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#99 Nur Rony - All time
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Hash Date Message
b8a6338 2017-04-21 Adding animation for all dropdown
4d881ac 2017-04-07 shows go back link only when history is available
6181b35 2017-03-20 fixes large text tooltip in diff file name
330d4f3 2017-03-02 dismissable error close is not visible enough
238ca04 2017-02-23 adds mount function with prevent and removes keepGraph f...
4792eb7 2017-02-23 fixes job dropdown action button error
6f5b3dc 2017-02-22 fix rspec issue after delimiter fix
e6c0c33 2017-02-22 fixes delimiter removes when todo marked as done
c171435 2017-02-20 fixes line number copy issue for unfolded parallel view ...
09e9706 2017-02-13 Fixes markdown in activity feed is light gray
0335619 2017-02-10 adds changelog
8d207c6 2017-02-10 fixes MR widget jump
3a27ec4 2017-02-10 moved hyperlink reference section at the end of the content
7c778df 2017-02-10 adds changelog
b9bd836 2017-02-10 fixes frontend doc broken link
be65329 2017-02-09 adds max-width only for new filter dropdown
7ecdb68 2017-02-09 adds changelog
c0f2fd1 2017-02-09 fixes dropdown width in admin project page
ca81c1c 2017-02-08 replaces media query with flexbox
4cde12d 2017-02-08 adds changelog
3da1f4f 2017-02-08 fix alignment for long title
38f8ae2 2017-02-07 adds changelog
038ac25 2017-02-07 fixes cursor issue on pipeline pagination
22b7794 2017-02-03 adds changelog
80bd571 2017-02-03 fixes flickers in avatar mention dropdown
b329a46 2017-02-02 removes old css class from everywhere
a54a734 2017-01-31 fixes mobile view
dcac161 2017-01-31 adds changelog
90114fe 2017-01-31 hides search button
e8f4f30 2017-01-30 layout rearranged
d4dd1fc 2017-01-30 adds changelog
500e1a5 2017-01-30 unifies mr diff file button style
c95d88f 2017-01-30 adds changelog
6dbd60f 2017-01-30 replace words user(s) with member(s)
e773f56 2017-01-24 adds changelog
aeb1a13 2017-01-24 adds avatar for discussion note
ece31cc 2016-12-31 fixes js lint warnings
8f962f0 2016-12-31 changelog entry added
1996747 2016-12-31 trucates text to prevent overflow and adds tooltip to it
5bfce8e 2016-12-31 fixes mobile views
77ee5e0 2016-12-29 changelog file added
42cf8b8 2016-12-29 fixes too short input for placeholder message in commit ...
56fb1be 2016-12-23 adds changelog
3f6edae 2016-12-23 fixes confedential warning alignment on comment box
439d913 2016-12-22 changelog added
0b21d67 2016-12-22 fixes timestamp text alignemnt in mr-list and issue-list
12d7652 2016-12-21 adds changelog
6c81d03 2016-12-21 fixes left align issue for long system notes
92af7bf 2016-12-19 adds changelog files
0aa61e8 2016-12-19 hides new issue btn for now loggedin user
ecea127 2016-12-16 Improve test for sort dropdown on members page
eac34fd 2016-12-16 Fix sort dropdown alignment
09388b2 2016-12-16 Adds sort dropdown for group members
c877b15 2016-12-12 removes extra if check
0bde5c9 2016-12-12 hides new MR button from not loggedin user
fd20d0b 2016-12-12 adds changelog
8d5f7e2 2016-12-12 adds check for logged in user in group issues
49ae66f 2016-11-30 adjust commit list ul height
e77c867 2016-11-30 adjust padding in list
df085e4 2016-11-30 makes ul bullets fully visible
89bd04c 2016-11-30 shows commits SHAs in monospcase and commit messaages in...
2863835 2016-11-30 removes redundant styles
5c6a748 2016-11-30 changelog entry added
11de793 2016-11-30 new system note design for commit discussion
8badb65 2016-11-23 fixes non-retina shadow and browser zoom issue
2a7f4c4 2016-11-23 resloves failed rspec test
125cabd 2016-11-23 resolves updated and resolved status is not showin
b86a784 2016-11-22 resolves lowercase issue in system note for labels, labe...
08d2e03 2016-11-21 changelog entry file added
f75127c 2016-11-21 showing unconfirmed email status in profile
7ba9ea4 2016-11-18 makes compare previous version link easily clickable
58f78d0 2016-11-17 makes system notes less intrusive to a conversation
eaef945 2016-11-15 shows user avatar in mention autocomplete in editor
957226d 2016-11-10 adds changelog entry file for this MR
d807f4f 2016-11-10 resolves divider issue in group setting dropdown
e45a9f5 2016-11-01 fixes milestone dropdown not select issue
2fc2be9 2016-10-24 removes extra line for empty milestone description
884d49e 2016-10-24 code formatting corrected
fd28ff5 2016-10-24 Merge branch 'master' into 23557-remove-extra-line-for-e...
0ca0697 2016-10-21 adds entry in CHANGELOG
e32858e 2016-10-21 removes extra line for empty issue description