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#57 Oswaldo Ferreira - All time
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caf1046 2018-10-05 Fix LFS uploaded images not being rendered
72273d3 2018-10-05 Remove dead code on main MR page
96faeb3 2018-10-01 Add changelog
4fbca2a 2018-10-01 Make single diff patch limit configurable
b18345f 2018-10-01 Filter user sensitive data from discussions JSON
18223f0 2018-09-25 Add clean-up phase for ScheduleDiffFilesDeletion
5dce096 2018-09-19 Use standalone diff stats RPC on every comparison view
c9d6c02 2018-09-17 Add Gitaly diff stats RPC client
cd1d5b2 2018-09-07 Cache diff highlighting upon Merge Request creation (ref...
965ff14 2018-09-06 Send max_patch_bytes to Gitaly via Gitaly::CommitDiffReq...
0aee375 2018-09-04 Add notes to diff docs regarding limits
5337f26 2018-08-10 Update diff docs regarding note diff file usage
ddb14e4 2018-08-07 Backport issue board milestone lists EE changes
ef66a4a 2018-08-07 Fix missing and duplicates on project milestone listing ...
49dc821 2018-08-06 Avoid N+1 on MRs page when metrics merging date cannot b...
fc4a0cd 2018-08-01 Only serializes diff files found by paths query
3786103 2018-07-24 Add points regarding background migrations on huge tables
dffe984 2018-07-24 Add :sidekiq group to cleanup redis in after callback
3ecc2b0 2018-07-18 Render MR page when no persisted diff_refs or diffs size
659aeba 2018-07-10 Use schedulers and delete diff files upon deadtuples check
c15f836 2018-07-10 Remove unnecessary EachBatch
db0f150 2018-07-10 Reschedule DeleteDiffFiles until there is none left to r...
19966e7 2018-07-10 Wait postgresql vacuum of deadtuples on merge_request_di...
4455904 2018-07-10 Add 1000 files per minute deletion ratio on scheduler
e66535e 2018-07-10 Create a diff deletion worker scheduler to avoid long-ru...
80a7be8 2018-07-10 Schedule batches in bulks of 5 diffs
d038fac 2018-07-06 Present state indication on GFM preview
31d8464 2018-06-28 Schedule workers to delete non-latest diffs in post-migr...
ad7fcc7 2018-06-27 Use monospaced font for MR diff commit link ref on GFM
dba2d6e 2018-06-27 Mark MR as merged regardless of errors when closing issues
f5ed18e 2018-06-24 Delete non-latest merge request diff files upon diffs re...
f467391 2018-06-05 Adjust insufficient diff hunks being persisted on NoteDi...
23e4ad5 2018-05-31 Adjust permitted params filtering on merge scheduling
c8a30e3 2018-05-30 Adjust permitted params filtering on merge scheduling
db92672 2018-05-30 Ensure metrics regardless of being imported on MRs
54ad5fb 2018-05-30 Take two for MR metrics population background migration
bb8f252 2018-05-24 Persist truncated note diffs on a new table
e2e72fe 2018-05-14 Adjust board lists header text color
f08f550 2018-05-07 Adjust issue boards list header label text color
3063225 2018-05-07 Display merge commit SHA in merge widget after merge
be8a320 2018-04-30 Use persisted diff data instead fetching Git on discussions
5e0a2db 2018-04-30 Add developer documentation on diff handling and limits
132f7d3 2018-04-24 Backport dev env check for storage settings deprecation
b0859a5 2018-04-23 [Backport] Burndown chart for group milestone
f39a7af 2018-04-17 Add .org? method to Gitlab helper
55e4867 2018-04-16 Add QA tests for protected branches
2c8d4f1 2018-04-13 Backport GitLab domain helper methods
4dd1f90 2018-04-06 Add support for patch link extension for commit links on...
07f516d 2018-04-05 Adjust 404's for LegacyDiffNote discussion rendering
2cda5ec 2018-04-04 Render MR commit SHA instead "diffs" when viable
ea81c27 2018-03-09 Submit a single batch blob RPC to Gitaly per HTTP reques...
5174e99 2018-03-08 Remove unused Compare#base_commit
c6273ec 2018-03-08 Avoid re-fetching merge-base SHA from Gitaly unnecessarily
25ed4a7 2018-03-05 Add "added" type on changelog
8403d35 2018-03-05 Update changelog
4ed79b4 2018-03-05 Rename quick actions handler
6297446 2018-03-01 Move wip handling to MergeRequest::BaseService
ffb107a 2018-02-27 Keep link when redacting unauthorized object links
f270991 2018-02-23 Add a button to deploy a runner to a Kubernetes cluster ...
44d33db 2018-02-22 Unify use of can_current_user_push_code Presenter
3956bb5 2018-02-22 Use select instead reject
45c77da 2018-02-22 Move can_current_user_push_to_branch to Presenter
31d1b2c 2018-02-22 Simplify project check with duck typing
a8c523d 2018-02-22 Move project presenter instance creation to controller
5cefa20 2018-02-21 Make ruby-lint happy
082a323 2018-02-21 Use method call instead hash accesses
70156f3 2018-02-20 Memoize method which is called multiple times on presenter
1521fd9 2018-02-20 Add unit tests to presenter methods
d714073 2018-02-20 Use OpenStruct instead Hash for statistics buttons
083003b 2018-02-20 Improve methods naming
c445ef5 2018-02-20 Move default_project_view tests to presenter
e0e3f1c 2018-02-20 Move button list logic to project presenter
fd372ce 2018-02-07 Address naming suggestion
dfe9f0b 2018-02-07 Remove duplicate calls of MergeRequest#can_be_reverted?
7609d06 2018-02-04 Add blurb about changing MRs to WIP through commits
25262ed 2018-02-02 Remove unnused escape_html method
5e0edf5 2018-02-02 Bypass commits title markdown on notes
4b143e7 2018-02-02 Fix and improve stubbed test for WIP commit ref
1788160 2018-02-01 Reload MRs memoization after diffs creation
dbfedb5 2018-01-30 Check MR state before submitting queries for discussion ...
395e500 2018-01-29 Remove tap and use simplified method call
df44c59 2018-01-29 Close and do not reload MR diffs when source branch is d...
2944896 2018-01-28 Return more consistent values for merge_status on MR API
38ef395 2018-01-24 Remove callback as we already update accordingly on serv...
c5893d5 2018-01-23 Update changelog
dc84313 2018-01-23 Return more consistent values for merge_status on MR API
c9d2f74 2018-01-22 Update VERSION to 10.3.6
13330e0 2018-01-22 Update for 10.3.6
b75232c 2018-01-22 Update for 10.3.6
80f2670 2018-01-22 Merge branch '10-3-stable-patch-6' into '10-3-stable'
d3016d8 2018-01-18 Update VERSION to 10.1.7
64379e3 2018-01-18 Update for 10.1.7
2092ee3 2018-01-18 Update for 10.1.7
2414c69 2018-01-18 Update VERSION to 10.2.7
de71a06 2018-01-18 Update for 10.2.7
30b9456 2018-01-18 Update for 10.2.7
7c30d48 2018-01-18 Update VERSION to 10.3.5
dce6ed3 2018-01-18 Update for 10.3.5
d00552e 2018-01-18 Update for 10.3.5
f351cc2 2018-01-17 Merge branch 'sh-backport-10-3-4-security-fixes' into 'm...
d1eb3ff 2018-01-17 Make ruby lint happy
de3b9b9 2018-01-17 Update VERSION to 10.3.4
450cb59 2018-01-17 Update for 10.3.4
74ee812 2018-01-15 Make ruby lint happy
c3f6615 2018-01-11 Update VERSION to 10.1.6
47b0469 2018-01-11 Update for 10.1.6
6926edd 2018-01-11 Update for 10.1.6
9e06263 2018-01-11 Update VERSION to 10.2.6
16855c8 2018-01-11 Update for 10.2.6
724456b 2018-01-11 Update for 10.2.6
56dc722 2018-01-10 Update VERSION to 10.3.4
f284097 2018-01-10 Update for 10.3.4
f58e165 2018-01-10 Update for 10.3.4
aafe5c5 2018-01-10 Merge branch 'docs-update-redmine' into 'master'
7b54e82 2018-01-10 Merge branch '10-1-stable-patch-6' into '10-1-stable'
0337f3d 2018-01-10 Merge branch '10-2-stable-patch-6' into '10-2-stable'
b60908b 2018-01-10 Merge branch '10-3-stable-patch-4' into '10-3-stable'
259d452 2018-01-08 Remove unnecessary queries on Merge Request Metrics popu...
87a4379 2018-01-03 Simplify metrics fetching for closed/merged MRs
feee48a 2018-01-02 Fixes spec failures due to not returning metrics for MRs...
bf8c207 2018-01-02 Cache merged and closed events data in merge_request_met...
64b8495 2017-12-26 Add missing changelog on 4feee8aa
4feee8a 2017-12-26 Merge branch '10-3-stable' into '10-3-stable-patch-1'
a0ef9ac 2017-12-26 Add changelog
64c6a8a 2017-12-26 Use Concurrent::AtomicReference instead AtomicFixnum
41d1de4 2017-12-21 Merge branch 'remove-changelog-entry-for-15788' into '10...
3e7f36d 2017-12-21 Merge branch 'bvl-patch-mr-serializer-stable-ce' into '1...
42dd92c 2017-12-20 Update VERSION to 10.3.0-rc3
9d8c933 2017-12-19 Merge branch 'fix-throttled-update-for-10-3' into '10-3-...
6b71b22 2017-12-19 Merge branch 'sh-fix-milestone-id-migration' into 'master'
130b03c 2017-12-19 Merge branch 'sh-fix-milestone-id-migration' into 'master'
cba40a1 2017-12-15 Stop sending milestone and labels data over the wire for...
c80c204 2017-12-13 Revert "Merge branch 'zj-memoization-mr-commits' into 'm...
a0d03d5 2017-12-13 Fix wrong conflict resolution on !15858
83e01ab 2017-12-12 Revert "Merge branch 'throttle-touching-of-objects' into...
d2699ae 2017-11-20 Add issue sidebar and toggle_subscription endpoint in bo...
fad11de 2017-11-20 Add MR reference to logs
011558e 2017-11-16 Add logs for monitoring the merge process
6182aca 2017-11-10 Merge branch 'winh-installation-10-2-stable-docs' into '...
1004a95 2017-11-10 Merge branch 'winh-update-10-2-docs' into 'master'
ef4c878 2017-11-10 Merge branch 'winh-templates-10-2' into 'master'
d3bdb26 2017-11-10 Merge branch 'winh-update-licenses-10-2' into 'master'
cfd8c60 2017-11-10 Merge branch 'winh-update-10-2-docs' into 'master'
820c646 2017-11-10 Merge branch 'winh-update-licenses-10-2' into 'master'
3e763fd 2017-11-10 Merge branch 'winh-installation-10-2-stable-docs' into '...
913c0bf 2017-11-10 Merge branch 'winh-templates-10-2' into 'master'
18db152 2017-10-31 Remove unnecessary helper method
6fbd430 2017-10-31 Initial CE backport for saved issue board
c4124fc 2017-10-30 Move locked check to a guard-clause
cd784a8 2017-10-30 [CE backport] Saved configuration for issue board
7e60c76 2017-10-29 Add changelog
a6c52c4 2017-10-27 Make merge_jid handling less stateful in MergeService
b78954c 2017-10-13 Simplify check for running job on Redis
9ab0254 2017-10-11 Make "merge ongoing" check more consistent
1f54c92 2017-10-04 Reduce method calls while evaluating Projects::MergeRequ...
e38dc10 2017-09-27 Clean merge_jid whenever necessary on the merge process
86f4391 2017-08-28 Cleans merge_jid when possible on MergeService
ffc576d 2017-08-28 Rename MergeRequest#async_merge to merge_async
9068083 2017-08-28 Add changelog
4f17c6b 2017-08-28 Track enqueued and ongoing MRs
d7f61ba 2017-08-28 Remove locked? check when unlocking a merge request
a0c22d1 2017-08-07 Exclude merge_jid on Import/Export attribute configuration
43b03e9 2017-08-07 Re-add column locked_at on migration rollback
16cffa9 2017-08-07 Move locked_at removal to post-deployment migration
0640b3d 2017-08-07 Store MergeWorker JID on merge request, and clean up stu...
f837cd6 2017-07-27 Use params#require instead params[] access
e561b14 2017-07-27 Backport gitlab-ee!2456
33dc517 2017-07-25 Resolve "More RESTful API: include resource URLs in resp...
d9b334d 2017-07-19 Recommend using V4 API on chat slash command integrations
e8ebad1 2017-06-28 Improve changelog
7cb6466 2017-06-28 Add parent_id back to the tests
a0c044c 2017-06-28 Improve tests text
bd4c284 2017-06-28 Rename members_count to members_count_with_descendants a...
7db2768 2017-06-28 Adjust projects spec on namespace fields
da3e4f4 2017-06-28 Add "members_count" and "parent_id" data on namespaces API
02a5c62 2017-06-12 Add test to ensure 404 rendering when given project does...
efd238e 2017-06-09 Renders 404 if given project is not readable by the user...
34ba803 2017-06-09 Use :request_store hooks on specs
c3d5faa 2017-06-08 Use RequestStore on MR show.json query count spec
33923a4 2017-05-25 Expose remove_source_branch boolean/null
2338785 2017-05-22 Use wait_for_requests to wait all JS request
28ffb4b 2017-05-20 Handle transient MR query count spec
b3cf3d0 2017-05-19 Make sure fixture creation does not affect query count test
3e08713 2017-05-19 Remove route
92cdf78 2017-05-19 Fix Karma expect
a355bca 2017-05-18 Stop loading MergeRequestEntity data on sidebar request
7efa0aa 2017-05-18 Remove unnecessary initial request
e8841e8 2017-05-18 Drop merge_check endpoint and use only MR show instead
a2dbb69 2017-05-16 Add new_blob_path to MR json schema
3f6121f 2017-05-16 Returns new_blob_path only when user can push_code to pr...
368bf99 2017-05-10 Remove unnecessary user hash being passed to DeploymentS...
9d08ddd 2017-05-10 Ensure all Serializers receive `current_user` instead `u...
ce4a50f 2017-04-10 Add share_with_group_lock to CE optional params block
fd32960 2017-04-10 Separate CE params on Grape API
7cb907c 2017-04-05 Add "search" optional param and docs for V4
d730b69 2017-03-21 Spam check only when spammable attributes have changed
86ef67e 2017-03-21 Present ajax call errors when failing to update an Issue
3f11174 2017-03-17 Use "branch_name" instead "branch" on V3 branch creation...
d13451c 2017-03-08 Returns correct header data for commits endpoint
fa0c0bb 2017-03-06 Narrow environment payload by using basic project detail...
06e9690 2017-03-03 Add filter param for authorized projects for current_use...
1286151 2017-02-24 Add performance query regression fix for !9088 affecting...
9f56b57 2017-02-22 Present GitLab version for each V3 to V4 API change on v...
c79bbe2 2017-02-21 Change branch_name param to branch throughout V4 API
2ace39f 2017-02-21 Spam check and reCAPTCHA improvements
c2426b4 2017-02-20 Unify issues search behavior by always filtering when AL...
c2102e6 2017-02-13 Move /projects/fork/:id to /projects/:id/fork
8adc356 2017-02-13 Remove deprecated templates endpoints in V4
ab92e02 2017-02-06 Add changelog file
c2d64d6 2017-02-06 Remove deprecated MR and Issue endpoints and preserve V3...
3d7ace4 2017-02-03 Remove unnecessary queries for .atom and .json in Dashbo...
cdd2346 2017-02-03 Adjust V3 projects typo on spec
e8fd6c7 2017-02-02 Update V3 to V4 docs
cadef80 2017-01-30 Remain V3 endpoint unchanged
cc24682 2017-01-30 Unify projects search by removing /projects/:search endp...
80a7c36 2017-01-27 Do not rely on style class for changing DOM state on "Ma...
27a7949 2017-01-27 Remove unnecessary extra margin on issues, mr and todo p...
6a5a5d0 2017-01-27 Remove border from issues, todos and MR pages
ed3cf83 2017-01-27 Remove bold weight from TODOs action name font
78b0106 2017-01-27 Move issuable reference display to a helper method
0e14a2f 2017-01-27 Add commment to Issue, Project and MergeRequest #to_refe...
660a755 2017-01-27 Change argument name assuming its always a Project
441501e 2017-01-27 Present TODO's list without grouping by project
aeb9db6 2017-01-27 Present group and dashboard MR list without grouping by ...
d91dd2f 2017-01-23 Extract set_project_name_from_path method
ae05766 2017-01-23 EE backport for new application settings service
4eb39e4 2017-01-23 Backport EE changes on approvals reset for closed MRs
4bb3675 2017-01-17 Fix Project#update_repository_size to convert MB to Byte...
fe957b5 2016-12-02 Update user markdown docs with cross-project shorthand v...
f272ee6 2016-12-02 Add shorthand support to gitlab markdown references
d48d879 2016-11-12 Does not raise error when Note not found when processing...