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#61 Nihad Abbasov - All time
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c3f2de6 2015-04-22 Merge pull request #8831 from bladealslayer/fix/api-user...
bba2b10 2015-03-29 properly paginate project events in API
7277280 2015-03-29 Merge pull request #9047 from NARKOZ/patch-7
be65373 2015-03-28 update acts-as-taggable-on
6ade729 2014-12-27 remove 'vendor/plugins' dir
c2331d8 2014-12-27 chmod -x
dccfb37 2014-06-06 fix permissions for files API
1e160e1 2014-06-06 update API docs
7040a42 2014-06-06 API: ability to set an import url when creating project ...
0678b8a 2013-10-29 add 'Link' header for API response
12420a2 2013-10-16 refactor by_username_or_id
e09cc19 2013-10-16 fix variable name
43d2e7b 2013-06-14 add db index for authentication_token column in users table
77d0e41 2013-05-06 fix API route to delete project hook
7ed0dc0 2013-03-26 use convenient method to check for empty project repo
3c5954b 2013-02-27 proper fix for #2300
e4b67d3 2013-02-27 Merge pull request #3095 from fdiary/update-grape-for-ru...
8d847b8 2013-02-27 API: fix commits pagination
08f665c 2013-02-20 API docs: fix new milestone parameters
87e0429 2012-12-04 update link to travis-ci
24e1725 2012-12-01 remove length limit from notes
270a433 2012-12-01 API: get a single wall note
b17e94c 2012-12-01 update contents of API README
42ef89c 2012-12-01 API: expose created date for project hooks and user SSH ...
968c09a 2012-12-01 API version returns last version set
ee6187b 2012-11-29 API: ability to create a wall note
2a98a06 2012-11-29 API: don't expose 'updated_at' for notes
eb061b9 2012-11-29 fix label name
24047e1 2012-11-29 update CHANGELOG
658f260 2012-11-29 add docs for notes API
961cb28 2012-11-29 API: restore broken merge request commenting
c946bf8 2012-11-29 API: create new notes
1c5aa84 2012-11-29 API: get a single note
9a4974b 2012-11-29 correct example
01eab58 2012-11-29 API: list wall, snippet and issue notes
414080c 2012-10-19 remove unnecessary snippets.js
c287226 2012-10-19 merge graph.js into projects.js
41ec540 2012-10-19 remove unnecessary loader.js
57c134c 2012-10-19 cleanup coffeescript code for mentions auto-complete
ec1bccb 2012-10-19 use 'js-' prefix for behavioral 'gfm-input' class
46921e6 2012-10-19 cleanup
b1ef7d7 2012-10-19 fix typo in spec
cf70439 2012-10-19 update API docs
00325a7 2012-10-19 name and password_confirmation not required to create a ...
0369c74 2012-10-19 fix wrong test case
2dc0f09 2012-10-19 fix typos in specs
c610206 2012-10-19 fix mass-assignment error in user create API
770ec33 2012-10-19 fix ambiguous entry in changelog
61f12da 2012-10-08 API: add project snippets listing
ad5b5d1 2012-10-08 projects API should return info about deleted hook
d47e409 2012-10-08 add API changelog
d2ea858 2012-10-05 move emoji module to lib
72395d7 2012-10-05 no need to add fonts to assets path
317c928 2012-10-05 improve emoji checking performance
9e4f314 2012-10-05 specify HTTP verbs for match in routes
0187ae4 2012-10-02 actually fix the build
025d5e6 2012-10-02 fix build
a030e4b 2012-09-27 cleanup database.yml files
2088d2e 2012-09-27 replace ^ and $ anchors in regexp with \A and \z respect...
c7a1779 2012-09-27 .map -> .pluck
841e4fb 2012-09-27 cosmetical cleanup of models
2a4359a 2012-09-27 annotate models
83efcab 2012-09-26 set activerecord whitelist_attributes to true
4629cc4 2012-09-26 fix mass assignment error in create_from_omniauth after ...
83696b1 2012-09-26 cleanup rake tasks
30ee536 2012-09-25 Merge pull request #1553 from jouve/simplify_controllers1
6df515a 2012-09-25 add auto-completion for +1, -1 emoji
c3907be 2012-09-24 Merge pull request #1501 from caleywoods/master
9c75fcb 2012-09-23 auto complete team member mentions
80bcba4 2012-09-23 install jquery-atwho-rails
bbdb2c3 2012-09-21 fix links in API README
4162566 2012-09-21 separate project repositories API docs
1304331 2012-09-21 remove commits API section from help
1bae64d 2012-09-21 whitespace
b624458 2012-09-21 API: SSH keys belong to user entity
4a072be 2012-09-21 API: commits belong to project repository
25b7452 2012-09-21 add API for project team members
a605943 2012-09-20 fix broken spec
81aeac4 2012-09-20 update help section with session API docs
b08d33f 2012-09-20 API: return 401 for invalid session
3dd940d 2012-09-20 API: extend UserLogin entity from UserBasic
37817cc 2012-09-20 API: expose project id for milestones
4e1f1e1 2012-09-20 API docs minor formatting fix
98c7313 2012-09-15 Merge pull request #1473 from PragTob/updateDevDoc
b6f249d 2012-09-12 make API specs more organized and readable
a87c268 2012-09-12 remove duplicate code from atom request specs
5a90712 2012-09-11 don't load commit logs when viewing blob
79eb5ab 2012-09-10 refactor feature steps
ef4e9c2 2012-09-10 install guard-spinach
ae9689f 2012-09-10 remove cucumber completely
b581551 2012-09-10 add spinach steps for remaining features
698500d 2012-09-10 add spinach steps for project issues and source features
080bd12 2012-09-10 rewrite project commits features using spinach
7aeb92b 2012-09-10 rewrite profile feature steps using spinach
d74f547 2012-09-10 rewrite dashboard feature steps using spinach
bb75052 2012-09-10 get rid of cucumber step definitions
9f25657 2012-09-10 modify env file for spinach
decb3ab 2012-09-10 install spinach-rails
0eb8a03 2012-09-07 add mysql service for travis-ci
46b9aaf 2012-09-06 add missing selector to projects.js
d861023 2012-09-06 refactor factory specs
66684d6 2012-09-06 move code from application.js to separate file
88d394d 2012-09-06 cleanup
e7c2ee5 2012-09-06 delete unnecessary team.js
06acc11 2012-09-06 rewrite snippets.js in coffeescript
f8b5888 2012-09-06 rewrite loader.js in coffeescript
08d9421 2012-09-06 rewrite graph.js in coffeescript
60e18e2 2012-09-06 rewrite admin.js in coffeescript
c106bb7 2012-09-06 minor refactoring of commits controller
0b559cd 2012-09-05 add validations for boolean attributes
2680371 2012-09-05 bump shoulda-matchers
76e4d94 2012-09-03 add pagination to API
6817a6a 2012-09-03 add kaminari config with default and max per_page values
6745812 2012-09-03 bump kaminari
2458060 2012-08-29 add docs for Milestones API
0b7e67a 2012-08-14 fix note preview link, and hide preview and errors after...
9639780 2012-08-10 render notes preview on server-side
1ec3bd3 2012-08-08 ability to preview notes
058b71e 2012-08-01 API: set content type for raw snippet
853ca74 2012-08-01 fix typo according to docs and tests
d63706d 2012-08-01 Merge pull request #1157 from CodeAdept/api_blob_contents
cb32e03 2012-07-25 return 404 if project not found
f7dd067 2012-07-25 API: expose issues project id
949b1df 2012-07-25 API: update docs
1b95c8b 2012-07-25 API: ability to get project by id
fbb4110 2012-07-24 update help section with issues API docs
eca823c 2012-07-24 Merge branch 'master' into api
024e034 2012-07-24 update API docs
7b33d8c 2012-07-24 add issues API
652d28f 2012-07-13 Merge pull request #1087 from m16a1/patch-1
0daf53b 2012-07-06 fix devise migrations issue
9f520a6 2012-07-06 Merge pull request #1048 from NARKOZ/devise
0833b7e 2012-07-06 oops, uncomment authentication_token
0f604e6 2012-07-06 refactor projects API
6533711 2012-07-06 enable lockable strategy for users
2abd054 2012-07-06 update devise
4083cfa 2012-07-05 fix typo
efa2157 2012-07-05 return 404 when record not found
f086676 2012-07-05 add docs for existing API
5f38f67 2012-07-05 don't expose full user info unless needed
61910eb 2012-07-04 ability to update and get a raw snippet via API
fbd559d 2012-07-04 add API version
378dc55 2012-06-29 add project snippets API
1d2c981 2012-06-29 return errors in json format
0d67f20 2012-06-29 refactor API and improve docs
84a3f8f 2012-06-28 show only current user projects
7b5c3cc 2012-06-28 add projects API
4ad91d3 2012-06-28 add users API
4aca61e 2012-06-28 install grape and mount Gitlab::API
a21bda5 2012-06-22 load assets group to allow lazy compilation in production
fd44b6b 2012-06-22 move assets gems to assets group
da5cf9d 2012-06-22 downgrade raphael js to 1.5.2
51c30d9 2012-06-13 fix broken spec
e735763 2012-06-13 remove useless index method from projects controller
d1953a2 2012-06-13 no need to extend assets path anymore
604725f 2012-06-08 specify utf-8 encoding for pygments.rb markdown wrapper
cc3c6ad 2012-06-01 allow login via private token only for atom feeds
f8f6ff0 2012-06-01 add projects atom feed
bcfdacf 2012-05-31 Merge pull request #873 from sch0rsch/796-bash-path
7c77610 2012-05-29 fix deprecation warnings
058d80b 2012-05-29 fix file extension
865cf83 2012-05-29 get rid of unused assets, use gems instead
f01994e 2012-05-29 move assets from lib directory to vendor
8c7caaa 2012-05-29 use chosen-rails
475d9f4 2012-05-29 use ffaker gem
078b312 2012-05-29 cleanup Gemfile
faa0ec7 2012-05-29 cleanup User model
fc74627 2012-05-29 fix typo in spec file name
e4d47d3 2012-05-28 fix travis issues and run build against ruby 1.9.3
6324155 2012-05-28 use shoulda-matchers instead of shoulda gem
07b7ddd 2011-11-16 enable ruby-debug again
c4a575b 2011-11-16 Merge pull request #105 from SaitoWu/annotate
e10fb64 2011-11-16 update gems in order to make it work with ruby 1.9.3
9104535 2011-11-15 brand new README
ed5e19a 2011-11-15 allow user to reset his private token
d63f04a 2011-11-15 nest issues actions in one route collection
dd64b76 2011-11-15 move non-app assets to vendor
368deb5 2011-11-15 clean up whitespace from project
415edda 2011-11-15 green specs
7b36b8d 2011-11-15 access project feeds via private token
003bf61 2011-11-15 add auth token for users
8d74123 2011-11-14 Merge branch 'master' into features/feeds
f476c42 2011-11-11 remove content column from issues
f295ff8 2011-11-11 create atom feed for issues
2b04c2a 2011-11-11 create atom feed for commits
3f70316 2011-11-09 fix elsif statement
267bd60 2011-10-31 Merge branch 'issue-101' into dev
11b70c9 2011-10-31 fix issue notification properly
3e95a6d 2011-10-31 make commit messages multiline
43c1039 2011-10-31 don't send notification to issue creator
3f24f54 2011-10-31 install letter_opener
ded7d08 2011-10-31 Merge branch 'refs/heads/markdown_notes' into dev
31280cd 2011-10-31 fix markdown truncation on dashboard
4060767 2011-10-30 Merge branch 'refs/heads/markdown_notes' into dev
1f3323f 2011-10-30 use helper to markdown text
6c7706e 2011-10-27 process notes w/ rdiscount
e92669f 2011-10-27 install rdiscount
89fa800 2011-10-27 Merge branch 'refs/heads/snippets_expiration' into dev
b6cdd1c 2011-10-27 test expired snippets
01f72bf 2011-10-27 Revert "install timecop for testing"
bd219fc 2011-10-27 Merge branch 'refs/heads/assets-refactoring' into dev
2db09ad 2011-10-27 extend assets path with jquery-ui images, so rails can f...
00613d0 2011-10-27 Merge branch 'refs/heads/assets-refactoring' into dev
be364d1 2011-10-27 move jquery ui images to vendor directory
2801589 2011-10-27 remove jquery ui css from application layout. it's alrea...
325b845 2011-10-27 don't count expired snippets
000c032 2011-10-27 display recent snippets at top
5e584ee 2011-10-27 refactor lifetime_select helper
de4e859 2011-10-27 install timecop for testing
8e1e177 2011-10-27 implement snippets lifetime
117d1e9 2011-10-27 add expires_at column to snippets
38cdb3e 2011-10-26 update shoulda to edge. fixes deprecations
f1e6d9b 2011-10-26 Merge branch 'assets-refactoring' into dev
e0f4a37 2011-10-26 update project's dashboard every 5 minutes
f1e25f2 2011-10-26 move lib assets to vendor directory
3228b62 2011-10-26 fix repo url selecting on click
d62200c 2011-10-26 clean-up code