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#153 Peter Leitzen - All time
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Hash Date Message
4d9ede0 2018-10-12 Backport CE changes for Ops Dashboard in EE
99a38a7 2018-10-10 Enhance and test JSON schema for deployments
7b87c75 2018-08-10 Tag message is frozen so avoid stripping destructively
7fe85c1 2018-08-10 Freeze string literals
ea9c7be 2018-08-10 Fix preview of commit tagging
82337dd 2018-08-10 Implement QuickActions::TargetService
2881886 2018-08-10 Cannot mark a Commit as todo via `/todo`
56ce466 2018-08-10 You cannot `/award` a Commit
fbd0f16 2018-08-10 Let Commits::TagService return a result hash
9c6fc59 2018-08-10 Support "Preview" tab also for commit commands
9b95fe7 2018-08-10 Move finding autocompletion targets into AutocompleteSer...
19f97d2 2018-08-10 No need to destruct block arguments
c491d86 2018-08-10 Hide `/tag` quick action from non-authorised users
839b776 2018-08-10 Remove "TODO authorize"
394107f 2018-08-10 Link to the tag in system note
7405a7a 2018-08-10 Rename Commits::UpdateService to Commits::TagService
18611f0 2018-08-10 Refactor spec for Commits::UpdateService
d331377 2018-08-10 Show optional tag message in quick action explanation
591fc8f 2018-08-10 Document `/tag` in quick actions user doc
ac6b1ad 2018-08-10 Add changelog
7a4b288 2018-08-10 Create a system note after tagging a commit
d6eaf38 2018-08-10 Commit notes now support quick actions
f89a91d 2018-08-10 Quick actions are now also supported on commits
a892b23 2018-08-10 Tag a commit via `/tag 1.2.3 message`
cc1aecd 2018-08-10 Implement the `tag` commands
2022243 2018-08-10 Create empty Commits::UpdateService and wire it up
d23fbbc 2018-08-10 Build noteables in AutocompleteSourcesController#target
4779c43 2018-08-10 Create a feature spec for "/tag"
ffcf50c 2018-08-07 Don't set gon variables in JSON requests
341d379 2018-07-30 Fix typos in CreateGpgSignatureWorker spec
4a7af80 2018-07-07 Add changelog entry for !20465
997d76f 2018-07-07 Improve render performance of large wiki pages