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#160 Olivier Gonzalez - All time
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8661a35 2018-10-04 Add pipeline.default_branch? mehod
cfedc0a 2018-09-27 Extend reports to support security features
d5e9185 2018-09-04 Make MySQL patch for binary indexes compatible with comp...
a2e641a 2018-06-25 Update project sidebar to work with EE feature Security ...
dd4e6bb 2018-06-06 Update vendored ADO template with adding of license mana...
0fd8245 2018-06-04 Updated vendored ADO template
afcc078 2018-06-01 Update security products job and artifact names in docum...
5ad7ac3 2018-05-24 Rename container scanning job and artifact
8c8a794 2018-05-23 Add deprecation notice in documentation
34fc573 2018-05-23 Do not update project's .gitlab-ci.yml right now
dd639aa 2018-05-23 Rename code quality job and artifact. Refs gitlab-org/gi...
40dd12c 2018-05-23 Resolve "Deprecate Gemnasium project service"
2543a0a 2018-05-11 Improve code review section in MR templates. refs #46297
065d445 2018-05-08 Cleanly handle plural name for ghost user migration
b12d654 2018-05-03 Add pass through to stripHtml for undefined and null inputs
30aaf6c 2018-04-18 Avoid infinite loop in container scanning job. Refs gitl...
990cb43 2018-04-18 Fix DAST example in documentation
ccba859 2018-04-10 Update vendored .gitlab-ci.yml for Auto-Devops
a3617fb 2018-04-10 Update Security Products jobs definitions
71a3855 2018-04-09 Fix code climate example
81aba67 2018-04-04 Use standard codequality job
a086945 2018-04-03 Update Security Products examples documentation
c368c23 2018-03-28 Fix code quality example documentation
25b4682 2018-03-27 Add documentation for Dependency Scanning feature
88da76a 2018-03-16 Update vendored gitlab-ci.yml template for auto-devops
bee3318 2018-03-16 Update Code Quality example documentation
f2f7bb2 2018-03-15 Rename SAST for Docker to Container Scanning in document...
e19d45d 2018-02-16 Update vendored AutoDevOps YML for latest SAST changes
ebe205a 2018-02-06 Add the missing "Security Products" Team label and sort ...