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#121 Pawel Chojnacki - All time
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Hash Date Message
507c2d3 2017-03-08 Update GITLAB_SHELL_VERSION to 5.0.0
70b9d8d 2017-03-06 Remove unecessary defaults for uniq ip block, cleanup re...
8a9bc24 2017-03-06 align schema.rb with upstream and fix rubocop warning ab...
98bd48c 2017-03-06 Cleanup test phases by introducing request_from_ip and o...
2ff139d 2017-03-06 Make Warden set_user hook validate user ip uniquness
0ef8a64 2017-03-06 Remove unecessary calls to limit_user!, UniqueIps Middle...
9cc0ff8 2017-03-06 Cleanup common code in Unique Ips tests
80fbced 2017-03-06 Add admin settings entries
5173c09 2017-03-06 Add changelog
b1da4f7 2017-03-06 Cleanup RSpec tests
8993801 2017-03-06 Test various login scenarios if the limit gets enforced
66dc715 2017-03-06 Cleanup formatting
e5cf3f5 2017-03-06 Allow limiting logging in users from too many different ...
d13669c 2017-03-03 Remove remnants of git annex
2f0599b 2017-02-23 Disable unused tags count cache for Projects, Builds and...
f7cd5fd 2017-02-22 Ensure mutable uploads are not cached without revalidation
e31b982 2017-02-13 Make deploy key not show in User's keys list
eb9b964 2017-01-13 Allow creating protected branch when it doesn't exist
c3a9400 2017-01-13 Handles unsubscribe from notifications via email