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0e24b12 2017-04-25 Fix a failing spec
cb1207a 2017-04-25 Swap a before_save call with a before_create/before_upda...
7b3d6b2 2017-04-25 Use GitLab Pages v0.4.1
d2b883b 2017-04-21 Start versioning cached markdown fields
e9819de 2017-04-21 Remove the ClearDatabaseCacheWorker
6647542 2017-04-21 Fix Gitlab::Metrics metaprogramming magic
bc14c4f 2017-04-21 Remove a use of module_function
ab529cd 2017-04-18 Refactor group search out of global search
099acf7 2017-04-04 Backport differences in global search from EE to CE
7f32ad7 2017-04-03 Fix blob highlighting in search
8a0753a 2017-03-30 Don't clean up the gitlab-test-fork_bare repo
283789c 2017-03-14 Fix intermittent spec failures in notify_spec.rb
25301ea 2017-03-13 Use GitLab Pages v0.4.0
4b1dd07 2017-03-08 Raise an exception if creating a test repository fails
75e78f1 2017-03-08 The GitLab Pages external-http and external-https argume...
b1116a9 2017-03-07 Swallow collection errors in RspecProfiling
ba4a2c5 2017-03-03 Add KUBE_CA_PEM_FILE, deprecate KUBE_CA_PEM
ad57fca 2017-02-23 Upgrade GitLab Pages to v0.3.2
f3f9753 2017-02-20 Update GitLab Pages to v0.3.1
fd38397 2017-02-10 rspec_profiling: Discover the correct branch name in Git...
0925dd4 2017-02-07 Update GitLab pages to v0.3.0
6ba1492 2017-02-01 Update validates_hostname to 1.0.6 to fix a bug in parsi...
fd61cd0 2017-01-31 pages: Fix "undefined local variable or method `total_si...
f83b8bd 2017-01-27 Add the rspec_profiling gem and documentation to the Git...
e806bda 2017-01-23 Avoid repeated dashes in $CI_ENVIRONMENT_SLUG
c74f040 2017-01-20 Use Workhorse v1.3.0
66ccf2d 2017-01-13 Document the `auto_link_ldap_user` setting
22bbb24 2016-12-22 Fix viewing "build failed" TODOs
896f09b 2016-12-21 Merge branch 'project-authorizations-diff' into 'master'
1139da2 2016-12-20 Merge branch 'project-authorizations-diff' into 'master'
ff31f4f 2016-12-20 Rename "Online terminal" to "Web terminal" in the docs
d2212a8 2016-12-19 Add online terminal documentation
7b77816 2016-12-19 Add changelog entry
959981a 2016-12-19 Merge branch 'ldap_maint_task' into 'master'
c3d972f 2016-12-19 Add terminals to the Kubernetes deployment service
5378302 2016-12-19 Add a ReactiveCaching concern for use in the KubernetesS...
7c2e16d 2016-12-19 Add xterm.js 2.1.0 and a wrapper class to the asset pipe...
e33357c 2016-12-19 Merge branch 'jej-fix-doc-performance-link-to-monitoring...
5848691 2016-12-15 Create environments when the build referencing them is c...
93a03cd 2016-12-15 Add an environment slug
35a3e91 2016-12-15 Make the index on environment name and project id unique...
b7b83fe 2016-12-14 Introduce deployment services, starting with a Kubernete...
1fdd5d6 2016-12-13 Introduce $CI_BUILD_REF_SLUG
eb09395 2016-12-12 Upgrade NGINX configuration files to add websocket support
9abcb71 2016-12-01 Rename a label to fix an intermittently-failing spec
5e05f9c 2016-11-29 Add StackProf to the Gemfile, along with a utility to ge...
5981a0f 2016-11-25 Update GitLab Workhorse to v1.0.1
c3adf40 2016-11-18 Remove bashism from scripts/
6e70199 2016-11-16 tests: Move rake assets:precompile and cloning gitlab-{s...
606afe2 2016-11-16 Fix some failing specs due to missing access_requestable...
1c994db 2016-11-16 Fix POST /internal/allowed to cope with gitlab-shell v4....
16674d9 2016-11-15 Fix a badly-performing migration
d211011 2016-11-11 Make access request specs explicitly enable or disable a...
2689428 2016-11-10 Fix project records with invalid visibility_level values
29668ae 2016-11-07 Use `git update-ref --stdin -z` to speed up TestEnv.set_...
42b238a 2016-11-07 Simplify ApplicationSetting#repository_storages
630eb11 2016-11-07 Renaming columns requires downtime
d721032 2016-11-04 Update GitLab Workhorse to v1.0.0
a3847fa 2016-11-04 Add changelog entry
fa4f904 2016-11-04 Document multiple repository storage paths
c1388d0 2016-11-04 Allow multiple repository storage shards to be enabled, ...
251a20a 2016-11-04 Split out markdown cache storage into a separate method
671556c 2016-10-27 Fix a failing spec in diff_notes_resolve_spec.rb
c0eb2cb 2016-10-22 Stop clearing the database cache on rake cache:clear
25447b4 2016-10-20 Update changelog
51fbb9b 2016-10-20 Rename forked_source_project_missing? to source_project_...
f118d2f 2016-10-20 Fix two CI endpoints for MRs where the source project is...
f00ee5c 2016-10-20 Fix the merge request view when source projects or branc...
b6c8599 2016-10-20 Revert "Add #closed_without_source_project?"
0bbfdde 2016-10-20 Update changelog
61536ed 2016-10-20 Rename forked_source_project_missing? to source_project_...
6f846fc 2016-10-20 Fix two CI endpoints for MRs where the source project is...
3740713 2016-10-20 Fix the merge request view when source projects or branc...
e6f515e 2016-10-20 Revert "Add #closed_without_source_project?"
4012c69 2016-10-18 Stop event_commit_title from escaping its output
bfb2020 2016-10-17 Add a be_like_time matcher and use it in specs
3f8fa35 2016-10-14 Document restrictions on cache and artifact paths
513f061 2016-10-14 Use gitlab-workhorse 0.8.5
c64721f 2016-10-11 Document the new CI_DEBUG_TRACE variable
ef696f5 2016-10-11 Add `robots.txt` to the list of reserved namespaces
aac2af5 2016-10-10 HTMLEntityFilter -> HtmlEntityFilter
110e15d 2016-10-07 Add a CHANGELOG for CacheMarkdownField
9920551 2016-10-07 Enable CacheMarkdownField for the remaining models
dd159a7 2016-10-07 Make search results use the markdown cache columns, trea...
109816c 2016-10-07 Use CacheMarkdownField for notes
e94cd6f 2016-10-07 Add markdown cache columns to the database, but don't us...
5766e06 2016-10-06 Memoize ActiveRecord::Migrator.migrations in tests
67b8566 2016-10-06 Try tmpfs for repository storage, etc
86c0c08 2016-10-06 Switch from request to env in ::API::Helpers
15ff8dc 2016-10-05 Document GIT_STRATEGY=none
267a96f 2016-10-02 Link to the "What requires downtime?" page from the Migr...
619dd1c 2016-09-27 Add a CHANGELOG entry
3ed80a0 2016-09-27 Enforce the fork_project permission in Projects::CreateS...
3870138 2016-09-26 Set a restrictive CORS policy on the API for credentiale...
ae58315 2016-09-26 Move Rack::Attack and Rack::Cors middlewares to be befor...
af5e54f 2016-09-23 Convert label creation from API to controller endpoint
fd51f19 2016-09-23 API: disable rails session auth for non-GET/HEAD requests
a8829f2 2016-09-22 Use base SHA for patches and diffs
5d1b616 2016-09-19 Update API documentation to mention rails session cookies
48d563a 2016-09-19 Stop putting private tokens in Gon
10c0722 2016-09-19 Enable Warden for the Grape API
5db3bc6 2016-09-19 Remove some dead code from the Grape API
9521edb 2016-09-08 Exclude some pending or inactivated rows in Member scopes
2797cfb 2016-08-17 Fix a rubocop violation
ffd7311 2016-08-16 DRY up the additions to notification_service_spec.rb
0e9c4a9 2016-08-16 DRY up the added update service specs, add two email hel...
b62954d 2016-08-16 Include the reason for emailing in the new_mention emails
8a6e9b9 2016-08-16 Address minor review comments for tests
6bf7b62 2016-08-15 Add new mention notifications to changelog
10af11f 2016-08-15 Allow people to subscribe to mentions in updated MRs and...
6642ae4 2016-08-15 Add notifications for new user mentions in merge requests
b450aab 2016-08-15 Remove superfluous parens on a method call
e200c8a 2016-08-15 Merge branch 'master' of
e6f519c 2016-08-15 Fix a 'missing keyword' error introduced in the last commit
0332a8f 2016-08-12 Merge branch 'master' of
59bfa08 2016-08-12 Send notification emails when users are newly mentioned ...
98260f3 2016-08-04 Add missing DOWNTIME constant to the AddTimestampsToMemb...
f301d54 2016-08-04 Add a data migration to fix some missing timestamps in t...