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#115 Paul Slaughter - All time
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becb86e 2018-10-03 Add pipeline status to diffs/commit_item
5a286eb 2018-10-03 Add signature badge to diffs/commit_item
adbf614 2018-09-28 Keep IDE RightPane views alive
01a2d0f 2018-09-27 Refactor IDE to allow RightPane extension
f390184 2018-09-26 Resolve "Commit details are not displayed when reviewing...
d9bb488 2018-09-24 Refactor IDE index to support EE specific code
370f073 2018-09-24 Auto resolve new notes of resolved discussions
ce27f74 2018-09-24 Refactor 'resolved discussion reply form' specs
ae5600b 2018-09-14 Create specs for diffs/components/app and update modules...
254cfcb 2018-09-06 Updapte eslintrc no-param-reassign with 'ignorePropertyM...
908b8b7 2018-09-06 Fix vertical alignment of text in diffs
8a7b247 2018-09-06 Create spec for dropzone_input and refactor for testability
0343971 2018-09-06 Fix error message handling in dropzone_input
46f4816 2018-09-06 Refactor uploads_path to form data in wikis/edit
b47015a 2018-09-04 Move project default branch settings under 'Repository'
29dc365 2018-08-31 Resolve "Persistent banner creates problem for web ide"
c8a2f69 2018-08-31 Fix IDE avatar flex sizing style
6bb0854 2018-08-28 Resolve "It's impossible to commit twice to the same bra...
7b17961 2018-08-21 Add changelog
542d9e4 2018-08-21 Generate a fresh pot
2810bae 2018-08-21 Update mr_widget_header to not show branch names in 'com...
093690d 2018-08-21 Update MR deployment to use .label-truncate with .deploy...
df567dd 2018-08-21 Update MR header and pipeline to use .label-truncate wit...
243a209 2018-08-21 Create TooltipOnTruncate component to show tooltip only ...
97572d4 2018-08-21 Create 'mountComponentWithRender' for testing with slots
0a3d18b 2018-08-13 Backstage/ide router refactoring
0d6e50d 2018-08-07 Create Web IDE MR and branch picker
db73954 2018-08-07 Web IDE context header redesign
729951e 2018-08-03 Update commit description border and padding
3ca979c 2018-08-03 Update commit description styles to monospace font and o...
0050b3d 2018-08-03 Port EE lines into CE for commits.scss
fbfe044 2018-08-01 Add vanilla JS avatar_helper and update existing avatar ...
a8e599f 2018-07-25 Fix Web IDE editor resizing on sidebar reset size
8b0f926 2018-07-25 Update resize handle to show lighter background on hover
0c5740a 2018-07-24 Rename 'dragleft' and 'dragright' to 'drag-left' and 'dr...
818a831 2018-07-24 Rename class dragHandle to drag-handle
a7572ee 2018-07-24 Resize drag handle for Web IDE
1333771 2018-07-19 Fix Web IDE router breaking on files matching "targetmode"
11d79a5 2018-07-17 Fix ide-tree-header button background
21843c2 2018-07-03 Port of EE refactoring to extract EE lines from boards
8b6ff3e 2018-06-29 Replace .scope-description with .text-secondary
2cd0857 2018-06-29 Add changelog for personal access token style updates
07e4455 2018-06-29 Style updates for personal access token form
1bfbee5 2018-06-26 Show file in tree on WebIDE open
fe1203b 2018-06-25 Resolve "Introduce hover, active, focus states for files...
166c4ee 2018-06-25 Resolve "Guide users towards editing capabilities in rev...
85089bf 2018-06-13 Flex board columns
cb2a00f 2018-06-07 Fix height of color inputs
07b390f 2018-06-06 Fix board dropdown being cropped
bc56f1f 2018-06-06 Add polyfill and comments to utils/sticky
5e7c0b6 2018-06-05 Resolve "Markdown blockquote is not displaying properly"
399e1e8 2018-06-01 Update position sticky polyfill
bbff2d6 2018-05-31 Update 404 and 403 pages
d89db91 2018-05-31 Fix FogBugz import form col sizing
f9cfe78 2018-05-30 Update "col-xs" usage to bootstrap4
67199ae 2018-05-29 Add helpful messages to empty wiki view
bf8c699 2018-05-21 removed "(Beta)" from "Auto DevOps" messages
3fb8d10 2018-05-15 Fix bug with long strings in issue boards
0421fbc 2018-05-09 refactor 'cycle_analytics' to use axios
0cc349f 2018-05-09 refactor "deploy_keys" to use axios
32737ec 2018-05-04 fix Web IDE file tree scroll issue