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#235 Nicolas - All time
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a521e88 2015-06-24 Fix consistency issue in sidebars of Project and Group S...
aecc989 2015-06-19 Make snippet filename optional.
d8209ae 2015-06-16 Fix layout issue in header title truncation.
4cf7d8d 2015-06-15 Fix consistency issues on New Application page.
f18a24f 2015-06-15 Fix layout issue when New Application validation fails.
b27ef08 2015-06-15 Fix typo on account page.
7b5b89e 2015-06-14 Remove button to all projects on Trending Projects page.
eccdbe3 2015-06-14 Highlight Applications nav item when validation fails.
c208709 2015-06-12 Fix typo on account page.
e34c116 2015-06-09 Fix alignment of Project Settings nav icons.
ebe4963 2015-06-09 Move Project Members link from Settings to main menu.
a68eabd 2015-06-09 Make submit hotkey available to all notes forms.