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#226 Munken - All time
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731bf34 2016-12-16 Clearer comment as to why the procedure is needed
5920c5d 2016-12-16 Added KaTeX license and procedure to build it for Gitlab
de0dfb1 2016-12-15 Don't open Asciidoc module twice
2d170a2 2016-12-14 Render math in Asciidoc and Markdown with KaTeX using co...
e3f5c4c 2016-12-08 More tests
2bfed70 2016-12-08 More tests
7f829f5 2016-12-08 Don't double render
a36ee0a 2016-12-08 Better location for math lexer
f7b0984 2016-12-08 Removed alias and filenames
63bc23c 2016-12-08 Detect whether math is display style
aa2c437 2016-12-08 Hacked in Math Lexer
525c2a7 2016-12-08 Math works for inline syntax
9ab1fe5 2016-12-08 Working inline math filter