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#19 Mike Greiling - All time
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0815236 2018-01-12 change loading prop behavior for subscriptions.vue
562991b 2018-01-12 add missing comma
c2d26b6 2018-01-12 only show loading indicator in subscription toggle on in...
3ef0ab7 2018-01-12 add tooltip for notifications icon in collapsed sidebar
5d44441 2018-01-12 change notification bell icon from font-awesome to gitla...
2525513 2018-01-12 update capybara specs for subscription toggle
bd2e524 2018-01-12 update spinach test for subscription toggle
d77d174 2018-01-12 update karma tests
de19158 2018-01-12 add prop defaults
7b0d1e7 2018-01-12 change rss icon to bell icon for notifications
a25af3e 2018-01-12 convert notification subscription button into toggle
7442841 2018-01-11 fix case where tooltip messes up :last-child selector
1dc051f 2018-01-08 Resolve "Add graph value to hover"
e3f215f 2018-01-04 fix missing import of timeWeek which would cause errors ...
0e50e9d 2017-12-20 update dispatcher to allow for dynamic imports until web...
58b8b80 2017-12-20 properly handle naming for dispatcher route chunks
ecd1b81 2017-12-20 Merge branch 'jivl-replace-d3-v3-v4' into 'master'
0d09108 2017-12-13 Merge branch '38032-deploy-markers-should-be-more-verbos...
9864720 2017-12-12 add entry for !15889
d072c0c 2017-12-12 fix broken empty state assets for environment monitoring...
8730054 2017-12-08 Merge branch '38032-deploy-markers-should-be-more-verbos...
2c569be 2017-12-07 Resolve "Display member role per project"
3a8d646 2017-11-30 Merge branch 'winh-select2-search-padding' into 'master'
e35e5c7 2017-11-30 Merge branch '40642-members-tab-not-signed-in' into 'mas...
0885126 2017-11-30 revert arrow function change
8c64e8b 2017-11-30 convert CompareAutocomplete from class definition into s...
9f51a70 2017-11-30 convert Compare class into ES module import/export syntax
0ebf577 2017-11-30 refactor Compare class to ES class syntax
f63ab77 2017-11-30 remove commits.js import form main.js (related to !14735)
b755c88 2017-11-29 add logging back to capybara config and clean up seleniu...
bf71145 2017-11-28 dedupe clipboard dependency
57fb038 2017-11-28 clarify safari browser support
2e5ce7e 2017-11-28 move copy_to_clipboard to behaviors directory as it is n...
7b893d1 2017-11-28 fix eslint errors
5d523fd 2017-11-28 remove vendored clipboard library in favor of package.js...
58b05a6 2017-11-16 Resolve "Clicking on GPG verification badge jumps to top...
2f74b1d 2017-11-15 Merge branch '39861-follow-up-from-enable-multiple-queri...
e4df83d 2017-11-10 Merge branch 'revert-2f644452' into 'master'
a979153 2017-11-08 Merge branch 'jivl-fix-karma-config-file' into 'master'
2b9230a 2017-11-06 make legend X-offset into a constant
5cc3e23 2017-11-06 fix eslint max-line
cd45895 2017-11-06 correctly set the domain of a result set when it is diff...
0816b28 2017-11-06 add entry for !15201
8734d1a 2017-11-06 simplify legend label for additonal tracks
75c1a27 2017-11-06 fix karma failures
d6b0e23 2017-11-06 add dashed and dotted line styles for multiple-query graphs
5af31d6 2017-11-06 add track information to data legend
1f7ecf9 2017-11-06 process all queries within a graph
309c1e6 2017-11-06 pass all graph queries into createTimeSeries
b7273c1 2017-11-06 fix bug in which axes are scaled only to first data set
e459dee 2017-11-06 add entry for !15228
63834c9 2017-11-06 fix GPG signature popover trigger for Safari and Firefox
cc00b28 2017-11-03 fix flaky tests by removing unneeded clicks and focus ac...
7215776 2017-11-03 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
817c7fb 2017-11-03 fix flaky test in gfm_autocomplete_spec.rb
ae76937 2017-11-03 don't attempt to click on hidden elements
43b5bf2 2017-11-03 replace use of unsupported trigger method with click
4422481 2017-11-03 prevent race condition when attempting to cancel a file ...
3e1168a 2017-11-03 confirm javascript modal when resetting email tokens
11c21e9 2017-11-02 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
2b29a46 2017-11-02 use resize_window helper
ed3b23f 2017-11-02 refactor wait_for_requests, add slow_requests block helper
187a4f6 2017-11-02 target label instead of obscured input element
351645f 2017-11-02 scroll to top before attempting to click the "Side-by-si...
f31bb83 2017-11-02 remove out-of-date comments about webdriver compatability
082b595 2017-11-02 explicitly add Accept: */* HTTP header back to test
b2932eb 2017-11-02 add visible argument to helper rather than duplicating code
b5d5da7 2017-11-02 add InspectRequests helper automatically to :js tests
61865cf 2017-11-02 add CookieHelper and InputHelper automatically to :js tests
787ef97 2017-11-02 fix bracket styling
8a0455f 2017-11-01 remove unused capybara_select2 helper
fcba235 2017-11-01 add spacing around yield
53281e0 2017-11-01 add slow_requests! to filtered search tests which expect...
3f3875d 2017-11-01 make window resizing more resiliant on small screens whe...
2304550 2017-11-01 fix flaky fill_in use in which return key would occasion...
5ae6fff 2017-11-01 fix broken reference to transformGFMSelection
5ef1ebe 2017-11-01 fix broken module import
b356997 2017-11-01 remove global export except in test environments
9fd8999 2017-11-01 move to copy_as_gfm to behaviors since it is invoked on ...
9d9affd 2017-11-01 move resize option the pre-test hooks instead of post-test
3839dd0 2017-11-01 enable CHROME_HEADLESS environment variable for Spinach ...
1d85dbc 2017-11-01 reset browser window size between tests
c2f8eeb 2017-11-01 explicitly check innerText since selenium webdriver only...
2ea76a4 2017-11-01 prevent resolve buttons from being clicked twice trigger...
9985406 2017-11-01 add accept_confirm around "remove" button
91c0eeb 2017-11-01 remove PhantomJS specific hacks
84e67a4 2017-11-01 fix edit token regression within spec/features/issues/fi...
83bc494 2017-10-31 update to Chrome 62 build image
1cf167f 2017-10-31 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
2888e48 2017-10-31 update settings panels to place "expanded" class on the ...
da4c0be 2017-10-31 remove needlessly complicated, duplicate css class for e...
c73c1a2 2017-10-31 add missing parameter to triggerEvents
248319d 2017-10-31 remove "command" key from test since it only applies on ...
ae1be64 2017-10-31 accept confirmation modal when erasing job trace in user...
d5bee2c 2017-10-30 fix set_cookie references within multi-file editor specs
945a262 2017-10-30 flash message broken in rspec but already covered by rep...
7513bd0 2017-10-30 fix set_cookie references within ref_switcher_spec.rb
5445f83 2017-10-30 allow inspect_request to inject request headers in order...
e0ca65c 2017-10-30 add accept_confirm around attempts to revoke personal ac...
5a0e41a 2017-10-30 add accept_confirm when attempting to stop an environmen...
2fbbf45 2017-10-30 fix page render issues on contribution calendar while te...
6a92dff 2017-10-30 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
40ee89b 2017-10-29 accept modal confirm dialog when deleting note
ad3a0b3 2017-10-29 fix rubocop violation
59bd8ac 2017-10-26 remove unnecessary capybara process invocation
8b573b1 2017-10-26 fix use of unsupported webdriver feature "network_requests"
8b76726 2017-10-26 accept modal confirm dialog when disabling 2FA
6c5e20c 2017-10-26 update all status_code calls to use new inspect_requests...
b5c211b 2017-10-26 use click instead of send(:return) so that open select d...
20f1b82 2017-10-26 remove unnecessary use of url_blacklist override
443c2e3 2017-10-26 fix select2 commands in user_edits_merge_request_spec.rb
ff5b911 2017-10-24 add accept_confirm around "destroy/revoke" buttons
ecc5160 2017-10-24 fix member expire calendar selection by triggering blur
c09e500 2017-10-24 add accept_confirm around "remove" button
03fbdde 2017-10-24 add accept_confirm around "delete tag" button
34f7e82 2017-10-24 add accept_confirm around "delete comment" button
72717b5 2017-10-24 correct the issues list count for label:none filter
f44665c 2017-10-24 slow down requests for dropzone uploads to avoid race co...
9e538fd 2017-10-24 remove unneeded accept header
5d93772 2017-10-24 fix issue in which enter key from fill_in command was in...
01605bc 2017-10-24 fix body scrollTop references
80c25e8 2017-10-24 fix string escaping within latex example
b227341 2017-10-24 fix race condition when loading labels in filter bar
f7bdfe5 2017-10-24 Merge branch 'master' into 'es-module-autosave'
6d0045d 2017-10-24 fix rubocop violations
0258a37 2017-10-23 Merge branch '35955-searchable-settings-puts-expand-coll...
1ad8a42 2017-10-23 remove unnecessary :js option in download_spec
a92693d 2017-10-23 add InspectRequests helper
b612bcf 2017-10-23 implement basic request inspector for use in Capybara tests
519ffa1 2017-10-23 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
1e78c62 2017-10-23 explicitly specify search for hidden element
285de09 2017-10-21 add CHROME_HEADLESS environment variable to disable head...
4082419 2017-10-21 fix trailing whitespace
ce7449c 2017-10-20 clear localStorage after each capybara test (global)
95d629a 2017-10-20 fix rubocop (oops)
b673fcc 2017-10-19 clear localstorage between tests
5e63566 2017-10-18 add InputHelper rspec helper to simulate non-BMP charact...
5830182 2017-10-14 update settings panels to place "expanded" class on the ...
7e8f3a5 2017-10-14 remove needlessly complicated, duplicate css class for e...
585a2ab 2017-10-14 fix cmd+click emulation for selenium webdriver
4f5fda8 2017-10-14 accept javascript confirm dialog on admin delete label link
341557d 2017-10-13 route around issue with trailing quotes in issue filters...
c489b23 2017-10-13 fix shared discussion_comments examples (for realz this ...
6ad466a 2017-10-13 Refactor broadcast_message.js
53e1123 2017-10-12 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
d8cc454 2017-10-12 fix assignment to hidden input
fcfd60b 2017-10-12 ensure delete option is visible before attempting to cli...
0a933ec 2017-10-12 fix element click methods
64a5119 2017-10-12 fix spinach test for branch validation
9cd528a 2017-10-12 remove import from main.js
411d026 2017-10-12 remove global export
b0c2772 2017-10-12 convert Autosave into pure es module and remove global e...
85b915c 2017-10-10 fix click trigger method
9aed01f 2017-10-10 accept confirm dialog when cancelling a pipeline
31c8fb9 2017-10-10 fix race condition when visiting file blob of recently t...
56025c7 2017-10-10 accept javascript confirm when testing pipeline deletion
73bb002 2017-10-09 chrome cannot send_keys unless the element is focusable
301204c 2017-10-09 resize window when simulating dragging as horizontal scr...
98b1b3f 2017-10-09 ensure javascript confirm dialog is accepted when attemp...
4a13fcf 2017-10-09 fix incorrect description for advanced settings section ...
7e7baf7 2017-10-09 fix diff_notes_avatars_spec.rb failures in headless Chrome
f783798 2017-10-09 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
b4f9dc4 2017-10-06 Merge branch 'backport-protected-branches-spec-changes' ...
18b2079 2017-10-06 Merge branch 'fl-38869-linked-tabs' into 'master'
39fc2d9 2017-10-06 add entry for !14741
ece9621 2017-10-06 allow legend to properly handle NaN values
e3fe48b 2017-10-06 allow prometheus graphs to handle non-congiuous paths (w...
3c48486 2017-10-05 Resolve "Monitoring graph empty states are gigantic on `...
228ecf3 2017-10-05 add entry for !14258
945c198 2017-10-05 display x-axis tick marks
b0e8d62 2017-10-05 fix x-axis pixel scale to account for transform x-offset
f036d43 2017-10-05 rename graph_paths.vue consistent with all other sub-com...
eb31e31 2017-10-05 fix spelling ("outter" -> "outer")
97153e7 2017-10-05 fix formatting
9a4ab76 2017-10-05 add entry for !14693
4f82b92 2017-10-05 ensure prometheus graph values are properly typecast as ...
356e9aa 2017-10-03 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
7b262c4 2017-10-03 Resolve "Precompiled assets with digest strings are igno...
d65fca3 2017-09-29 update licensing docs to mention that we check node_modu...
7639e4a 2017-09-29 Merge branch '31113-add-guidelines-for-illustrations' in...
7a8514c 2017-09-22 add set_cookie helper
d4f3fca 2017-09-20 fix broken add_cookies
27a28d9 2017-09-18 Merge branch 'master' into sh-headless-chrome-support
57c97a1 2017-09-18 Merge branch 'master' into 37220-es-modules
1427c61 2017-09-16 dedupe yarn packages
2a1212d 2017-09-16 add dependency approvals (all MIT license)
570a0dc 2017-09-16 update build image to latest with node 8.x, yarn 1.0.2, ...
70e9e88 2017-09-13 Refactor MonitoringService class
03b14b4 2017-09-07 Resolve "Make project and features visibility settings l...
70bff97 2017-09-06 Use flexbox for prometheus graph row grouping instead of...
f69ad38 2017-09-01 refactor monitoring_store.js
a4d3ac4 2017-09-01 simplify storeMetrics method
dd7d691 2017-08-31 fix misnamed graph component property
cf37f0b 2017-08-31 fix variable naming conflict
8ffbab2 2017-08-30 ensure disabled radio options still show up as checked w...
1298236 2017-08-30 enhance disabled group visibility options with links and...
8a72203 2017-08-30 update test to match new disabled option description
6dd6995 2017-08-30 add links and instructions to disabled visibility option...
b1a14f5 2017-08-30 add notes to the disabled visibility setting string help...
6cad21e 2017-08-30 revert changes to visibility level helpers from 6f03ddc
da879e7 2017-08-30 remove accidental console.log from karma tests
4b892a5 2017-08-30 update specs to match reorganized monitoring components
147d55d 2017-08-30 extract prometheus graph group elements into their own c...
4138c20 2017-08-30 remove pointless single-row/single-col wrapper
daf15c3 2017-08-30 rename and organize vue components
4809ded 2017-08-30 refactor template formatting according to guidelines
596fe67 2017-08-29 Resolve "Monitoring graph date formatting is wrong"
77c8e2b 2017-08-28 ensure graph overlay is in front of cursor flag
0a8d092 2017-08-26 expand the help text with links and additional instructions
3488e8f 2017-08-26 add tests for dynamically changing namespace selector wi...
f82ec4a 2017-08-26 add entry for !13442
62be748 2017-08-26 dynamically disable/enable visibility options when chang...
77a5d9d 2017-08-26 add polyfill for NodeList.prototype.forEach (unsupported...
b7b49c4 2017-08-26 prefer !x.exists? instead of x.none? to prevent unnecess...
1c3b3fa 2017-08-26 add tests for new visibility_level_helper methods
fc95395 2017-08-26 display specific reasons when visibility options are dis...
8cf504a 2017-08-26 don't check disabled radio inputs
04e3e60 2017-08-26 show alternate description text for disabled visibility ...
10a7478 2017-08-26 fix disabled state style for visibility level options
69f679e 2017-08-26 rename .project-visibility-level-holder to .visibility-l...
d6d713f 2017-08-26 fix failing tests due to new group visibility restrictions
96c2672 2017-08-26 add tests for groups within visibility level helper
852f509 2017-08-26 rename skip_level? to disallowed_visibitility_level?
37edce1 2017-08-26 recognize instances where group visibility levels are un...
af6968a 2017-08-26 separate visibility_level_allowed logic from model valid...
ad09751 2017-08-25 fix deprecation warning present during webpack compiles
e9bd73e 2017-08-21 disable webpack.optimize.ModuleConcatenationPlugin durin...
7b26de7 2017-08-18 remove superfluous users bundle
c5b3632 2017-08-18 fix failing specs in repo_commit_section_spec.js
a7eb806 2017-08-18 add global __webpack_public_path__ to eslint config
3695c6b 2017-08-18 fix monaco loader test to not break with statically anal...
c448d18 2017-08-18 switch from --pure-lockfile to --frozen-lockfile to ensu...
18790c3 2017-08-18 refresh sub-dependencies of node scripts to latest versions
ace88c9 2017-08-18 fix more node deps
bb763f5 2017-08-18 dedupe node dependencies
b8458dc 2017-08-18 remove zopfli compression temporarily until a better sol...
977e232 2017-08-18 bump fsevents dependency to version that supports node 8
907d741 2017-08-18 update karma CI build image to Chrome 60
d4cb1ec 2017-08-18 fix unnecessarily long gl.utils.backOff test
2f35a26 2017-08-18 fix test failures in text_utility_spec.js on Chrome 60
e289b8c 2017-08-18 fix test failures in board_new_issue_spec.js on Chrome 60
cdd741e 2017-08-17 fix eslint violations in repo editor files
53a7fde 2017-08-17 use proper object notation and rename isNewRepo to isNew...
23cbc05 2017-08-15 update webpack to v3.5.4
60ed4aa 2017-08-15 enable webpack scope hoisting
7e5ac71 2017-08-10 Merge branch 'master' into '36133-project-overview-page-...
f22dbf7 2017-08-08 Merge branch '8-17-mark-thunky-as-MIT' into '8-17-stable'
952bd59 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'import-symlinks-8-17' into 'security-8-17'
c0ab38a 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'rs-alphanumeric-ssh-params-8-17' into 'sec...
c952eb7 2017-08-08 Merge branch '9-0-stable-fix-cache' into '9-0-stable'
8b567b7 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'import-symlinks-9-0' into 'security-9-0'
710ae0f 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'rs-alphanumeric-ssh-params-9-0' into 'secu...
be524e1 2017-08-08 Merge branch '9-1-stable-fix-cache' into '9-1-stable'
c6c869c 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'import-symlinks-9-1' into 'security-9-1'
bd967a1 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'rs-alphanumeric-ssh-params-9-1' into 'secu...
a7306be 2017-08-08 Merge branch '9-2-stable-fix-cache' into '9-2-stable'
b1aa19c 2017-08-08 Merge branch '9-3-stable-fix-cache' into '9-3-stable'
0b9e9ff 2017-08-08 Revert "Add user_dropdown_link to prompt users to turn o...
b0127c3 2017-08-08 hide the feature flag for the repo editor feature
1c2f22e 2017-08-08 Revert "Combine 'turn on/off' user dropdown links into '...
3d08e47 2017-08-08 fix commit metadata in project:show page
8ec81d9 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'ide' into 'master'
0994bbf 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'master' into ide
1375db5 2017-08-08 fix repo_edit_button_spec.js
24ac2ea 2017-08-08 fix test failures in repo_preview_spec.js
0b2ad83 2017-08-08 fix repo_loading_file_spec tests
868dcfd 2017-08-07 fix eslint violations
5920c18 2017-08-07 increase z-index on confirmation modal
b11e980 2017-08-07 fix leaky css selector
a837664 2017-08-07 fix inline javascript causing old-style repo view to break
7767cee 2017-08-07 Merge branch 'master' into ide
1d5a306 2017-08-07 resolve eslint violations
1e39b51 2017-08-07 remove sidebar height management from wikis sidebar
669ff23 2017-08-07 add thunky to approved licenses (MIT)
6ff1ad2 2017-08-07 dedupe yarn dependencies
031d81c 2017-08-07 upgrade webpack to v3.4.0
489c3bc 2017-08-07 upgrade webpack to v3.1.0
e4937c6 2017-08-07 dedupe webpack-dev-middleware
83bea6e 2017-08-07 add disableHostCheck to devServer config since webpack d...
937bbac 2017-08-07 update webpack-dev-server to v2.6.1
8a44002 2017-08-07 update karma-webpack to v2.0.4
145e12b 2017-08-07 update eslint-import-resolver-webpack to v0.8.3
df6682b 2017-08-07 update babel-loader to v7.1.x
223de8b 2017-08-07 upgrade webpack to v3.0.0
e43099e 2017-08-07 replace stats-webpack-plugin with webpack-stats-plugin
d935278 2017-08-07 Fix issues with pdf-js dependencies
d1f2707 2017-08-04 Merge branch 'docs-fix-missing-changelog-entries' into '...
92cd5d0 2017-08-04 fix missing changelog entries for security release on 20...
fbd0280 2017-08-04 fix failing specs due phantomJS scroll position
e35199a 2017-08-04 fix sidebar job list in IE 11
12c6abf 2017-08-04 remove nicescroll from jobs page and remove the library ...
825224b 2017-08-04 remove nicescroll from wiki sidebar
f075e6d 2017-08-04 remove niceScroll from job trigger variables list
1734295 2017-08-04 Merge branch '34060-simplified-general-project-settings'...
f637c42 2017-08-04 Merge branch 'source-install-yarn-2' into 'master'
7256626 2017-08-04 Remove monkey-patched Array.prototype.first() and last()...
e7b5324 2017-08-01 include cropper jQuery plugin as an npm module
013fe76 2017-08-01 add for !13208
00e3878 2017-08-01 adjust user contribution calendar time formatting
08c513b 2017-07-31 fix rubocop violations 👮
1b9b697 2017-07-31 fix mysql syntax for date INTERVAL arithmatic
cf2d2cd 2017-07-31 add tests for proper timezone date grouping within Contr...
d1f5e81 2017-07-29 adjust timezone for date grouping in contributions calendar
be77d76 2017-07-29 use timezone-aware Date.current instead of in...
68de3ac 2017-07-29 display system timezone underneath activity calendar
037b372 2017-07-29 ensure user profile calendar is generated based on serve...
eac8ae0 2017-07-28 add entry for !13165
ebd5f51 2017-07-28 fix relative_url_root support for webpack chunks
288e8ea 2017-07-28 resolve remaining eslint violations
17b43cd 2017-07-28 resolve eqeqeq, newline-per-chained-call, no-unused-vars...
c4718a5 2017-07-28 resolve consistent-return eslint violation
9d5bdb5 2017-07-28 resolve prefer-template and quotes eslint violations
ce4e891 2017-07-28 resolve no-mixed-operators and no-return-assign eslint v...
45a446e 2017-07-28 resolve comma-dangle and object-shorthand eslint violations
6902145 2017-07-28 resolve camelcase violations
c4fae77 2017-07-28 remove janky function binding in activity calendar class
ffa4ced 2017-07-28 fix all eslint violations in user_tabs.js
a6732f5 2017-07-27 remove implied "GET" http method option
8cfc89b 2017-07-27 remove needless brackets object accessor syntax
ecd038c 2017-07-26 Merge branch 'added-nvmrc' into 'master'
43e3e6f 2017-07-24 fix failing test from gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!12795
0c602fe 2017-07-20 remove redundant changelog entries
d3d8778 2017-07-20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'dev/master'
b74b2d8 2017-07-19 fix broken tests
f2c0ab3 2017-07-18 refactor users bundle, remove inline javascript, and tra...
339baf8 2017-07-18 refactor async calendar data
6a1fada 2017-07-18 fix redundant vue library
9182583 2017-07-18 remove needless rails helper
ce9a4ea 2017-07-18 move copy-webpack-plugin to production dependencies
cb17564 2017-07-18 fix global context and relative_url_root for monaco editor
89523d9 2017-07-14 Update VERSION to 9.4.0-rc3
d83a962 2017-07-14 fix javascript test coverage badge in
5f61527 2017-07-14 Refactor user bundle
7109098 2017-07-11 Update VERSION to 9.4.0-rc1
a77e9ee 2017-07-11 Merge branch '9-4-stable-prepare-RC1' into '9-4-stable'
9f3a716 2017-07-11 Merge branch 'fix_milestone_destroy_service' into 'master'
26b6e29 2017-07-10 Merge branch 'fix_milestone_destroy_service' into 'master'
e7d18a1 2017-07-07 Merge branch 'issue_34852' into 'master'
60a1118 2017-07-06 refactor SigninTabsMemoizer class to ES module syntax
5c52ca9 2017-07-06 refactor SingleFileDiff class to ES module syntax
a23db42 2017-07-06 refactor Star class to ES module syntax
d990df7 2017-07-06 refactor TaskList class to ES module syntax
571de11 2017-07-06 refactor Todos class to ES module syntax
4ad4efb 2017-07-06 refactor TreeView class to ES module syntax
12efe49 2017-07-06 refactor UsagePing class to ES module syntax
d30e66c 2017-07-06 refactor UserTabs class to ES module syntax
24c2739 2017-07-06 remove useless users_select import
128c6e7 2017-07-06 refactor UsernameValidator class to ES module syntax
5530d80 2017-07-06 refactor VersionCheckImage class to ES module syntax
6149c2e 2017-07-06 refactor VisibilitySelect class to ES module syntax
f890939 2017-07-06 refactor Wikis class to ES module syntax
5d34237 2017-07-06 refactor ZenMode to ES module syntax
3b32313 2017-07-06 refactor zen_mode.js to use ES class syntax
c2255c5 2017-07-06 refactor tree.js to use ES class syntax
007d2f7 2017-07-06 refactor subscription_select.js to use ES class syntax
c92bcb8 2017-07-06 refactor star.js to use ES class syntax
cbef9f0 2017-07-06 refactor snippets_list.js to use ES class syntax
dfe7b14 2017-07-06 refactor single_file_diff.js to use ES class syntax
c06dad6 2017-07-05 Remove IIFEs around several javascript classes
598baa5 2017-06-29 add entry for !12032
3137b88 2017-06-29 configure webpack publicPath dynamically to account for ...
5b43aa9 2017-06-28 move webpack publicPath setup earlier in the bootstrap p...
8bb2013 2017-06-28 dynamically import emoji helpers for gl-emoji custom tag...
2874bab 2017-06-28 dynamically import emoji helpers for GfmAutoComplete class
f26d477 2017-06-28 dynamically import emoji helpers for AwardsHandler class
3f3993c 2017-06-28 dynamically set webpack publicPath when relative_url_roo...
b379232 2017-06-28 ensure eslint recognizes es2015 dynamic import() syntax
88e12ac 2017-06-27 revert removal of requestAnimationFrame and move to a se...
a2a276a 2017-06-27 rename getEmojiCategoryMap and remove unnecessary parameter
9d6bbc9 2017-06-27 move glEmojiTag method to emoji helper
27a1348 2017-06-27 split emoji support methods from the async module
88114c4 2017-06-27 export validEmojiNames for autocomplete
527e7ed 2017-06-27 replace emojiAlias references with normalizeEmojiName he...
82d67f7 2017-06-26 namespace emoji helper methods within AwardsHandler class
8455e8c 2017-06-26 move emoji category index to helper method
73c5c00 2017-06-26 move emojiAlias logic into helper module
a7b603a 2017-06-26 fix method definition styling
b7a0044 2017-06-26 move normalizeEmojiName method to emoji helper module
35ee21d 2017-06-26 remove problematic use of requestAnimationFrame
f0a4b48 2017-06-23 update import locations for karma specs
d099744 2017-06-23 centralize emoji helper methods
5a044dc 2017-06-23 refactor option defaults
ca25ad2 2017-06-22 refactor Notes class to ES class syntax
2579dcf 2017-06-22 Resolve "Rename settings panel "close" action to "collap...
b34b299 2017-06-22 Resolve "MR comment + system note highlight don't have t...
bf0b233 2017-06-21 add entry for !12071
bd12e1c 2017-06-21 rename DRIVER_VERSION environment variable to CHROME_DRI...
59d9406 2017-06-21 update chrome version and chromedriver
f736a03 2017-06-21 Update Dockerfile to utilize the stable release of Googl...
a671306 2017-06-20 Resolve "Transient karma failure on master for `Date tim...
3b4c07a 2017-06-18 refactor AwardsHandler into es class syntax
3265670 2017-06-17 refactor zopfli fallback config
e0dbfac 2017-06-17 don't make assumptions about command line arguments invo...
e5a9187 2017-06-16 Increase karma socket timeout
132be81 2017-06-15 fix frontend test failures after jasmine upgrade
687ec90 2017-06-15 hack to get monaco editor working
d5ab729 2017-06-14 remove debug flag, but continue to log chrome output
7b4f8aa 2017-06-14 upgrade jasmine to attempt to resolve browser timeout is...
50b2b3f 2017-06-14 add DEBUG flag option to karma config
d70be8f 2017-06-14 run chrome with --no-sandbox flag to get around docker p...
3757703 2017-06-14 upgrade karma to v1.7.0
413f7d3 2017-06-14 force chrome to produce debug output as it runs in CI
86a2d9b 2017-06-14 add entry for !12036
8b069db 2017-06-14 remove phantomjs-specific test hacks
2111712 2017-06-14 update karma job to use chrome build image created by gi...
e45989b 2017-06-14 test new docker image with headless chrome
d44149e 2017-06-14 remove phantomjs from our frontend dev dependencies
60f7a43 2017-06-14 fix incorrect equals assertion
e9bd861 2017-06-14 replace PhantomJS with headless Chrome as karma test runner
a526e61 2017-06-13 Revert "Merge branch 'karma-headless-chrome' into 'master'"
59c0fbd 2017-06-13 add entry for !12036
037b070 2017-06-13 remove phantomjs-specific test hacks
5c296cc 2017-06-13 update karma job to use chrome build image created by gi...
68d701d 2017-06-13 test new docker image with headless chrome
9a79de1 2017-06-13 remove phantomjs from our frontend dev dependencies
0ff932c 2017-06-13 fix incorrect equals assertion
ac26ce3 2017-06-13 replace PhantomJS with headless Chrome as karma test runner
ca343bf 2017-06-09 remove lines that were incorrectly reinserted after 4f82...
72abeb6 2017-06-09 resolve more inconsistencies
010a83d 2017-06-09 fall back to gzip when zopfli compression is unavailable
f15ea42 2017-06-07 set overflow:visible to prevent dropdowns from getting c...
4b1d956 2017-06-07 Resolve "Simplified Repository Settings page"
e245d7e 2017-06-06 Resolve "When changing project visibility setting, chang...
9378965 2017-05-30 Add CHANGELOG entry for !11798
33115f3 2017-05-30 utilize zopfli compression algorithm for frontend assets
9c6109d 2017-05-30 skip asset compression in CI
643a10f 2017-05-25 update webpack to v2.6.1 patch release to fix "Can't fin...
de451a8 2017-05-25 update webpack-bundle-analyzer past v2.4.1 to support Na...
5270edb 2017-05-25 name all webpack chunks to improve long term cacheability
5c0f506 2017-05-25 add NameAllModulesPlugin to cover shortcomings of NamedM...
4f6ca7b 2017-05-25 upgrade to latest webpack version
5503707 2017-05-23 drop HashedModuleIdsPlugin in favor of NamedModulesPlugi...
e068558 2017-05-19 rename "Add emoji" and "Award emoji" to "Add reaction" w...
97724e6 2017-05-18 fix eslint violation
8892e66 2017-05-18 update linter to catch uses of commonjs syntax
a21d6ee 2017-05-18 ensure MergeRequestStore sha value never changes after i...
83f8a91 2017-05-16 refactor instances of CJS module.exports to ES module sy...
337acf4 2017-05-16 fix eslint failures
f68a3f3 2017-05-16 fix implicit window object reference within gl_form_spec
fc4cabc 2017-05-16 update test_bundle to use ES module syntax
283f968 2017-05-16 update frontend specs to use ES module syntax
6c695c5 2017-05-16 update dispatcher.js to use ES module syntax
5bd5491 2017-05-16 update remaining uses of CJS syntax to ES module syntax
f5ad1dc 2017-05-16 update shortcuts scripts to use ES module syntax
0fce2df 2017-05-16 update filtered_search to ES module syntax
c594ed4 2017-05-16 update diff_notes_bundle to ES module syntax
4322d3c 2017-05-16 update cycle_analytics_bundle to ES module syntax
a8b5878 2017-05-16 update boards_bundle to ES module syntax
1f581d7 2017-05-16 alter cache key to prevent other pipeline configs from o...
dc5be03 2017-05-16 add entry for !11343
d93efcc 2017-05-16 add trailing slash to .yarn-cache to clearly identify it...
e5a18cd 2017-05-16 instruct yarn to utilize the persistant .yarn-cache dire...
d5bc8ae 2017-05-15 ensure merge-request-widget utilizes common_vue bundle
5655ff0 2017-05-12 ensure schedule_form and schedules_index both utilize co...
b6122aa 2017-05-11 add entry for !11316
0945fa0 2017-05-11 ensure hasSHAChanged == true when setData includes a dif...
f19ec4e 2017-05-11 ensure the correct state component is loaded when hasSHA...
9bcf95b 2017-05-11 add test for sha-mismatch state component
997a12c 2017-05-11 add sha-mismatch state to mr-widget to prevent accidenta...
3af84b4 2017-05-10 ensure filtered_search utilizes common_vue bundle
fb7c940 2017-05-09 stub error handlers where uncaught Promise rejections cu...
b095c40 2017-05-09 Prevent vue.esm.js from being bundled into the primary J...
f6d214e 2017-05-08 remove unnecessary indexOf polyfills
e0c6ea8 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from mock_u2f_device.js
8d60a9b 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from users/calendar.js
0163624 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from users_select.js
b925db5 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from u2f/register.js
6cd552a 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from u2f/error.js
45e8503 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from u2f/authenticate.js
e4e95ad 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from single_file_diff.js
e3b19c8 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from shortcuts.js
4c25670 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from right_sidebar.js
bf9dd2d 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from project_new.js
4a0e2d2 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from project_find_file.js
f71a037 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from notifications_form.js
8d865f6 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from notes.js
d49be6c 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from new_commit_form.js
d161a2d 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from new_branch_form.js
06bf185 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from namespace_select.js
59d845f 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from merge_request.js
a333f20 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from line_highlighter.js
98b5dd9 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from labels.js
417c7e0 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from issuable_form.js
683cbc9 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from stat_graph_contributors_graph.js
2dc1111 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from gl_dropdown.js
306be28 2017-05-08 remove bind polyfill from files_comment_button.js
22bd020 2017-05-06 add entry for !11138
b69bb08 2017-05-06 add tooltips to user contrib graph key
10deca8 2017-04-12 Improve webpack-dev-server compatibility with non-localh...
fa120a0 2017-04-10 add entry for !10581
6ce9b71 2017-04-10 add license approbals for nodemon dependencies
cb2c762 2017-04-10 use nodemon to watch for changes to webpack config and r...
dd24066 2017-04-10 add license approval for ansi-html
3812abf 2017-04-10 watch node_modules for changes when a module is missing
02f1599 2017-04-09 add license approvals for vue-loader
731276c 2017-04-09 fix closing tags of async_button component
24af43b 2017-04-09 add entry for !10517
8050d83 2017-04-09 add eslint support to vue files
04f29d6 2017-04-09 convert pipeline async_button component to vue template
4cc88f5 2017-04-09 convert pipeline error state to vue template
9097184 2017-04-09 convert pipeline empty state to vue template
0329d79 2017-04-09 update Vue to match vue-template-compiler
0ca62a6 2017-04-09 clean up webpack config
6c547e3 2017-04-09 add vue-loader dependencies and basic config
174dca9 2017-04-07 add entry for !10522
a76ab4a 2017-04-07 upgrade webpack-dev-server to fix issues with SockJS cau...
6410016 2017-04-07 upgrade webpack to v2.3.3 to resolve sourcemap issues
4bdbccf 2017-04-07 Remove Vue from main bundle and disable production warnings
5504024 2017-04-04 use a less memory-intensive sourcemap when running in CI
4461e70 2017-04-04 Refactor test_utils bundle
77dcb1f 2017-04-04 consolidate all behavior imports into an index.js file
5bff1af 2017-04-04 refactor and fix eslint violations in behaviors directory
48a30a7 2017-03-29 prever #count over #size when calculating issue/mr totals
d0c9543 2017-03-27 spread out webpack bundles per-line to reduce conflicts ...
3671437 2017-03-27 combine milestone start and end dates in collapsed sidebar
3b51367 2017-03-27 add start date to sidebar and display dates on group and...
8dafec4 2017-03-27 use smaller font-weight in sidebar to match other sideba...
d79bdfc 2017-03-27 enable links to browse milsetone issuables in dashboard ...
5af7dbe 2017-03-25 update milestone page tests
47af120 2017-03-24 add entry for !10096
12869a9 2017-03-24 move progress bar from milestone summary into the sidebar
d3de86c 2017-03-24 add separator before milestone reference in collapsed view
38c1367 2017-03-24 update styling for milestone sidebar content
2bacc04 2017-03-24 move links to browse issuables into sidebar
470bba5 2017-03-24 move issue and milestone counts to sidebar
9023526 2017-03-24 move milestone due date info to sidebar
92e0bd9 2017-03-24 add milestone reference clipboard button to sidebar
71e798f 2017-03-24 prevent formatted milestone date string from having html...
822bfaf 2017-03-24 add basic sidebar functionality to milestones page
80fb729 2017-03-24 add entry for !10224
301e176 2017-03-24 prevent formatted milestone date string from having html...
670d9a8 2017-03-23 ensure lineNumbers method always returns an array with t...
ba68643 2017-03-23 update sub-nav selector in user_requests_access_spec
d8d5385 2017-03-22 adjust the affix breakpoint to match css top value
eb56b70 2017-03-22 genericise sidebar vertical offset css as it relates to ...
25d779a 2017-03-22 remove jobs page hack to make subnav 100% width
3f8dbf3 2017-03-22 remove unnecessary string interpolation
9eae181 2017-03-22 fix test failures
5f7c0bd 2017-03-22 remove Cookies class from global space
324fb74 2017-03-22 add entry for !10120
327e655 2017-03-22 add polyfill for Array.from to enable ES spread operator
2285647 2017-03-22 move common vue script to vue_shared directory
32935bc 2017-03-22 add entry for !9981
d0db966 2017-03-22 utilize ES module distribution for Vue in webpack
6a3980e 2017-03-22 disable the Vue production warning in development and te...
d023e92 2017-03-22 upgrade Vue to v2.2.4
b47432a 2017-03-21 enable Array destructuring and polyfill Symbol class
2d46a57 2017-03-21 Resolve "Circular dependency detected" (duplicate)
0d885e4 2017-03-21 remove additional instances of window.Vue
96c7bd0 2017-03-21 fix wait_for_vue_resource to not rely on global Vue object
632497b 2017-03-21 make eslint happy
d9dedc3 2017-03-21 remove Vue from the global space
fde335b 2017-03-20 Only add frontend code coverage instrumentation when gen...
543f68b 2017-03-20 fix recompile assets step in 9.0 upgrade guide to use yarn
3c8d9cf 2017-03-16 fix describe block to make the karma reporter happy
95d38ac 2017-03-15 remove all references to the .es6 in our config files an...
29e0cb4 2017-03-13 Organize our polyfills and standardize on core-js
c8f986f 2017-03-13 fix broken variable reference
8796d17 2017-03-13 remove IIFEs in preparation for ES module refactor
85e0bbc 2017-03-07 move u2f library to webpack
536be74 2017-03-05 remove unnecessary IIFE
b7bf9b4 2017-03-05 refactor Network class
3474271 2017-03-05 refactor BranchGraph class
545397c 2017-03-05 remove manually vendored raphael library in favor of nod...
a7dd1ec 2017-03-05 merge raphael library into the network bundle
982dd50 2017-03-03 merge cropper library into profile_bundle
ed3e331 2017-03-03 remove isolated common_vue inclusion
d0d3478 2017-03-03 rename application entry point and change manifest to ru...
f5f0be5 2017-03-03 remove problematic plugins from karma's webpack config
59f51cb 2017-03-03 add entry for !9647
ec91807 2017-03-03 create a cacheable commons bundle for d3 library
1f97433 2017-03-03 merge lib_chart into graphs bundle
5f464f9 2017-03-03 include vue_shared scripts within common_vue chunk
7f22c39 2017-03-03 create a cacheable commons bundle for our Vue bundles
14517f9 2017-03-03 don't rely on global spaced Vue library for issuable bundle
ba865db 2017-03-03 separate webpack runtime into its own chunk to maintain ...
7371f6c 2017-03-03 refactor common bundle to ES module syntax and move glob...
cb6c036 2017-03-03 create a common.js bundle and include all jQuery plugins
e80fa69 2017-03-03 update plugin formatting
02504f2 2017-03-03 use deterministic module IDs in production and development
68cda5b 2017-03-03 Include yarn as an optional dependency only
c5383de 2017-03-03 Revert "Merge branch '8-17-stable-pick-yarn-support' int...
7255baf 2017-03-02 update yarn.lock after the removal of jquery-ui in !9649
1f45554 2017-03-01 expire all webpack assets by altering filename postfix
17ac3ab 2017-02-28 Pick !9590 into 8-17-stable
1776120 2017-02-28 Pick !9316 into 8-17-stable
fffe20a 2017-02-28 Pick !9055 into 8-17-stable
8ccb2d3 2017-02-28 update install doc to reflect start of yarn dependency
780e3e9 2017-02-27 fix missing @ symbol
48707bc 2017-02-27 ensure webpack dev server proxy connects regardless of r...
52426c6 2017-02-24 refactor stat_graph_contributors to es6 module syntax
2d2e0b7 2017-02-24 refactor stat_graph_contributors_graph to es6 module syntax
2f09c23 2017-02-24 refactor stat_graph_contributors_util to es6 module syntax
c2497d8 2017-02-24 remove unused StatGraph class
b930585 2017-02-24 add missing require statement and don't require self
08f08a3 2017-02-23 remove require.context from users_bundle
a930fc5 2017-02-23 remove require.context from snippet_bundle
1adc59a 2017-02-23 remove require.context from protected_branches_bundle
2581801 2017-02-23 remove require.context from profile_bundle
ac411e6 2017-02-23 remove require.context from application.js
f326e6f 2017-02-22 remove require.context from network_bundle
87b19b8 2017-02-22 remove require.context from graphs_bundle
e6c58af 2017-02-22 remove require.context from filtered_search_bundle
1c4b8c1 2017-02-21 add entry for !9396
660e1eb 2017-02-21 approve opener license (MIT)
9a11aca 2017-02-21 add webpack bundle analyzer to production output
cac5940 2017-02-20 add production asset compile step to CI config
8ba0821 2017-02-20 remove require.context from diff_notes_bundle
dec96c2 2017-02-20 remove unneeded eslint exceptions
41e36f2 2017-02-20 remove require.context from cycle_analytics_bundle
abb668f 2017-02-20 remove require.context from boards_bundle
1a0f70b 2017-02-20 add entry for !9386
cad8ab8 2017-02-20 use CommonJS vue distribution
f1cec0d 2017-02-20 upgrade Vue from v2.0.3 to v2.1.10
ae89a89 2017-02-20 utilize pre-minified Vue in production since no CJS dist...
c74b7eb 2017-02-17 fix overlooked window binding in spec files
b7aaec0 2017-02-17 remove imports loader
0f31c5a 2017-02-17 replace implicit this == window with explicit binding
c77b68d 2017-02-17 correct gitlab version that started requiring yarn
5da4261 2017-02-17 pluralize "this step"
fd504fa 2017-02-17 use less strict caret ranges now that yarn.lock will tak...
f75ad8a 2017-02-17 move webpack-dev-server and karma-mocha-reporter to devD...
62d7243 2017-02-17 update yarn resolution for jquery-ui
8c6083a 2017-02-16 remove trailing comma
f6369e7 2017-02-16 replace deprecated NoErrorsPlugin with NoEmitOnErrorsPlugin
4cd3eb9 2017-02-16 only compress assets in production
2df39e9 2017-02-16 add entry for !9316
744580f 2017-02-16 Merge branch 'master' into add-yarn-documentation
82bfa8f 2017-02-16 add entry for !8761
2d0c030 2017-02-16 prevent diff unfolding link from appearing for deleted f...
3b67af6 2017-02-16 fix build failures
c89d9e7 2017-02-16 only show diff unfolding link if there are more lines to...
e25f1a0 2017-02-16 fix typo in node section
9b86fba 2017-02-16 revert changes to 8.17 update docs since yarn is now set...
812e7e4 2017-02-16 move "Install node modules" step before "Migrate DB" wit...
af41d68 2017-02-16 update migration docs for 8.17 to include minimum node v...
cda3480 2017-02-16 use NODE_ENV=production when compiling assets in upgrade...
2f0d0b5 2017-02-16 do not use --force command argument for yarn
eca18c0 2017-02-16 add yarn:install to upgrader script
9b885e9 2017-02-16 add yarn command to install from source instructions
cc9859f 2017-02-16 update yarn command
2b008c6 2017-02-16 update rake command for assets compilation
108e36e 2017-02-16 update install from source directions to mention nodejs ...
3e9d673 2017-02-16 preserve trailing space newlines in markdown file
d21e54c 2017-02-16 simplify eslint rake task
e652987 2017-02-16 ensure rake tasks produce helpful error messages for nod...
b36542e 2017-02-16 update migration docs for 8.17 to include minimum node v...
23e6cd6 2017-02-15 only load istanbul plugin in development mode
0d26545 2017-02-14 sync yarn.lock with recent changes to package.json
34b8cdf 2017-02-14 enable eslint to resolve webpack modules according to we...
e8b5b08 2017-02-14 add entry for !9055
215fadb 2017-02-14 fix eslint builds within .gitlab-ci.yml
db6a29b 2017-02-14 update yarn.lock to reflect latest package.json
4e3c9a5 2017-02-14 add yarn check to ensure package.json doesn't diverge fr...
9a3d271 2017-02-13 display yarn version and node version within CI logs
a4c0036 2017-02-13 add yarn lock file
8beb599 2017-02-13 replace npm run calls with yarn
469bc85 2017-02-13 remove recursive npm calls to avoid dependence on npm af...
86ace2a 2017-02-13 remove unnecessary "npm install"s
e4725a5 2017-02-11 convert js-cookie dependency to an npm module
e7ac162 2017-02-11 convert timeago.js dependency to an npm module
50559f7 2017-02-11 remove vue from vendor since it is now in node_modules
63884e5 2017-02-09 add entry for !9078
1ac21cc 2017-02-09 approve new dependencies
0d60fa8 2017-02-09 update karma deps to work with webpack 2
6dd9010 2017-02-09 upgrade to webpack 2.2.x
0a36693 2017-02-09 add entry for !9072
e92d5eb 2017-02-09 approve MIT license for wordwrap submodule
a421258 2017-02-09 fix failing karma test
31c1044 2017-02-09 upgrade babel to v6
7b4cd8c 2017-02-09 exclude node_modules from imports-loader wrapper
9a07436 2017-02-08 backport fixes for pipelines_store frontend specs
8d29e4c 2017-02-07 ensure karma fails if it cannot load all spec files
d410c93 2017-02-07 fix lint error
fbdf54b 2017-02-07 fix karma coverage report
b40f714 2017-02-07 fix broken frontend tests
63e7929 2017-02-06 add CHANGELOG entry for !8988
b5d2eda 2017-02-06 transpile all javascript files with babel
61ef5f0 2017-02-06 add npm run webpack command
55d05bf 2017-02-06 lazy-load ace config so that we can ensure window.gon ex...
70c3b98 2017-02-06 fix ace editor modules to include asset digest in produc...
d29a527 2017-02-04 fix rack-proxy dependency in production
56e5404 2017-02-04 fix failing test
ce4877e 2017-02-04 fix Vue warnings for missing element
7039d52 2017-02-03 Merge branch 'master' into go-go-gadget-webpack
04dc2b7 2017-02-03 Merge branch 'master' into go-go-gadget-webpack
152b292 2017-02-02 consistently use single quotes
ae1d69c 2017-02-02 allow application.js to require other scripts which star...
4be73c9 2017-02-02 remove dateFormat global exception
dbcf24c 2017-02-02 DRY with Gitlab.config.webpack.dev_server references
b00f53b 2017-02-02 fix relative paths to xterm.js within fit.js
99f2e9a 2017-02-02 use setFixtures instead of fixture.set
85f2dcf 2017-02-02 prevent u2f tests from triggering a form submission whil...
f4fca2d 2017-02-02 simplify test for focus state
66f9086 2017-02-02 preload projects.json fixture
ed8b6ec 2017-02-02 preload projects.json fixture
9e8762f 2017-02-02 rework tests which rely on teaspoon-specific behavior
f38b7ce 2017-02-02 use setFixtures instead of fixture.set
b7ddbf2 2017-02-02 ensure helper classes and constants are exposed globally
7e7875b 2017-02-02 preload projects.json fixture
86f4166 2017-02-02 fix fixture references in environments_spec
030e766 2017-02-02 allow in tests, reorder eslint rules alphabe...
96bbe96 2017-02-02 remove redundant "data-toggle" attribute so Vue doesn't ...
36025b6 2017-02-02 fix broken reference to formatDate in a CommonJS environ...
bccd791 2017-02-02 fix errors within gl_dropdown_spec.js when running in Karma
4208661 2017-02-02 fix intermittant errors in merge_commit_message_toggle_s...
4fc0a6e 2017-02-02 ignore node_modules in rubocop
7ca57c5 2017-02-02 Merge branch 'master' into webpack
5a09931 2017-02-02 disable webpack proxy in rspec environment due to confli...
deb2fa2 2017-02-01 remove changes to Procfile
6b2e5e3 2017-02-01 configure webpack dev server port via environment variable
a2d837a 2017-02-01 add rack middleware to proxy webpack dev server
6fffdf7 2017-01-31 remove dev-server config from development environment
5fcbe12 2017-01-31 Merge branch 'master' into go-go-gadget-webpack
ecdcd1b 2017-01-30 add entry for webpack branch
356368d 2017-01-28 fix failing rspec build
5e1243b 2017-01-28 fix test failure for merge request widget
3ee67bc 2017-01-28 fix duplicate data-toggle attribute
abb122a 2017-01-28 update rake tasks
7c5d494 2017-01-28 fix frontend tests
c454dec 2017-01-28 Merge branch 'master' into go-go-gadget-webpack
a5f7934 2017-01-28 remove sprockets-es6 and execjs dependencies
69e4072 2017-01-28 Merge branch 'master' into go-go-gadget-webpack
cccd647 2017-01-27 add entry for !8831
a3047d1 2017-01-27 remove assets:compile step from relative_url docs
7e51cd3 2017-01-27 update scripts and docs to reference the newly namespace...
336d780 2017-01-27 namespace assets rake tasks to gitlab:assets:*
0ed8611 2017-01-27 correct gzip files if they exist as well
642bcb4 2017-01-27 automatically correct CSS urls on assets:precompile
75663d1 2017-01-27 remove hard-coded assets path for ace editor modules
5fbce68 2017-01-25 prevent LineHighlighter from updating scroll position
b74f2fa 2017-01-25 use handleLocationHash utility method
c8a17cd 2017-01-23 properly center dropdown menu button in content-list con...
d3baec9 2017-01-23 remove whitespace surrounding inline list controls
80a0a6a 2017-01-23 remove whitespace surrounding dropdown button
b994596 2017-01-22 add entry for !8681
deefcb1 2017-01-22 update tests to correspond with new behavior
d07acd4 2017-01-22 add a space after selecting a dropdown item
37382d3 2017-01-22 allow issue filter submission by clicking "Keep typing a...
17f0c99 2017-01-22 remove vestigial onsubmit event trigger
7b9aa79 2017-01-20 pass username and id associations needed in the frontend
41b6cfc 2017-01-20 automatically redirect urls containing author_id or assi...
0d2ae3e 2017-01-19 Merge branch 'master' into go-go-gadget-webpack
d55d4cd 2017-01-19 resolve all space-in-parens eslint violations
83ecc02 2017-01-19 resolve all prefer-const eslint violations
0b3f004 2017-01-18 resolve all no-dupe-keys eslint violations
588d7e8 2017-01-18 resolve all parseInt radix eslint violations
04eff5f 2017-01-18 resolve all x-spacing and no-spaced-x eslint violations
96931b1 2017-01-18 resolve all indent eslint violations
b857b21 2017-01-18 resolve all no-trailing-spaces eslint violations
bf638d6 2017-01-18 resolve all no-irregular-whitespace eslint violations
ccada28 2017-01-18 resolve all padded-blocks eslint violations
e7b5945 2017-01-18 resolve all semi and no-extra-semi eslint violations
9e4d049 2017-01-18 resolve all no-plusplus eslint violations
7c58329 2017-01-18 prevent nonewline type diff lines from containing unfold...
ece2e80 2017-01-18 ensure linenumber data attribute is correct for the last...
bc0a823 2017-01-18 ensure last line in diff block is contained within a tab...
7c29f03 2017-01-18 ensure click event is bound only once
dc623cf 2017-01-15 Merge branch 'master' into go-go-gadget-webpack
76a4f1e 2017-01-15 Merge branch 'master' into go-go-gadget-webpack
c9dbd5f 2017-01-15 optimize gitlab ci to only run npm install once
8425e64 2017-01-14 add dependency license approvals
0ef0ead 2017-01-14 fix missing components in cycle_analytics_bundle
55fc4e8 2017-01-14 fix requireAll within filtered search bundle
0bc4879 2017-01-13 revise sortable_name test formatting
6ad01a4 2017-01-13 rewrite test which relied on teaspoon quirk
2ee2daa 2017-01-13 more post-merge fixes
8a643c8 2017-01-13 add phantomJS to karma config
60339e0 2017-01-13 phantomJS requires "use strict" for polyfill to properly...
5bb258c 2017-01-13 phantomJS doesn't allow us to spyOn history.replaceState
bdcb81b 2017-01-10 remove teaspoon-specific test
d2649bf 2017-01-10 bypass Chrome "focus" event bugs and prevent Turbolinks ...
5ffbb5d 2017-01-10 bypass buggy "focus" event in Chrome
5f2d171 2017-01-10 prevent u2f authenticate test from auto-submitting a form
e3ff5ff 2017-01-10 ensire u2f object is accessible in a commonJS environment
707bcbb 2017-01-10 fix failing tests for merge_request_widget_spec.js
19b94e7 2017-01-10 fix globals within environments_bundle mock data
8dc13ec 2017-01-10 fix failing tests
80917ac 2017-01-10 prevent karma from reloading on save until webpack is ready
31af0fb 2017-01-10 improve sourcemap generation
970155a 2017-01-10 fix globals within boards_bundle mock data
8d2099c 2017-01-10 use ~ to reference non-local scripts instead of resolve....
a8078d6 2017-01-10 migrate all tests into a single webpack bundle
b0341c1 2017-01-10 move additional libraries into spec_helper
52c6702 2017-01-10 include spec_helper within karma config rather than each...
05b95e7 2017-01-10 update vue library to match vendors directory
fc3f4f8 2017-01-10 correct vue require statements
6639368 2017-01-10 include common libraries within spec_helper
c2bd29e 2017-01-10 simplify and combine karma file patterns
8b26f8e 2017-01-10 correct misnamed require statements
7837fe4 2017-01-10 fix broken js.cookie imports
eb1bbe7 2017-01-10 fix spec_helper missing/broken references
0e4aaa0 2017-01-10 remove remaining vestiges of teaspoon test runner
ee6de1d 2017-01-10 ignore karma config in eslint
1e8a418 2017-01-10 move webpack asset compilation to the setup-test-env stage
a569aa2 2017-01-10 use karma for javascript testing
11e9f32 2017-01-10 fix rubocop complaint about ambiguous splat operator
a2c1f2e 2017-01-10 exempt node_modules from rubocop linting
720650d 2017-01-10 precompile webpack assets when testing
24b48a3 2017-01-10 disable "use strict" in babel config as it was broken in...
fe964cc 2017-01-10 migrate all javascript asset bundles and require syntax
55f291e 2017-01-06 replace application.js sprockets output with webpack-gen...
31bd368 2017-01-06 temporarily regress to babel 5 for parity with sprockets...
000180e 2017-01-06 conditionally apply webpack-dev-server config
61ca496 2017-01-06 optimize production output and generate sourcemaps
df72d65 2017-01-06 compile es6/es2015 with babel
4c5ff1d 2017-01-06 add webpack, webpack-rails, and webpack-dev-server along...
f19330e 2017-01-05 fix right_sidebar_spec ajax call
7a2a9bb 2017-01-05 replace Teaspoon fixture methods with jasmine-jquery met...
10d483e 2017-01-05 Merge branch 'fix-u2f-fixtures' into 26226-generate-all-...
df5223d 2017-01-05 generate u2f frontend fixtures dynamically
8cee3b1 2017-01-05 force utf-8 encoding for prior to fixture parsing to pre...
ca40417 2017-01-05 exclude script type=text/template from dom scrubbing
6e7e505 2017-01-03 include all expected instance vars for _show.html.haml t...
0ea5483 2017-01-03 fix failing tests
ba5ba96 2017-01-03 prevent 500 error when selecting changes tab for non-exi...
0f2bc49 2017-01-03 add entry for !8347
ada5921 2017-01-03 show empty state for commits tab when no commits present
a5fb958 2017-01-03 render merge request tabs regardless of commit history
5997a86 2017-01-03 add CHANGELOG entry for !8384
d904335 2017-01-03 make projects.json easier to read
7ae2fe1 2017-01-03 fix dynamic u2f fixtures
5f192c7 2017-01-03 update all frontend tests to point to precompiled fixtures
6370e32 2017-01-03 recursively clean compiled fixtures
2373082 2017-01-03 create catch-all fixture generator for all static fixtures
4cd962e 2017-01-03 allow storage of raw string fixtures
cf3c6a0 2017-01-02 add comment to explain why we are avoiding the dateStrin...
49acf5d 2017-01-02 make expected due_date value format explicit
e4883e7 2017-01-02 remove unnecessary utility function
4d2fbe6 2017-01-02 remove unnecessary fixtures and tests
637dafd 2017-01-02 add rspec feature test
3212d47 2017-01-02 fix eslint complaints
2951ee9 2017-01-02 use single sprockets require comment style and remove es...
7d988e4 2017-01-02 fix eslint violations
35ce4b4 2017-01-02 add MR number to changelog entry
dc3d40f 2017-01-02 prefer unit test on model over view test
1c5a506 2017-01-02 rename sort method
713e8cf 2017-01-02 add entry for !8277
19c7fc7 2017-01-02 add tests for natural sorting of build names
2eb0beb 2017-01-02 add natural sorting token for build names
0321c86 2016-12-29 add entry for !8332
b69dec2 2016-12-28 change chevron position for branch sort order dropdown menu
5a91dae 2016-12-28 add entry for !8074
ba2bbd4 2016-12-28 fix mobile view for branch index header
49d2884 2016-12-28 limit body click selector to tags with a hash target
5fe5f33 2016-12-28 don't take for granted that all anchor tags have an href...
4704a59 2016-12-28 add entry for !8046
682b71e 2016-12-28 move body click binding inside the onready callback
da44d84 2016-12-28 catch instances where hashchange event is not fired yet ...
36d6af4 2016-12-28 allow header buttons to take more than 50% of the screen...
7510d97 2016-12-28 add entry for !8346
a051d32 2016-12-28 fix left border in session tabs
dbf4d80 2016-12-27 move check for preview loading class to top of method
8c1f287 2016-12-27 remove preview markdown ajax trigger on textarea blur
1521e2c 2016-12-27 re-enable submit button after username change failure
aa1c3ab 2016-12-27 fix some more eslint rules
75ef84d 2016-12-27 fix some eslint rules
948fd40 2016-12-27 add loading class to preview element and check it to pre...
2b6f6e7 2016-12-27 rename renderMarkdown to fetchMarkdownPreview to be less...
de427dc 2016-12-27 use $ sign to make it clear when dealing with jQuery object
4f8087d 2016-12-27 refactor _this usage into proper function binding
a6ed18c 2016-12-27 remove superfluous return statements generated by coffee...
c9165f8 2016-12-21 remove unused helper method
759e37f 2016-12-21 reduce common code even further to satisfy rake flay
4e3b9e0 2016-12-21 remove button class size alteration from revert and cher...
26a8014 2016-12-21 factor out common code to satisfy rake flay
35adeee 2016-12-21 homogenize revert and cherry-pick button styles generate...
e9587d5 2016-12-21 apply margin on alert banners only when there is one or ...
85666b7 2016-12-20 apply margin on alert banners only when there is one or ...
ac07ce6 2016-12-16 add entry for !8151
dc9b091 2016-12-16 stripe colors for successive alert-warning blocks
d58fffb 2016-12-16 fix margin on alert stripes within ":flash_message" block
47646d8 2016-12-14 fix eslint violations in Object.assign polyfill
aac4aa1 2016-12-14 ensure classes declared outside an IIFE are properties o...
53fb5a7 2016-12-14 add node_modules to our eslintignore settings
8e0e902 2016-12-14 resolve all instances of no-undef eslint rule violations
23f5865 2016-12-14 expand remaining non-explicit eslint-disable blocks and ...
e8d1c7a 2016-12-12 break comment "edited at" block out of the note-text ele...
9e3b17f 2016-12-10 add CHANGELOG entry for !8021
9355ba2 2016-12-10 normalize author email so we can treat it as case insens...
730ff2e 2016-12-10 rename snippets_path helper due to conflict
dccd53e 2016-12-10 add new tests for snippets_finder.rb
a68735d 2016-12-10 use Snippet.none in favor of nil to allow chaining
6878729 2016-12-10 implement snippets_scope_menu partial to reduce code dup...
adbc378 2016-12-10 refactor duplicate code into a by_scope method
eaf92da 2016-12-10 move snippet edited timeago under the snippet title
6dc4007 2016-12-10 fix snippets reference id in search results (should be $...
0608ecb 2016-12-10 conditionally display assoc project info in snippets index
7f3fc26 2016-12-10 fix failing tests
68c1e3a 2016-12-10 update snippets list design
1ea4784 2016-12-10 ensure all snippets count badge is accurate for non team...
68bb459 2016-12-10 move project new snippet button into snippet scope navig...
54a1193 2016-12-10 add scope filters to project snippets page
b65d3e1 2016-12-10 move new snippet button to main snippet navigation block
6b20ad3 2016-12-10 remove plus icon in "new snippet" button
c41b7e8 2016-12-10 invert snippet action buttons
12a8095 2016-12-10 remove unused class name
758b305 2016-12-10 update action button order for snippets page
130cbc9 2016-12-10 prevent create_merge_request form field helpers from gen...
79aad81 2016-12-10 fix awkward verb conjugation in cherry-pick and revert e...
7876e83 2016-12-10 remove unnecessary nonce id
5934698 2016-12-10 fix broken string interpolation
097c283 2016-12-10 remove left_align setting from notification setting drop...
69ffa81 2016-12-10 fix alignment for notification settings ajax response
ed5f22c 2016-12-02 satisfy eslint no-param-reassign rule
8732ac4 2016-12-02 display error when a tab cannot be loaded
c1ea41e 2016-12-02 use shorthand instead of length > 0 (
6dd2a52 2016-12-02 use e instead of event variable name
54a794f 2016-12-02 adjust scrollToElement to account for fixed merge reques...
f6624b5 2016-12-02 fix eslint failures on Diff and MergeRequestTabs
825fea6 2016-12-02 remove array destructuring until we can fix babel config
1d3b776 2016-12-02 refactor Diff class event bindings
4f107f3 2016-12-02 refactor Diff to es6 class syntax
6cbc305 2016-12-02 prefer es6 string interpolation over concatination
2e217bc 2016-12-02 refactor awkward bind workarounds into arrow functions
f14c5ae 2016-12-02 refactor MergeRequestTabs to es6 class syntax
ac0d9b3 2016-12-02 update to reflect changes in !7090
6c97899 2016-12-02 fix diff line highlighting by moving method from the Mer...
2de245c 2016-12-02 temporarily revert "Added forceLoad ability to singleFil...
1f6ec18 2016-12-01 remove selector string option from Subscription constructor
eed2de2 2016-12-01 use HTMLElement.dataset over getAttribute since all brow...
cc1c9f8 2016-12-01 fix incorrect min-width media queries
410cb1b 2016-12-01 fix incorrect max-width media queries
d2ac771 2016-11-30 remove tooltip logic
31356c2 2016-11-30 satisfy eslint no-param-reassign and remove rule exception
ee99de6 2016-11-30 add comma to satisfy eslint comma-dangle
85a82ed 2016-11-30 use less error-prone lowercase comparison for isSubscribed
d23a888 2016-11-30 move eslint rules to top of script
e0e5ea0 2016-11-30 rewrite subscription javascript to accomodate new design
d795a70 2016-11-30 rename subscription.js to subscription.js.es6
131a04d 2016-11-30 remove underscore from user-content id namespace
19f174b 2016-11-30 remove setTimeout wrapper for location hash correction
118ab54 2016-11-30 prevent anchor tag outline on :focus or :target pseudo-c...
567b8a9 2016-11-30 update gitlab flavored markdown tests to reflect namespa...
94ae12f 2016-11-30 remove id collision caveat from documentation
85422ea 2016-11-30 add CHANGELOG entry for !7631
ff2026f 2016-11-30 add transparent namespace to all user-generated anchors ...
ffd2823 2016-11-30 remove duplicate functionality (bad merge conflict resol...
3833a28 2016-11-30 rename event variable to just e
d42e7f2 2016-11-30 fix media query off-by-1 pixel error
bf587cb 2016-11-30 add special class in cases where sidebar toggle should e...
9918be8 2016-11-30 prevent nav control buttons from wrapping awkwardly when...
d5b4b02 2016-11-30 echo changes in 6683fdcf for wiki pages path
5499f1e 2016-11-30 add CHANGELOG entry for !7429
f0d20b0 2016-11-30 use wiki pages index for sidebar overflow and limit side...
b213763 2016-11-30 prevent sidebar toggle from overlapping git access heade...
e069875 2016-11-30 fix tests broken by new wiki page design
952bdfa 2016-11-30 update wiki pages with new design
a151805 2016-11-30 add wiki page list to sidebar
8e23d7a 2016-11-30 allow wiki sidebar to scroll on overflow
9fa6512 2016-11-30 update design of wiki git access page
48f4f76 2016-11-30 add active states to sidebar nav
a167897 2016-11-30 move wiki navbar content to right sidebar
9c6eaf8 2016-11-29 add entry for !7811
b7deda9 2016-11-29 collapse nested if statement
093dd5c 2016-11-29 remove redundant if statement
a2ea78a 2016-11-29 reformat build duration and finish time to match /ci/bui...
3e0651c 2016-11-29 reorder generic commit status columns to match build sta...
086da92 2016-11-29 fetch local parameters in _generic_commit_status.html.ha...
117a078 2016-11-25 use standard gitlab namespace regex for group name valid...
5b9c4f4 2016-11-23 properly escape username validation error message flash
6a23fb3 2016-11-23 allow "." in group name validation regex
8ede860 2016-11-23 timeago should be a dependency of datetime_utility
e5a968c 2016-11-23 move timeago.js to vendor directory
aba7f7d 2016-11-22 add CHANGELOG entry for !7681
9e87eaf 2016-11-22 sort pipeline graph builds and build groups by name
a571a61 2016-11-22 keep json alphabetized
46b725a 2016-11-22 add "gon" to list of expected globals
bd0017c 2016-11-22 clean up globals exemptions within .eslintrc
855567a 2016-11-21 roll back eslint-plugin-import node module to the versio...
0dd95ca 2016-11-21 fix some code style issues according to feedback
ddab50b 2016-11-20 add CHANGELOG entry for !7608
1166b38 2016-11-20 prevent infinite loop when no content is returned
8d39770 2016-11-20 continue to auto-load content while the window is not sc...
283bca3 2016-11-20 use param defaults and add spacing for readability
3244826 2016-11-20 convert pager.js to es6 syntax
23a8b68 2016-11-20 rename pager.js to pager.js.es6
ed88515 2016-11-20 convert activities.js to es6 class syntax
171ece8 2016-11-20 rename activities.js to activities.js.es6
486f697 2016-11-18 fix broken ajax for large repository trees (regression c...
d949db0 2016-11-10 remove unused class name
d55fb90 2016-11-10 add tests for build row templates
f47de1d 2016-11-10 only display link to pipeline in generic build index, no...
942de35 2016-11-10 update generic commit status to correspond with build st...
0afbe8f 2016-11-10 add missing column header for pipeline builds view
0e46ba5 2016-11-10 remove red color on API pipeline trigger designation
e4e1819 2016-11-10 add CHANGELOG entry for !7082
0ae3b75 2016-11-10 add pipeline column within builds index
f5dd095 2016-11-10 add link to build's pipeline within build page header
1295b16 2016-10-26 update to reflect changes in !7087
c71813e 2016-10-26 prevent long usernames or user emails from breaking mobi...
1070d29 2016-10-25 ensure dropbox width is 240px at minimum (fix issues ari...
0dcdd43 2016-10-24 update to reflect !7085
f8520f5 2016-10-24 remove manual Cookie.set "path" option in favor of globa...
1c0213f 2016-10-24 set default path for all calls to Cookies.set()
67d2b2a 2016-10-24 replace jquery.cookie vendor script with js.cookie
36aea92 2016-10-13 invert if statement order
5c36905 2016-10-12 de-duplicate project namespace markup
355ffec 2016-10-08 add message subject to the title tag
6622385 2016-10-08 manually generate XHTML doctype since haml :format confi...
6b50c21 2016-10-08 skip the premailer compilation step since css is already...
a4d63a9 2016-10-07 prevent pipeline emails from using the normal layout wra...
1fe0861 2016-10-07 remove corporate address from email footer and add refer...
9c931c6 2016-10-06 include pipeline ref in subject line
60caeb1 2016-10-06 update subject and email header message
585e025 2016-10-06 update plain text version of pipeline success email
5cd9554 2016-10-06 add pipeline succeeded email notification
004cd8d 2016-10-06 update pipeline failed email margins
0af5e3d 2016-10-05 move merge request link next to the commit sha and expos...
7b6ffae 2016-09-29 right-align dropdown menus to prevent horizontal page ov...
fa0bf13 2016-09-29 remove instances of <input type="color" /> due to incons...
50e2bd2 2016-09-29 make sure split-view diff discussions are made visible b...
666762f 2016-09-29 fix typo "this files" -> "this file"
bbd7597 2016-09-23 fix some remaining links
0275a6d 2016-09-23 implement ci notification email template (first pass)
62ba000 2016-09-20 fix diff_view cookie path within merge conflict page
76ae5af 2016-09-20 ensure the 'fixed layout' preference is honored whenever...
740ca30 2016-09-15 fix anchor icon regression introduced in 2fd6472 (!5577)
9b8ee45 2016-09-07 sync sidebar DOM state on page:change to minimize split-...
32c53d6 2016-09-07 remove dead code - 'collapsed_nav' cookie no longer used...
a510fe1 2016-09-07 remove superfluous "collapsed" class and rename header c...
b2f8ebb 2016-09-07 refactor sidebar logic into singleton class
cf1174c 2016-09-01 add extra viewport breakpoint for project name width
523002e 2016-09-01 prevent project dropdown chevron from disappearing in sm...
91c215f 2016-09-01 make projects dropdown accessible
e18d034 2016-08-31 Fix grammar (those issue -> those issues)
f8a7430 2016-08-25 Fix unnecessary horizontal scroll area in pipeline visua...
9605154 2016-08-25 Automatically expand hidden discussions when accessed vi...
33694a5 2016-08-25 use gitlab global root url as canonical base url for all...