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#135 Miks Miķelsons - All time
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Hash Date Message
6d76e00 2012-09-10 Add authorization to hooks requests
2e34a6d 2012-09-10 Merge branch 'master' into project_hooks_api
ba584c7 2012-09-08 Merge branch 'master' into project_users_api
fdb5c82 2012-09-08 Merge branch 'master' into project_hooks_api
3b5a90b 2012-09-08 Projects hooks API implemented
27e4436 2012-09-08 Return empty body
499ff8b 2012-09-08 fix failing tests
0d1009a 2012-09-08 "users" GET test added
8a34081 2012-09-08 move "users" test after project tests
2e76342 2012-09-08 typo fixed
4226458 2012-09-08 Merge branch 'master' into project_users_api
909c8c3 2012-09-06 Make project users API more RESTful
2dc0519 2012-09-06 bulk access roles update/deletion added
3d3c667 2012-09-06 Typo fixed
ab057bb 2012-09-06 proper Grape params hash simulation
cd846ba 2012-09-06 Fix tests
94c5054 2012-09-05 count against last project
e3b1f62 2012-09-05 convert params hash to array
52e99b6 2012-09-05 Merge branch 'master' of git://
8f7360f 2012-09-05 API on adding users to project implemented
1127c98 2012-07-26 Add automatic HTML id attributes to markdown headings to...
f5a1666 2012-02-07 Improved validation. Strip key.
e3e9db9 2012-02-07 Allow non-unique deploy keys
dda6b0a 2011-12-31 Unused validator deleted
df583bf 2011-12-31 Specs for deploy_keys updated
b8b6515 2011-12-31 Renamed project "keys" back to "deploy_keys"
99b8b57 2011-12-31 DeployKey moved to Key model
5b4382e 2011-12-30 Validate key uniqueness across Key and DeployKey tables
c973fce 2011-12-30 Use correct model for testing
46d2128 2011-12-30 Spec updates
65601ad 2011-12-29 Specs for deploy_keys
b85ae02 2011-12-29 Only project admin have access to deploy_keys section
f7b911d 2011-12-29 Path correction
753d4cb 2011-12-29 Pass correct parameters
3a597db 2011-12-29 Merge deploy keys identifier with read only keys
78edd74 2011-12-29 Removed unneeded merge
afa7f3a 2011-12-29 DB schema updated
f8ad4d2 2011-12-29 Merge branch 'master' into deploy_keys
723104c 2011-12-29 Initial deploy_key feature commit