixed GFM references not being included when update issu...
f5e3db5 2017-07-07 Fixed text overflow issue in new sidebars
17ff1f8 2017-07-07 Moves alert boxes to below the breadcrumbs
c70bf95 2017-07-07 fixed up more breadcrumbs
fee26d7 2017-07-07 Merge branch 'master' into new-nav-fix-contextual-breadc...
d5a4782 2017-07-07 Fixed jobs page not being in new admin sidebar
15a2823 2017-07-07 fixed breadcrumb titles
de2d5ce 2017-07-07 Merge branch '34153-extend-mr-tabs' into 'master'
e5183d9 2017-07-06 Merge branch 'master' into new-nav-fix-contextual-breadc...
c85df81 2017-07-06 improvements to breadcrumb titles, links & nesting
bb918a2 2017-07-06 Merge branch 'revert-018f7e46' into 'master'
dc79393 2017-07-05 Merge branch 'environments-realtime' into 'master'
960d9e3 2017-07-05 Merge branch '34578-sidebar-padding' into 'master'
19922c7 2017-07-05 Fix invalid integer value when more than 1000 commits
ef0ac7c 2017-07-05 Merge branch '34531-remove-scroll' into 'master'
7e54a6f 2017-07-05 Fixes the column widths for the new navigation options i...
dddfa49 2017-07-05 Merge branch 'monitoring-dashboard-fine-tuning-ux' into ...
65c96bf 2017-07-05 Limit the file tree view container width
9883dae 2017-07-04 Merge branch '34470-fix-award-slash-command-placeholder'...
19b5ade 2017-07-04 Merge branch '34097-issue-board-remove-from-board-button...
ca02e0e 2017-07-04 Merge branch '33734-transient-karma-failure-on-master-fo...
e1b3c02 2017-07-04 Enables the option in user preferences to turn on the ne...
6d3a9cc 2017-07-04 fix some breadcrumb titles that are wrong
f8973d7 2017-07-04 Merge branch 'monitoring-dashboard-fix-y-label' into 'ma...
19437e4 2017-07-03 fixed dispatcher case not running for dashboard issues &...
6184197 2017-07-03 more action button movements
08a0af9 2017-07-03 moved more action buttons
e95f81d 2017-07-03 Contextual breadcrumb title fixes
332fd78 2017-07-03 Merge branch 'adjust-readme-repo-width' into 'master'
4eb6b7c 2017-07-03 Merge branch '34097-issue-board-remove-from-board-button...
a704f9e 2017-06-30 Merge branch 'restore-timeago-translation' into 'master'
ec396fd 2017-06-30 New navigation breadcrumbs
a6c02ce 2017-06-30 Merge branch 'bpj-init-timeago-timeout-less-frequently' ...
d52034b 2017-06-30 Merge branch '34036-sidebar-mobile' into 'master'
770bed5 2017-06-30 Merge branch '34470-fix-award-slash-command-placeholder'...
4d59b8c 2017-06-30 Merge branch '34461-top-banner-job' into '9-3-stable'
81dba76 2017-06-30 Merge branch '34461-top-banner-job-master' into 'master'
fefe9f4 2017-06-30 Merge branch 'inject-add-diff-note' into 'master'
7bbb277 2017-06-29 Fixed new navgiation bar logo height in Safari
5a983ac 2017-06-29 Merge branch '34403-issue-dropdown-persists-when-adding-...
3d49246 2017-06-29 Merge branch '33961-blank-section' into 'master'
a8bc8d4 2017-06-29 Merge branch 'sidebar-header-no-conflicts' into 'master'
da6a3fb 2017-06-29 Merge branch '34039-scroll-job' into 'master'
84630a5 2017-06-29 fixed tests against phantomjs
a136bd4 2017-06-29 Fixed multi-line markdown in issue edit form
5bf8177 2017-06-28 Merge branch '34430-fix-double-escape-comment-edit' into...
41320cb 2017-06-28 Merge branch '34430-fix-double-escape-comment-edit' into...
9aa8322 2017-06-28 Fixed issue boards closed list not listing all issues
70dd2e6 2017-06-28 Fix find file breadcrumb styling
18a7fa5 2017-06-28 Merge branch '34023-navigation-sidebar' into 'master'
b558dc8 2017-06-28 Merge branch 'backport-inline-loading-icon' into 'master'
3af47cf 2017-06-27 Merge branch '34168-cannot-edit-prioritized-labels-issue...
7373bc0 2017-06-27 updated gitlab-ci.yml to compile locale
cc50dec 2017-06-27 Merge branch 'bpj-pipeline-schedules-form-bundle-refacto...
89f7f98 2017-06-27 Merge branch '34168-cannot-edit-prioritized-labels-issue...
018f7e4 2017-06-27 Merge branch 'winh-mr-widget-no-pipeline' into 'master'
cd007ba 2017-06-27 Merge branch 'polish-sidebar-toggle' into 'master'
4988c3a 2017-06-26 Merge branch '33546-mini-pipeline' into 'master'
2c95411 2017-06-26 Fixed multi-line markdown in issue edit form
871bf96 2017-06-26 Merge branch 'additional-metrics-dashboard' into '28717-...
e4c3b03 2017-06-26 Merge branch '34302-update-test' into 'master'
ae5a020 2017-06-26 Merge branch '33223-multiple-tooltips-on-the-same-vue-co...
98b94cb 2017-06-24 Merge branch 'fix-profile-show-interpolation' into 'master'
6d4e815 2017-06-24 Fixes ctrl+enter not submit issue edit form
32e22d1 2017-06-23 mobile spacing improvements
974f9fb 2017-06-23 Added limited width to profile settings
523eaac 2017-06-23 Merge branch '34219-extra-symbol-notifications-modal' in...
5a93b6f 2017-06-23 fixed `This project` badge background & text color
8eee00c 2017-06-23 Merge branch '33992-mr-target-avatar' into 'master'
37ed562 2017-06-23 Merge branch 'fix-sidebar-scroll-jump' into 'master'
eb7b745 2017-06-23 Merge branch '34095-permalinks' into 'master'
52aff00 2017-06-23 Merge branch '34120-environment-detail-bug' into 'master'
1c33697 2017-06-23 Merge branch '33675-keep-groups-sorted-as-expected' into...
97d60c3 2017-06-23 Merge branch '33904-edit-issue-warning' into 'master'
7a17d76 2017-06-23 Merge branch '33853-environments-buttons' into 'master'
9fca7b4 2017-06-23 Limit the width of commit & snippet comment sections
c516ed4 2017-06-23 updates to spacing & alignment
0b7d7df 2017-06-23 Limit the width of project READMEs
6fb7fb5 2017-06-23 Merge branch 'master' into experimental-top-nav
801cf92 2017-06-23 Merge branch 'winh-promise-rejects-fail-tests' into 'mas...
cf131aa 2017-06-23 Merge branch '31574-bootstrap-form-builder' into 'master'
0c126dc 2017-06-23 Merge branch '33992-mr-target-avatar' into 'master'
f76ed81 2017-06-23 Merge branch 'fix-sidebar-scroll-jump' into 'master'
182db09 2017-06-23 Merge branch '34095-permalinks' into 'master'
8fa464e 2017-06-23 Merge branch '34120-environment-detail-bug' into 'master'
45b1de8 2017-06-22 Merge branch '33675-keep-groups-sorted-as-expected' into...
3b53b55 2017-06-22 mobile improvements
245be4c 2017-06-22 Merge branch '33904-edit-issue-warning' into 'master'
970a0de 2017-06-22 fixed scss-lint
9f09767 2017-06-22 fixed some design issues
2cf0755 2017-06-22 Added internationalization to commits list
39eaac5 2017-06-22 Merge branch '25102-files-view-button' into 'master'
8cc9ab5 2017-06-22 Merge branch '33853-environments-buttons' into 'master'
9e1951b 2017-06-21 padding updates
79a842c 2017-06-21 fixed scss-lint job
1c2547d 2017-06-21 color changes to navigation
2dfc8d0 2017-06-21 fixed typo in selector :see_no_evil:
6ab1c7d 2017-06-21 fixed scss-lint job
4e1591c 2017-06-21 added section to profile/preferences
1dafd67 2017-06-21 fixed dashboard projects nav item being active
4c01a68 2017-06-21 added signed out subnav
9e6113a 2017-06-21 spacing fixes
b9ba97f 2017-06-21 fix scss-lint job
c5f25f6 2017-06-21 Top navigation redesign
54276d3 2017-06-21 Merge branch '33693-protected-branch-dropdowns-cut-off-i...
d61450a 2017-06-21 Merge branch 'bulk-edit-scroll-fix' into 'master'
f3b01fc 2017-06-21 Merge branch '33942-cross-reference-icon-no-longer-visib...
fff3c6e 2017-06-21 Merge branch '33879-buttons-margin' into '9-3-stable'
2ff4418 2017-06-21 Merge branch '33693-protected-branch-dropdowns-cut-off-i...
6d85900 2017-06-21 Merge branch 'bulk-edit-scroll-fix' into 'master'
25b9d8e 2017-06-21 Merge branch '32861-fix-milestone-drag-and-drop-assignee...
03db170 2017-06-20 Merge branch '31349-async-buttons' into 'master'
0337b20 2017-06-20 Fixed commit list system not gradient
c1cc700 2017-06-20 Added limited width container to project settings
c04558a 2017-06-20 Fixed filtered search clear button being off-center
5dc253f 2017-06-20 Stop showing task status if no tasks are present
9a41506 2017-06-20 Merge branch '33916-make-note-highlight-toggle-boolean-e...
4cf4b16 2017-06-20 Merge branch '33865-add-emoji-parallel-view' into 'master'
d272a50 2017-06-20 Merge branch '33877-fix-issue-description-highlight-and-...
bf57a7e 2017-06-20 Merge branch 'winh-cleanup-vue-warnings' into 'master'
50d4050 2017-06-20 Merge branch '33734-transient-karma-failure-on-master-fo...
5214e50 2017-06-20 Merge branch '33865-add-emoji-parallel-view' into 'master'
bcc5fc8 2017-06-20 Merge branch '33916-make-note-highlight-toggle-boolean-e...
27664b7 2017-06-20 Merge branch '33877-fix-issue-description-highlight-and-...
dbfafd4 2017-06-19 Merge branch '28139-use-color-input-broadcast-messages' ...
ea59f66 2017-06-19 Merge branch 'consistent-filtered-search-boards' into 'm...
041ffac 2017-06-19 Merge branch 'consistent-dropdown-hint' into 'master'
74b26c7 2017-06-17 Merge branch 'mr-widget-memory-usage-tech-debt-fix' into...
8c4c263 2017-06-16 Fixes boards_spec failure
bcb7d88 2017-06-16 Merge branch '31415-responsive-pipelines-table-2' into '...
9eeff8b 2017-06-15 Merge branch '33629-scroll-color' into 'master'
5c561b5 2017-06-15 Merge branch '33639-whitespace' into 'master'
c89eb85 2017-06-15 Merge branch '33466-jobs-navigation-menu' into 'master'
3cc11c7 2017-06-15 Merge branch '33467-remove-nicescroll' into 'master'
79c9e83 2017-06-15 Merge branch '33483-fix-note-highlight-being-lost-on-not...
220ef24 2017-06-15 Merge branch '33642-timeago-update' into 'master'
d32de82 2017-06-15 Merge branch '33483-fix-note-highlight-being-lost-on-not...
bfddd9c 2017-06-15 Merge branch '32861-fix-milestone-drag-and-drop-assignee...
f119d39 2017-06-14 Fixed pipelines Vue template not ending correctly
79dc74b 2017-06-14 Merge branch 'vue-pipelines-code' into 'master'
fbfddd9 2017-06-14 Merge branch '33639-whitespace' into 'master'
a169525 2017-06-13 Merge branch '33628-pipeline-sidebar' into 'master'
a90b18b 2017-06-13 Merge branch '33642-timeago-update' into 'master'
f79caea 2017-06-13 Merge branch '33629-scroll-color' into 'master'
e44502f 2017-06-13 Merge branch 'updating-k8s-page' into 'master'
e69299b 2017-06-13 Merge branch '27586-center-dropdown' into 'master'
4f67864 2017-06-13 Limit wiki container width
9cb3510 2017-06-12 Merge branch '33132-change-icon-color' into 'master'
194c40d 2017-06-12 Merge branch '31397-job-detail-real-time' into 'master'
b6aa3d3 2017-06-12 Merge branch 'unassign-default-dropdown-state' into 'mas...
c61c3a0 2017-06-12 Merge branch '32517-disable-hover-state' into 'master'
18675f3 2017-06-12 Merge branch '31349-navs-vue' into 'master'
9fc3140 2017-06-12 Merge branch 'fix-filtered-search-issuable-empty-state-e...
7f584ed 2017-06-09 Merge branch '33467-remove-nicescroll' into 'master'
c0c8236 2017-06-09 Fixed dashboard milestone tabs not loading
4a22895 2017-06-09 Merge branch '33466-jobs-navigation-menu' into 'master'
dfa4a44 2017-06-08 Fixed dropdown filter input not focusing after transition
e6ff6d8 2017-06-08 Enabled keyboard shortcuts on artifacts pages
fd072e2 2017-06-08 Merge branch '33202-scrollbar-center' into 'master'
2febdfa 2017-06-08 Merge branch '32850-award-emoji-off' into 'master'
3c42294 2017-06-08 Merge branch '32954-loading-icon' into 'master'
b484ebf 2017-06-08 Merge branch '2472-assignee-dropdown-does-not-display-se...
d549fbc 2017-06-08 Merge branch '33265-fix-9-2-stable-issue-description-fla...
986eff1 2017-06-07 Merge branch 'auto-search-when-state-changed' into 'master'
dc766fd 2017-06-07 Merge branch '33194-fix-pipelines-tooltip-not-updating' ...
6ee216c 2017-06-07 Merge branch 'backport-ee-fix-settings-scss' into 'master'
563ea34 2017-06-07 Merge branch '12910-snippets-description' into 'master'
dddc54a 2017-06-07 Merge branch '30378-simplified-repository-settings-page'...
9c2f828 2017-06-07 Merge branch '31633-animate-issue' into 'master'
1633d3d 2017-06-07 change tests based on backend feedback
1d5d2a1 2017-06-06 Merge branch 'single-click-filter' into 'master'
973e8c0 2017-06-06 updated service spec
02a877a 2017-06-06 Merge branch '31656-fix-hyperlink-a11y' into 'master'
2f02843 2017-06-06 Merge branch '28340-mass-edit-issues-and-mrs-from-sideba...
34f925f 2017-06-06 Merge branch '23643-responsive-environment-tables' into ...
e7b4ead 2017-06-06 moved creating backlog list into list service
042fbc4 2017-06-06 Merge branch '24032-when-changing-project-visibility-set...
c341076 2017-06-05 Merge branch 'fix-realtime-edited-text-for-issues-9-3' i...
e90ca0f 2017-06-05 Merge branch '27614-improve-instant-comments-exp' into '...
a980a4f 2017-06-02 added tests for collapsing
b1f8608 2017-06-02 Merge branch 'job-details-increase-deboune' into 'master'
7e17d76 2017-06-02 Merge branch '28717-fe-prometheus-additional-metrics' in...
6e82de2 2017-06-02 Merge branch '31849-pipeline-real-time-header' into 'mas...
15af4d5 2017-06-02 Merge branch 'winh-current-user-filter' into 'master'
b6e39b0 2017-06-01 changed the icon for the collapsed backlog list
8f5da96 2017-06-01 fixed boards specs
3a4b3a1 2017-06-01 fixed issue_ordering_spec
8c3f65f 2017-06-01 fixed boards_spec
fd9d830 2017-06-01 fixed new_issue_spec
285049b 2017-05-31 spec updates
f452c1a 2017-05-31 Expand/collapse close & backlog lists in issue boards
c65a8a6 2017-05-30 added tests
e53a009 2017-05-30 fixed inline math
8e74fcb 2017-05-30 fixed spacing before inline math
749b2aa 2017-05-30 fixed spacing because of removed &
9fe54f8 2017-05-30 fixed & being rendered
e818195 2017-05-30 Fixes multi-line math in notebooks
15a833d 2017-05-30 Merge branch 'back-port-locked-milestones-to-ce' into 'm...
a2c8594 2017-05-30 Fixed the show_user_callout method
29fd130 2017-05-30 enable meta+enter shortcut to quick submit
df7c901 2017-05-30 fixed issuable shortcuts not working
3465e1e 2017-05-30 Merge branch 'master' into issue-edit-inline
f47e86f 2017-05-30 Merge branch '30117-update-looks-job-log' into 'master'
763a3ac 2017-05-30 Merge branch '31349-pipeline-url-techdeb' into 'master'
38d9538 2017-05-30 Merge branch '2472-assignee-dropdown-does-not-display-se...
a60020e 2017-05-30 Merge branch '31849-pipeline-show-view-realtime' into 'm...
77ba9a5 2017-05-30 Merge branch '32954-loading-icon' into 'master'
7911f1c 2017-05-26 Merge branch 'ci-build-pipeline-header-vue' into 'master'
5227ea5 2017-05-26 fixed up weird karma specs with tooltip
10dccdc 2017-05-26 Merge branch 'issue-edit-inline' into issue-edit-inline-...
93a6916 2017-05-26 Replace nextTick with setTimeout
6becf28 2017-05-26 use formState to update loading of save button
0defc4f 2017-05-25 fixed issuable templates dropdown not showing
d70f7f5 2017-05-25 Merge branch 'fix-filtered-search-issuable-empty-state-e...
8306066 2017-05-25 Fixed locale frontend not picking up regions
e20654f 2017-05-25 fixed GFM references not working
04178d7 2017-05-25 fixed move issue specs
3ce6658 2017-05-25 Warn before moving issue in inline edit form
625d344 2017-05-25 renamed path to web_url in endpoint
f452cb7 2017-05-25 Merge branch 'master' into issue-edit-inline
2ef6172 2017-05-25 fixed spinach tests
ed6bf34 2017-05-25 Fixed create new label form in issue form not working fo...
7c7fe22 2017-05-25 Merge branch '32850-award-emoji-off' into 'master'
7737ef5 2017-05-25 Merge branch '32807-company-icon' into 'master'
7ea9c5c 2017-05-25 Merge branch 'fix-raven-jquery-dep' into 'master'
19642f6 2017-05-25 Merge branch '32170-assignees-spinner' into 'master'
267a3b2 2017-05-25 Merge branch '32828-refresh-build' into 'master'
30462b8 2017-05-24 Merge branch '32170-assignees-spinner' into 'master'
46264bc 2017-05-24 Merge branch '32828-refresh-build' into 'master'
309e597 2017-05-24 Merge branch 'sentry-clientside-releases' into 'master'
fd3750c 2017-05-24 fixed bug with can? check when user is not logged in
a9470c4 2017-05-24 fixed karma failures
b2c2751 2017-05-24 Changed all data to come through the JSON script element
e6ac98a 2017-05-24 Merge branch '32702-fix-autocompletion-diff-notes' into ...
a1857b0 2017-05-24 Merge branch '32700-extra-nav-border' into 'master'
6cbc69a 2017-05-24 Merge branch '32563-remove-duplicated-config-code-for-fi...
a5f4350 2017-05-24 Merge branch '32682-skipped-ci-icon' into 'master'
e07c755 2017-05-24 Merge branch 'sentry-clientside-releases' into 'master'
12fb0a6 2017-05-23 Merge branch '32496-admin-tabs' into 'master'
2f76387 2017-05-22 Merge branch 'fix-weird-jquery-data-attribute-caching-is...
6cc8a37 2017-05-22 Merge branch 'fix-weird-jquery-data-attribute-caching-is...
21205d1 2017-05-22 Merge branch 'issue-edit-inline' into issue-edit-inline-...
d3198c6 2017-05-22 Get new data after inline edit save
745ec1a 2017-05-22 added label to button
95efe5b 2017-05-22 Added test to check if warning is not visible
59db8b2 2017-05-22 Removed role from link
1624398 2017-05-22 Merge branch 'issue-edit-inline' into issue-edit-inline-...
17617a3 2017-05-22 Moved value into computed property
7a21e26 2017-05-22 Merge branch 'issue-edit-inline' into issue-edit-inline-...
6233e56 2017-05-22 Merge branch '31510-mask-password-field-edit' into 'master'
2079253 2017-05-22 Merge branch '32496-admin-tabs' into 'master'
1098020 2017-05-19 Correctly set title_text with API data
64ef506 2017-05-19 Merge branch '32074-failed-build' into 'master'
aa7f474 2017-05-19 Merge branch '32096-fix-new-branch-dropdown-position-siz...
05aad53 2017-05-19 Merge branch 'winh-autocomplete-error' into 'master'
b064229 2017-05-19 Merge branch 'user-avatar-vue-ce' into 'master'
8409e5d 2017-05-19 Merge branch '9-2-stable-fix-conflicts-for-mr-11332' int...
75f0600 2017-05-19 Merge branch '32424-fix-linking-to-unresolved-expanded-d...
3eda0c4 2017-05-19 Merge branch 'fix-js-translations' into 'master'
01a7f33 2017-05-19 Merge branch 'fix-js-translations' into 'master'
40b78c5 2017-05-19 Merge branch '30286-ci-badge-component' into 'master'
6901979 2017-05-19 Merge branch '31987-automatically-close-assignee-select-...
f12d7db 2017-05-19 Merge branch 'fix-unassigned-checkmark' into 'master'
ac2b602 2017-05-19 Merge branch '32425-fix-diff-notes-instant-editing' into...
accdca5 2017-05-19 Merge branch '32087-fix-flickering-system-notes' into 'm...
05b8059 2017-05-19 Merge branch '32449-fix-note-comparison-trailing-newline...
af81730 2017-05-19 Merge branch 'disable-clicking-disabled-clipboard-button...
1c46358 2017-05-18 Removed un-used CSS
6b092d9 2017-05-18 Merge branch 'disable-clicking-disabled-clipboard-button...
ee85508 2017-05-18 Merge branch '32425-fix-diff-notes-instant-editing' into...
982ab87 2017-05-18 Added specs for testing when warning is visible
042f0a3 2017-05-18 fixed JS issue when description doesnt exist on the page
6a14a51 2017-05-18 Show warning if realtime data has changed since the form...
5a0cc1b 2017-05-18 Initial render of issue title & description
c225007 2017-05-18 Added back a removed test
c94eb9e 2017-05-18 Merge branch '32184-retried-jobs' into 'master'
4d2d2b1 2017-05-18 Merge branch '32424-fix-linking-to-unresolved-expanded-d...
1a32193 2017-05-18 Merge branch '32077-pipeline-graph-margins' into 'master'
72119e7 2017-05-18 Merge branch 'add-current_user-avatar_url-to-gon' into '...
b864713 2017-05-18 Merge branch 'issue-edit-inline' into issue-edit-inline-...
203a94e 2017-05-18 Merge branch 'issue-edit-inline' into issue-edit-inline-...
010e1da 2017-05-18 Merge branch '32449-fix-note-comparison-trailing-newline...
db0d52b 2017-05-18 Merge branch 'fix-realtime-edited-text-for-issues' into ...
9c9a24c 2017-05-18 Fixed typo
c53cd85 2017-05-18 Merge branch '32086-atwho-is-still-enabled-for-personal-...
a493377 2017-05-18 Merge branch '31987-automatically-close-assignee-select-...
2242a2d 2017-05-17 Merge branch 'fix-unassigned-checkmark' into 'master'
1930c19 2017-05-17 Merge branch 'add-changelog-ipython' into 'master'
cf0cc97 2017-05-17 Stops formState from updating if the form is already open
4f0849f 2017-05-17 Merge branch 'issue-edit-inline' into issue-edit-inline-...
6c34f5a 2017-05-17 Added a test with markdown
2927802 2017-05-17 Focus the description field in the inline form when mounted
907dd68 2017-05-17 Added move to project in issue inline edit form
6963442 2017-05-17 Merge branch 'issue-edit-inline' into issue-edit-inline-...
ba93dee 2017-05-17 Fixed spacing issues in issue sidebar
c0b612f 2017-05-16 Removes nicescroll from issuable sidebar
032cbcd 2017-05-16 Merge branch '31998-pipelines-empty-state' into 'master'
3301ca1 2017-05-16 Fixed up the template dropdown to correctly work
f1b0b4a 2017-05-16 Merge branch 'issue-edit-inline' into issue-edit-inline-...
35b5ea0 2017-05-16 Merge branch 'issue-edit-inline' into issue-edit-inline-...
c6fd3b6 2017-05-16 Merge branch '30827-changes-to-audit-log' into 'master'
e713c68 2017-05-16 Disable inline submit button when title is blank
2a93474 2017-05-16 Use dash instead of underscore
9b93a3f 2017-05-16 Use the tooltip mixin
47e875e 2017-05-16 Added spec for rendering the selector
bcc5135 2017-05-16 Merge branch 'winh-autocomplete-error' into 'master'
0820aab 2017-05-16 Merge branch 'issue-edit-inline' into issue-edit-inline-...
6dd2b4b 2017-05-16 Added spec for window reload
468afca 2017-05-16 Merge branch 'issue-edit-inline' into issue-edit-inline-...
f53d703 2017-05-16 Fixed else-if in description
86ab9ed 2017-05-16 Merge branch 'issue-edit-inline' into issue-edit-inline-...
5f2b142 2017-05-16 Merge branch 'master' into issue-edit-inline
3599d9a 2017-05-16 Merge branch '24373-warning-message-go-away' into 'master'
64e159a 2017-05-16 Created form component instead of using :is incorrectly
c4fea61 2017-05-15 Added inline confidential field
adb6965 2017-05-15 Merge branch '32184-retried-jobs' into 'master'
36df19e 2017-05-15 Stop passing through the store object
efc9408 2017-05-15 Added description template selector
4579056 2017-05-15 Fixed tests with params being wrong
f80d2ab 2017-05-15 Added specs for description field
96a4652 2017-05-15 Added markdown docs link
aa6d92a 2017-05-15 Added sr-only to label for description
7791d49 2017-05-15 Added accessibility data to description field
b5b5b4a 2017-05-15 Added description field to inline edit form
b1affe0 2017-05-15 Issue inline edit title field
14387b4 2017-05-15 for open.form event
45c274d 2017-05-15 Fixed form not sending correct data
e61ce83 2017-05-15 Issue inline edit title field
4788125 2017-05-15 Moved json parsing out of service
3d55395 2017-05-15 Stop the polling before changing the location
3bd37bc 2017-05-15 Shows delete button if permissions are correct
86700b9 2017-05-15 Added inline issue edit form actions
6653956 2017-05-15 Added eventHub events to change the showForm value
5d19bda 2017-05-15 Issue inline editing
ba5009d 2017-05-15 Merge branch 'add-balsamiq-integration-test' into 'master'
9bef3f6 2017-05-12 Merge branch '30286-ci-badge-component' into 'master'
aa6f443 2017-05-12 Merge branch '32073-improve-function' into 'master'
4dd2195 2017-05-12 Style changes to Ruby file
a533275 2017-05-12 Merge branch '31650-fix-accessibility' into 'master'
92ca24f 2017-05-12 Added model specs
477be05 2017-05-12 Fixed issue boards not filtering when URL params are enc...
2ac27a9 2017-05-12 Merge branch 'import-export-users_select' into 'master'
8c4e402 2017-05-12 Merge branch 'as-fix-spec-master' into 'master'
a05db43 2017-05-12 Merge branch '29168-copy-commit' into 'master'
3190b29 2017-05-12 Merge branch '32096-fix-new-branch-dropdown-position-siz...
3dfce3a 2017-05-11 Fixed karma spec with elements not appearing in DOM
0c55c88 2017-05-11 Remove some weird code to add/remove the task status
5d74fc8 2017-05-11 Use position sticky on merge request tabs
344fee5 2017-05-11 Merge branch '32045-vue-warn-cannot-find-element-issuabl...
1ed0673 2017-05-11 Merge branch 'master' into refactor-realtime-issue
4067dd4 2017-05-11 Merge branch '32087-fix-flickering-system-notes' into 'm...
226f3bb 2017-05-11 Merge branch '31625-tag-editor-loses-all-inputs-when-you...
64d6569 2017-05-11 Merge branch '32094-custom-notifications-model-aria-labe...
f3d830e 2017-05-10 Merge branch 'fallback-localstorage-cases' into 'master'
584ea58 2017-05-10 Fixed tests on textarea looking for innerText instead of...
09c4d27 2017-05-10 Merge branch '31474-issue-boards-sidebar-milestone-dropd...
63b49c3 2017-05-10 Merge branch '30949-empty-states' into 'master'
598b05d 2017-05-10 Fixed a bunch of errors with invalid prop
3313df5 2017-05-10 Added a bunch of specs for the different components
5a5b06d 2017-05-10 Fixed task status with mobile
5a95d6f 2017-05-10 Refactored issue tealtime elements
025a1b0 2017-05-10 Enabled no-one as a merge access level in protected bran...
566ee14 2017-05-10 Merge branch 'remove-old-isobject' into 'master'
1daa133 2017-05-10 Merge branch '30286-vue-loadin-icon' into 'master'
8d58e10 2017-05-10 Merge branch '32077-pipeline-graph-margins' into 'master'
851e69e 2017-05-10 Fixed the stage title translation in cycle analytics
6a54777 2017-05-10 Fixed search terms not highlight
3a983b1 2017-05-10 Merge branch '32074-failed-build' into 'master'
bb3b62a 2017-05-10 Merge branch '31349-pipelines-vue' into 'master'
95ddedc 2017-05-08 Fixed create label form not working on issue boards in a...
81b1b76 2017-05-08 Fixed focused test in notes spec
ee01ebd 2017-05-08 Fixed UP arrow key not editing last comment in discussion
c3d1bb0 2017-05-08 Merge branch 'winh-fix-ture-urls' into 'master'
d891e5f 2017-05-08 Filter projects by group on search page
59c9ec5 2017-05-08 Merge branch '21393-allow-deletion-of-protected-branches...
0c5b7f8 2017-05-05 Merge branch '31632-issue-board-new-issue' into 'master'
9caa7e7 2017-05-05 Merge branch '24883-build-failure-summary-page' into 'ma...
2404001 2017-05-05 Merge branch 'issue-title-description-realtime' into 'ma...
ecaa68a 2017-05-05 Merge branch 'balsalmiq-support' into 'master'
4c7a794 2017-05-05 Merge branch 'fallback-localstorage-cases' into 'master'
b815353 2017-05-05 Merge branch 'add-sentry-js-again-with-vue' into 'master'
505e883 2017-05-05 Fixed labels layout on labels milestone tab
6f7933b 2017-05-05 Fixed cycle analytics intro box styling regression
8d05964 2017-05-05 Merge branch '31552-documentation-dos-and-donts' into 'm...
ccb783e 2017-05-05 Merge branch '29145-oauth-422' into 'master'
1441cdf 2017-05-05 Merge branch '31810-commit-link' into 'master'
17dca78 2017-05-04 Merge branch 'backport-ee-1800-add-enable-map-to-gfm-aut...
136baed 2017-05-04 Fixed Karma spec
58e3604 2017-05-04 Fixed bug where merge request JSON would show
dd146a5 2017-05-04 Changed how the default avatar is set
e1d22a0 2017-05-04 Updated JS object for Vue methods
5996e8f 2017-05-04 Merge branch 'master' into issue-boards-no-avatar
9904c12 2017-05-04 Updated webpack config
79f40f2 2017-05-04 Merge branch 'master' into deploy-keys-load-async
9eab1db 2017-05-04 Merge branch '31558-job-dropdown' into 'master'
2d43f8a 2017-05-04 Merge branch '31156-environments-vue-service' into 'mast...
f5b93d6 2017-05-04 Merge branch '28558-create-new-branch-from-issue-page' i...
fdacc4e 2017-05-04 Moved to a view spec
b7f01f2 2017-05-03 Moved all the text translation manipulation into the loc...
5c91113 2017-05-03 Fixed karma specs
f29e5d4 2017-05-03 Merge branch 'master' into deploy-keys-load-async
9c78b17 2017-05-03 Fixed karma failure
93f2795 2017-05-03 Updated some JS translate methods to correctly take in c...
a7a3c48 2017-05-03 Double quotes around gl emoji title
25094fa 2017-05-03 Merge branch '31057-unnecessary-padding-along-left-side-...
9ee274c 2017-05-03 Fixed tags sort dropdown being empty
ce5f700 2017-05-02 Fixed view specs
e6fbae2 2017-05-02 Merge branch 'master' into commit-limited-container-width
4134d70 2017-05-02 Component specs
a3143f8 2017-05-02 Merge branch 'master' into commit-limited-container-width
0c83f74 2017-05-02 Fixed PDF blob specs
6068b86 2017-05-02 Merge branch '20830-getting-started-better-explore-group...
54beb93 2017-05-02 Merge branch 'pdflab-in-repo' into 'master'
96ea222 2017-05-02 Started specs [ci skip]
357ab10 2017-04-28 Fixed some spinach & rspec tests
0b7824d 2017-04-28 Updated some Vue specific JS
fde9732 2017-04-28 Fixed public keys always rendering even when empty
e11a702 2017-04-28 Re-wrote to match our docs - still not 100% sure but clo...
79e2a52 2017-04-28 Merge branch 'master' into deploy-keys-load-async
7fd3a58 2017-04-28 Changed spec to a view spec
79d5053 2017-04-28 Fixed avatar not displaying in issue boards
471888d 2017-04-28 Moved sort endpoints into data attributes
d14397f 2017-04-28 Fixed context translation
995edc4 2017-04-28 Merge branch 'project-list-alignment' into 'master'
88380a0 2017-04-27 Added specs for JS method to switch views
95658fb 2017-04-27 Fixed failing JS tests
94b93e4 2017-04-27 Merge branch 'master' into emoji-button-titles
5c19519 2017-04-27 Merge branch '31202-timeago-loops' into 'master'
6ae7673 2017-04-27 Merge branch 'environments-vue-5' into 'master'
b3c8009 2017-04-27 Added some missing text that needs translating
a65224d 2017-04-27 Fixed alignment of CI icon in related issues section
429a42b 2017-04-27 Merge branch 'master' into emoji-button-titles
d031665 2017-04-27 Merge branch '31475-issue-boards-sidebar-milestone-dropd...
8e7f457 2017-04-26 Merge branch '31335-job-dropdown' into 'master'
c159727 2017-04-26 Removed random test code
cb06f09 2017-04-26 Removed t filter from other places
0242c4d 2017-04-26 Changed JS translation functions
4b812d9 2017-04-26 Fixed failing specs
480fcb5 2017-04-26 Added controller specs
45e5d12 2017-04-26 Fixed spinach tests
3c077fa 2017-04-26 Fixed tabs loading the ajax request twice
8efa88a 2017-04-26 Fixed feature spec not waiting for ajax request to finish
79c7188 2017-04-26 Change the hash when changing tab
52d59a4 2017-04-26 Load milestone tabs asynchronously
cc52dfa 2017-04-25 Merge branch 'metrics-graph-error-fix' into 'master'
a34f0e7 2017-04-25 Merge branch '27827-cleanup-markdown' into 'master'
1dc91f4 2017-04-25 Fixed GFM spec failure
7f22256 2017-04-25 Fixed karma loading incorrect path
ee0713b 2017-04-25 Generate fixutre for metrics page
81a37ca 2017-04-24 Moved the title onto the emoji tag
0647394 2017-04-24 Fixed HAML lint
3f2578b 2017-04-24 Commit view correctly spans the full width when parallel...
dab6aab 2017-04-24 Assignee filter on group issues/merge requests only load...
4bde6ea 2017-04-24 Added back yarn:check to rake task...
dc2f702 2017-04-24 Added emoji description title to award emoji buttons
d578b06 2017-04-24 Fixes the spacing around diff discussion buttons
f07edb5 2017-04-24 Merge branch '31072-activity-border' into 'master'
f5f9735 2017-04-21 Improved the spec
38c52ab 2017-04-21 Merge branch 'environments-vue-3' into 'master'
3e40d38 2017-04-21 Merge branch 'fix-user-profile-tabs-showing-raw-json-ins...
c76812c 2017-04-21 Merge branch 'vue-doc-2' into 'master'
b8a96fd 2017-04-21 Fixed the preview keyboard shortcut focusing wrong tab
5063b81 2017-04-21 Merge branch '31189-pipelines-error-state-stable' into '...
88f69cb 2017-04-21 Used reduce over forEach
d715455 2017-04-21 Rather than looping data ourselves, d3 loops it
a2e4e65 2017-04-21 Merge branch '31189-pipelines-error-state' into 'master'
05dc140 2017-04-21 Updated specs
4f31d59 2017-04-21 Revert line being commented out
dc5136a 2017-04-21 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/28433-international...
4b37961 2017-04-21 Merge branch 'vue-pipelines-folder' into 'master'
a318c04 2017-04-20 Merge branch '31116-moved-icon-update' into 'master'
9e4908a 2017-04-20 Merge branch 'doc-js-side-effetcs' into 'master'
9bef6ce 2017-04-20 Merge branch '31116-moved-icon-update' into 'master'
b7b5bd4 2017-04-20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/28433-international...
eb33755 2017-04-20 Merge branch 'rollback-component-vue' into 'master'
b55ab7a 2017-04-20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/26914-deploy_histor...
f09f753 2017-04-20 Merge branch 'environments-vue-2' into 'master'
bb6dcf2 2017-04-19 Merge branch 'fix-link-prometheus-opening-outside-gitlab...
99d0a61 2017-04-19 Merge branch '30985-cancel-pipelines' into 'master'
7d16537 2017-04-19 Created a plural filter
046c0e1 2017-04-19 Merge branch '30985-cancel-pipelines' into 'master'
4bb34d5 2017-04-19 Merge branch 'vue-pipelines' into 'master'
8d3b258 2017-04-19 Style improvements
c2b311e 2017-04-19 Fixed group milestones date pickers not working
97fd502 2017-04-19 Fixed project & group icons not being clickable
435e409 2017-04-19 Merge branch '30696-long-build-log-improvement' into 'ma...
a3506a2 2017-04-18 Fixed missing text
3728419 2017-04-18 Default the language to en - more useful for specs
b0df1ed 2017-04-18 Make the locale file page specific
7963c2c 2017-04-18 Added Vue filters & directives for translating
1194d90 2017-04-18 Disable initialization table pipeline for new merge requ...
476fc19 2017-04-18 Fixed branches sort toggle being empty
aecaaa6 2017-04-18 Merge branch '30696-long-build-log-improvement' into 'ma...
5d8891f 2017-04-18 Added tests
da2a782 2017-04-18 Shows deployment box on hover
4a129ec 2017-04-18 Moved per page value to const
ae52d1a 2017-04-15 Merge branch '30492-using-icon-to-mark-discussion-as-res...
e953932 2017-04-15 Merge branch 'issue-title-vue-sfc' into 'master'
90ba69d 2017-04-15 Started internationalising cycyle analytics
344a261 2017-04-14 Merge branch 'remove-double-newline-for-single-attachmen...
ec5ba73 2017-04-14 Merge branch 'add-cookie-expirations-to-callouts' into '...
302e855 2017-04-14 Merge branch 'master' into 28433-internationalise-cycle-...
69c450c 2017-04-14 eslint fixes
1d99c77 2017-04-13 Merge branch 'master' into notebooklab-in-repo
6e21728 2017-04-13 ESLint fix
5a1e00c 2017-04-13 Disable recent search on issue boards
c922b84 2017-04-13 Only increase the page number for boards when we need to
a8b7a4b 2017-04-13 Pulled in latest changes
a127ad7 2017-04-13 Correctly parse katex math in IPyhton notebooks
2f36c54 2017-04-13 Pulled in latest changes from NotebookLab
2c643a5 2017-04-13 Merge branch 'master' into notebooklab-in-repo
59616dc 2017-04-12 Fixed up some code
194955f 2017-04-12 Fixed random failures with Poll spec
8c66ced 2017-04-12 Added deployment data to metrics graphs
bf5248a 2017-04-11 Pull in fixture files from the repo
3104955 2017-04-11 Removed notebooklab vendor file
4755f60 2017-04-11 Moved NotebookLab assets into repo
e13ad82 2017-04-11 Fixed notebooklab code including file paths
656fddb 2017-04-11 Fixed alignment of empty task list items
195c058 2017-04-10 Added keyboard shortcuts to signed out menu
fede01f 2017-04-10 Fixed karma
2dab724 2017-04-10 Added back in the CI status favicon
8e8900e 2017-04-07 Revert yarn.lock file changes
ac35566 2017-04-07 Fixed duplicate jQuery AJAX spyon
518203d 2017-04-06 Fixed specs
e992799 2017-04-06 STL file viewer
5e67b2f 2017-04-06 Wait for the PDF to be loaded before doing anything
ab79c76 2017-04-05 Removes the duplicated search icon in emoji menu
d0821ae 2017-04-05 Stop new merge request page tabs updating the URL
6718c18 2017-04-05 Changed order in Vue file
3369232 2017-04-05 Added specs for board list component
4917df5 2017-04-05 Issue boards list template in JS file
21546da 2017-04-03 Fixed issue boards having a vertical scrollbar
058dfbb 2017-04-03 Fixed user profile tabs causing the page to scroll
80b621b 2017-03-30 Fixed a gap underneath the scrolling inner page links
c71831e 2017-03-30 Added worksheets support to notebook viewer
bcebae3 2017-03-29 Remove jQuery from IPython notebook viewer
9300690 2017-03-28 Fixed labels icon being hidden in collapsed issuable sid...
28b8b92 2017-03-28 Fixed alignment on some pages
6d14af2 2017-03-28 Added scrolling tabs to user#show
9a5556a 2017-03-28 Fixed tabs on desktop being all over the place
598973c 2017-03-28 Fixed inner page tabs not being scrollable
2b42d34 2017-03-28 Fixed issue boards sidebar alignment
150acca 2017-03-28 Fixed alignment of tooltip on card assignee
6765a4e 2017-03-28 Stops triggering board sidebar when clicking avatar
89d1a1c 2017-03-27 Added specs for collapsed sidebar
88280aa 2017-03-27 Fixed up issue boards JS specs
3eedb2a 2017-03-24 Refactored the user callout class
96f5188 2017-03-24 Updated todos sidebar icon
0f790db 2017-03-24 Component now includes scoped styles
4b08d89 2017-03-24 Fixed commit message in forks list not truncating
68f863b 2017-03-23 Fixed spec checking for highlightjs class
32c6ea2 2017-03-23 Updated notebooklab with latest code highlighting changes
0ef8585 2017-03-23 Added tests
e8949a1 2017-03-23 Updated notebooklab library
313258f 2017-03-23 Stops errors in the rendering breaking the page
33f26de 2017-03-23 Loads raw JSON & displays in the component
f9ced97 2017-03-23 Started iPython notebook viewer
1c72f49 2017-03-23 Use project-row class instead of child selector
068ce7d 2017-03-23 Fixes project list lines breaking
bb32940 2017-03-23 Removed the hours & minutes from the users since date on...
1b166b7 2017-03-23 Fixed search spec
aba7aea 2017-03-22 Fixed the filter bar not working in IE
467b733 2017-03-22 Fixed branches pagination not displaying
8df5b36 2017-03-22 Fixed bug stopping issue boards cards being dragged
d48b95e 2017-03-22 Fixed the job tootip being cut-off
536efa4 2017-03-21 Added test for reseting the filtered search state in the...
ee8f09d 2017-03-21 Fixed search param being used in the add issues modal
6094b30 2017-03-21 Show loading icon when changing filter in add issues modal
ef86353 2017-03-20 Fixed source branch name not being in new merge request ...
da89976 2017-03-20 Hide issue board filters on mobile
652d804 2017-03-18 Fixed pagination in projects & snippets on user page
06c4410 2017-03-17 Fixed mobile alignment issues
faa4b53 2017-03-17 Fixed filter bar alignment issues
d6c4453 2017-03-17 Stop CI notification showing when status is nil
03f6f51 2017-03-17 Reset issue boards add issues modal page when filtering
adeafa4 2017-03-16 Fixes diff comment avatar tooltip escaping issues
de93054 2017-03-16 Fixed eslint
8e4a239 2017-03-16 Fixed search not working in issue boards modal
8135ea9 2017-03-16 Catches errors when generating lists
de14439 2017-03-16 Enabled remote filter in compare dropdowns
f2f5905 2017-03-16 Fixed commit icon size in cycle analyitcs
891c000 2017-03-16 Added issue boards re-ordering docs
badec3d 2017-03-16 Fixed duplicate pagination on explore#groups
addbf88 2017-03-16 Fixed eslint
fbf1cc6 2017-03-16 Moved reduce function to a util
4e5bf7d 2017-03-16 Updated specs to check that the token is correctly added
b1d0776 2017-03-16 Fixed search specs
3e95bd9 2017-03-16 Fixed eslint errors
09f7b9d 2017-03-16 Created a container class for filtered search
a9deabe 2017-03-16 Added filter bar into add issues modal
8d6969d 2017-03-15 Added issue boards re-ordering docs
4a1d1eb 2017-03-15 Fixed pipeline action tooltips being cut off
49c920f 2017-03-15 Issue boards blank state template in JS file
c7cecae 2017-03-14 added eventhub to emit update tokens event
7eabb7a 2017-03-09 Use reduce instead of a forEach
aa9aa11 2017-03-09 Added regression tests
2edd42c 2017-03-09 Check was in wrong part, the avatar container class shou...
789bae2 2017-03-09 Fixed bugs with diff comment avatars
1466b7e 2017-03-08 Added discussion comments avatars to diff
236d659 2017-03-08 Removed previous filter code
d701b39 2017-03-08 Fixed up boards filter spec due to CSS classes changing
9ef8400 2017-03-08 Hides on mobile
a12b99a 2017-03-08 Fixed eslint errors
809bba7 2017-03-08 Updated specs
382fea7 2017-03-08 Handle clear search async
ab7bfff 2017-03-08 Make changing the URL optional - future proof ourselves ...
107c39a 2017-03-08 Stop droplab from destroying itself is handled async
ddf71fc 2017-03-08 Updates the URL
f89782b 2017-03-08 Changed store
850f19c 2017-03-08 Added filtered search bar to issue boards
12fe94c 2017-03-07 Merge branch 'master' into 26732-combine-deploy-keys-and...
32c3375 2017-03-06 Backport protected branches Ruby change from EE
91e46dd 2017-03-06 Fixed issue when dragging a issue to the bottom when cou...
69b6a5a 2017-03-06 Changed the styling to allow bigger link targets on mobile
f13fbf6 2017-03-03 Revert "Merge branch 'tooltip-hide-on-scroll' into 'mast...
1d49d06 2017-03-03 Removed empty options from URL
8fd5aee 2017-03-03 Fixed filter_projects param still used in group controller
14873c8 2017-03-03 Fixed incorrect empty state showing
ed1f110 2017-03-03 Fixes filtering by name reseting archive filter
0385b16 2017-03-02 Hides the tooltip on scroll
a933b59 2017-03-02 Removed another unused Bootstrap plugin
39306fe 2017-03-02 Removed some unused JS deps
1bb32a7 2017-03-02 Added tests for issues without a relative_position
11dfea7 2017-03-02 Fixed the position of loading spinner
86fe7d6 2017-03-02 Fixed spacing in mobile secondary nav
2c29102 2017-03-02 Removes random border on event items on mobile
56ced9d 2017-03-02 Remove jQuery UI
4fa8e0d 2017-03-01 Fixed sidebar spec
834aaf4 2017-03-01 Removed 0 padding
cc93c87 2017-03-01 Fixed frontend specs
b949448 2017-03-01 Import vue into spec
e2575de 2017-03-01 Fixed eslint
9cd53cd 2017-03-01 Moved issue boards new issue form template
e598c41 2017-03-01 Fixed long filename being under action buttons
f86bded 2017-03-01 Removed top border from contribution calendar
e13dc68 2017-02-28 Disables interaction with expanded lines
db44e55 2017-02-28 Visually display that expanded diff lines cant be commen...
e42169c 2017-02-27 Updates SSH key title after pasting key
c401088 2017-02-27 Fixed JS conflicts
288064c 2017-02-27 Removed jQuery UI draggable
f0e5118 2017-02-27 Removed link transition
faf5bc0 2017-02-27 Changed dark hover background
901f439 2017-02-27 Moved color values into variables
f5b59dc 2017-02-27 Grow the button on hover
cc41ec9 2017-02-27 Improved the diff comment button UX
4feefd3 2017-02-23 Fixed alignment of RSS button on activity pages
a9bcb5b 2017-02-23 Fixed eslint errors
7512af2 2017-02-23 Issue boards card in JS
6a2ee01 2017-02-21 Removes label from previous list
9caefa5 2017-02-21 Fix the commit search UI
8ed25c8 2017-02-21 Added tests
216d3ad 2017-02-21 Added CHANGELOG
7e64811 2017-02-21 Added tooltip to add issues button on issue boards
3c20a64 2017-02-20 Fixed eslint error
e4067c5 2017-02-20 Fixed ref switcher tests
8cbf27a 2017-02-20 Changes when loading indicator is added to dropdown
8094bca 2017-02-17 Reduced sidebar wait timeout
034397d 2017-02-17 This should make the ordering feature specs more reliable
3ab101c 2017-02-17 Added JS specs
723c853 2017-02-17 eslint fix
b31f910 2017-02-17 Added ordering feature specs
db0253c 2017-02-17 Fixed bug when dragging issue to first index
c032414 2017-02-17 Frontend updates to positioning the issue in lists
7f8a4bb 2017-02-17 Refactor boards sidebar spec
3894ae3 2017-02-16 Added ability to change user permissions in group to owner
2a60f4d 2017-02-16 Reduce query count for snippet search
d4f7f70 2017-02-14 Stop Pikaday using moment
41d05fa 2017-02-14 Fixed alignment of snippet search results
95cc643 2017-02-14 Fixed modal specs
78e3ff1 2017-02-13 Fixed up specs
3c4ff90 2017-02-13 Obly hides the help box if the close button is clicked o...
a9c80dc 2017-02-13 Fixed timeago specs
8aa757a 2017-02-10 Formats timeago dates to be more friendly
6df6598 2017-02-10 Fixed new issue in boards spec
d731905 2017-02-10 Updated protected branches dropdown image in docs
74a3b91 2017-02-10 Hides help block for boards spec
9520627 2017-02-10 Updated copy
846cf06 2017-02-10 Added specs
86b2f90 2017-02-10 Updated design
bc261b0 2017-02-09 Adds a null check to build notifications
1bfa742 2017-02-09 Added help box where backlog list used to be
125b723 2017-02-09 Added missing filter word
88fb39c 2017-02-09 Uses shared vue resource interceptor
f9c58d9 2017-02-09 Refactored diff notes Vue app
2bd1a22 2017-02-09 Disables add issue button
4639c58 2017-02-09 Documented removing issue
7a08456 2017-02-09 Updated issue boards docs
cd5bee0 2017-02-09 Removed jQuery UI highlight & autocomplete
211b35c 2017-02-08 Fixed random merge request widget failure
b167bf0 2017-02-08 Listens on document for mini-pipeline graph
1c7cce9 2017-02-07 Improved timeago performance
b27f663 2017-02-06 Fixed failing tests because list doens't exist
05ec0f2 2017-02-06 Fixed eslint
6ce2e72 2017-02-06 Merge branch 'master' into issues-modal-filters
653c23b 2017-02-06 Removed jQuery UI sortable
12cc9a5 2017-02-06 Changed date check test
5942247 2017-02-06 Fixed missing edit link click
8331036 2017-02-06 Fixed some specs
2b94574 2017-02-06 Updated styles for Pikaday
df6f6e3 2017-02-06 Replaced more jQuery UI datepickers
b138ec3 2017-02-06 Removed jQuery UI datepicker
b52600b 2017-02-03 Fixed milestone select failing tests
b866d9f 2017-02-03 Fixed eslint errors
619f7ec 2017-02-03 Show empty state if filter returns empty results
c3339b3 2017-02-03 Resets modal filters when closing
7e25379 2017-02-03 Added tests for modal filters
10f805c 2017-02-03 Passes through the correct endpoints
b934a12 2017-02-03 Responsive styling fixes for the filters
e4d1e14 2017-02-03 Added all filters
e6add00 2017-02-03 Added user filter component
4652b08 2017-02-03 Hardcoded author, assignee & milestone dropdowns
9e43353 2017-02-03 Started adding filters to issues modal
644d8eb 2017-02-03 Fixed eslint test failure
a810e2e 2017-02-03 Fixed adding to list bug
fee064b 2017-02-03 Fixed modal lists dropdown not updating when list is del...
8c5e50e 2017-02-03 Fixed remove btn error after creating new issue in list
e85cd9e 2017-02-03 Removed duplicated test
4428bb2 2017-02-03 Removed Masonry, instead uses groups of data
b4113db 2017-02-03 Uses mixins for repeated functions
cf5396d 2017-02-03 Fixed up specs
00b835b 2017-02-03 Props use objects with required & type values
103c78f 2017-02-03 Removes labels instead of closing issue when clicking re...
32a97ef 2017-02-03 Fixed JS lint errors
a51aa6a 2017-02-03 Fixed issue card spec
1b84045 2017-02-03 Added webkit CSS properties
39fbd18 2017-02-03 Fixed bug with empty state showing after search
1b01386 2017-02-03 Fixed bug where 2 un-selected issues would stay on selec...
d5c9d7e 2017-02-03 Fixed DB schema
954deef 2017-02-03 Added remove button
e140675 2017-02-03 Fixed issue link href
6c82890 2017-02-03 Disabled add issues button if no lists exist
c368b28 2017-02-03 Fixed issue with issue not persisting in list
8323bc4 2017-02-03 Fixed up JS tests
7f58fc0 2017-02-03 Removed backlog frontend code
26d6111 2017-02-03 Lists dropdown drops up
a943241 2017-02-03 Some styling updates
8b977b2 2017-02-03 Fixed some failing lint tests
0904e9b 2017-02-03 Infinite scrolling
ac7949d 2017-02-03 Fixed masonry re-triggering when it didnt need to
c4fc17f 2017-02-03 Boards spec update to take into account removed backlog
3aabf0c 2017-02-03 Used issue bulk update instead of different endpoint
54461ce 2017-02-03 Added more tests
76264cc 2017-02-03 Reloads issues when re-opening modal
ff98a74 2017-02-03 Added empty state
d9894a2 2017-02-03 Cleaned up some code
6adb6ca 2017-02-03 Started tests
240d8c8 2017-02-03 Created a modal store
acd86c1 2017-02-03 Search bar now returns data
38d84c1 2017-02-03 Changed where data gets loaded
97fbb3d 2017-02-03 Added selectable list before adding issues
e786ba9 2017-02-03 Mobile sizes
7d0feab 2017-02-03 Fixes layout issue on selected tab
48b3623 2017-02-03 Selected issues show with checkmark
1fae4d8 2017-02-03 Added masonry layout
94c07c2 2017-02-03 Styling fix for list
a132b7d 2017-02-03 Add issues to boards list
bfd9bbb 2017-02-03 Added specs for merge request environment list
161d74f 2017-02-02 Fixed group label in issuable sidebar
d7c0955 2017-01-27 Fixed merge request tabs extra margin
860c8cf 2017-01-26 Added header to protected branches access dropdowns
4af91ea 2017-01-26 Added test for initial merge request widget state
2fb6358 2017-01-25 Fixed error with filter keyboard tests
0421793 2017-01-23 Correctly resets the default template on destroy
99d5838 2017-01-23 Only render the list if it is visible
203db3c 2017-01-23 Fixed replacing with a space after a colon
8e7929b 2017-01-23 Checks if rendered count has changed rather than relying...
ecf08ae 2017-01-23 Fixed some issues with droplab & keyboard navigation
3680612 2017-01-23 Fixed currentIndex being shared across dropdowns
90058cf 2017-01-23 Changed character match
14cd8f0 2017-01-23 Fixed keyboard navigation not working in filtered search...
22f69a4 2017-01-22 Merge request widget class names update
606147c 2017-01-22 Replace merge request widget body
91608be 2017-01-22 Added spec tests
1b3b4f4 2017-01-22 Fixed bug with merge immediately button would not work
e75c20f 2017-01-21 Fixed issue with multiple words not filtering correctly
317ef7b 2017-01-21 Fixed failing JS specs
8198d49 2017-01-21 Places dropdown at cursor position
4a79762 2017-01-21 Added comments to regex
eb993dc 2017-01-21 Fixed bug with hint not showing when in middle of text
1980403 2017-01-21 Fixed caret not moving correctly
80c0b87 2017-01-21 Fixed issue when label or milestone had space
a4789db 2017-01-21 Fixed bug replacing full input value
ab1b8d5 2017-01-21 Added tests
88b4ea6 2017-01-21 Teaspoon test fix
91ad8c3 2017-01-21 Trigger filter on click
658c6c2 2017-01-21 Fixed filter issue
c45dc80 2017-01-21 Correctly replaces string when selecting in dropdown
ac080c6 2017-01-21 Opens dropdown correctly
79659b3 2017-01-21 Filtered search input click back at token
3f17f29 2017-01-20 Added current user filter to assignee dropdown
2c521dd 2017-01-20 Clears all dropdown menus in issue sidebar when it opens
6e08d5d 2017-01-20 Resets issue boards assignee dropdown
c5b7cc5 2017-01-19 Use webpack_port file if it exists
bbd7132 2017-01-18 Replaced `.pull-right` with `.right`
92682b8 2017-01-17 Shows current user on top of filtered dropdown list
c0ba747 2017-01-17 Merge branch 'master' into go-go-gadget-webpack
b8e1141 2017-01-16 Fixed random issue boards sidebar failure
2c45a73 2017-01-16 Fixed label select toggle not updating correctly
3f581e8 2017-01-16 Correctly keeps merge request tabs in place when edittin...
fc4fcf3 2017-01-13 Added gzip compression
639bca4 2017-01-13 Merge branch 'master' into go-go-gadget-webpack
46a5a8e 2017-01-13 Fixed spacing of labels in issuable row on milestone#show
d92f1ab 2017-01-13 Fixed some HAML errors on milestone#show
9ab5c42 2017-01-06 Fixed failing markdown button tests
36fa45e 2017-01-06 Added note about width of sidebar
cb53732 2017-01-06 Fixed edit form authenticity_token call failing the tests
b16fbd6 2017-01-05 Fixed issue card not scrolling to correct position
85a3298 2017-01-03 Added animations to issue boards
c5757e9 2016-12-28 Fix GFM dropdown not showing at beginning of new lines
c460224 2016-12-23 Fixed error with GFM autocomplete when no data exists
940d8a0 2016-12-22 Added tests for special characters
7241246 2016-12-22 Stops GFM special characters interfering with markdown tags
a548b70 2016-12-22 Fixed discussion note resolve button SVG color
a713a29 2016-12-21 Fixed first newline not working
fecebc7 2016-12-21 Fixed new line being included in bold/italic in GFM form
089dbc7 2016-12-15 Fixed bug with +1 not autocompleting
886a939 2016-12-14 Username exists check respects the relative root URL
48f2473 2016-12-12 Added GFM tests
e1f5631 2016-12-12 Fixed GFM autocomplete to disallow non-word characters i...
fcf332a 2016-12-09 Group links spec update
1637ce4 2016-12-09 Updated JS based on review
19fb84e 2016-12-07 Updated members dropdowns
eb8a713 2016-12-07 Fixed timeago re-rendering every element
cae9050 2016-12-05 Fixed if statement to use global group & project variables
cc66ec2 2016-12-02 Fixed Ruby to be better for performance
89c22ed 2016-12-02 Shows group members in the project members list
34053a4 2016-11-30 Fixed GFM autocomplete regex
141b4d2 2016-11-24 Fixed issue boards scrolling with a lot of lists & issues
8c4f4af 2016-11-24 Merge branch 'master' into autocomplete-space-prefix
18a5411 2016-11-24 Fixed dragging issue moving wrong issue after multiple d...
058c652 2016-11-24 Fixed issue boards issue sorting when dragging issue int...
a7486bc 2016-11-23 Fixed commit time not rendering after initial page load
934eaee 2016-11-23 Fixed dragging issues on issue boards
da553a4 2016-11-23 Fixed timeago when creating new discussion
a085e3f 2016-11-22 Fixed resolved discussion timeago not rendering
9d3186e 2016-11-22 Disabled award emoji button when user is not logged in
50d58c1 2016-11-22 Fixed protected branches dropdown
e95d43d 2016-11-22 Fixed up tests
08dd831 2016-11-22 Fixed the active branch selected indicator
f9750b4 2016-11-22 Changed how the data is returned - we only care about th...
ba2089e 2016-11-22 Uses take rather than Kaminari
af02f6a 2016-11-22 Use cloneNode instead of createElement
1a21fa2 2016-11-22 Improved ref switcher dropdown performance
17ac0fd 2016-11-18 Improved Ruby code in autocomplete user search
80073da 2016-11-17 Include author in assignee dropdown search
3e33647 2016-11-16 Stopped multiple requests with dropdowns
02a2f31 2016-11-16 Fixed issue boards counter border when unauthorized
b16780f 2016-11-14 Fixed issue boards when not logged in
03a2357 2016-11-14 Tests fix
5229a16 2016-11-11 Merge branch 'master' into autocomplete-space-prefix
c095b04 2016-11-10 Fixed tests for issue boards & diff note resolving
e9c66be 2016-11-10 Changed how lists get sorted
948b482 2016-11-10 Issue board spec fixes
a9349f5 2016-11-10 Fixed jump to discussion button not showing
c8133c5 2016-11-10 Changed how resolving notes is rendered
4fba69d 2016-11-10 Fixed up resolve discussions
1505fc3 2016-11-10 Refactor of issue boards to work with Vue2
dd93079 2016-11-08 Changed helper method to check for none on params
0bc9008 2016-11-07 Fixed todos empty state when filtering
277712c 2016-11-04 Creates new list from a new label
697cd51 2016-11-02 Removed z-index for filters on issue boards
fb3229d 2016-11-01 CHANGELOG item
bdf7365 2016-11-01 Hides registry if project is disabled
6495b85 2016-11-01 Adds label description to issue board title
edfa02d 2016-11-01 Flexbox webkit prefixes
f7a4cf2 2016-11-01 Tests update
511d6b9 2016-11-01 Tests update
eca7ccc 2016-11-01 Changed where merge request link is
abd1559 2016-11-01 New todos blank state
e765299 2016-11-01 Correctly passes feature key into feature_available method
dec4376 2016-11-01 Updated Sortable JS plugin
c74ae0e 2016-11-01 Removed return statement that isn't needed
b5decb2 2016-11-01 Hide project activity tabs when features are disabled
3a40842 2016-10-31 Updated positioning of copy file path button in diffs
1c05332 2016-10-28 Fixed sticky MR tabs positioning when sidebar is pinned
88b5afe 2016-10-28 CHANGELOG item
36a781a 2016-10-28 Create cycle analytics bundle
07e4ffd 2016-10-28 Fixed boards store spec
a2e9bc3 2016-10-28 Delete issue board welcome cookie when project is new
daec00a 2016-10-27 Create new list dropdown stays open after new list
3812f0d 2016-10-26 Removed delete branch tooltip and tests
a2eff1a 2016-10-26 Merge branch 'master' into issue-board-sidebar
13f170f 2016-10-25 Moved avatar infront of labels
19367b7 2016-10-25 Fixed height of sidebar causing scrolling issues
079d146 2016-10-25 Fixed users profile link in sidebar
cabc131 2016-10-25 Stop unauthized users dragging on issue boards
cc6491e 2016-10-24 Use root_url for issue boards user link
a74dfa3 2016-10-21 Fixed compare ellipsis messing with layout
ae0a933 2016-10-20 Removed code from project members controller
16fffa9 2016-10-20 Fixed height of issue board blank state
a28371d 2016-10-20 Fixed issue when images are loading it would push off th...
4e03f4c 2016-10-20 Fixed issues with sticky mr tabs & sidebar
5f276f3 2016-10-20 Alignment of toggle button
60a7cad 2016-10-20 Merge branch 'master' into issue-board-sidebar
50288a6 2016-10-20 Removed code from project members controller
033988c 2016-10-20 Added button types
29645f0 2016-10-20 Hides/shows the boards sidebar
344154e 2016-10-19 Updated close sidebar icon
fcf0a4a 2016-10-19 Merge branch 'master' into issue-board-sidebar
cd5e83b 2016-10-19 Scroll board into view when clicking issue
a0f6526 2016-10-19 Tests update
f1350a5 2016-10-19 Merge branch 'master' into issue-board-sidebar
bb56450 2016-10-18 Fixed height of issue board blank state
a1deb6e 2016-10-18 Merge branch 'master' into issue_19734_2
f91df17 2016-10-17 Fixed find file keyboard navigation
8710cdf 2016-10-14 Use local assigns to get the dropdown title
270434f 2016-10-14 Loads GFM once for per page
d1a7b35 2016-10-14 Updated issuable dropdown titles
ebddb5f 2016-10-14 Fixed undefined keycode build error
88996de 2016-10-14 Fixed keycode undefined
e8901b2 2016-10-14 Changed trigger keyup to input
ba4e637 2016-10-14 Fixed appending jQuery elements
ef5a76f 2016-10-14 Fixed rendering of HTML strings
86d5965 2016-10-14 Increased performance of GL dropdown renderItem
9ec7aea 2016-10-13 Tweaked position of badge in panel headings
96ee975 2016-10-13 Moved how we remove event listeners
25c82c6 2016-10-12 Updated JS to work with issue index & show
f76f569 2016-10-12 Moved data attribute values into helper method
66af08d 2016-10-11 Fixed default branch dropdown not converting to select2
53b3c62 2016-10-11 Fixed JS tests
dc49ee6 2016-10-11 Updated to pass the board ID with the boards root to sav...
c5ea58b 2016-10-11 Update endpoint path for the frontend
517895d 2016-10-10 Don't run affix tabs in test env
8592e99 2016-10-10 Added copy file path button to diffs
e4176f4 2016-10-07 Fixed some JS styling
306e552 2016-10-07 Fixed filter specs
b602023 2016-10-07 Added tests for showing sidebar when new issue is saved
e457161 2016-10-07 Make the subscribe button work correctly
7d20a91 2016-10-07 Restore subscribe status in JSON
1aff95c 2016-10-07 Fix issue when clicking links inside issue showing sidebar
18607d6 2016-10-07 Added tests
e6fa8a3 2016-10-07 Fixed sidebar dropdowns to work with Vue
45fd2d3 2016-10-07 Styling updates to sidebar to match design
81e7490 2016-10-07 Correct the issue update path
5f84c4e 2016-10-07 Hides sidebar when clicking same issue
05e8404 2016-10-07 Fixed issue with dragging opening the issue sidebar
6b3e3ae 2016-10-07 Sidebar details update when changing
6cece3f 2016-10-07 Show clicked issue data in the sidebar
7c59f45 2016-10-07 Added markup for sidebar
b2e5240 2016-10-06 Changed jQuery to be in single line
6865c46 2016-10-06 Changed how collections are rendered
996e802 2016-10-06 Merge branch 'master' into members-ui
8ad9236 2016-10-06 Remove the code finding an issue by undefined
2f53a8d 2016-10-06 Shows error if response returns an error
a68f1fd 2016-10-06 Fix form not re-enabling thanks to jQuery
905af84 2016-10-06 Changed new issue button permissions
3397a8a 2016-10-06 Added tooltip to new issue button
8af7c32 2016-10-06 Made the CSS a bit more reasonable
da8998f 2016-10-06 Changed how button is hidden when blank list
284af57 2016-10-06 Added tests
a9c98be 2016-10-06 Moved form outside of list
674844d 2016-10-06 Fixed issue with backlog list not saving
4d9f76c 2016-10-06 Added ability to save the new issue
4241c29 2016-10-06 Add new issue form to lists
ef1b598 2016-10-06 Tests update
97dc95b 2016-10-06 Fixed tests
8962a33 2016-10-06 Fixed merge request tab JS spec
c65ea7a 2016-10-06 Merge request tabs stick when scrolling page
ea2f9a6 2016-10-05 Correctly parse the date of artifact expiring
a0eaff1 2016-10-05 Updated Ruby variable name
f377f82 2016-10-04 Fixed banzai test failures
c2602aa 2016-10-04 Updated Ruby
cd2556e 2016-10-04 Removed puts code :see_no_evil:
138e26b 2016-10-04 Adds v-pre to code blocks in comments
2a6942a 2016-10-04 Merge branch 'master' into members-ui
a34c0e5 2016-10-04 Border instead of hr
88857a2 2016-10-04 Merge branch 'master' into revert-c676283b
735731a 2016-10-03 Tests update
f917bf8 2016-10-03 Removed try method call on due date
06fdfc7 2016-10-03 Moved middot into helper method
8ea18c3 2016-10-03 Moved todo due date to helper method
a3abfb9 2016-10-03 Moved todo due date text into helper method
08b7480 2016-10-03 Uses variable
77f7e66 2016-10-03 CHANGELOG item
4c5c5ab 2016-10-03 Added test for due date
babaaca 2016-10-03 Added issue due date to todos row
cc88fa4 2016-10-03 Merge branch 'master' into revert-c676283b
b13213e 2016-09-27 Send ajax request for label update only if they are chan...
a83262f 2016-09-21 Changed props to use strings
1f49b99 2016-09-21 Fixed comment & resolve button
5461a5d 2016-09-21 Pass the full project path for resolve buttons
f37a793 2016-09-20 Hide jump to next discussion button on commit notes
4736848 2016-09-16 Doesnt run JS if active element doesnt exist
b66a820 2016-09-16 Moved loading GFM source into zen.html.haml
9c5638f 2016-09-16 Use admin user in tests
cd9a2ba 2016-09-16 Fixed group milestone error
a5035ed 2016-09-16 Correctly loads gfm autocomplete source on pages where i...
3531032 2016-09-16 Fixed slash commands not loading
c04ef86 2016-09-16 Scrolls active tab into middle of nav on mobile
07d39ac 2016-09-15 Fixed tests
2330399 2016-09-15 Added keyboard shortcut to navigate to issue boards
634e8e3 2016-09-15 Removed more flexbox
09d949c 2016-09-15 Fixed styling issue with PhantomJS causing builds to fail
c65e903 2016-09-15 Fixed height issue on smaller screens
d9e86e7 2016-09-15 Simplified the CSS for issue boards
3411212 2016-09-14 Fixed add to tree button on mobile
2eb2cbe 2016-09-13 Fix line diff side-by-side line highlighting
3e855b2 2016-09-13 Fixed issue boards loading issues on large screens
b8d4122 2016-09-13 Admin group members UI fix
aac80d7 2016-09-13 Group links search test fix
b61cd8a 2016-09-13 Added back ordering
7cca8ff 2016-09-13 Ruby update
2abbb09 2016-09-13 Removed group members from the list for now
d8fee09 2016-09-13 Fixed jQuery chaining
ecf7640 2016-09-13 Fixed group_links expire date not updating in view
401b797 2016-09-13 Fixed bug when group_ids not present when creating
2b41db9 2016-09-13 Search project groups
73c4da1 2016-09-13 Fixed removing groups
11c0c65 2016-09-13 Expires in test update
68c7b52 2016-09-13 Fixed fields not being sent
3354bfd 2016-09-13 CSS cleanup
fe71edc 2016-09-13 JS update
e747626 2016-09-13 Added test for updating groups permissions
97a5181 2016-09-13 Fixed error when updating groups
638376c 2016-09-13 Fixed group tests
2c3fa33 2016-09-13 Updated some specs
ccf7683 2016-09-13 Updated groups member UI to match
a56216c 2016-09-13 Added import button back in
999f184 2016-09-13 Tests update
931d09f 2016-09-13 Fixed search
3e19f19 2016-09-13 Fixed issue with invited users not showing up
cdc55db 2016-09-13 Fixed members error
b3d75ac 2016-09-13 Return 403 if user can't update group
e477ad4 2016-09-13 Removes row from dom when deleting
15a3111 2016-09-13 Mobile spacing improvements
49a31e6 2016-09-13 Removed console log
843dd24 2016-09-13 Mobile improvements
e33cda9 2016-09-13 Fixed group members not deleting
2399314 2016-09-13 Fixed issue with groups not displaying
4afd17b 2016-09-13 Included groups on project_members page
87a0501 2016-09-13 Updates the member row when values changed
52d2fd4 2016-09-13 Updated members UI
a027740 2016-09-12 Fixed large comments messing with diff table widths
ea81077 2016-09-12 Hides tooltip on discussion toggle button when clicking
47b4962 2016-09-12 Fixed search dropdown labels not displaying
287663b 2016-09-09 Trigger autosize update after template selection
ad5f835 2016-09-08 Fixed list issues not loading with spaces in filtered va...
08083c7 2016-09-08 Removed z-index from flash container
6cdc346 2016-09-07 Fix styling of shortcuts modal
78839ec 2016-09-07 Tests fix
70451ff 2016-09-07 tests update
f849ef7 2016-09-07 Fixed issue board label filtering not removing labels
117893e 2016-09-06 Fix layout issues with blame table
0ffacb8 2016-09-05 Fixed commit search UI
c735c53 2016-09-05 Merge branch 'master' into build-cancel-spinner
f8513d7 2016-09-02 Refactored code to rely less on IDs that could change
315e639 2016-09-02 Hides merge request button on branches page
69db604 2016-09-02 Updated tests
4da474c 2016-09-02 Hides merge request section in edit project when disabled
d2e2da4 2016-09-02 Merge branch 'master' into revert-c676283b
25c84fd 2016-09-01 Fixed issue where moving issue & then scrolling stop new...
97d6f5b 2016-08-31 Fixed escaping issue with labels filter
105c80b 2016-08-31 Shows count at bottom of list
4f341ed 2016-08-31 Changed frontend to use issue count from backend
236178c 2016-08-30 Fixed boards filters
172aab1 2016-08-30 Merge branch 'master' into autocomplete-space-prefix
45421e1 2016-08-30 Updated variable name
c1b44cf 2016-08-30 Hide group control nav if no options present
0fead04 2016-08-30 Removed namespace test
2d38d35 2016-08-30 Fixed label toggle text
7418873 2016-08-30 Merge branch 'master' into revert-c676283b
85f6244 2016-08-30 Merge branch 'master' into build-cancel-spinner
66948d5 2016-08-30 Removed unused method from component
e73f25c 2016-08-30 CHANGELOG item
19c9ee4 2016-08-30 Added search for all lists on issue boards
5963263 2016-08-23 Fixed enter key in search input not working
abdd4ba 2016-08-19 Removed commented code :poop:
888c048 2016-08-19 Improvements to issue boards on mobile
63fc0a9 2016-08-19 Increased vertical alignment of labels for issues in lists
d1b987f 2016-08-19 Changed file name
bcf304b 2016-08-19 Changed tests to use JS tests
8728432 2016-08-19 Addressed feedback
6967408 2016-08-19 Made logic simpler by moving away from underscorejs
931274b 2016-08-19 Added tooltip to label value in collapsed sidebar
d6a14e9 2016-08-19 Added text color to issues labels in issue board lists
2546575 2016-08-19 Change sleep to wait_for_ajax
0da7a89 2016-08-19 Added tests
52c6102 2016-08-19 Destroy branch delete tooltip when row is removed
35cea54 2016-08-19 Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working on issue boards
d1f4a81 2016-08-19 Hides tooltip when dragging
67d9e92 2016-08-19 Hides tooltips when dragging issues
893f5e2 2016-08-18 Attempted improvement to stop boards spec failing
dc550ac 2016-08-17 Removed vue assets
d5327b4 2016-08-17 Test update
89e37d0 2016-08-17 Fixed failing test
233c2a8 2016-08-17 Added wait for vue in logged out & guest tests
7e4c70e 2016-08-17 Fixed bug when moving list
5e0b294 2016-08-17 Removed if around board deleting
9a425c3 2016-08-17 Fixed permissions around create new list button
77a074a 2016-08-17 Code improvements
94f5d8a 2016-08-17 Improved code readability
c7b0732 2016-08-17 Testing builds
506ab9b 2016-08-17 Updated tests
d0a49a6 2016-08-17 Updated teaspoon mock tests endpoints
d432e07 2016-08-17 Updated tests for creating with board
19b8437 2016-08-17 Tests updated
7a68262 2016-08-17 Tests update
82481a6 2016-08-17 Added vue resource interceptor
01335d7 2016-08-17 Fix issue with paging not working sometimes
4c544cf 2016-08-17 Fixed some flexbox height issues
8d0ddbd 2016-08-17 Updated rspec to not use sleep when dragging
dc73405 2016-08-17 Uses dataset rather than jQuery to get attribute values
1de2370 2016-08-17 Updated JSON endpoints
7e7673d 2016-08-17 Fixed bug when moving lists around & then deleting
d4387bd 2016-08-17 Fixed removing items from list
299cb77 2016-08-17 Fixed small screen bug not dragging
034932e 2016-08-17 Moved issue board components from being global
808dc2f 2016-08-17 Namespaced sortable default options function
aa05b5e 2016-08-17 Moved board store to namespaced gl object
abb55af 2016-08-17 Fixed blank state issue
5c7fd64 2016-08-17 Fixed blank state nevermind button
a996eec 2016-08-17 Removed underscorejs from create label class
9806db3 2016-08-17 Added loading icon so user knows when new page is loading
31657f8 2016-08-17 Create new label link text change
cd6285d 2016-08-17 Removes checkmarks from new list dropdown when deleting ...
86a6d4d 2016-08-17 Fixed bug when dragging to done list
19afb1e 2016-08-17 Fixed bug with creating new list from Backlog or done label
cd6c3ad 2016-08-17 Reverted milestone upcoming default filter
f4c9d51 2016-08-17 Defaults milestone filter to upcoming
917a514 2016-08-17 Fixed bug with label filter dropdown not removing the co...
7124e51 2016-08-17 Updated simulateDrag JS
17c576c 2016-08-17 Removed underscoreJS uses
4460724 2016-08-17 Changed ghost to have a slight opacity
ed40b05 2016-08-17 Stop propogation when adding default lists
4e83744 2016-08-17 Fixed error with class not existing
63a4daa 2016-08-17 Fixed failing teaspoon tests
3f769e7 2016-08-17 Increased scrolling speed when dragging issue
9467339 2016-08-17 Hides label for current list
1faf67f 2016-08-17 Added tests for infinite scrolling lists
f60a030 2016-08-17 Fixed issue with filtering by label on issue not updatin...
2f0826b 2016-08-17 Fixed list heights
954b0da 2016-08-17 Added JS spec tests for store & models
9a579e8 2016-08-17 Added filter tests
0ba25ab 2016-08-17 Moved label tooltip to have body container
0ee548d 2016-08-17 Added some tests
71605f3 2016-08-17 Fixed blank state being added incorrectly
a09b850 2016-08-17 Mobile improvements
324067e 2016-08-17 Added correct permissions to the views
2718876 2016-08-17 Added ability to generate default lists
522d53d 2016-08-17 Added some JS improvements
1cb9de1 2016-08-17 Added loading icon to boards vue app
d1a2be9 2016-08-17 Created a class to share functionality of creating new l...
7dd9b0d 2016-08-17 Resets the page & the scrolling when filters are updated
2332842 2016-08-17 Fixed issue with cards being added twice
e04db42 2016-08-17 Label description in tooltip
e00b56d 2016-08-17 Correctly uses search query in backlog
ff5fd4e 2016-08-17 Moved some code over to underscorejs
1de6467 2016-08-17 Fixed cursor not changing when over the header
5f7eff3 2016-08-17 Changed cursors to only show draggable when logged in
df7ebcb 2016-08-17 Fixed filter by any label
aaf176f 2016-08-17 Updates new dropdown list when removing lists
9982dc1 2016-08-17 Added tooltip to assignee
d645f71 2016-08-17 Updated delete list tooltip
6c3caa0 2016-08-17 Fixed error when trying to drag list several times
1149709 2016-08-17 Hides create list button when not logged in
da21119 2016-08-17 Changed how the state is created when page is loaded
034f1f0 2016-08-17 Correctly filters by labels
69458c0 2016-08-17 Keeps the filters after a reload
8e3fd88 2016-08-17 Improved the mobile UI
8bdf4cc 2016-08-17 Fixed VueJS warning for border top
f1242c1 2016-08-17 Created default sortable options to be shared between th...
a383119 2016-08-17 Added cursor for when moving
22f2f23 2016-08-17 Fixed JS error when trying to remove list that wasnt def...
2cb4231 2016-08-17 Fixed issue with sortable not working after deleting list
ede5033 2016-08-17 Undefined variable
1d43c20 2016-08-17 Correctly removes from all lists when moving to done
5b36687 2016-08-17 Added milestone & label filtering
fce8ee3 2016-08-17 Can filter by author & assignee
d06e20b 2016-08-17 Added ability to infinite scroll issues list
9d307ee 2016-08-17 Fixed issue with cookie working across whole site
9350de6 2016-08-17 Gets issues after the list is saved to the DB
6f6746b 2016-08-17 Hides from new dropdown when already present
8c92646 2016-08-17 Filters backlog by search query
0fa5759 2016-08-17 Hides the welcome board forever after it being hidden by...
0b351d5 2016-08-17 Moved some code around to make it easier to read & work ...
db2eabf 2016-08-17 Added assignee to frontend
fcee932 2016-08-17 Disabled sorting in lists
2615739 2016-08-17 Links to issues
83b4ba2 2016-08-17 Can move between lists
a3e52ef 2016-08-17 Pulls down issues for lists
3e839b3 2016-08-17 Hooked the frontend services up with the backend
9172c45 2016-08-17 Added simulate drag JS for tests
c7b210e 2016-08-17 Fixed SCSS lint errors
ae0049a 2016-08-17 Added blank state
fcc88e5 2016-08-17 Fixed some styling issues in new list dropdown
87cab11 2016-08-17 Test added a mock list
9991593 2016-08-17 Moved data holding into models
da64959 2016-08-17 Started new dropdown
c30a901 2016-08-17 Changes names to lists
8e04195 2016-08-17 Moved to ES6
61fa7b7 2016-08-17 Removes boards correctly
c369ea6 2016-08-17 Simplified the markding as done to remove from all boards
b1ec388 2016-08-17 Disables sortable when in marking done mode
e029c22 2016-08-17 Fades out the other boards when marking as done
91500ad 2016-08-17 Correctly removes from multiple boards
2fc6617 2016-08-17 Fixed issue where list wouldnt scroll
63a1ec1 2016-08-17 Correctly removes from boards when moved to done
ff7bab3 2016-08-17 When moving to done & the issue belongs to more than 1 b...
f330585 2016-08-17 Added vue-resource to get & save data
6478adf 2016-08-17 Hooked up JS to allow issues to be moved between columns
5dc41ec 2016-08-17 Initial issue boards UI
36545f8 2016-08-17 Added VueJS plugin
501a7e8 2016-08-15 Used phantomjs variable
5d8ad79 2016-08-13 Filters test fix
c617cbf 2016-08-13 Fixed filtering tests
a0cd87d 2016-08-13 Removed screenshot command :poop:
61bdc80 2016-08-13 Updated failing tests
59955fb 2016-08-13 Used mirrored version on GitLab
f668da1 2016-08-13 Updated tests
a55aaab 2016-08-05 Added changelog item for issuable form dropdowns
4d716b7 2016-08-04 Underscore variable to camelCase
a3a6720 2016-08-04 Fixed issue with expand diff not initializing resolve bu...
69c7fc5 2016-08-04 Jumps between discussions on the changes tab
433f1c4 2016-08-04 Comment & resolve button no longer looks for can-resolve...
b1b32bf 2016-08-03 Fixed issue with `this` not being defined
a45071d 2016-08-03 Merge branch 'master' into ref-switcher-enter-submit
010477e 2016-08-02 Append .json onto graph request URL (!5136)
3ccb27c 2016-08-01 Moved the discussions count to be on the right of the tabs
3d41a44 2016-08-01 Cache the selectors
8bdd88a 2016-08-01 Checks if DiffNotesApp is defined
ee62a2f 2016-08-01 Moved update headline HTML into discussion model
d6e724d 2016-08-01 Moved method to compile components from window into diff...
f65d8eb 2016-08-01 Updated method name to be more descriptive
9accca4 2016-08-01 Unminified versions of vue & vue-resource
c51cbc1 2016-08-01 Updated issues with jump tp button
db8c4bc 2016-07-29 Spacing update of discussions resolved box
822624b 2016-07-29 File rename
6656fae 2016-07-29 Tests for not logged in user
03ea267 2016-07-29 Added tests for hidden jump to button
d147894 2016-07-29 Hides jump to next button if only one discussion visible
9878356 2016-07-29 Added JS spec tests for CommentsStore
6f94f62 2016-07-29 Correctly cycles the unresolved discussions
4e67981 2016-07-29 Fixed failing tests
efb7487 2016-07-29 Moved most of the data handling into discussion & notes ...
dc87499 2016-07-28 Removed question mark in if statement
8b1a2e4 2016-07-28 Moved the parentheses outside to make Babel happy
5e52e1a 2016-07-28 Fixes issue with dropdowns enter key not working correctly
6e50719 2016-07-27 Fixed artifacts expire date in FF
8539396 2016-07-27 Fixed jump tp button being hidden
9398ee7 2016-07-27 Hides jump to next button on commit discussion
2247d8a 2016-07-27 Updates the text above discussions when resolving notes ...
8644684 2016-07-27 Added tests for resolving comments feature
b53ccd1 2016-07-27 Fixed close merge request not hiding
d6b7599 2016-07-27 Fixed failing JS
5a0cd0e 2016-07-27 Added jump tp next discussion button
5ec7a40 2016-07-26 Added jump to next discussion button
f4746d0 2016-07-26 Variables renames
e786c2b 2016-07-26 Comment & resolve button text is done through VueJS
3e80f46 2016-07-26 Fixed note edit not updating Vue element
14710f7 2016-07-26 Shows tooltip for resolved even if user cant resolve com...
a678fef 2016-07-26 Added resolved by users name into tooltip
20f932d 2016-07-26 Fixed issue with autocomplete search not working with en...
5e86065 2016-07-26 Added ability to toggle resolving by commenting
6537a4a 2016-07-26 Correctly resolves/unresolves discussions
c926cdf 2016-07-26 convert CS to JS
30f655c 2016-07-26 Fixed JS bugs in note.js merge
2f5ee5e 2016-07-26 Merge branch 'master' into diff-line-comment-vuejs
e28fb83 2016-07-24 Fixed loading icon not working on resovle all buttons
e7626eb 2016-07-24 Added comment & resolve button to reply form
44cb580 2016-07-24 Seperated resolve all button from reply button
c1fe066 2016-07-24 Added resolve button to discussions
4313180 2016-07-24 Use VueJS resource
4af0146 2016-07-24 Assigns to variable rather than using VueJS method
511a078 2016-07-24 Spacing above resolve all box
a55c123 2016-07-24 Resolve all endpoint
50e0728 2016-07-24 Moved away from vuejs-rails
b550e6e 2016-07-24 Posts to rails to update note eventually
662f5ed 2016-07-24 Fixed tabs
a8927a7 2016-07-24 Fixed issue when adding or deleting through jQuery
0ab8264 2016-07-24 VueJS updates
70b46b2 2016-07-24 Resolve all comments button
af5fc6e 2016-07-24 Diff line comments resolve
45fa7fd 2016-07-21 Correctly checks for character before GFM input char
283bd88 2016-07-21 Changed project description width
94e0ca0 2016-07-21 Allow GFM autocomplete to be trigger without the precedi...
27a4469 2016-07-21 Changed tr to be direct descendant
a6e312b 2016-07-21 Updated wording in the specs
1a59667 2016-07-20 Fixed padding on line content
71bb7bd 2016-07-20 Fixed issue where using arrow keys would require arrow k...
dc1c7b7 2016-07-20 Highlights first row when filtering in dropdowns
1b55e5a 2016-07-20 Fixed dropdown enter key when searching
48a360f 2016-07-20 Removes @projects as not used anymore - getting selected...
5995a62 2016-07-20 Fixed up frontend code based on feedback
a87e0da 2016-07-20 Fixed failing issuable filter specs
ccee2ae 2016-07-20 Removed duplicate labels from the dropdown on dashboard
47d8fb8 2016-07-20 Uses the selected values from the controller not the params
c54d2a0 2016-07-20 Removes tick from no label when selecting a label
0a81c00 2016-07-20 Fixed 'no label' being in dropdown toggle label
9947e69 2016-07-20 Fixed issue where label query would bring back duplicates
44cf9e4 2016-07-20 Fixed issuable sidebar label toggle not working
1920cf2 2016-07-20 Gets value from native element rather than converting to...
49bc1cd 2016-07-20 Updated how the label toggle gets the text
357ad44 2016-07-20 Fixed Rubocop errors
feeb489 2016-07-20 Added spec tests for merge request form including from f...
75892ae 2016-07-20 Added tests for new/edit issue form
c752ed0 2016-07-20 Fixed create label link in dropdown breaking specs
e98617a 2016-07-20 Fixed Rubocop offence with underscored var names
639a0b1 2016-07-20 Fixed milestone dropdown label not persisting
c484766 2016-07-20 Fixed issuable sidebar label dropdown
c9cd271 2016-07-20 Fixed failing label dropdown tests
eb49e28 2016-07-20 Fixed milestone dropdown tests
4ffe142 2016-07-20 Fix clearing fields not saving
9a1feb6 2016-07-20 Fixed labels & milestones loading the wrong path
3582861 2016-07-20 Fixed label dropdown bugs with pre-selecting the toggle ...
bf1d0cb 2016-07-20 Fixed label dropdown not selecting no labels
0a98608 2016-07-20 GL dropdown default toggle color
82ef4f1 2016-07-20 Fix issue with label select not correctly showing select...
7f0ccba 2016-07-20 Fix issue with milestone dropdown submitting the form wi...
a33a67e 2016-07-20 Use target_project instead of projectg
f0691ec 2016-07-20 Revert "Merge branch 'revert-bdb6f1e6' into 'master'"
cf33acb 2016-07-20 Fixed wrapping of lines on smaller viewports
5cf89e7 2016-07-20 Uses white-space instead of setting font size to 0
26055b1 2016-07-20 Highlight empty lines
e5b64f2 2016-07-19 Added ref switcher enter key tests
896b9c1 2016-07-19 Fixed issue with filtering & pressing enter key
c7fcd06 2016-07-19 CHANGELOG item
d705537 2016-07-19 Added redirect_to_referer to login link on issues
5d7b2bd 2016-07-19 Prevent default on link click in ref switcher
f91cfa8 2016-07-18 Fixed navigational keys not working when filtering
5f98571 2016-07-18 Fixed enter submitting form in dropdown
7450248 2016-07-18 Added tests to dateTime utility getDayName method
7a4d728 2016-07-18 Blurs the clicked link in dropdown menus
1bc911d 2016-07-17 Fixed the alignment in the MR widget
a9d5b07 2016-07-15 Apply diff view cookie on compare
de6ca8e 2016-07-14 Chnaged noteable class check
0666515 2016-07-13 CHANGELOG
1f90df0 2016-07-13 Changed collapsed assignee tooltip to users name
ba07fa0 2016-07-13 Changed CSS for emails to be mostly single class selectors
c826b7c 2016-07-13 Fixed Rubocop
42865bf 2016-07-12 Aria labels on top header links
da42b1b 2016-07-12 Added author username tooltip in issuable header
050e484 2016-07-12 Reduced diff email CSS
2bee8e7 2016-07-11 Hide build spinner on canceled builds
80a7da1 2016-07-11 Fixed dropdown search field height in ie11
b684517 2016-07-11 Moved merge request button visibility out of issue_helper
bd888e1 2016-07-08 Fixed submit button not enabling
d745094 2016-07-08 Added tests for compare dropdowns
8b9a496 2016-07-08 Updated dropdowns to use field instead
c160aae 2016-07-08 Updated compare dropdowns
e26f8bf 2016-07-08 Dashboard projects blank state
f5d1d4a 2016-07-07 Fixed width on project visibility icon in project list
08f14ef 2016-07-07 Fixed GFM autocomplete not loading on wiki pages
afbd631 2016-07-07 Dropdown chevron alignment
a6b4164 2016-07-07 Updated tests
bf40aab 2016-07-07 GL dropdowns in issuable form
b8c521f 2016-07-07 Fixed commit avatar alignment in compare view
0a98f26 2016-07-06 Fixed avatar alignment in new MR view
2044af6 2016-07-06 Fixed issue with build auto-refresh not working
e486bbf 2016-07-06 Fixed spelling
abd7943 2016-07-06 Links markdown text to docs
0db54b1 2016-07-05 Fixed avatar alignment in new MR view
bf5d28e 2016-07-05 Fixed markdown buttons in FF
e339090 2016-07-05 Chnaged padding of project header nav
5fcf475 2016-07-05 Updated tests
d10d32a 2016-07-05 Uses any method instead of nil to check for issues
4ddcac8 2016-07-05 Added blank state to issues
111fecc 2016-07-04 Reverted project avatar radius
509c2ca 2016-07-04 Fixed issue with Forked from text not being visible
211246c 2016-07-04 Mobile spacing
16ca8ec 2016-07-04 Updated spacing
eac81b9 2016-07-04 Updated project header
a445630 2016-07-04 Added day name to contributions calendar
c674c11 2016-07-04 Correctly shows close button on merge requests
cc154fc 2016-07-01 Cache autocomplete results
d0e8ffb 2016-07-01 Uses input field for email address
805b9a8 2016-06-30 Updated breakpoint for sidebar pinning
bf97014 2016-06-30 Expiry date on pinned nav cookie
7964ea1 2016-06-30 Added new issue by email modal window
d959abf 2016-06-29 Changes calendar activities to use target reference
e65a703 2016-06-29 Updating padding in dropdown menu
a44988a 2016-06-28 Fixed logout tests
0d6d837 2016-06-28 Build path sends JSON file path
4e1b670 2016-06-27 Removed fade when filtering results
0bba8ad 2016-06-27 Fixed comit avatar alignment
d17ab05 2016-06-27 Correctly returns todo ID after creating todo
4678e22 2016-06-27 Markdown toolbar inserts code blocks
e7aa831 2016-06-27 Added user avatar to header
42e515d 2016-06-24 Fixed avatar alignment in new MR view
d334f8d 2016-06-24 Fixed URL on label button when filtering
a531af6 2016-06-24 Updated award emoji tests
92c71a4 2016-06-22 Updated to add parentheses
363f7a5 2016-06-22 Empty the content before append anything to the dropdown
5a09745 2016-06-22 Use jQuery objects in ref dropdown
c89b0d9 2016-06-21 Fixed issue with navbar counts being misaligned
c207b9e 2016-06-21 Tests update
62d16e5 2016-06-21 Updated tests to not look for flash message
85a5e42 2016-06-21 Moved new environment link to below blank state text
b5a718d 2016-06-21 Updated blank state for environments and deployments
472fe59 2016-06-21 Fixed notification tests
a4d4a7e 2016-06-21 Fixed issue with notification dropdownn not updating active
3e058a9 2016-06-20 Fixed award emoji tests
03a4d6e 2016-06-20 Made the search bar on emoji menu sticky
e1d38bc 2016-06-20 Fixed failing search category tests
1ba0930 2016-06-20 Checks for relatedTarget
c9cc64f 2016-06-20 Fixed issue with focusing out of dropdown not hiding menu
77c8600 2016-06-20 Fixed search field blur not removing focus
f112e2a 2016-06-20 Fixed issue with returning ref in commits JSON
34e3139 2016-06-20 Fixed hover of date picker calendar
b543a96 2016-06-20 Added text_utility to JS tests
657aaca 2016-06-20 Fixed mobile styling
a0173bc 2016-06-20 Set path for pinned nav cookie
c240cad 2016-06-18 Fixed Ruby to use exclude
68c9981 2016-06-18 Correctly adds commit ID into dropdown
3c8c912 2016-06-18 Pulls back tags if any exist
ed0f26c 2016-06-18 Escapes branch names before appending to dom
d2362e2 2016-06-18 Tests fix for ref switcher
deca5ef 2016-06-18 Refs dropdown is now loaded async
55982c3 2016-06-18 Fixed placement of close button on merge requests
721fa87 2016-06-17 Fixed issue with assignee dropdown not selecting correctly
914f973 2016-06-17 Removed update method
a4b078b 2016-06-17 Fixed bug with label clicking in modal not working
83446ce 2016-06-17 Fixed bug with clicking custom again not opening modal
fd15e81 2016-06-17 Description for custom in dropdown
531d27e 2016-06-17 Fixed alignment of notification dropdown menu
673ae91 2016-06-17 Fixed styling of commit box in new MR
cd864bb 2016-06-17 Fixed styling of clipboard button
4140c46 2016-06-17 Made markdown buttons work on all markdown textareas
d5b331b 2016-06-17 Improved design
14d08d1 2016-06-17 Updated design of markdown buttons
b52cbab 2016-06-17 Fixed alignment of buttons in note forms
d7a8e5e 2016-06-17 Fixed tooltip placement on edit tags button
6ce6fa8 2016-06-17 Fixed size of buttons in branches list
2ba1b9e 2016-06-17 Aligns create merge request button vertically
cd95389 2016-06-17 Fixes font family of commit ID in diffs
59b5bff 2016-06-17 Uses not when checking for system note
1a259bc 2016-06-17 Fixed issue with dropdown buttons
a210cd1 2016-06-17 Removed ID from button as frontend doesnt use anymore
851a088 2016-06-17 Removed todo from JSON response
60b4049 2016-06-17 Added todo controller tests for merge requests
7c95dc4 2016-06-17 Checks for current_user when getting todo
b56965c 2016-06-17 Correctly checks if user is logged in when adding todo
85fab13 2016-06-17 Improved manual todos
4a7816f 2016-06-16 Fixes font weight of commit id on view file button
24f5f07 2016-06-16 Added description to custom option in notification dropdown
537e8f2 2016-06-16 Added title attribute to enties in tree view
cd37c92 2016-06-16 CHANGELOG
7708d5a 2016-06-16 CHANGELOG
da592a7 2016-06-16 Added source branch text to dropdown toggle
7886692 2016-06-15 Moved pinned button to the bottom
7d9157f 2016-06-15 Clicking body closes nav
9d74eb4 2016-06-15 Increased speed of sidebar transition
e3529d5 2016-06-15 Pinned sidebar navigation option
342434c 2016-06-15 Fixed issue with de-selecting dropdown option in issue s...
aa35abf 2016-06-15 Added test to dropdown search
e412c1f 2016-06-15 Fixed issue with move dropdown not being searchable
0b1eea8 2016-06-14 Removed console.log
42eab83 2016-06-14 Fixed alignment of download dropdown
b8beb0b 2016-06-14 Fixed last push event banner not being in container
b22ba26 2016-06-14 CHANGELOG
e737ffc 2016-06-14 Todo service tests
16970d0 2016-06-14 Returns created todos to control rather than re-query
8abd7b3 2016-06-14 Updated TODO description
330e913 2016-06-14 Uses update URL to update the status of a todo
20d382a 2016-06-14 Moved todo creation over to project todos controller
f8a8999 2016-06-14 Cached jQuery selectors
04c199a 2016-06-14 Fixed bug with sidebar when user is not logged in
a1be324 2016-06-14 Todo tests and CHANGELOG
05525b5 2016-06-14 Fixed issue with todo button not updating state
82be673 2016-06-14 Fixed issue with sidebar button styling
1e762c0 2016-06-14 todo title text update for manual todos
f67b06a 2016-06-14 Manually create todo for issuable
ad57a94 2016-06-13 Hides award emoji & access level on system notes
29130f3 2016-06-13 Hides the fade right unless required
672aec4 2016-06-13 Improved views
22e97dd 2016-06-13 Fixed issue with MR buttons being in a group
8c367c9 2016-06-13 Shows build scroll buttons after build is complete
b0b1b85 2016-06-13 Fixed spacing with row below in build sidebar
9281709 2016-06-13 Added missing span element around time
93080b6 2016-06-13 Displays time remaining relative to now
5e955d2 2016-06-13 Aligned the two navs horizontally
f1a0e88 2016-06-13 Fixed issue with user calendar colors
638e318 2016-06-10 Fixed issue when opening a highlighted line diff
998c688 2016-06-10 Updated tests
e7950bd 2016-06-10 Fixed project dropdown being overlapped by sidebar
bd257c3 2016-06-10 Fixed merge conflict that caused tests to fail with build
a6345c1 2016-06-10 Fixed failing tests
dc6ec2a 2016-06-10 CI build page UI update
ff702bd 2016-06-10 Changed how date gets cleared
ab72234 2016-06-10 Fixed tests
9d09bd0 2016-06-10 Due date can be removed from milestones
10f17c2 2016-06-10 Correctly shows label errors in dropdown
1d95958 2016-06-10 Changelog fix for search dropdown arrow keys fix
a4b3bda 2016-06-10 removed tests needed for any author :poop:
b2b3fb6 2016-06-10 Revert change to search all users
e0a90c4 2016-06-10 Made the awardable buttons prettier when active
a99d25b 2016-06-10 Checks against date parsing instead of string
b0cf821 2016-06-10 Fixed tests
e15b17f 2016-06-10 Uses already defined color for text in sidebar
88f5624 2016-06-10 Updated link color
492e006 2016-06-10 Corrected all sidebar font weights to correctly match th...
ffd0738 2016-06-10 Fixed issue with bold in issuable sidebar
ef48dd0 2016-06-09 Checks based on whether data is loaded not undefined
4456b41 2016-06-09 Checks for undefined when inserting autocomplete into te...
7c88141 2016-06-09 Fixed tests
be7b67d 2016-06-09 CHANGELOG
cc971f0 2016-06-09 Improved the UX of issue & milestone date picker
b0a80f6 2016-06-09 Fixed failing label subscribe test
8e8ec82 2016-06-09 Tests update
9830f9a 2016-06-09 Updated subscribe icon
051dc1d 2016-06-09 Fixed failing tests
e7ca709 2016-06-09 Updated labels UI
d301791 2016-06-09 Added tests
e796555 2016-06-09 Fixed issue where label filtering didnt work
1f192af 2016-06-09 Updated text expander text color
8cd17f7 2016-06-08 Fixed dropdown line-height
d3ff691 2016-06-08 Fixed issue with dropdown toggle not updating
f4eb557 2016-06-08 Darken the border between remove label and label name
cba0321 2016-06-08 Updated design
519c758 2016-06-08 Removable labels from filtered issuables label bar
b76ab72 2016-06-08 Fixed horizontal and veritcal alignment of commit action...
e7ee3f9 2016-06-08 Changed margin to better align vertically
41c2ea9 2016-06-08 Vertical alignment of buttons in commit row
e5a83a9 2016-06-08 Added short commit ID to mobile
6863444 2016-06-08 SCSS lint fix
d5afb13 2016-06-08 Sends correct parameter to commit_author_link for avatar
97cee7e 2016-06-08 Improved spacing on mobile
48726e9 2016-06-08 Updated failing tests
8b40a77 2016-06-08 Updated tests
79b375e 2016-06-08 Updated some commit UI colors
8827eea 2016-06-08 Updated commits UI
f62df36 2016-06-07 Updated colors
51a62fc 2016-06-07 Fixed failing tests
8fa8cba 2016-06-07 CHANGELOG item
e141a1c 2016-06-07 Notifications dropdown on project page now has descriptions
515a5ae 2016-06-05 Fixed JS errors
86df113 2016-06-05 Upgraded jQuery to version 2
e696795 2016-06-03 CHANGELOG item
317cfcb 2016-06-03 Fixed issue with search autocomplete not allow arrow key...
57a3f28 2016-06-03 Added minimum password length to password field
a51ccf3 2016-06-03 Backported from EE shared form for web hooks
31112fd 2016-06-02 Edit form background color on highlighted note
6aa9ea7 2016-06-02 Fixed issue with activity links not being consistent
855ff64 2016-06-02 Shows the edit comment button on mobile
a9785a4 2016-05-27 Fixed issue with calendar activity button not sending re...
d849923 2016-05-27 Fixed issue with spacing in issuable header
6b5c3f0 2016-05-26 Improved mobile styling
9a7951f 2016-05-26 Fixed potential issue with 2 ci status polling events ha...
d7bd7a3 2016-05-26 Fixed JS error when trying to remove discussion form
2830b46 2016-05-26 Reduced number of buttons in commit header
dddcab7 2016-05-26 Fixed user select failing tests on merge request
bc0666b 2016-05-26 Filter issuables by any user
4287993 2016-05-26 Hide description on mobile
50a16c4 2016-05-25 Updated Ruby
1e45fb2 2016-05-25 Fixed issue with button color when no CI enabled
497a28c 2016-05-25 Fixed project model tests
56c00d1 2016-05-25 Increased zindex of layout nav
5386671 2016-05-25 Show loading indicator for autocomplete
f2fb574 2016-05-24 Updated erorr message when project limit is zero
a29b45b 2016-05-24 Clicking search pill focuses field
7ab09fd 2016-05-24 Fixed issue with GitLab import buttons having a spinner
5cca2d3 2016-05-24 Updated Ruby based on feedback
e76d11d 2016-05-23 Related merge request text alignment
d3bdbf5 2016-05-23 Fixed issue with dropdown not opening after removing due...
9052ec8 2016-05-23 Added due date tests
a69ab10 2016-05-23 Added remove due date button
672bd4e 2016-05-20 Correctly sends project ID
fac08c3 2016-05-20 Fixed up JS comments
f307ff3 2016-05-20 Replaced line breaks
9f60a2e 2016-05-20 Fixed issue with enter key selecting wrong option in dro...
ce8dd3b 2016-05-20 Fixed issue with merge button color
10e3de7 2016-05-20 Fixed project settings tests
aff288a 2016-05-20 Project settings UI update
783a5ae 2016-05-19 Adds the emoji menu to the body and then re-positions it...
bf96c30 2016-05-19 Award spec for merge requests
4487603 2016-05-19 Added tests for issues
797acde 2016-05-19 Tooltip placement on award buttons
f6a7b3c 2016-05-19 Hides award bar when editing a note
3d4d8e5 2016-05-19 Changed design of inline award picker to be similar to d...
7d4f41e 2016-05-19 Removed console log
9e8449b 2016-05-19 Hides the row in notes body when empty of emojis
25a4893 2016-05-19 Removes buttons in notes body
f2f2e07 2016-05-19 Shows the bar on notes if a new award is added
0b45cf5 2016-05-19 Uses the same emoji-menu and just moves it around depend...
4caf38a 2016-05-19 Refactored JS slightly to make things easier
d53bfcb 2016-05-19 Updated snippets tests
da5f0b9 2016-05-18 Updated snippets UI
72df2da 2016-05-18 Clicking changes tab scrolls the window to show the content
97a7bdd 2016-05-17 Updated services UI
8536c49 2016-05-16 Fixed rubocop error
80bda87 2016-05-16 Updated tests
caca3bb 2016-05-16 Fixed project settings alert colors
5c4416b 2016-05-16 Loads move issue dropdown async
527d644 2016-05-16 Moved into class methods
b54ea9d 2016-05-16 Updated spacing of the calendar
93c0bb8 2016-05-16 Fixed issue with selected date not loading correctly
bef5695 2016-05-16 Formats tooltip title & date correctly
1c9440c 2016-05-16 tests update
c3de944 2016-05-16 Removed cal heatmap from gemfile
18b361c 2016-05-16 Group the contributing calendar by day
36fdbc6 2016-05-16 Updated contrib map away from cal heat map
d4777cd 2016-05-16 Updated if statement
f6d321a 2016-05-16 Fixed rubocop issues
82ea435 2016-05-16 Added tests
5f66bfe 2016-05-16 Added due date calendar to new issue form
7df4b16 2016-05-16 Fixed issue with not being able to search text & filter
31b1dc3 2016-05-16 Fixed failing rubocop tests
7eb97ef 2016-05-16 Added issue_search parameter
1a08674 2016-05-16 Fixed tests
fdc9490 2016-05-16 Fixed issue with not being able to sort and filter
471d7a5 2016-05-16 Added tests
3a76cc5 2016-05-16 Fixed Ruby issues
832d7fa 2016-05-16 Issuable filtering improvements
c9b3c08 2016-05-16 Changed table border color
99428f1 2016-05-16 Updated project variable tests
bda2c44 2016-05-16 Project variables UI
b2ec176 2016-04-29 Removes duplicates from the label dropdown
4fcf2fb 2016-04-28 Updated spacing between notification label and button
1cf8723 2016-04-27 Updated triggers UI
420b95b 2016-04-27 Changed settings icon color variable
a3d6b61 2016-04-26 Protected branches UI
b651303 2016-04-26 Updated tests
4c772d9 2016-04-26 Project webhooks updated UI
3e40b88 2016-04-26 Project title dropdown tests
0158b86 2016-04-26 Updated label links to work correctly for filtering
df0cdc8 2016-04-26 Escape key closes the dropdown
97c1a1e 2016-04-26 Updated based on feedback
7ee5de1 2016-04-26 Consistent border radius
06276bd 2016-04-26 Correctly shows no results text
3137559 2016-04-26 Fixed issue with dropdown option not sticking
f5bea9d 2016-04-26 Fixed tests
262a3dd 2016-04-26 Humanize scope text
3b5879e 2016-04-26 Truncate issue description
d369d52 2016-04-26 Focus field
6ac549c 2016-04-26 Use helper method
aa316cb 2016-04-26 Changes dropdown toggle on search dropdowns
1c8d01b 2016-04-26 Removed category icons
be521d7 2016-04-26 icons on search bar
8e4aa6e 2016-04-26 Mobile updates for search UI
bb50edb 2016-04-26 Loads group & projects on search page with ajax
b3af393 2016-04-26 Started updating search UI
54493b9 2016-04-25 Updated tests for deploy keys
ca988b2 2016-04-25 Fixed failing tests
7561855 2016-04-25 Project deploy keys updated UI
172947f 2016-04-25 Updated select box to match design
5542c94 2016-04-25 Updated project group sharing UI
13f7ba0 2016-04-22 Removed usage of normilizeEmojiName method
319c936 2016-04-22 Fixes issue with emoji comments not showing correct emoj...
593f001 2016-04-22 Triggers blur after clicking award button
83adcf1 2016-04-22 Escapes label title in filters
32be8bd 2016-04-22 Fixed issue with assignee object not being returned
4b0992e 2016-04-22 Fixed issue with project dropdown links not being clickable
50ed43e 2016-04-22 Improved confirmation UX
c079ae2 2016-04-21 Reverted label link helper
97baf41 2016-04-21 Reverted link changes
639ba1b 2016-04-21 Removed console.log
15d1804 2016-04-21 Updated tests
2e0182b 2016-04-21 Fixed issue with author link color on dark diffs
7f23e0b 2016-04-21 Fixes text color on labels in sidebar
5c8959b 2016-04-20 Added variables
461608e 2016-04-20 replace hyphens to commas when converting date
4eeef19 2016-04-20 Fixed date issue with timezones
4962866 2016-04-20 Removed buttons instead clicking date sets it
989bcfc 2016-04-20 Mobile value color for due date
e219867 2016-04-20 Updates sidebar value
720da41 2016-04-20 Updated based on designs
f56c626 2016-04-20 Fixed issue with bootstrap dropdown closing the calendar
7617ae2 2016-04-20 Fixed issue with selectbox not hiding
aa22106 2016-04-20 Posts the due date through AJAX
05523b5 2016-04-20 Removed due date filter
490f773 2016-04-20 Fixed tests because of nil array
ab93ea0 2016-04-20 Correctly checks for undefined in coffeescript :see_no_e...
2dbfa1d 2016-04-20 Put back removed line number
28faa97 2016-04-20 Fixed issue when scrolling to element and there is an ex...
6495c13 2016-04-20 Fixed issue with lines not being selectable when expandi...
7bcacaf 2016-04-20 Fixed issue with incorrect line being highlighted if lin...
439a728 2016-04-20 Any label & no label out weigh other labels - these two ...
75626d5 2016-04-20 Label text color comes from JSON
9101444 2016-04-20 Fixed issue with new MR form layout
04c992f 2016-04-20 Removed commented text from system notes
98b1c77 2016-04-20 Fixes issue with note form inheriting text color
bea3484 2016-04-20 merged upstream
1a7ccd0 2016-04-20 Removed animation from labels filter
114d3c9 2016-04-19 Fixed issue with sidebar edit links toggling anchor
c3b5c32 2016-04-19 Removed duplicate ID's from the HTML
136887d 2016-04-19 Removed JS update templates
d1b2e7b 2016-04-19 Trigger filtering after ajax is complete in dropdown
fe603d4 2016-04-18 Removed aside toggle on profile pages
872d31d 2016-04-18 Fixed issue with spinner not hiding on diff changes
ea71145 2016-04-18 Fixed issue with multi select not working with arrow keys
fe3ac40 2016-04-18 Addressed feedback
167fa5c 2016-04-18 CHANGELOG item
1a57601 2016-04-18 Updated print style
c24640c 2016-04-18 Fixed issue with tasklist toggling sidebar refresh
6f31262 2016-04-18 Fixed overlap in header on mobile
0be158a 2016-04-17 Added upload file test to new issue form
84fba4d 2016-04-16 Updated some if statements
2629ab4 2016-04-16 Fixed tests
a716e8e 2016-04-16 Added CHANGELOG item
4b15a8e 2016-04-16 Fixed up based on feedback
365f351 2016-04-16 Alignment with sidebar
ce2e37d 2016-04-16 Fixed tests
6c949b2 2016-04-16 Moved meta information into an issuable helper method
60bb700 2016-04-16 Merge request header markup now matches issue markup for...
fd42b0d 2016-04-16 Refactored issue header to work better for mobile
eceada9 2016-04-16 Fix issue with go full screen triggering attach file
0fcdcad 2016-04-15 Fixed issue with dropzone not working on new issuable
2c5ab1b 2016-04-15 Removes dropzone focus class after dropping file
5b37422 2016-04-15 Indented code
fcf0612 2016-04-15 Updated note form focus to better match form-control focus
038e623 2016-04-14 Fixed tests
01f70fc 2016-04-14 Fixed issue with commit time not using timeago
6191037 2016-04-14 Increased z-index of right sidebar
44f3f42 2016-04-14 Dicussion action mobile fix
e490a54 2016-04-14 Discussion notes update
a2931a3 2016-04-14 Fixed style issues
badb353 2016-04-14 Added CHANGELOG item
fd9c3b7 2016-04-14 Fixed issue with other links being clicked in diffs
f3ed476 2016-04-14 Correctly scrolls to the line when clicking
8a8d4c9 2016-04-14 Diff viewer links to correct part of the file
0d8462b 2016-04-14 Fixed scss syntax issue
ca01103 2016-04-14 Focus variable for dropzone
8ffb02d 2016-04-14 Added CHANGELOG item
c5d7b46 2016-04-14 Updated dropzone hover styling
094cafc 2016-04-14 Removed GL Actions class
7a1800f 2016-04-14 Fixed group milestones placeholder bug
6e93bd5 2016-04-14 Placeholder on milestone form
3de09d1 2016-04-14 Updated all GFM forms to use new GLForm class
d67c3e3 2016-04-14 Milestones use new GLForm class
c45ca93 2016-04-14 merge request form uses new GLForm
ff7fb09 2016-04-14 Updated issue form to use new GLForm
5dd01f5 2016-04-14 Destroy discussion form
82164a9 2016-04-14 Notes form JS update
65410e6 2016-04-14 Variable name
3d43887 2016-04-14 Updated based on feedback
f5e8667 2016-04-14 Fixed haml style issues
970b2ed 2016-04-13 Updated MR compare
1ac6bdb 2016-04-12 Updated CHANGELOG
63e54f1 2016-04-12 Updated based on Ruby feedback
4293485 2016-04-12 Updated Ruby
6416f8e 2016-04-12 Updated based on Ruby feedback
14b124f 2016-04-12 Tests update
f870857 2016-04-12 Updated tests
dca50ac 2016-04-12 Project dropdown in header uses new dropdown
beaee0a 2016-04-12 Fixed issue with failing tests
02cfff4 2016-04-12 Removed references to subscribe-button CSS class
a650af1 2016-04-12 Moved loading icon to match todo loading icon
a6ba94d 2016-04-12 Filtering by any label keeps the text on the toggle button
3cfbd2b 2016-04-11 Added loading icon to import buttons
44a95c5 2016-04-11 Added back text used on merge commit message
6333ebe 2016-04-11 Prefills commit message in edit file
1b4a56b 2016-04-11 Fixed failing tests
6a13b37 2016-04-11 Fixed missed conflict
843bc44 2016-04-11 Preparing build text
552cde7 2016-04-11 Hides notification after X amount of seconds
99fe9c7 2016-04-11 Corrects the button color on build status change
ce0678f 2016-04-11 Rubocop fix
b87cc5f 2016-04-11 Preparing build status
60fd418 2016-04-11 Build notification null check
450a39e 2016-04-11 Fixed alignment on issuable new form
2f4dc45 2016-04-11 Fixed issue with dashboard/issues not filtering by miles...
12ff7ee 2016-04-11 Merge request mobile spacing
a4fff0e 2016-04-11 Fixed dropdown title overlap
643fe43 2016-04-11 Addressed feedback
6dacf0f 2016-04-08 Fixed issue with member access not being visible on notes
24f18c8 2016-04-07 Updated meqia query for admin/groups search box
1ca627f 2016-04-07 Fixed tests
656d8d8 2016-04-07 Fixed colour of dropdown link hover
122b414 2016-04-07 Added label filter tests
af3d7d3 2016-04-07 Fixed issue with any label & no label filters missing
39ecce0 2016-04-06 Build fix
017ed4a 2016-04-06 Fixed builds
8cdb505 2016-04-06 Fixed spacing in MR footer
fe811a7 2016-04-06 Removed un-used get request
1af1b6c 2016-04-06 Fixed target project update
beab104 2016-04-06 Filters by text on element
850fa65 2016-04-06 Checkmarks in dropdowns for already selected values
b310058 2016-04-06 Use new dropdowns for MR compare
7fe1904 2016-04-06 Fixed failing tests
c5c05f6 2016-04-06 Updated UI for new merge request
d6f276e 2016-04-06 Fixed issue with enter key not selecting correct value i...
4d463c3 2016-04-06 Fixed delete comment button color
f22e651 2016-04-05 Added CHANGELOG for build notifications
4d9d06e 2016-04-05 Removed emoji button from notes form
8e3f5eb 2016-04-05 CS multiline
51df936 2016-04-04 SCSS colors into variables
f62d7d2 2016-04-04 Removed console.log from notes
1f50833 2016-04-04 Updated tests
ccc6467 2016-04-04 Commits comment test update
29f414a 2016-04-04 Tests update
40297b8 2016-04-04 Reduced focus shadow
3b4c4dd 2016-04-04 Logged out box
0581df2 2016-04-04 Discussion form
f0d2f37 2016-04-04 Removed css code that isnt used
af3284d 2016-04-04 Focus style for comment form
38e3278 2016-04-04 Hides current user icon on mobile
3c2b0e7 2016-04-04 Added toolbar to comment form
0331fa3 2016-04-04 Restyling on elements in comment form
b7f0b22 2016-04-04 Started refactoring of note form
cc79eed 2016-03-31 Fixes issue with dropdowns not selecting values
f76066b 2016-03-31 Fixed issue based on feedback
a103fcb 2016-03-31 Moved back some css classes
29872c3 2016-03-31 Enter triggers the currently highlighted element click
858eee9 2016-03-31 Correctly scrolls the dropdown up & down with arrow keys
b244317 2016-03-31 Scrolls the dropdown content down
0e290a8 2016-03-31 Started arrow key movement on dropdowns
4a503cb 2016-03-31 Fixed alignment of icons
d0c08cc 2016-03-31 Tests update
ec9e0c1 2016-03-31 SCSS variables
0c3cef0 2016-03-31 Standardised the discussion headers
e0960e2 2016-03-31 Changed some CSS to make it more concise & less overriding
9c1ce00 2016-03-31 Moved project access into note actions
0a7974e 2016-03-30 Fixed issue with notification settings not saving
6a3d8ac 2016-03-29 Spec updates
31fea92 2016-03-29 Updated based on Ruby feedback
b5ece08 2016-03-29 Ruby fixes
35b3c70 2016-03-29 Fixed multiselect
f8b5ff9 2016-03-29 Fixed rubocop issues
f3b162a 2016-03-29 Fixed issue with milestone not being un-selectable
88024b1 2016-03-29 Standardised the output of the JSON to always include th...
3aeda8c 2016-03-29 Removed un-used code
a6d7c69 2016-03-29 Updated to only include upcoming on filters
c9dea77 2016-03-29 Added tests for upcoming milestone filter
7ff6af1 2016-03-29 Dropdown bug fixes
139c255 2016-03-25 Fixed JS error that was failing the builds
cf0c6e8 2016-03-25 Fixed some colours in sidebar
91d5876 2016-03-24 Fixed issue with width of project select dropdown
4d7671e 2016-03-24 HAML style fix
6a5b3a5 2016-03-24 Shows password form when signed in with linked account
07a1da7 2016-03-23 Removed hover background that wasn't needed
2d7183b 2016-03-23 Fixed failing tests
e94482d 2016-03-23 Issue sidebar overlaps on tablet
c23d9ab 2016-03-23 Fixed error with applications delete enonymous token form
0141d36 2016-03-23 Disable new label form in dropdown until fields are comp...
7eaad6e 2016-03-23 Fixed bold in sidebar
23bfa7a 2016-03-23 Update milestone spec
84f124a 2016-03-23 Assignee tests
7e2806a 2016-03-23 Added tests for setting multiple status on issues
bb0a4c0 2016-03-23 Fixed failing tests
fee0113 2016-03-23 Changed colour of no matching results bg
4c5babd 2016-03-23 Removed bold on any/unassigned authors
aec0e22 2016-03-23 Adjusted alignment for the new label form
6d40eee 2016-03-23 Added label color box in dropdown
8d14721 2016-03-23 Added clear button to dropdown filter
33489f2 2016-03-22 Fixes issue with assign milestone not loading milestone ...
07da865 2016-03-22 Shows error messages when trying to create label in drop...
21f5524 2016-03-22 Auto collapses the navigation when resizing
b4f97b9 2016-03-22 Fixes issue with signin button overflowing on mobile
5774902 2016-03-22 Removed dropdown JS to align instead favours HTML class
59e51e3 2016-03-21 Fixed bug where participants would not work correctly on...
debc882 2016-03-21 Updated other views with new project icon
310f9fc 2016-03-21 Group page now uses correct project icon
c613b8c 2016-03-21 Put back hiding of modal
c767f35 2016-03-21 Updated based on feedback
7dde8b2 2016-03-18 Fix spacing below edit note form
2f210ad 2016-03-18 Fixes issue with filter label missing on labels & milest...
c5d026a 2016-03-18 Fixed issue with filtered data persisting when dropdown ...
a45cb68 2016-03-18 Fixed failing tests
0eecc21 2016-03-18 Updated controller with before_action
d847db7 2016-03-18 Fixes issue on dashboard issues
645b7a0 2016-03-18 Full labels data in JSON
0858cb0 2016-03-18 Fixed issue with labels dropdown getting wrong labels
4366af5 2016-03-18 Added JS to fix dropdown alignment
195ef98 2016-03-18 Added test
c51af60 2016-03-18 Another CS style fix
e8d5249 2016-03-18 Fixed some CS styling issues
16d02de 2016-03-18 Fixed issue with dashboard issues not reloading
882ebfc 2016-03-18 Changing filter dropdowns shows loading
4885423 2016-03-18 Fixes issue with close button not working on MR
3b6e2a6 2016-03-18 Removed modal hide
3d6573f 2016-03-18 Updated to fix issues risen during feedback
33aeaf6 2016-03-18 Merge request title is in the notification
fcba255 2016-03-18 Commit SHA comes from JSON
fa6fae1 2016-03-18 Changed any variable name to save confusion
72830aa 2016-03-18 Removed comparing against text
8357a23 2016-03-18 Fixes issue with any milestone value in dropdown not bei...
b2e673e 2016-03-18 Removed global JS var
38ea9c6 2016-03-18 Reused some variables
021d79e 2016-03-18 Links to user on collapsed issue sidebar
e0f47c3 2016-03-18 Fixed issue when user doesnt exist
704cf9d 2016-03-18 Fixed tooltip issue for participants
3e98e59 2016-03-18 Improved issue sidebar
ceaa694 2016-03-17 Fixed failing tests
41c107b 2016-03-17 Mark all as done through AJAX
421215e 2016-03-17 Removed the flash success message
feb538d 2016-03-17 Fixed filter spacing
81439c9 2016-03-17 Moved code to single line if
6f9bda6 2016-03-16 Fixes issue with dropdown caret being incorrect color
d94dc56 2016-03-16 Fixed alignment of download dropdown
2941a76 2016-03-16 Added skip_js comment
438d614 2016-03-16 Removed label/milestone helper methods
2e07ee7 2016-03-16 Fixed failing tests
dce43b4 2016-03-16 Pre-selects values on issue and merge request dropdown
b24f9d6 2016-03-15 Fixed overflow on users name in dropdowns
cef1f4f 2016-03-14 Fixes issue with unassigned not working in dropdown
09d3cdf 2016-03-14 Changed project home icon
35aca2d 2016-03-14 Fixed tests for MR & issue filters
a965b03 2016-03-14 Removed call to setup from breakpoint size method
1a5992b 2016-03-14 Changed breakpoint size
23b0eec 2016-03-14 removed un-used function call
f0f6723 2016-03-14 Created bootstrap breakpoint class
ce9bbce 2016-03-14 changed jquery document ready
b155d54 2016-03-14 Removed deprecated bootstrap variables
9d6e0c5 2016-03-14 Left sidebar overlaps the content on mobile devices
9f86619 2016-03-11 Increased dropdown max height
6c69868 2016-03-11 Improved search results filter dropdown
6690d8e 2016-03-11 Correctly uses a variable with the text
c9b6266 2016-03-11 Used standard variable colours
a9d9783 2016-03-11 Added back 2fa configure later button
218f3e7 2016-03-11 Moved 2fa into separate view
c4baf24 2016-03-11 Fixed issue with 2fa not enabling
4d45732 2016-03-11 Fixed heading weight issue
9dc71dc 2016-03-11 Updated CHANGELOG
d5f145b 2016-03-11 Fixed failing tests
f48f51a 2016-03-11 Account settings
25f392e 2016-03-11 Added 'surprise' animation
57a9d07 2016-03-11 Fixed bug with emoji search styling
cb72f9b 2016-03-11 CoffeeScript style improv.
bfa6064 2016-03-11 Award emoji button padding
fc79fe7 2016-03-11 Renamed variables & removed some for award emoji
b5f3cf8 2016-03-11 Moved method calls to separate lines
e3d8449 2016-03-11 Moved SCSS values into variables
a7e76a6 2016-03-11 Updated award emoji tests
5e14591 2016-03-11 Updated UI of award emoji
732b6b5 2016-03-11 Fixed missing variables
07e1754 2016-03-11 Removed deprecated bootstrap classes
145143a 2016-03-10 Changed named argument
bc19aca 2016-03-10 Correct ruby code
bd41167 2016-03-10 Fixes issue with issue sidebar toggle button not working
d6f97da 2016-03-10 Changed variable names
2d44626 2016-03-10 Removed CiBuild in favour of already available CiBuild c...
ee9a6d7 2016-03-10 Fixed failing milestone filter tests
8d7e0f0 2016-03-10 Fixed failing tests
a9ea06e 2016-03-10 Fixed ruby style errors
f3afcb8 2016-03-10 Correctly handles multi-selected values
6c89196 2016-03-10 Enter button trigger first row click when searching
57294f3 2016-03-10 Removed fuse for fuzzaldrin
0e82bca 2016-03-10 Fixed issue with user list not fetching current project ...
7744b67 2016-03-10 Stops excute remote data fetcher when already recieved data
dd35de1 2016-03-10 Uses a publicly facing URL so that it allows labels & mi...
730af55 2016-03-10 Filter alignment
2e3c082 2016-03-10 Status dropdown
75b21eb 2016-03-10 Can create new label from dropdown
5cdac76 2016-03-10 Started page two for labels dropdown to allow creating n...
8ca880c 2016-03-10 Correctly fitlers remotely
562a09c 2016-03-10 milestone dropdown
d6e5ed8 2016-03-10 Extra links in label filter dropdown fotoer
04fc448 2016-03-10 Removed label colour from dropdown
7bbab5f 2016-03-10 Fixed alignment of labels in dropdowns
11b52e2 2016-03-10 Applied new dropdowns to issue filters
cae03f8 2016-03-10 Custom ID & toggle class on dropdown
4407532 2016-03-10 GitLab dropdown JS
704f468 2016-03-10 Replaced hidden div for textarea off-the screen
2cd4016 2016-03-10 Moves build status tooltip on issues
a0c4f3d 2016-03-10 Fixes issue with markdown snippet not being copyable
573bbd6 2016-03-10 Fixed flicker of download project button
3c6fdc7 2016-03-10 Fixed quick submit on note edit
c773012 2016-03-10 Fixed failing rubocop test
cd1d045 2016-03-10 Fixed issue with timeago not firing
12506ab 2016-03-10 Single if statement
538f3e0 2016-03-10 Fixed ruby issues from feedback
3d99ffc 2016-03-10 Edited timeago text on comments
22b89f3 2016-03-10 Dropdown toggle button styling
8651137 2016-03-10 Dropdown variables
c6f5166 2016-03-10 Added CSS for new dropdowns
5b621e1 2016-03-08 Snippet visibility badge spacing
b9168b0 2016-03-07 Affix the build scroll controls
7a311c2 2016-03-05 Updated project list dropdown to use dropdown classes
c10bb7b 2016-03-04 Dropdown caret color in variable
f95f242 2016-03-04 Updated tests
298971e 2016-03-04 Updated CSS so .open doesnt have to be on a dropdown ele...
144f8ef 2016-03-04 Added tabindex to filter field
b1264d8 2016-03-04 Fixed failing comment test
8c0f551 2016-03-04 Updated dropdown CSS
da6e38a 2016-03-04 Fixed tests for comment forms
692773c 2016-03-04 ctrl+enter on mac correctly submits forms
9f673aa 2016-03-04 Removed page specific variables
b03df17 2016-03-04 Moved scss values into variables
be390cf 2016-03-04 Fixed Ruby style error
c2377a1 2016-03-04 Fixed failing application settings tests
33ba32e 2016-03-04 Applications tab on profile settings
e033b9a 2016-03-04 Added discard button to comment form
2c76048 2016-03-03 SSH key ellipsis on mobile
0f237dd 2016-03-03 Changed link colour
034ad4e 2016-03-03 Content link colour in profile settings
36aad29 2016-03-03 Fixed heading bold
1d4418b 2016-03-03 Fixed failing ssh key tests
1efe105 2016-03-03 SSH keys settings
741cf43 2016-03-03 Correcly updates the status of the comment buttons on re...
2916969 2016-03-03 Removed page specific variables
7ea4948 2016-03-03 Heading spacing
11d5882 2016-03-03 Moved colour values into scss variables
c4b9905 2016-03-03 Emails settings
61c3006 2016-03-02 audit log UI update
c6b36e3 2016-03-02 Preferences view
6bd85ee 2016-03-02 Notifications settings UI
8df4a70 2016-03-02 Heading spacing
67c6d98 2016-03-02 Fixed failing password tests
3806c00 2016-03-02 Password settings page
a03b0e1 2016-03-02 Changed link colour to match
d767e7a 2016-03-02 Changed weight of labels
7db585d 2016-03-02 Fixed heading weight
e05f1ec 2016-03-02 Fixed failing profile tests
834eea0 2016-03-02 Profile settings
6f265eb 2016-03-01 Added username to issue & merge request header
43f3439 2016-03-01 Changed page title
faac0f2 2016-03-01 Fixed issue based on feedback with link text output
8e8df6d 2016-03-01 Removed un-used variables
fbe6b8e 2016-03-01 Replaced prefix with to_reference method calls
aff5e73 2016-03-01 Changed # to ! on merge requests on activity view
cb0e26d 2016-02-29 Removed NGProgress
2f0c3ca 2016-02-29 Changed too many changes buttons to white
0bfb712 2016-02-25 Created helper class to hide content in issue sidebar wh...
74d87db 2016-02-24 changed bind to on for activity link click event
b82569e 2016-02-24 fixed tests
30b56fb 2016-02-24 Treats activity tabs as single select
647eccd 2016-02-23 changed variable name to -hover
7b2f3a6 2016-02-23 Correctly aligned buttons vertical in gray-content-block
01b965f 2016-02-23 Correctly checks if tree view is on screen
9fd220b 2016-02-23 Changed padding & background color for highlighted notes
4eb67cd 2016-02-23 Issues can be dragged & dropped into empty milestone lists
d80205b 2016-02-23 Fixes issue with file view rows not clickable on project...
ef82e90 2016-02-23 Fixed mis-aligned buttons on dashboard/issues
3ec1bff 2016-02-23 fix failing tests
62f4a9d 2016-02-22 Users don't get instructions to push to other users empt...
7f1c26c 2016-02-22 Fixed issue with header overflow
d14889c 2016-02-22 Fixed issue with content in the issue sidebar disappearing
416b49d 2016-02-22 Changed the size of status indicators
fbc578a 2016-02-22 Added line links to blame table
aa1ac63 2016-02-22 Fixed revert button tooltip placement causing movement
7bdddb4 2016-02-22 removed merge-request-no-votes css class
51c1732 2016-02-22 Fixed failing issues tests
d8069bd 2016-02-22 Only show up or down votes icon on issue list if there a...
49a95d9 2016-02-22 Show project visibility level on project list
2289e60 2016-02-19 updated retina media query based on https://css-tricks.c...
d21b5be 2016-02-19 Lowercase webkit prefix
b210b5b 2016-02-19 Crushed file size of emoji spritesheets
7952fec 2016-02-19 Award emoji supports retina displays
b724f08 2016-02-05 Project dropdown test span -> i
b79d9e8 2016-02-05 Uses icon helper for dropdown toggle icon
0a094cb 2016-02-05 Changed the project switcher dropdown toggle
15bc1a0 2016-01-30 added feature test
56b0c46 2016-01-30 added tests
ad7ec74 2016-01-30 removed private method naming
d34928c 2016-01-30 remove period from function call
09dc9bd 2016-01-30 rubocop fixes
e79b5ff 2016-01-30 removed un-used variable
6013934 2016-01-30 fixes issue when user is not logged in but viewing publi...
a5267d0 2016-01-30 selecting project in dropdown takes user to the correct ...
81e7086 2016-01-30 uses AJAX to select the projects
14394e8 2016-01-30 pulls in all user projects
9040010 2016-01-30 Added dropdown to list all projects on project header
76534e7 2016-01-29 Keeps cursor at the correct place after changing text in...
5a04fc9 2016-01-29 Added tests to emoji search field focus
1b97872 2016-01-29 Auto-focus emoji award search field
fc334e7 2016-01-29 Adds the markdown link at the cursor poisition
22e81f5 2016-01-28 Removed sorted text from dropdowns
ad9799b 2016-01-21 Milestone drag & drop cursor
2821306 2016-01-19 when starring a project it correctly increase the star c...
6f1a59b 2016-01-13 Removes white line when hiding diff comments in MR
0851bf5 2015-04-13 Fixed issue where only 25 commits would load in file lis...
6fe26e3 2015-03-31 Removed help link from sidebar
4d7cd4f 2015-03-30 Added badge to commits tab
82db3dc 2015-03-30 Fixed issue where only 25 commits would load in file lis...
6920fd3 2015-03-29 Alignment fixes for repo buttons
7652510 2015-03-29 Moved download button into sidebar
79bd8ca 2015-03-27 Changed button type
81ff63d 2015-03-26 Changes the width of sidebar in issues and MRs when affi...
1989b66 2015-03-26 Fixed JS issue with diff image loading
91b1081 2015-03-26 Fork/Star button re-design
9ffef6c 2015-03-19 Changed tis to this